BimboTech: She Who Dealt It
By The Sympathetic Devil

Abi hadn't meant to eat all the chocolates. Indeed, she hadn't meant to eat any of them when she first saw who they were from. She had still been very angry with Ian for being such a self-adsorbed asshole.

But the note had been so contrite and so sweet, not asking for anything but the chance to see her again after his tour of duty.

She had called him up, told him that she was sorry they had fought and promised that if he would pick her up after she took the MCAT, she would go with him to the airport and make out with him in the car until he had to leave.

It was a far cry from the night of drunken debauchery he had insisted on before, which was what led to their fight in the first place. This time on the phone, however, he seemed grateful for whatever time she could give him. He wished her luck on the exam the next day and encouraged her to study hard and enjoy the chocolates.

And she had enjoyed them. The whole box! She had meant to save some for Emily, her roommate. After all, she was studying hard to for the veterinarian equivalent of Abi's MCAT.

But she could get her on snacks! It was her make-up candy, after all. And it was really good...except...

There was a rumble in Abi's belly. Something wasn't right.

She ran to the bathroom, shimmied down her pants and sat on the toilet just in time for an explosive shit that wracked her entire body and left her panting and dizzy. What the hell?

She had just finished off an entire box of chocolates, but it had been a small box. Not enough to make her...

Thought ceased momentarily as another bout of violent diarrhea took control of her. It was as if...

"Oh that sonofabitch!" she hissed, a cold rage forming in the pit of her rapidly emptying belly. Laxative. That petty, selfish, sex-obsessed asshole had laced the chocolate with laxative! On the night before the MCAT! Just because she wouldn't sleep with him!

She trembled with rage, and then with something more. She stood up, intent on phoning the fucker and screaming at him. Instead she lost control of her bowels and splattered her legs and pants with watery shit.

She stood shaking and swearing for several minutes. At last, she freed herself of her ruined pants and stepped into the shower to rinse off.

She sighed as the warm water rinsed the filth away and helped her think more clearly. She should look up what to do in case of a laxative overdose. She could become dangerously dehydrated.

But the warm water felt awfully good, pressing her pale blonde hair to her head, streaming down her slender frame. Very relaxing. She closed her eyes. Really, relaxing was probably the best thing for it. Maybe a quick bubble bath. Then back to the books if she was still feeling better. She didn't have to give the bastard the satisfaction of knowing he had made her sick.

Soon she was pleasantly drifting in a bubbly paradise, Ian practically forgotten, along with the abdominal cramps which had vanished as quickly as they came.

And then there was a gurgle. Not a painful gurgle. More of a giggle of a gurgle, deep down in her belly. She gave a little half frown. Something was weird.

And then she farted. Just a little poot, but it felt odd somehow. She hadn't even realized it was coming until it was already pushing its way out of her unresisting asshole. It bubbled up along her thigh and then burst at the water's surface beneath the bubbles. Abi made a face, waiting for the nasty smell from before, but it didn't come.

She sniffed. Something smelled good. Better than the bubble bath. It smelled like cotton candy and strawberries and something tantalizingly unrecognizable. It couldn't possibly be...

Her belly spasmed and the little poot's steroidal big brother came charging out of her ass and making a dash for the open air, blowing a hole through the soap bubbles. Abi gasped. She hadn't felt that one coming either! And she'd never farted so hard in her life! She was a delicate little blonde woman, sophisticated and poised, not at all to go go around...

Abi's head swam as an overwhelmingly delicious odor permeated the room. Her eyes went wide. It was impossible. Farts stink. Even those of sophisticated and feminine premed students. The luscious, intoxicating odor couldn't possibly be....


Her ass deftly countered her arguments as it filled the room. Her jaw dropped in utter amazement as she inhaled deeply.

"My farts...smell like candy..." she said to the empty bathroom.

And then she burst out laughing. She laughed and laughed and laughed. It was so funny! So surreal!

She farted again.

"Weeeeeeeeeeee!" she exclaimed and slid down into her bath, giggling like a loon. She spread her legs wide, propping her ankles on the edge of the tub and waited for the next blast from her ass.

Abi completely lost track of time as she lay in the bubblebath, giggling naughtily at the erotic forms she saw in the bubbles, luxuriating in the sensation of her legs rubbing together or of toying with an engorged nipple. Every few minutes she would squeal as a quiver in her belly would herald another explosion of the sweet, intoxicating smell. As the bubble of it rose, she would propel her naked form into a seated position to maximize her exposure, then she would sink back down into a supine position as the delicious fart expanded to fill the room. She hadn't a care in the world and saw no reason why she couldn't continue like this forever.

She was only vaguely aware that Emily had come home. But then there was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Abi, are you okay?” Emily asked.

Abi just giggled.

“What are you doing in there?” she asked.

“I'm FARTING!” Abi exclaimed.

Then she farted and breathed in the sweet smell until she couldn't inhale any more, then let it all out with a stream of giggles.

“Well, I really need to pee!” said Emily “And I'm worried about you, so I'm coming in!”

“Goodie!” shouted Abi. “Come and smell my farts!”

Emily came in. Her roommate was somewhat shorter and heavier than Abi, with light brown hair. She glanced at Abi, but then hurried to the toilet and pulled down her pants. The piss rushed out of her before she noticed the smell.

“What is that?” she asked, raising an eyebrow and sniffing. “Is that your bubble bath?”

“Nope!” Abi exclaimed. “It's my farts!”

And she giggled uncontrollably. Emily made an annoyed face, but then she laughed as well.

“No…no, really <giggle>” Emily said. “What is it?”

Abi crooked a finger at her roommate to tell her to come closer. Emily shook her head. Abi nodded. Emily rolled her eyes, then stood up, not bothering to pull her pants and panties up from around her ankles. She shuffled over to the tub and her grinning, bubble covered roommate. She was starting to smile as well, despite herself.

“Whaaat Iiiiiis Iiiiit?” Emily said slowly, as if Abi was an idiot, which Abi had to admit she just might be. But she crooked her finger again to tell Emily to get closer still.

“You're <giggle> crazy!” Emily informed her, but she knelt down beside her anyway.

Abi reached out and put a dripping, bubbly hand on each of Emily's cheeks.

“Iiiiiiit's myyyyy FAAARTS!” she exclaimed.

Then pulling her roommate's face over her, she sounded her butt trumpet long and loud. Both girls inhaled deeply, then giggled uncontrollably.

“That's <giggle> That's <gasp> so gross!” Emily said at last. “Do it <giggle> do it again!”

“Okay! <giggle> Okay!” said Abi. “Just….<giggle> Just…<eep> Pull my finger!”

She held out a finger to Emily, who laughed so hard she slipped off the edge of the tub where she had been leaning and fell on the floor. Abi howled. Emily pulled her self back up and grabbed Abi's finger.

“Do it!” she said, and pulled.

Abi screwed up her face and farted again. The roommates inhaled in perfect synchrony and held it. They stared at each other with wide, half-focused eyes as their faces turned red. There was an unspoken contest agreed upon.

Abi's head swam and dark spots appeared before her eyes. She didn't want to loose but she felt another giggle coming on.

“Pahhhahahhahahaa!” she exhaled at last. Emily hooted and then panted. Abi sank down into her tub.

“This is…<giggle> so weird,” said Emily. “How are…<giggle> ….doing this?”

“I dunno!” said Abi. “But I'm doin' it again!”

And so saying, she released another barking spider. Emily pulled herself up to be closer to the source of the heavenly gas and ended up falling into the tub on top of Abi. Both girls giggled and splashed about. Eventually Emily ended up with her naked ass between Abi's legs, Emily's own legs hanging over the edge of the tub, her ankles bound by her bunched up pants and panties. The two roommates stared at each other and giggled. Abi squeezed Emily's ass with her legs.

"You should take off your shirt, silly," Abi advised her. "It's all wet!"

Emily giggled and nodded. She unbuttoned her blouse with Abi's help and slipped the sopping garment off.

"Help me with my bra," she asked, bending forward to her big knockers pressed against her knees.

Abi fumbled with the clasp at her roommate's back.

"You got such big boobies!" Abi commented. "I think Ian always wanted me to have big boobies like yours! <giggle> I caught him staring at them once. God <giggle> I bet he'd love to see us like this!"

She succeeded at last in undoing the clasp and releasing Emily's jugs. Emily lay back and squirmed, enjoying her nakedness.

"I thought <giggle> I thought you broke up?" she said.

"Yeah, <giggle> cuz he was, like, being a jerk," Abi said. "But then he sent me chocolates, and they were like <giggle> really good! But then I was, like, mad and stuff. And then I started farting!"

She punctuated the statement with a large blast from her ass that bubbled up and rolled along Emily's backside to burst at the surface of the bathwater, sending the roommates into another fit of helpless giggles.

"What was we talkin' 'bout?" Abi asked once she could breathe again.

"Uuuuh....Ian?" Emily asked.

"Oh yeah! <giggle>" said Abi. "I wish he was here. <giggle> I'm really horny!"

Emily giggled and blushed.

"That's funny," she observed. "I'm really horny too!"

They stared at each other with big stupid grins, then burst out laughing once again.

"Have you ever, um, like, <giggle> you know," said Abi, drawing a finger along the inside of Emily's thigh in the direction of her snatch.

"Oh my god! <giggle>" said Emily. "You're totally dyking out on me!"

"Nu-uh!" Abi denied, stroking the fringe of hair on her roommate's bush. "You're the one who got in the tub with me!"

Emily giggled.

"Yeah, but you're the one who took my bra off!" she countered. "And you said you like my big boobies!"

She took her large boobs in hand and held them up to Abi's face.

"You totally want to touch 'em, don't you!" she said.

She pressed her tits against Abi's face. They were soft and firm and Abi giggled into her cleavage. Then she farted and again the two giggled in utter abandon. Panting, they stared at each other, eyes wide and unfocused, pupils dilated, jaws slack, lips parted.

"Oh fuck it," Emily declared and kissed Abi hard and long and wet. Abi welcomed the kiss and her tongue snaked its way toward Emily's tonsils. Hands became curious, then insistent as their naked flesh rubbed together, heating up the cooling, soapy water.

"Oh sweet!" said a male voice. "I'm glad I'm taping this!"

The roommates startled and splashed. There standing over them was Ian with a cam-corder.

"Ian! What are you..." Abi began, then farted long and loud. Abi and Emily inhaled deeply, held it in, then collapsed into another fit of giggles. Ian chuckled and kept filming them.

"Don't my farts smell great Ian?" Abi exclaimed once she could speak again.

"I can't smell a thing," Ian confessed.

Emily burst out laughing at this, her tits shaking with the force of her mirth.

"You gotta be shitting me!" Abi exclaimed. "Here, try this one!"

Abi screwed up her face and forced a fart. She and Emily respired with ecstasy. Ian made a show of not smelling anything.

"I really can't smell anything, girls," Ian repeated. "But that just goes to show that the antidote works. That'll make Mr. Fink really happy. Can you two wave and say 'hi' to Mr. Fink?"

Abi wasn't sure what he was talking about, but Emily waved at the camera and shouted 'Hi!' and Abi certainly didn't want anyone thinking she wasn't as friendly as Emily, so she giggled and waved as well.

"Well, you two are just all kinds of fucked up, aren't you!" Ian exclaimed. "Why don't you let me help you get your shoes and pants off, Emily, so we can get the two of you out of that tub and dry. That water must be cold. You've been in there together for almost an hour."

"We have?" Emily asked as Ian balanced the camcorder beside the sink. "Wow! <giggle>"

"Time flies when you're having farts!" Abi exclaimed, then erupted again.

The roommates giggled as Ian struggled to unbind Emily's ankles. Once they were free, he helped her out of the tub and into a towel, taking quite a few liberties with his hands that Emily didn't seem to object to in the least. Abi realized she didn't mind either, as long as he was planning on touching her as well. She couldn't ever remember being so horny. Of course, she couldn't remember a lot of things.

"All kinds of fucked up!" she repeated and giggled.

"That's right, Abi!" Ian said, grinning down at her. "You're all kinds of fucked up and ready to party, aren't you?"

"PARTY!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air and splashing her boyfriend and roommate with her bathwater. Emily giggled and dropped her towel as she in turn threw her hands up in the air and announced her intent to party. They both giggled at that and Emily shook her tits.

"Up you go, little bimbo!" Ian said, reaching out to help her up out of the tub.

"Hey! <giggle> I'm not a bimbo!" she exclaimed as her dried her off. His hand felt so good!

"What makes you think you're not a bimbo, Abi?" he asked, gently drying her crotch in a way that made butterflies swarm in her stomach.

"Cuz I'm, like, um, really smart and stuff," she said with not so much confidence. "I'm gonna be a doctor, right?"

"Abi, just because you're good at playing doctor doesn't mean you can be a doctor!" he said, "What's the square root of 64?"

Abi frowned.

''That's math, right?'' she asked.

Emily burst out laughing.

''Bimbo!'' she exclaimed, pointing at Abi.

''Shut up!'' Abi pouted. ''You don't even know the answer either!''

Emily cocked her head to one side, stuck out her chest and defiantly declared: ''I don't even give a fuck!"

Abi frowned at her friend, then burst out laughing. She had never heard Emily say 'fuck' before! She was usually such a prude. Not the sort to be standing there naked rubbing her own ass while Abi's boyfriend was in the bathroom with them. And that was kind of weird, wasn't it?

"Hey! How'd you get in here?" Abi asked, turning to Ian.

"Oh, I have a key to your apartment," he informed her.

"You gave him a key?" Emily asked. "You're such a slut! <giggle>"

"Shut up!" Abi said, though she did feel a little on the slutty side. She didn't remember giving Ian a key, though she couldn't think of why he shouldn't have one. How else could he sneak into her bedroom in the middle of the night and fuck her brains out? She sighed at the luscious thought.

"No, she didn't give it to me," Ian confessed. "Last Christmas while you were out of town I got her drunk off her ass and made a copy so I could come back and put in spy cameras all around this place. There's one right up there in the light fixture over the bathtub, Emily! I just love staring at your naked tits! They're much nicer in person, though!"

"You like them?" Emily said, perking up significantly and giving her rack a little jiggle.

"Hey! He's my boyfriend, you slut!" Abi objected.

"I wanna boyfriend too!" Emily exclaimed. "Cuz I'm really horny! <giggle> And I got the biggest boobies!"

"Yeah?" said Abi. "Well I got...I got....<pffffffffft!>"

Another intense blast of heaven escaped her ass and the two girls giggled insanely, forgetting their conflict.

"There, now!" said Ian, cupping a hand on Abi's naked behind and propelling her towards her roommate. "We're all friends here, right? You girls were getting very friendly before I interrupted!"

Abi and Emily giggled. That was certainly true.

"Now let's go out in the living room," Ian said. "I have more presents for both of you!"

"Presents?!?" Abi exclaimed, delighted.

Emily squealed and shivered.

There on the couch was a big black suitcase that hadn't been there before. Ian set his camera on the TV facing the couch and opened up the case.

"First, you need this," said Ian, handing Abi a big bottle of Gatorade.

"I do?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "With the diarrhea, you're going to be dehydrated. And that could be a problem with your first present, so drink up."

She did as she was told and discovered she was really quite thirsty. Ian was so smart! And always looking out for her! He was so going to get lucky! She gulped it down, eager to find out what her first present was.

"After we fought, I went to a bar," Ian explained. "I was telling this guy about how you didn't want to party with me before I got shipped out to Iraq, and he told me about this place he worked for called BimboTech! He felt bad for me, going off to war without so much as a blowjob, so he called up his boss, Mr. Fink."

"Hey! Didn't you tell us about him?" Abi asked.

"Finish your drink, bimbo," he insisted.

She complied as he continued. It just felt right to do what she was told.

"So Mr. Fink, he's a really great guy, and he said that since I'm about to deploy, he'd give me a bunch of the new products they need testing for free if I'd just record how you two respond to them! When I told him I already had your apartment tripped out with spy cameras, he knew he had made the right decision."

Emily giggled. Abi glugged.

"TaDAAA!" Abi exclaimed as she finished off the bottle.

Then she burped and farted and the two naked roommates giggled. Ian waited patiently.

"That's a good little bimbo," Ian praised. "Now you get your first present!"

"I want a present too!" Emily complained.

"You'll get plenty of presents, you stupid slut," Ian said. "But Abi needs this present the most! If you're good, I'll let you help."

Emily pouted. Abi beamed. She got the first present!

Ian pulled out a big tub and opened it revealing so shimmering pink goo. He grabbed a big gloppy handful and grinned at Abi.

"Face the camera, bimbo!" he directed.

Abi did what she was told. Ian came up behind her and began to slather her tits with the pink stuff, rubbing it in with enthusiasm.

"Oooooooooooooooh!" Abi exclaimed. It felt really, really good!

"This is called Maximammary Optimizing Ointment," Ian explained. "Or MOO for short. It's going to help those tiny titties of yours reach their full potential."

"Mmmmmmm," said Abi, leaning back on Ian and letting her head loll to one side. "Sooo warrrrrm. Soooo niiiiiiice. Mmmmoooo!"

And she thought she was horny before!

"It's warm because the little nanites are busy at work building up your titties into true bimbo bazongas!" Ian exclaimed. "The rubbing is only necessary to keep the flow of nanites going and to disrupt previous architecture so they can build bigger and better structure. That and it's kind of fun."

Abi giggled and squirmed. Ian nibbled on her neck and continued massaging her tits. Her nipples throbbed between his fingers.

"But you said I could help!" Emily protested.

"She's about big enough now," Ian said. "Get some goo and start rubbing."

Emily giggled. Abi blinked and made her eyes focus for the first time in a while. What were they talking about?

She gaped. Her tiny, perky titties now more than filled Ian's large, manly hands. She squealed and giggled. Ian grabbed another handful and started to focus on the underside of her burgeoning boobies. Emily was delighted to set to work on the topside. Abi stared in star-struck amazement as her jugs began to fill up.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" Abi exclaimed as her melons continued to ripen. "It's so...It's sooo....."

She farted. Emily snorted, slipped and face planted into Abi's newly capacious cleavage. They both shuddered with laughter. When Emily managed to right herself, her face was dotted with the pink lotion.

"This isn't gonna make my face get big, is it?" Emily asked.

"No, it only works on titties," Ian assured her. "You're about as big as Emily now, Abi. Is that enough?"

He released her double-Ds.

"No!" Abi exclaimed, grabbing his hands and putting them back where they belonged. "More! Bigger!"

"Hey! No fair!" said Emily. "If she gets to be bigger, I wanna be bigger too!"

"There's another tub in the case," Ian informed.

Emily squealed and ransacked the case. Abi squirmed out of Ian's embrace and grabbed the already half-empty tub.

"No, no, no!" she said. "I wanna be the biggest!"

She slathered her swollen titties with the stuff and started rubbing with abandon. Emily threw the lid of her tub across the room and followed suit. Ian chuckled and walked over to get the camera for a few close up shots.

"Don't let me stop you, girls!" he said. "Bimbos know best!"

Abi and Emily rubbed and rubbed and their tits grew and grew. The only thing that paused their feverous quest to out tit each other was an occasional fart from Abi, which left them giggling and jiggling helplessly.

"All righty then," said Ian at last, taking their tubs away from them. "You'd better stop now. If you get any bigger you won't fit in the outfits I got for you!"

Emily pouted.

"But she got a head start!" she said.

"We get clothes?" Abi asked, her bimbo heart all a flutter.

"Later, bimbo," Ian said. "Let's keep you naked now. Watching you rubbing your tits like that has got me in need of some serious relief."

"Huh?" asked Abi, but then she noticed the huge bulge in his pants and everything became clear. "Oooo! Are we gonna fuck?"

"I wanna fuck too!" Emily proclaimed.

Ian chuckled.

''Honestly, girls, I'm more in the mood to have my dick sucked right now."

Emily giggled, but Abi whined.

''But I-an! My coochie is so horny!''

“Tell you what, bimbos,” Ian said. “We'll have a dick sucking contest! Whichever of you can give the best head will get fucked in her cooze first! Deal? Are you bimbo enough?”

“I am!” Emily declared.

“No, I am!” said Emily.

“Girls! The proof of the bimbo is in the sucking!” he said. “But before you two get to work, I've got another freebie Mr. Fink wanted me to try out for him!”

He pulled out a small tube. Then he pulled out his big dick. Abi shuddered at the sight and Emily gasped. Ian chuckled and slicked up his cock with silvery lube.

“Why don't we do this alphabetically,” Ian suggested.

“Hey!” Abi protested.

“That means you go first, Abi,” Ian clarified.

“Oh <giggle> Oops!” Abi said, then she ignored Emily's protests of favoritism and knelt before her boyfriend and his monster cock. It seemed so much bigger than it had in the past. Of course, she had never really seen it from this angle. The silver stuff he had rubbed along his shaft smelled tantalizing and her mouth watered. She cupped his balls with one hand and took the head of his cock between her lips.

Her lips began to tingle and feel very warm. Her head swam. Her tongue swathed. Her cunt quivered. She felt like such a slut and she loved it!

“That's a good girl, Abi!” Ian purred. “That's a good little cocksucker! You give good head, don't you? I bet you can take the whole thing all the way down your throat, can't you?”

Abi hummed. She bet she could. She never had before. She had never had his cock in her mouth for more than a minute without gagging. But right now, with her lips buzzing and her mind gibbering, she was sure she could do anything, as long as it was slutty!

She pushed the cock all the way down her throat and growled in triumph, not gagging in the slightest as Ian's curly pubes tickled her nose and his balls bounced gently against her chin. She reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands and made mewling noises. Her lips felt electric. Ian's cock throbbed inside of her neck.

“OK, bimbo, it's Emily's turn,” Ian said, pushing her head back.

“Unngh-Ungh!” she protested.

“Abi, you promised!” Ian insisted.

“MMMMmmm!” she said, but did as she was told. She found she had almost no will when it came to Ian. God she wished he would fuck her.

“Oh that's nice!” Ian exclaimed once she had released his cock. “That's very nice!”

Abi looked up, confused. Her lips were still tingling.

“OOOOO!” Emily exclaimed. “Will my lips look like that too?”

Abi's fingers went to her mouth. Her lips were soft and plump and puffy. Ian grabbed a hand mirror from the suitcase and showed her. With her thick blowjob lips, her massive titties, and big, vacuous eyes, she barely recognized herself.

“I'm a bimbo!” she declared, delighted. Then she farted. Even Ian giggled this time.

"You've always been a bimbo on the inside, Abi," Ian said. "BimboTech just helps you let it out. You'll be much happier this way. And so will Emily!"

The naked roommates giggled. Ian smeared another handful of silvery goo on his hgrd cock. Abi drooled and tried to take it back between her lips, but Ian used his pecker to swat her on her nose like a bad puppy. She pouted.

"Abi, it's Emily's turn," he scolded. "She deserves a bimbo mouth and throat too! She's sucked less dick than even you have I bet."

"Yeah!" said Emily. "I need dick!"

And then she giggled and jiggled.

"And dick you shall have, Emily!" Ian proclaimed. "Come here and blow me. If you can do a better job than Abi, then I'll fuck your pussy first!"

Emily squealed as she took Abi’s place kneeling there between Ian’s feet. Abi pouted harder as her roommate began to suck her boyfriend’s cock. Her new bimbo lips felt so sexy and sensual when she pouted and she liked it, but she would like it so much more if she still had Ian’s cock between them. Emily's head bobbed along Ian's hard shaft and Abi could see that her lips were puffing up as well. She sighed. Her farts weren't coming nearly as frequently now and without a cock to suck, she was at a loss as to how to amuse herself.

"Don't be sad, little Abi!" Ian said. "There's more stuff for you to try out!"

He rummaged through the suitcase and then tossed a small bottle to her. On it was a cartoon image of a bimbo with a mane of platinum hair that plunged to the floor and curled up at her ankles. The letters on it, when Abi concentrated really hard, read 'Turn Your Head and Coif". She giggled, because she didn't get it.

"Take a big swig, bimbolina!" Ian said. "Come on now, Emily! Work your tongue! You'll never beat Abi like that!"

As her roommate struggled to improve her technique, Abi unscrewed the bottle cap and took a drink. It tasted like coffee with too much sugar. She blinked her eyes and gave a little shiver that reverberated through her newly-grown boobs. Emily's eyes were frantic as she bobbed along Ian's shaft. Ian was watching her, instructing her. Abi didn't feel so jealous anymore. She felt warm. The image of Emily sucking Ian's cock went soft and unfocused. There was a rushing in Abi's ears and she moaned and shivered. The heat that had started in her belly spread in two directions: up to her head and down to her snatch. She twitched and gave a low moan. Something was happening too her and it felt really good. She felt the urge to stand up from where she sprawled on the floor. She wanted to sway with the sound of the rushing in her head.

Climbing to her feet, she rubbed her hands up and down her newly voluptuous figure, huming tunelessly to the rushing in her head, letting her head sway and roll about on her neck of its own accord. So warm. So good. Her hair rubbed along her naked shoulders deliciously, sensually. Her cunt throbbed. Her bush bristled. Electric pulses ran up and down her spine. She swayed her hips and head back and forth, back and forth, letting little moans escape her smiling lips. Her hair swept back and forth along her naked back, caressing her, seducing her. It felr so good A strand of hair fell between her eyes. She looked at it crosseyed. She had lost focus long ago. It didn't matter. She giggled softly, then moaned again. Her hand went to her bush. It was so soft, so warm, the hair soaked with sweat. She stroked it lovingly.

"Nice pussy....Good pussy....ooooooooh!" she moaned.

Abi's hair lovingly stroked the smooth curves of her naked ass. Her shaggy cunt delighted in the fervent fondling of her fingers. Long platinum locks slid sensually across her nipples.

"Oh sweet!" Ian exclaimed.

Abi looked up and gave him a dopey smile. His expression was designated at her, not her roommate with his cock in her mouth. Emily was looking at Abi too, out of the corner of her eye, as she rubbed her nose into Ian's pubis. Abi ran her fingers through the long platinum cascade that plumeted down to mid thigh now. She giggled.

"I'm not sure if Mr. Fink meant for your bush to get hairy, but I like it!" Ian said. "I just gotta fuck that!"

"Unnngh!" Emily protested.

"Now, Em, you'll get fucked soon enough," he told her. "But I want your bush as hairy as Abi's before I do it. But if you want a consulation prize, I think I can...ung...give!"

He screwed up his face, took firm grasp of Emily's hair with both hands, and grunted as he shot a load down her throat. Emily's eyes went wide, then rolled back in her head as she jerked and spasmed in ecstacy. Eventually, she slid backwards off of Ian's cock and rolled about on the floor mewing and fondling herself. Ian chuckled, then looked up at Abi who smiled adoringly at him, a long strand of silken hair wrapped around on finger, her other hand enmeshed in her furry muff.

"Your on deck, Abi!" he exclaimed. "Just let me reload."

He took an enhaler from the suitcase and sucked on it. Withing seconds, his spent prick was once again pointing ceilingward, a monument to masculine verility as he sprawled on the couch. Abi drooled and giggled.

"Mount up, bimbo!" he said.

Abi clapped her hands and scurried on over, kicking her semi-concious roommate out of the way. Ian stroked her newly furred bush and her long, soft hair and growled his appreciation.

"Turn towards the camera and slide that slick slit onto my rod," Ian said. "We'll show Mr. Fink what a fuckable bimbo you've become."

Abi did as she was told, turning her back to Ian. Ian brushed her hair to one side and slid his legs between hers. She backed up until the head of his cock brushed her sodden snatch. She cooed and reached between her legs to find her treasure and guide it between her cunt lips as she settled into a squat, his hard dick sliding up into her. Her head swam, but Ian held tightly to her hair and her head managed to stay on her neck somehow.

"I'm a...I'm a fuckable BIMbo..." she said.

"Who's a bimbo?" Ian asked, flexing his hips to push deeper into her.

"I'm a bimbo!" Abi declared.

"Who's a bimbo?" Ian asked, reaching around to diddle her swollen clit.

"I'm a bimbo!" Abi declared, shuddering her hips back and forth, rattling his cock in her cunt and jiggling her mammoth tits.

"Who's a bimbo?" Ian asked, pushing up and in, bouncing her up and down on his lap.

"I'm a bimbo!" Abi declared, bouncing and fucking all the harder. "I'm a bimbo! I'm a bimbo! I'm a bimbo!"

"Ha!" exclaimed Ian. "That's it, Abi! Ride, bimbo, ride!"

"I'm a bimbo! I'm a bimbo! I'm a fucking, fucking bimbo!" Abi chanted her mantra as she pounded and flounced, flounced and pounded. Her big tits bounced up to hit her in the face and she giggled and fucked all the harder. Nothing had ever felt so right or so good.

“I'm a bimbo, fucking bimbo, fucking bimbo slut!” she continued to proclaim. “I'm a bimbo, fucking bimbo, fucking bimbo slut!”

As she continued to chant and impale herself repeatedly upon Ian's pole, Emily smiled up deliriously at her, then squirmed over and started sucking on Abi's big toe. Somehow, it was this that sent her over the edge and she started cumming. Her spine electrified, her nipples screamed, her cunt strangled Ian's cock and she squealed out in delight as he began to pump her full of hot goo. Behind her, Ian groaned triumphantly.

All energy drained out of Abi and the mammoth weight of her new tits pulled her forward until they rested on Ian's calves. Ian let her hair spool out in his hands and he still had quite a length left to hold onto once she slid off of his spent prick.

“You fucked her good, Ian!” Emily said, Abi's toe having left her mouth when she crumpled.

“Yes I did. And I'll fuck you soon enough, Em! But you know how much you like my cum, now, don't you?” he asked.

“Oh my gawd, yes!” Emily exclaimed. “It makes me feel all gooshy! <giggle>”

“Well, I just pumped a load of it into Abi here, and it's right there waiting for you,” he told her.

Emily giggled naughtily. Before Abi knew what was happening, her roommate had rolled her on to her back and had pressed her face between her still quivering thighs. Her tongue was very insistent, intent on getting ever drop of 'essence of Ian' that was physically possible to get. And Abi quickly realized that she had no objections to this whatsoever as she felt herself rising to another orgasm. She looked up at Ian and saw he was rubbing his wet cock in her long blonde hair while grinning evilly down at her and Emily. Abi giggled. He was such a good boyfriend!

After Abi had cum a couple times, Ian got up and retrieved the bottle of hair growth serum that Abi had dropped on the floor. He pulled Emily's head back from Abi's cunt. She whined in protest and he stuck the bottle between her open lips and shot a blast down her throat, then let her resume her enthusiastic eating out of her roommate. As Abi watched through the valley of her mountainous tits, Emily's soft brown hair grew longer and longer. Emily was oblivious, obsessed with finding more of Ian's sperm within the hot swollen folds of Abi's twat. Ian had picked up the camera and was getting close-ups of the two roommates squirming on the ground. Abi waved at the mysterious Mr. Fink, then moaned as Emily found yet another particularly sensitive spot.

“Now Abi, we can't have Emily being the only muff muncher here,” Ian said, rummaging through the suitcase. “Ah, here we go! Pussy Helper!"

He pulled Emily's head back and she gave him a slickery grin, blonde pubes in her teeth.

"Can I suck your dick again, Ian?" she asked. "Abi's all licked clean! <giggle!>"
"Soon, little bimbo," said Ian. "First we need Abi to clean -your- shag carpet."

Emily looked down at her shaggy bush from between her pendulous knockers.

"But you didn't put any..." she began, then "Hey! My hoo-haw got all furry!"

"Yes, it did," Ian confirmed, compelling her up onto the couch. "And I have every intention of fucking the hell out of the shaggy brown beast, but I want Abi to soften it up for me first!"

"But Ian, I..." Abi protested "I don't...."

"You'll do what you're told, bimbo," Ian told her.

Again Abi felt her will crumble. Ian was irresistible. She couldn't help but obey him. After all, she was just a silly, slutty blonde bimbo. She had just demonstrated that pretty thoroughly.

Ian sprayed pink foam into his hand, then began working it into Emily's crotch. Emily spread her legs wide there on the couch, moaned and let her head fall back.

"Lunch time, Abi!" Ian said. "Come eat your roomie!"

Abi got up on her hands and knees and crawled towards Emily's frosted cunt. She was powerless before Ian's masculine domination, even if it meant lezzing out with Emily.

She sniffed, then blinked.

"Hey!" Abi exclaimed. "That smells good!"

Her mouth watered and she dove into Emily's twat with an enthusiastic obsession that rivaled Emily's previous devouring of her own well-maned cunt. Suddenly, it was all she could think of. She was only vaguely aware of Emily moaning and squealing in response or of Ian stroking her long blonde hair and praising her for being such a skanky little slut.

Abi wasn't sure how long she knelt before the altar of pussy. In her mind, Emily's cunt had grown to gargantuan proportions, a hairy-mawed creature that was consuming her at the same time she was consuming it....

And then it was gone.

Abi looked about, deeply confused. Only Ian was sitting on the couch. The bathroom door slammed. From behind it, Emily groaned in agony.

"Must have been the chocolates," Ian observed

"Hey!" said Abi, seeing an empty box of chocolates on her boyfriend's lap. "I wanted more chocolates too!"

"You were busy eating pussy, silly slut," Ian said. "Now let's check on Emily. I'm sure she'll have another treat for you in a few minutes."

Abi dutifully followed her lover turned ex turned master. There on the toilet, dripping with sweat, her face in agony, Emily was shitting her guts out.

"Eew!" said Abi. "Your farts don't smell good like mine do!"

"These things take time, mylittle fucktoy," Ian said, reaching around to pinch her ass.

Abi giggled and shook her tits.

"ABI! Oh god, Abi!" Emily exclaimed from her throne, her eyes wild, her expression horrified. "He's done something to us! Drugged us! Made us...made us...Oh god I can't believe I...Aargh!"

Emily exploded once more into the toilet. Panting, she looked pleadingly at Abi.

"'ve got to get out of here, Abi!'' she said. "I...I can't get up... Can't stop shitting...Run, Abi! Call 911!"

Abi looked to Ian, very confused. She had an odd sense of deja vu.

"Stay right her, little bimbo," he said. "Emily needs your help. The pain in here gut is making her forget she's a bimbo! Mr. Fink warned me this could happen."

"Oh my gawd!" Abi exclaimed. "Poor Emily!"

"You bastard!" Emily spat. "You evil bastard! I'm going to....shit."

A heard of elephants stampeded out of Emily's ass, trumpeting all the way.

"Ooooh...." she moaned and slumped weakly on the toilet.

Abi felt so bad for her friend. She didn't know what to do. Then she got an idea.

"Ian!" she enthused. "Let her suck your cock! that will make her happy!"

“Oh, is that what you need Em?” Ian asked, lifting up his prick to point it at her. “You need a little more of this?”

Emily gave a low whine and looked at Ian’s cock with a mixture of loathing and desire that Abi’s
bimbofied brain couldn’t begin to comprehend.

“No, I…I don’t really…don’t really like that…” Emily protested. “It was…it was…um…drugs…”

“You sure looked like you liked it,” Ian said. “Why don’t we get you cleaned up and I bet you’ll be
feeling better in no time. You’ll be back to your bimbo self!”

“No, I…I should leave,” Emily said. “I should runaway…”

“Now Emily, don’t be silly,” Ian said, taking her by the shoulders and helping her, unresisting, to
her feet. “You can’t run away! You’re not wearing any pants! Let’s at least get you cleaned up
and dressed before you run away!”

Emily blinked, becoming more confused and more docile by the second.

“Cleaned up…” she agreed.

Ian flushed the toilet and guided her to the shower.

“Go get Emily some Gatorade,” Ian told Abi. “She’s going to be just fine.”

When Abi came back with the sports drink, Ian was in the shower with her roommate. He had
lathered her up with soap and she was leaning on him heavily.

“After I’m clean, I’m gonna run away and call a cop…or a fireman…or maybe a cowboy…” she was saying.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Ian encouraged, toying with her nipples.

“I got really big boobs,” she said.

“That’s very observant of you,” Ian praised. “Give Emily the Gatorade, Abi.”

“Here you go!” said Abi, glad to have an excuse to join them in the shower. Abi’s big titties rubbed up against Emily’s big soapy ones and she giggled. Emily stared, confused, and took the bottle when pressed. She drank thirstily, then sighed.

“Abi, we gotta, like, um, do sumpin’,” Emily said.

“OKAY!” said Abi, waiting enthusiastically for her friend’s suggestion.

“We gotta, like, um….”

And then Emily farted. Which Abi had to admit was a great idea. It smelled like cotton candy!

"No, I...I shouldn't..." Emily mumbled.

"Yes, you should," Ian assured her, lathering up her tits some more.

"I should?" she asked.

"Uh-huh!" said Abi, kneeling down behind her and kneading her ass. She was rewarded for her efforts by another cotton candy scented fart in the face that set her giggling.

"Oh fuck," Emily said. "I am so fucked up."

She farted again. Abi laughed so hard she fell over and found herself staring upward at her roommate's ass and her boyfriend's very hard dick. She squealed with mirth and reached down to rub her clitty. She slid her legs between those of Emily and Ian and lay back, relaxing and rubbing herself. If Emily was going to be making yummy farts like she did earlier, she wanted to be in the best position to enjoy them.

"Fucked up is good, Emily," Ian assured her. "Abi's fucked up, and see how happy she is?"

Emily looked down at Abi from between her gargantuan tits that Ian held apart. Abi looked up at her, giggled and waved.

"I'm a bimbo!" she declared.

"Sumpin smells funny," Emily observed.

"That's you, silly bimbo," Ian informed her.

"I'm not a bimbo," Emily protested. "I'm a...a..."

"Bimbo!" Abi declared, then giggled.

"No, Emily's right," Ian said. "She's really more of a slut."

"I'm a...slut?" Emily asked.

"Well, you did suck your roommate's boyfriend's dick," he reminded her. "That's really pretty slutty, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah..." said Emily.

"And you liked it, didn't you Emily?" Ian prompted. "You liked sucking my dick a lot."

Emily farted, then giggled, then nodded.

"I liked it," she remembered. "Tasted so good."

"And here you are, naked in the shower with your roommate and her boyfriend," Ian pointed out. "And you're letting me soap up your tits and your ass and you're liking it. You'll even let me rub that hard, throbbing clitty of yours, won't you, slut?"

Emily whimpered as he demonstrated the truth of his words.

"So horny..." she said.

"Of course you're horny, Emily!" Ian said. "You're a slut. Sluts are horny. Emily is a horny slut, isn't that right, Abi?"

"Uh huh!" Abi declared, giggling. "Emily's a horny slut!"

Emily farted, inhaled deeply, then let it out in a woosh.

"I'm a horny slut!" she declared, then giggled like a loon.

"Yay!" exclaimed Abi.

"Yes, Emily, yes," Ian praised. "Now you understand! That's why you suck Abi's boyfriend's cock! You can't help it! You're a horny slut! You need cock!"

Emily gave an exaggerated nod of her head that made her big boobies bounce.

"I need cock!" she agreed with wild-eyed enthusiasm. "Horny slut."

"Well, will you look what I have here!" Ian said, grabbing hold of his member by the base and wagging it at her.

Emily took on look at the engorged member and squealed with delight.

"Now turn around, slutty Emily, and I'll give you the cock that you need so much," he said.

"Turn around?" she asked, confused.

"Yes, turn around and put your feet on either side of Abi's hips," he instructed.

"But how..." she said, then farted and giggled and let Ian prod her into the position he had requested.

"Now bend over, Em," he said. "And put your hands on the wall."

From her position lying in the tub, Abi could see Emily's tits swing as she did as she was told, Then she saw the head of the cock that she loved so well come up between her roommate's legs and rub her swollen cunt.

"Ooooh!" Emily exclaimed, at last understanding. She reached down between her legs with one hand, leaning heavily on the other arm, and encouraged Ian's cock to become better acquainted with her cooze. Ian grabbed hold of Emily's hips and leaned back so that the water from the shower that had been hitting his back now pounded on Emily's back, washing her long brown hair down her sides and forming a tent around Abi. From her unique vantage point, Abi could see her boyfriend's cock push its way into her roommate's pussy. Abi cheered as he penetrated her and Emily squealed. Her big titties shook. Abi realized that with very little effort she could reach up and fondle her slutty roommate's nipples, and it seemed a pity to let such an opportunity go to waste.

As she squeezed Emily's nipples, she looked down with a delirious smile at Abi and giggled. Abi giggled back. Ian began pumping in and out of her and Emily's smile became all the more crazed as she gibbered out unintelligible encouragement. Emily's position combined with Ian's vigor seemed to be the ideal configuration for generating the cotton candy scented farts that Emily was no producing. With every flesh-jiggling thrust, Emily's ass gave out a little squeal and soon the room filled with the odor even stronger than when Abi had first started making them an eternity ago. Abi thought it was hilarious and giggled and squeezed as she admired what a good job Ian was doing pounding her roommate's pussy.

At last, Ian groaned out and thrust hard as he shot hot goo into Emily. Half way through his orgasm, his cock popped out of her cunt and shot a streamer right between the goal post of Abi's tits to hit her in the face. Abi thought this was riotous and giggled madly until a bit of the goo ran into her mouth. Then her eyes went wide as she realized just why Emily liked eating the stuff so much. It was heavenly! She licked it off her face then tried to sit up so that she could eat it out of Emily the way Emily had eaten it out of her. But she was trapped by her own long hair, pinned under Emily's feet, her own ass and her hands as she tried to get leverage.

"Ow!" she exclaimed.

"Ooooh!" said Emily, her mind floating off somewhere in never never land.

"Mmmm," said Ian, slapping Emily's bare ass. "Good ride."

"I wanna eat Emily!" Abi exclaimed. "And I can't get up!"

"Huh?" Ian asked. "Oh. Well, we're about out of hot water. We should get out."

Once Emily and Ian were out of the tub, Abi was immediately up on her knees with her face in Emily's cunt. Emily was delighted and farted out her pleasure at her roommate's vigorous tongue. Ian toweled Emily dry as Abi attacked her twat, then patted Abi dry as well. When she was sure she had gotten every last drop of Ian chowder out of Emily, she sat back, sighed and giggled. Emily giggled back.

"Come on, girls!" Ian said. "You haven't even tried on the outfits Mr. Fink sent for you! I can't show off my new bimbosluts to everyone in town until you get dressed!"

"New clothes?" Abi asked.

"Eeeeee!" Emily squealed in delighted.

They followed Ian back to the living room.

For Abi there was a red dress, or something like a dress anyway. There were so many large, diamond-shaped cut outs in it, that when he handed it to her it looked more like a net. Once she had it stretched along her body, however, it looked like someone had covered her body with diamond-shaped red stickers from her neck to the tops of her thighs. Her shoulders were left bare. The blonde pubes of her shaggy bush peek out from various diamond-shaped windows but it covered her cuntlips and nipples just enough to be street legal. Shiny plastic diamonds hang from her ears. A necklace dangled the letters BIMBO made of fake rubies over her massive tits. She balanced atop shiny red stripper heels with each toe slipped through a red plastic loop but her heel left unattached. It was tricky to walk in, but she loved the way she felt her ass sway from side to side with each step, her long blonde hair, still damp from the shower, slithering along her back.

As Abi practiced walking, Ian helped giggling, shivering Emily into a tiny pleated purple skirt that would cover her own furry snatch as long as she stood perfectly still and there wasn't any sort of a breeze. A yellow halter top lifted her pendulous melons up and forward, while a tear-drop shaped window displayed plenty of cleavage. Fake gold letters spelling out SLUT hung from each of her ears. High-heeled shiny yellow ankle boots added several inches to her height and sculpted her legs deliciously. Ian pulled her long brown hair into pigtails high on her head and secured them with yellow and purple scrunchies.

"Your long hair is nice, Abi," Ian observed. "But it's covering up your ass. You got any scissors?"

Abi giggled and brought him some scissors. He cut her hair so that it hung just above her ass while still damp. Then he got both her and Emily's blow driers and the two went to work blowing Abi's hair dry and teasing it out into a massive, tangled volume.

"All right then! Looking good!" Ian declared to Abi's delight. "Now let's just do your nails and makeup and go show you off!"

Ian took a large box out of the suit case, fiddled with some dials and buttons, then held it up to Abi. She could see that there was a large oval hole in the thing.

"Close your eyes, take a breath and hold it, Abi," Ian instructed.

She giggled, then did as she was told. Ian placed the thing over her face. There was a slight pressure for a quarter of a second, then a buzzer. Ian pulled the box back and Emily squealed.

"Me next!" she exclaimed.

"Just a second," Ian said, fiddling with the box some more.

Abi clicked off to the bathroom, eager to see what had happened. There in the mirror was a heavily made up bimbo with an unruly blonde main, long thick dark eyelashes, shockingly hot pink eye shadow, a darker pink rouge, and glistening fire-engine red lips. It wasn't perfectly applied, but that just added to the trashy effect. It took a few seconds for Abi to realize the whore in the mirror was herself. When she did, she giggled.

"I'm such a bimbo!" she declared.

Then she went back to find that Emily had purple lips and lavender eye shadow and looked every bit as trashy as Abi did. Ian pulled out a smaller box and the roommate's took turns putting their hands in and taking them out with long fake fingernails, purple for Emily and red for Abi. Abi then got to put her toes in. It tickled and she giggled, but soon her toenails matched her shoes.

"Well, now, you just look like a perfect pair of bimbosluts!" Ian declared.

The girls giggled. Emily farted. They both giggled again.

"But such perfection should be shared with the world!" Ian observed. "Let's go show you off to the world!"

"Can't we fuck again?" Emily asked, then giggled. "I'm still horny!"

Abi giggled. She would mind another pussy pounding herself.

"Oh, don't worry, Emily!" Ian said. "A slut like you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to fuck her no matter where we go."

"You mean I can fuck other guys too?" Emily asked, eyes wide.

"Of course! You wouldn't me much of a slut if you didn't!" Ian said.

Emily squealed and stamped her booted feet, sending shockwaves through her rack.

"Let's go let's go let's go!" she exclaimed.

"I was thinking we should go break the news to Dr. Ramsey that Abi won't be going to med school," Ian said. "After all, she's been pressuring you to stop partying with me and focus on your studies. It's only fair to let her know you've decided to let your inner bimbo out instead!"

He rubbed her ass and Abi giggled.

"And who knows?" Ian said. "If you two fart enough while we're there, she might just realize that she's a bimbo too!"

Emily farted and the two roommate's giggled. Then with a strong masculine hand on each of their enchanted asses, Ian led them out of their apartment, eager to show off their new clothes and the new bodies that were falling out of them.

To be continued