The Wrong Place, The Wrong Time.

By J the Quill

Dr. Nicole McCormick looked down at her staff bookkeeper, busily shuffling papers across her desk. She couldn't help staring at her young charge. Her 22-year old employee was in her last year in college and hadn't noticed that she was quite attractive. She dressed too conservatively, she always wore business suits with full-length skirts, concealing her gorgeous figure, and pantyhose, with conservative shoes. Her long auburn hair up in a bun and she always wore her glasses, hiding her beautiful eyes from the world. True, she looked professional, but she also looked years older than she was. The other thing that bothered Nicole was the girl never seemed to laugh or have any fun. The doctor mused on her a moment longer then shook her head. Maybe someone should show her how to have a good laugh, maybe that would lighten her up. She decided that was enough thinking for one day and decided to take off early. "Will you have any problems finishing up tonight, Tina?"
Tina Hill looked up from her desk and pushed her glasses up from her nose. The college student had worked part time at the dentist's office for the past three months doing basic record keeping. It wasn't the kind of work she was looking for. As a business major, she longed for a job that she could sink her teeth into. The work she did now was what she had learned in high school. She reasoned that it was experience, if nothing else and it was college credit. Bringing her boss into focus, she looked upon the statuesque dentist, feeling mousy compared to her. Her blonde employer stood six feet tall, compared to Tina, at 5' 2". Dr. McCormack was carefree and fearless. She had beauty, brains and success, everything Tina wanted in life. If she hadn't been so beautiful, Tina wouldn't have been so introverted around her. The doctor wore tailored suits, incredibly short skirts that showed off the tops of her stockings, and super high heels. Tina felt so plain around her she could barely answer. She looked stupidly at her and forced out a, "Huh?"
"I said, 'Will you have any problems finishing up tonight?' I don't have any appointments for the last hour and I've already let the rest of the staff go. I was going to go have a drink, if you would like to join me you'd be more than welcome."
"Oh no, that's okay, I've got a lot more to do, and... um... I have a mid-term to study for and... um... I haven't really gotten a lot of sleep lately and... uh... I'm not really a drinker. You know, one drink and I'm gone."
"Okay, well, I'm gonna go, do you want me to lock the door?"
"Yes please."
Tina heard the door close and the deadbolt turn. She whacked herself on the forehead. "Real smooth, Tina." She said out loud to no one in particular. She had wanted to get to know her boss for a while now, if she wasn't so half-witted around her, she might get up enough courage to ask the doctor out to dinner. She beat her forehead with her palm for a few more seconds, before returning to her work.
She remembered resting her chin on her hand for just a second, the next thing she knew she had nodded of to sleep.
Lindsay crept to the door of Dr. McCormack's office. From her bag she removed the keys that she had acquired in the janitor's closet. She had been staking the place out for awhile and was outside when the good doctor had left. She looked at her watch, it was 5:15pm. She hadn't seen the office girl leave, but she should be gone by now. The janitor would come on shift at 8:00, she had roughly three hours before he would arrive to clean the dentist's office. That should give her enough time to get what she was looking for.
She opened the door and slipped inside. She re-locked it once inside and quietly moved around the office. In a side room she found what she was looking for. On the side of a dentist chair, was a small pressurized tank, lying in a cradle designed to hold it. From the valve stem, a tube led to a plastic mask. On the side of the tank were the marks, "N2O". Lindsay smiled with delight. She grabbed the tank and checked the gauge. A frown crossed her face once she read the tank was almost empty.
"There must be a stash of this stuff somewhere around here." She thought aloud. She walked from that room and made her way down the hall. She almost screamed when she saw Tina, sleeping at her desk with her chin still perched in her hand. She tiptoed closer and looked into the room. To her delight, she spotted a padlocked cabinet against the wall. She quickly devised a plan, then set it into motion.
She crept back into the other room and retrieved the tank and her bag. She set the items down behind the chair Tina was seated in and quietly rummaged through the bag. Taking two lengths of rope she gently tied the end of each rope around each of Tina's wrists with a slipknot, making sure not to wake her. She looped the free ends through the arms of the chair and pulled for all her worth.
Tina woke to see her hands rushing to her sides, she caught herself from falling just before her head smacked the desk in front of her. She leaned back, still not realizing what was going on.
As her captive leaned against the back of the chair, Lindsay wrapped the girl, still groggy from her nap, around the waist with the rest of the rope, confining the helpless girl's arms to her sides.
"What's going on?"
Lindsay didn't answer, as she tied off the ropes behind Tina's back. She snatched up the tank and brought the mask over the office girl's face, snapping the elastic strap behind her head. A quick twist of the valve and an audible hiss could be heard from the tank.
"What are you doing? Help! Help me!" Tina had begun to realize what was happening, as the mask closed over her face. She strained against the ropes, trying to get her hands free. As she heard the hiss from the tank, she began to panic. "Wait, please! Don't do that!" The helpless girl twisted her head as the sweet smelling gas began to invade the mask she wore. She succeeded in shaking her hair free from the bun and tossing her glasses from her face, but try as she might, the mask remained in it's place as she slowly began to inhale. In a moment she felt light-headed and felt a giggle rise in her throat.
"Please, hee, hee, hee, turn it off." Tina pleaded as she tried to suppress her giggle. After a few seconds of success, a big guffaw escaped her lips, taking most of her air with it. Though she fought it as long as she could, she inhaled deeply, she felt woozy and began to giggle, finally succumbing to the gas. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HELP! He, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh, oh, no, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh, oooooaaah! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." She continued her maddening giggle as the chair was pulled back and her attacker spun her around. Having no strength, she could only watch and laugh as her attacker improved her advantage.
Kneeling at the laughing girl's feet, Lindsay took another length of rope and quickly tied her giggling victim's limp legs together at the ankles. Pulling another chair from the other side of the desk, she plopped Tina's feet on to it and secured them there with the remainder of her rope.
"I think you like laughing." Lindsay observed, keeping a watchful eye on the conservative bookkeeper, "I think you may be able to laugh a bit harder. Let's see if I can help." She reached over and easily undid the buckles of Tina's shoes.
"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, na, na, ha, ha ha, not that! Y-, yhah, ha, ha, you wouldn't! Puh-, ha, ha, ha, ha, leez! No!"
"Oh! Are you ticklish?"
Tina nodded as her increased giggling deterred her words.
"That's too bad!" Lindsay said, as she cupped her hands under the heels of Tina's shoes and gingerly eased them off the tired victim's almost immobile feet. A wicked smile crossed Lindsay's face as she held up her sharp fingernails precariously close to the nylon covered soles of her captive. With a devilish grin she began to slowly wiggle her fingers just beyond Tina's now wiggling feet.
Though she hadn't been tickled yet, the thought of the extreme torture combined with the gas sent the helpless student into torrents of laughter. She tried as best she could to pull her feet away from the wicked nails that fluttered just beyond her ticklish, stocking stretched soles. She laughed harder than she had before, but her laughter increased even more as the diabolical attacker slowly brought her sharp digits against the smooth material covering her vulnerable arches. The sensations exploded across her nerve endings, forcing her to roar with laughter. After five minute of the slow deliberate fingers assaulting her feet, her attacker shut the valve on the gas tank, confident Tina was feeling the full effects of the gas. Cruelly, she went back to ravaging the powerless girl's tootsies. Tina chuckled and chortled as the fingernails wracked her nerves. She could sense every touch, from quick, small scratches to slow, long, methodical strokes. Within minutes she was a helpless, giggling mess. After ten minutes of tickling torture, she felt the hands leave her feet, and the gas effects began to subside.
"Now, Gigglebox," Lindsay threatened, "I want the key to that cabinet. Tell me where it is, or I tickle more."
"The... doctor... has all the keys. I can't-, NO!"
The fingers began the torturous dance across her feet again. Already weak, Tina laughed outright, helpless against this new onslaught of torture. After ten more minutes, Lindsay let up again. "Last chance, Tickletoes. Where's that key?"
"Please! I'm telling... the truth... can't stand... anymore!"
Lindsay stood and flipped the valve on the tank, letting more gas invade the limp and tired captive. She left the room as Tina began to laugh. She began to formulate a plan as the giggling student began to plead for mercy.