BimboTech: A Special Introductory Offer
by The Sympathetic Devil

"Oh my God," said Pamela. "There goes another one!"

Julie peaked over the ledger she had brought down to lunch in order to check it over just
one more time. She didn't want to be caught staring--not that any of them seemed to mind.

She had seen this one several times before and suspected she must work there in the
building. The sight of her was still startling though and she couldn't help but look
with a mixture of amazement, contempt and, though she'd never admit it, envy.

The person who had captured Julie and her two lunch companion's attention was a black
woman with insanely large breasts. They jutted out before her, defying gravity, swaying
momentously with every step.

Her outfit wasn't business attire by any stretch of the imagination. She wore a gold
lamae dress whose hemline skirted the round curve of her bulbous ass. The neckline
plunged to her navel and flared out to just barely manage to cover her prominent nipples.
She wore a gold chain around her neck with a gold and zirconium capitol letter T
dangling in her daunting cleavage and large gold hoops in her ears and around her wrists.
Her long fingernails were carefully painted in sparkly gold as were her chunky platform
shoes that seemed to break several laws of physics in order to allow such a top-heavy
woman to walk.

The woman seemed to delight in the gawking of every man she passed as she strode from the
elevator, past the cafe where Julie and her co-workers sat, towards the revolving door
that led to the street. She giggled at every double take, at every catcall, at every
lewd observation. Then she waved a girly hand and wiggled her tits and her ass.

At the revolving door, she giggled again, made several false starts, then scampered in.
She went around a good five times before making it outside.

She was a bimbo. The new building was full of them. They wandered around the lobby in
scandalous outfits, showing off their big fake breasts, giggling and flirting and acting
like a teenage boy's ultimate fantasy.

The reason there were so many of them seemed to be a company on the 32nd floor:
BimboTech Incorporated. Julie and her co-workers weren't sure what it was they did,
exactly. Yesterday at lunch, Cindy had said 'Maybe they make bimbos!' and they had all
laughed. They did seem to provide bimbo-related services of some sort.

Pamela and Cindy finished their lunches well before Julie. She found a mistake in the
ledger and now she felt compelled to triple check everything, neglecting her lunch more
than usual. Her coworkers waited politely until she waved them off. She didn"t know why
she even bothered leaving her office for lunch.

Julie had finally finished her lunch and her audit to her satisfaction when the black
bimbo in the gold dress came back. Her breasts were just so huge! What was keeping them
up like that" Julie had been thinking about breast implants lately. She was really
feeling her 40 years lately and was self conscious when she took off her clothes in front
of her husband Sam. She had never been big, but she thought that meant she wasn"t
supposed to get saggy. What she little she had, though, was doing its best to start a
migration south.

On a whim, Julie stood once the bimbo passed. She followed the black woman to the
elevator. This was the only elevator that serviced above the 30th floor. For some
reason, it had an attendant while those that serviced just the lower floors didn"t.
Julie supposed it was for security, though what kind of security the old man could offer
she couldn"t guess.

"Oh yeah!" said the woman as Julie stepped beside her and pushed the up button. "I always
forget that part! <giggle> Thanks!"

"Um, no problem," she said. "We women have to stick up for each other, right""

"You said it, sister!" said the bimbo. "Hi! I"m Tittiefuck! I"m a BimboTech girl!"

"Um, hi," said Julie. "I"m Julie. I do accounting for Bryant Industries. That"s a, um,
interesting name. I"m not sure I heard you right."

The woman just giggled.

"So, have you worked at BimboTech long"" Julie asked.

"Gosh, I can"t even remember when I didn"t!" she exclaimed.

"What exactly is it that they do there," Julie asked.

"We make ladies pretty and happy," the bimbo explained.

"So, it's like a salon"" Julie asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," said the woman.

"Is it more than that"" Julie probed. "Did you get your implants there""

"My what"" she asked.

Julie blushed. She had assumed that they must have been. They couldn't possibly be
natural, could they"

"Oooh! You mean my big titties"" the woman asked. "Yeah! I got them first thing! Aren't
they great""

"Uh, yeah," Julie said, blushing all the harder. "Unbelievable, really. Did it, well,

"Oh God, no!" the black woman exclaimed. "It feels sooo good! I asked Mr. Fink to make
them bigger, but he says I'd fall over. <giggle>"

"Huh," said Julie. "I had heard that it was painful. I've thought about getting
implants--though not as big as yours. But I've never had surgery before and it kind of
scares me.

"Oh, it's not scary at all!" said the receptionist. "Some girls are scared when it
starts, but they feel pretty silly afterwards <giggle>. Hey! I know! You should come
visit! Then you'll see how silly it is to be scared!"

"Really, well, I should get back to work..." said Julie. "But I guess maybe I could just
pop in and get a brochure or something""

"Cool! You'll totally love it. I just know!"

Julie felt a little thrill of excitement. It was crazy and she would never go through
with it, of course, but just knowing that she would be the only woman in her office who
had braved the mysterious 32nd floor was exciting. They never would have expected it of
her. She'd show them that she was daring! She might even leave the brochure for her
husband to find. He had liked it when she dyed her hair red, though her in-laws had made
fun of her for it. No, she definitely wasn"t going to have surgery"but it couldn"t hurt
to learn more.

They arrived at the 32nd floor. The elevator operator tipped his hat and said "See you
on the way down."

"Actually, I'm just going to be in and out" Julie told him. "Could you keep the elevator
up here" If you don't get any calls, I mean."

"Oh sure," said the operator. "Course, you never can tell how long in and out'll
take...especially when you get to be my age."

He chuckled nastily and Julie blushed. She resolved to take some time in the salon so
that he"d get called away, then walk down the 9 flights of stairs to her office.

The receptionist led her on to the first door in the hallway. There on the door was the
silhouette of a kneeling, large breasted woman and the words "BimboTech Inc.". Now Julie
had always assumed that the whole 'bimbo' term was rather tongue-in-cheek. That it was
some sort of fad--smart young women putting on bimbo airs as some sort of deep irony.
But the more time she spent with Tittiefuck (was that really what she said"), the more
perplexed she was. Was it all an act or wasn't it" She just couldn't tell. Maybe if
she spoke with some of the other women she could figure out if she should be disgusted or

When she entered the reception area, however, it wasn't another bimbo that greeted her.
It was an impeccably-dressed man.

"Well hello!" he said. "Who"s your friend, T.F.""

"This is Julie!" the woman introduced her. "She works in the building and she likes my

"No!" Julie exclaimed. "I"I didn"t say that!"

"It"s okay, Julie!" the man insisted. "Tittiefuck gets a little confused from time to
time. She has a"unique"outlook on things."
"I"m a bimbo!" she said proudly.

"Yes you are," the man said. "I"m George Fink, CEO of BimboTech, Inc. How can we serve
you, Julie" Are you interested in the bimbo lifestyle""

"No, it"s not like that!" Julie protested. "I"m an accountant, for god"s sake. I just,
well, I was kind of interested in, um, breast implants. But I really don"t think""

"Well you came to the right place!" Mr. Fink enthused. "We can give you the rack you
always dreamed of! And unlike implants, we also give you the muscle and skin
modifications that will support your new jugs! All without surgery!"

"Really" I"ve never heard of any procedure like that"" Julie said. The man was creeping
her out, but her curiosity was piqued. "Do you have, like, a brochure I could take" I"d
want to look into it thoroughly before I committed to anything."

"Oh, I"ve got something better than that!" the man exclaimed. "I"ve got free samples!"

He grabbed her upper arm and she felt a sharp needle prick.

"Hey!" Julie exclaimed. "What are you doing" What was tha"tha"whoa!"

Julie felt like little pink bubbles were running up her spine to pop in her brain. It
was a very pleasant feeling.

"This is your lucky day!" said Mr. Fink. "We"re having a sale! A special, limited-time
introductory offer! We"ll give you the full BimboTech treatment for free! Not just the
boobies"the whole package!"

"But, um, I don"t want to be a, like, <giggle> like a, god I feel strange!"

"Well, we"ll just pump up your titties and then you can decide if you want any more!"
Fink said.

"I mean, this isn"t the sort of thing you just jump into," she said. "I should think
about it. Read about it. Ask my"that one guy".<giggle>"I mean my husband"."

"Oh your husband will love it, Julie!" the man insisted. "What man wouldn"t" And I"m
afraid you don"t have time to waste thinking about it."

"I don"t"" she asked as the room started to slowly spin.

"Yes! Our free introductory offer is only available for a limited time! You must act
now, Julie, or you"ll miss it!"

"Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"Come on, Julie! The wonderful world of BimboTech awaits! You"ll be beautiful! Sexy!
Your husband will desire you! All men will desire you. Women will envy you!"

"And desire you!" Tittiefuck volunteered.

It was all happening so fast! But everything seemed so nice and she felt so warm and
slightly dizzy. And it was free. You couldn"t beat free! She should know; she was an

She giggled.

"Okay." She said. "I guess I"ll try it."

"You won"t regret it, Julie!" said Mr. Fink. "You won"t even know how!"

And with a friendly hand on her ass, he guided her into the bowels of BTI.


Julie jiggled back into the reception area several hours later. Tittiefuck was there at
her desk, filing her nails.

"Ta-da!" Julie exclaimed, jumping in front of the receptionist and throwing her arms up
in the air. Her new breasts bounced and bounded in their maroon pleather minidress.
They weren"t as big as Tittiefuck"s but they were a hell of a lot more than she"d ever
had before. And they felt so good!

"Oh man, baby doll!" Tittiefuck exclaimed. "You look fine! Who are you again""

"I"m Julie, silly!" she exclaimed.

"Oh yeah! You got your ass totally bimboed! <giggle> That"s so hot!" said the
receptionist. "Platinum totally works on you!"

"You know it, girlfriend!" Julie said. "My hubby is in for some hot bimbo luvin tonight!"

"You go girl! Ride that hard cock all night long!" said Tittiefuck.

"You know I"m gonna!" she said. "I just gotta stop by the office and finish some things

Julie had completely lost track of time while she was at BimboTech. Her office was
closed. She wasn"t sure what time it was"her watch didn"t match her new outfit, so she
had left there along with her clothing, which didn"t fit now and was really kind of ugly
anyway. She really needed to go shopping, but she needed to show Sam her new titties even
more! She couldn"t wait to see how his cock reacted to her hot bimbo body!

Julie sighed as she approached her house. She could see through the window that her
mother-in-law, Nancy, was there. The mean-spirited woman lived two houses down, with
Julie"s sister-in-law between. Nothing Julie ever did was right in Nancy"s eyes.
Whenever her mother-in-law was around, Julie felt small and ugly and foolish.

But that was the old Julie! She was bimbo-Julie now and, damnit, she wasn"t going to let
some ugly, bitchy, non-bimbo come between her and her husband"s cock! She set her
shoulders, stuck out her substantial new chest, and jiggled purposefully into her home.

"Were have you been"oh good lord!" said Nancy as soon as she opened the door.

"Mom"" asked her 8 year old daughter Hillary. "Is that you" You"re so pretty!"

"Thank you, cutie!" she exclaimed. "I"m glad you think so! They were doing free
makeovers at work, and I just went for it <giggle>!

Hillary giggled too. Nancy sputtered.

"What do you think, Sam"" Julie asked. "Tell me you don"t love it!"

"I"I"Wow!" said her husband.

Her 15-year-old son Brad was even more dumbfounded. His glass of soda slipped out of his
hand and drenched his crotch as he gawked at her. He swore and scrambled out of his seat
and into his room with several furtive back glances at his mother.

"Oops!" Julie said, then giggled. She went over to where he had dropped his glass. She
bent over to pick it up, just the way the BimboTech girls had shown her, maximizing the
upward rise of her tiny pleather skirt, her bimbo bubble butt pointed straight at Sam.
She snapped upright with a twist of her waist so Sam would see her rack jiggle in
profile, assuming he could tear her eyes off her ass.

"Sorry I"m late," Julie said, "It took longer than I thought it would. I"m not in
trouble, am I""

She pouted and fluttered her heavily made-up eyelids.

"You look like a whore!" Nancy finally managed to say.

"Mom!" Sam objected.

"Well she does!" her mother-in-law insisted. "We"re all thinking it!"

"You"re granddaughter certainly isn"t! That"s my wife and her mother you"re talking
about!" Sam said. "I think you need to go home, mother!"

Julie nearly swooned. Sam had never defended her like that to his mother"s abuse.

"Well I never!" said Nancy, trying to get out of the easy chair she had sunk into and
succeeding on the third try. She stuck a commanding finger in her sons face. "You be a
man and make your wife act respectable! I won"t have her embarrassing this family!"

With that she stalked off.

"You okay, little one"" Sam asked Hillary.

The 8-year old shrugged.

"Like I didn"t know grandma was a bitch," she said with an impish grin.

Julie snorted as she suppressed a giggle. Sam glared at her.

"Don"t use words like that, honey. Can you go to bed now"" Sam asked. "Daddy and Mommy
need to talk."

"Okay," she said and scurried off to bed, with one knowing look back at them.

Julie followed suit and scampered to the room she shared with Sam, a come-hither look
over her shoulder. Hither he came, a tell-tale shuffle in his gate.

"So, you wanna talk to me on top or on bottom"" she asked.

Sam sighed and shuddered.

"Julie, honey, we really do need to talk about this!" he insisted. "This was more than a
make over! Your breasts are"are""

"Tittielicious"" she suggested, making her hard nipples trace figure eights.

"The"the"they"re very nice, sweetie, but, I mean, shouldn"t we have talked about this
first" I mean, how much did all this cost anyway" Where did you have this done""

"It"s totally free! <giggle> and so am I! So let"s celebrate, Sammy boy! How do you
want me" How do you want your bimbo""

"Julie, this is serious!" Sam protested. "Do you even know how they did this to you""

"Right now, I"m more interested in how you"re going to do it to me, stud-muffin!" she
said, reaching out to cup his crotch in her hand, delighted to find it swelling. "Where
you gonna put that big ol" piece of man meat" <giggle> Howsabout I suck your dick while
you decide how you want to fuck me""

"Julie, this is"this is serious"" he said as she slipped her fingers down the front of
his pants and sank to her knees, just as the girls at BimboTech had shown her to. His
pants came down with just a little coaxing and she giggled with joy as his swelling dick
came into view.

"You"you never wanted to"before"" Sam pointed out.

"Really"" Julie asked, pausing to give a long, slow lick from the bottom of his balls to
the tip of his cock, then giggling. "I don"t remember not wanting to. It"s such a nice
cock. So big and fat and mmmmmmmm yummy!"

She giggled again and then took the whole thing into her mouth, nuzzling her nose against
his pubes as the cock continued to get bigger and harder. What rational thought Julie
had left fled as her mind became focused on one thing and one thing only: making the
cock happy!

She didn"t understand a word her husband said once the swelling prick pressed the back of
her throat. Her head started bobbing, her lips pressing, her mouth watering. Not that
her husband had anything useful to say at that point. By the time his cock had slid down
her throat the third time, all he could say was "Oh god! Oh god! Oh my fucking god!"

Once he was harder than Julie ever remembered him being, she pulled him out of her mouth
and giggled.

"I knew you would want to fuck me, Sammy!" she exclaimed. "You should fuck my new

Just like ChiChi had showed her when she gave her the dress, Julie crossed her arms in
front of her tits, slipped her hand under the straps, and in one fluid motion she freed
her big fleshy orbs with their astonishingly hard nipples.

"They"re sooo nice!" she exclaimed, offering them up to her husband with both hands.
"They"re just made for fucking! <giggle> not like my old flat titties! Lay down on the
bed! I want to show you! I want to show you how I can tittiefuck!"

Sam"s eyes were wide and mad with lust. He did as instructed, staggering backwards
towards the bed with his pants around his ankles. Julie followed, walking on her knees,
holding her new knockers. Once Sam was sitting on the bed, his thick prick pointing
straight at her, Julie gave it a kiss on the tip, then lifted her BimboTech-enhanced
boobs and mashed them around her husband"s man meat. Sam shook his head in shocked
disbelief. With her nipples up against his belly, there were still inches to go before
his cock would reach her sternum.

His rod was still slick from sliding down her throat and as Julie began rubbing her
massive hooters around his shaft, shimmying her shoulders, giggling and cooing.

"Oh Sammy! It"s so big and thick and hard <giggle> It"s making me all wet, just feeling
it between my titties! Mmmm! It"s so nice! Such a nice, big cock between my nice, big
titties! I bet you"re all full of yummy, sticky goo for me, aren"t you baby" I bet you
want to just spunk all over my big new titties! I know that I want you to! Mmmm! I
want you to blow your wad all over me! On my tits, on my face, in my hair! I want your
spunk, Sam! I want your jiz! Give it to me! Squirt it all over me"oh"oh!...I think
it"s coming! That"s it, baby! Come all over Julie!"

"HHNguhg!" Sam exclaimed. And then he was coming. A geyser of goo welled up from
between Julie"s boobs. Sam leaned back and grunted. The head of his cock popped out of
Julie"s cleavage and she took it on the chin. She giggled as the glob of spunk rolled
down her neck and back down between her tits.

"That"s it, baby!" she said. "That"s what I like. That"s what my big titties are for!"

She stood and backed slightly away from her panting husband so that he could see her rub
his goo all over her inflated gazongas.

"Sammy gave me nice soft lotion for my titties!" she exclaimed.

Then she licked some off her fingers.

"Mmmm! And it tastes so nice! <giggle> Maybe you should come in my mouth next! Except
that my pussy is soooo wet!" she explained, reaching down to lift her hem, spread her
cuntlips and show him. "It wants you to fuck it sooooo bad! Can you do that for me
Sammy" Can you fuck my cunny next" I"ll do what ever you want me to, but I really would
like it. I"m sooo wet and horny for you!"

"I"I"" Sam stammered. "I don"t think""

Julie giggled.

"Of course not!" she exclaimed. "It"s not about thinking! It"s about fucking! But
don"t worry if you aren"t ready yet. We have all night long to fuck! And while you get
that incredible cock of yours ready, I can show you some other things I can do with my
titties! <giggle> And my tongue, of course!"

"Oh. OK" said Sam in a small, dreamlike voice and gave him self up to the force of
nature that was his wife"s new libido.

It was nearly two in the morning when he finally lost consciousness, his balls in her
mouth, her pinky up his ass, his spunk raining down on her from the exhausted fountain
that was his cock.

Julie woke up horny and was delighted to discover her sleeping spouse was already hard.
Before he had even woken up, she had mounted his morning wood. Sam blinked groggily
awake as his bimbofied wife pounded his meat with her slick cunt. He instinctively
reached up and grabbed a hold of her bounding melons, causing fireworks to go off in
Julie"s clit and eyes.

"Holy fuck!" her husband exclaimed.

Nancy giggled.

"Yeah!" she agreed. "Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Fuck my hole!"

The she squealed and came. Her husband went off as well, groaning and arching his back.

At last, Julie slid off his spent cock and flopped down on the bed beside him. She
giggled and stroked his chest.

"God I love to fuck you!" she exclaimed. "You"re such a stud!"

Sam was still panting.

"This is fucked up," he said at last. "I mean, it"s incredible, but...but, goddamn,
Julie, what the hell did they do to you""

"They made me a bimbo, silly!" she explained. "A sexy, horny bimbo! Isn"t that what you
want" Don"t you want big, bouncy titties" Don"t you want me to have full, thick lips
made just for sucking your cock""

"Well, yeah, I mean...It"s really great but....but..."

"You want to do my butt"" she exclaimed "<giggle> Oh Gawd, that would be so hot!"

Her ass started to lube itself at the thought.

"No, I mean...This is just too weird. I don"t think we should anymore until we know how
they did this to you and why."

"I told you, it was a Special Introductory Offer! And I think Mr. Happy doesn"t want to
wait! I think he wants to fuck my ass!"

"Wha"" Sam asked, and looked down to see that all his bimbo wife"s talk of sodomy had
piqued his cock"s interest. It was making a half-hearted rally.

It was all the invitation Julie needed. She giggled and scampered towards the plumping
prick, taking it into her mouth and waving her bare bimbo bubble butt at Sam"s face as
she lapped at the delighted man meat, cupping his balls in her hand.

Sam was helpless before the bimbo assault, hypnotized by her pale, swaying ass, reduced
to animal instinct by her insistent, adoring tongue. He groaned and grew, swelling
between her lips.

"Time to do my ass, stud," she said at last, taking her mouth off his cock but holding it
tight with one hand, pressing her thumb against the underside near the base. She made a
mental note to buy him a cock ring.

"Sam"s bimbo"s ass needs fucking!" she declared.

Sam roared, half mad with lust. He got to his knees, grabbed hold of her hips and reamed
out her ass without any preamble. A normal woman would have been injured, but the
BimboTech-enhanced Julie took it with pleasure, crying out for him to fuck her harder.
He obliged. She came and came and eventually, so did he.

"Oh God," said Sam. "That was...amazing!"

Julie giggled.

"Oooo you fucked my ass so good!" she exclaimed. "You can fuck me all day long if you
want to."

Sam blinked and shook his head.

"I gotta go to work," he said.

"Oh, come on, baby!" she cooed. "Call in sick and fuck me silly!"

" mean, you should call in sick...until we figure out what they did to
you...but I really do need to go to work and..."

"But I really need your cock!" Julie pouted.

"My god, woman!" he exclaimed. "I'm only human!"

"Mooooom!" came Hillary"s voice. "When's breakfast""

"Oh, poop!" Julie exclaimed. "Well, how 'bout we get the kids off to school and then you
can do me on the kitchen table!"

"No, I....god that would be hot," conceded Sam.

Julie rummaged through a drawer and got one of the long T-shirts she usually wore to bed.
Yesterday, it would have reached to her knees, but with her BimboTech enhancements, it
barely covered her ass. Her new tits stretched the white cotton so that her nipples were
clearly prominent.

"Gosh, mom!" said 8-year old Hillary when she saw her mother. "You look just like a
Barbie doll!"

Julie giggled.

"Thank you, sweetie!" she said. "What do you want for breakfast""

"Chocolate pudding"" she asked, as she did every morning.

"OK!" Julie exclaimed, for the first morning in history.

"Really"" Hillary asked, then squealed in delight when her mother nodded her confirmation.

Julie proceeded to serve up chocolate pudding to her daughter. Sam was still in the
bedroom and she suspected he might be getting dressed, the naughty boy. Well, she would
just have that much more fun getting him naked again.

"Mom" Is that really you"" came a voice from the hallway.

Julie turned to see her 15 year old son Brad looking disheveled and confused.

"Yep! It's me! Your new and improved Mom!" she said.

She noticed he was staring at her new tits and giggled.

"What do you want for breakfast, young man"" she asked.

"I dunno," he said, blushing furiously.

"Anything you want, I'll give it to you!" she exclaimed.

"I...uh...toast..." he said.

Julie giggled and twirled about to go make toast. She had to bend over to take the
toaster out of the bottom cupboard. Once she was upright again, Brad was sitting at the
kitchen table staring determinedly at the ceiling.

It was turning out to be a beautiful morning. Then the in-laws showed up.

"I'll get it!" exclaimed Hillary when the doorbell.

The two kids usually fought for the opportunity to answer the door, but this morning,
Brad seemed determined to stay sitting where he was.

"Hi Gramma! Hi Aunt Jennifer!" said Hillary. "I'm having chocolate pudding for
breakfast! And mom looks like a Barbie doll! It's so cool!"

The expression on their faces didn"t seem to agree with Hillary"s assessment.

"You see! What did I tell you!" said Julie"s mother-in-law.

"Good lord!" said her sister-in-law. "I never would have believed it if I hadn"t seen it
with my own eyes! Julie, you"ve done some stupid things in the past but this takes the
cake! You look like a bimbo!"

Julie giggled. Jennifer"s constant criticism always stung before, but today Julie was
freshly-fucked and bubbling with self-confidence.

"I don"t just look like a bimbo; I _am_ a bimbo!" she declared. "Isn"t it great""

"No, it isn"t great you stupid cow!" said her mother-in-law. "You look like a damned
fool and a wanton hussy besides! I"m not going to have my grandchildren raised by some
silicone-injected trollop!"

Julie just giggled in response.

"Oh, come on now!" she said. "You and Jennifer have big boobies too!"

"Big everything," muttered Brad, earning a reproachful scowl from his rotund aunt.

"You two need to get dressed. Tiffany and Chet are waiting in the Expedition," said
Jennifer. "God, Julie! What"s wrong with you" We"re going to be late for school and
you"re going to be late for work!"

"Oops!" Julie shrugged, making her T-shirt ride up dangerously. "I guess I"ve been a
little distracted this morning. <giggle> I"m sure their teachers won"t mind if they"re a
little late, though."

"Hi Mom. Hi Sis. Bye kids. Gotta go," Sam said, coming through the kitchen fully clothed.

"But Honey!" Julie whined. "I wanted to show you something after the kids left!"

Sam trembled visibly.

"I"I really have to go to work," he said. "You can show me tonight."

Julie pouted and stuck out her rack. Sam got wide eyed but then clenched a fist ad
muttered 'gotta go' and then he was gone.

"Oh poop!" said Julie, stamping a peevish foot, sending a jiggle through her chest and a
blush through her son.

"We need to go too!" Jennifer said. "Mom's got a chiropractor appointment I gotta drop
her off at after I drop off the kids. We're gonna be late to everything!"

"If my back didn't hurt, I'd kick your ass, Julie," said Nancy. "I don't know how you're
going to dress for work with those ridiculous things sticking out, but you'd better think
of something. You gotta work if you're gonna earn enough to get yourself put back
together like a decent Christian woman. Get your harlot's self dressed and get to the
office! Don't you go wasting Jennifer's generous offer to take your kids to school!"

"Well, since you went and scared Sammy off, I guess I got nothin' better to do!" Julie
pouted. She slunk back to her bedroom as her shrewish in-laws ushered out her children.

Nancy had been right about one thing. She didn't have a thing to wear! She supposed she
had no choice but to wear the outfit they gave her at BimboTech. All of her other
clothes were ugly and didn"t fit and the stores that sold the sorts of things she needed
didn"t open for hours.

But she really hadn"t worn the outfit for long and no one at the office had seen it yet!
She could always pop up to BTI and ask ChiChi or Muffy to lend her another outfit later
in the day. There was a bit of a mess on the outfit, but it was made of plastic after
all. A soft cloth cleaned it easily.

At least at first. The smell soon got to Julie and she abandoned the soft cloth to start
licking essence of Sam from the latex. That left her giggling and horny and soon she was
sprawled naked on her bedroom floor, the handle of a hairbrush buried in her twat,
squealing in delight as she drove herself to another orgasm.

So it was close to 10 when Julie finally squeezed into her bimbo dress, touched up her
make-up and hair and finally drove to work.

She got herself off again in the parking lot, so by the time she tottered into the
office, it was 10:35. At first, Pamela didn"t recognize her. When she finally figured
out it was her, she was astounded. Julie explained where she had gone after lunch.

"Oh my god, Julie!" she exclaimed. "I can"t believe you actually went up there! And
they did all that in just one afternoon""

"Uh-huh!" Julie confirmed. "You should totally try it! <giggle> BimboTech rocks!"

"Oh no, Julie," Pamela said. "Don"t you think it"s too"extreme" I mean, your boobs are
huge! And that, um, dress""I don"t know what Robert is going to think about you wearing
that sort of thing to work"Oh my God! I totally forgot! Robert said he wants to see you
in his office as soon as you come in! He was totally pissed that you blew off yesterday
without telling anybody. God, Julie"I hope you don"t get fired over all this."

"Pfpt!" said Julie. "Robert"s not gonna fire me! <giggle> One look at my boobs and
he"ll probably give me a raise! At least I"ll give him one! <giggle!>"

Julie tossed her purse onto her desk and tottered and jiggled toward her boss"s office.

"Hey there, Robert! Pammy said you wanted to see me!" she said from the doorway.

"Julie! Where the hell have you"holy shit!" he said as he turned around to see his
bimbofied accountant.

Julie giggled.

"Ya like"" she asked, twirling about to display her new figure and slutty dress.

"I"wow! Julie, I"is this what you were doing yesterday" Did you go"up there""

"Uh-huh!" Julie nodded. "It"s so cool! I just meant to pop in, but they were having
this special introductory offer and before I knew it, I was a bimbo! <giggle> I"m really
sorry I didn"t come back to work. I just totally lost track of time! You aren"t really
mad, are you""

"Well, I"um"well, you have always been a good employee"and, um, since this was your first
unexcused absence"I guess we can let it slide."

His eyes continuously drifted to her tits as he spoke, though he made an effort to look
her in the face.

"Well gosh, that"s awfully nice of you, Robert!" Julie exclaimed. "You"re just such a
nice bossy-boss! Not even punishing me for being naughty! Just going to let it slide!
<giggle!> Only fair that I should let something of yours slide too, doncha think""

"Uh, wha-what do you mean, Julie"" he asked.

"You know what I mean, silly!" she said, walking around his desk. "We can let Mr. Happy
slide somewhere nice! In and out and in and out!"

She reached between his legs and squealed with delight.

"It"s already hard!" she told him quite unnecessarily.

She giggled and knelt down between his knees.

"Uh, Julie, this is nice, but, um, it really isn"t necessary for your, um job," he
stammered. "I mean, I really won"t hold your absence against you."

"What will you hold against me, big bossy"" Julie asked, unzipping her pants.

"Just so we"re clear that this isn"t, um, work related," he said. "And you should
probably lock the door."

"Pfth!" she said. "You just wanna check out my ass while I do it! <giggle>"

She stood up, turned about, and flipped her skirt up around her hips.

"Check it out, bossy-bossy!" she wiggled her backside all the way to his office door.
Then she locked the door, turned back to him and pulled down her top so that her knockers
bounced freely.

"Time for my performance evaluation!" she exclaimed and jiggled all the way back to find
his cock very, very ready for her.

"Oh sweet lord," Robert whispered as she planted his hard dick deep in her throat. She
gave a gagged giggle as she slowly drew her thick painted lips up and down his shaft, her
eyes sparkling with delight as he stared at her in horny amazement.

"They"they really do, um, change ladies up there at BimboTech, don"t they"" he said. "I
mean, I had heard, but, uh"oh lordy that"s nice, Julie.

"MmmnMmmmngMMMMMM!" she agreed around his cock. This was sooo much better than checking

"And we"re clear that you"re"that you"re doing this because you want to"right"" he said.
" Not cuz I"m your boss"but because you"because you"re"."

"Mm Muh VImvo!" she explained.

"Right! Right!!!" Robert enthused, eyes wide, hands trembling. "You"re a bimbo! A
cock-hungry bimbo! You suck dick cuz that what you do! You"re a cock sucking slut! I"m
doing you a favor! Ha! And here comes the goo!"

"MmngMmmm!" Julie exclaimed in pure joy. She swallowed with all the enthusiasm of a
certified BimboTech bimbo!

"Huuh"Huuhhh..Huungh!" Robert sighed. "That was"lordy!"

"Glad you liked it, bossman!" Julie said with a wink. "I LUVED it! Let me know when you
need another any time!"

She mushed her melons back in her dress and smoothed her skirt back down over her ass.
Just before unlocking the door, though, she flipped the skirt back up again, giggled and
shook her ass.

"Back to workin" it!" she said.

Julie strutted out of her boss's office, happy as could be. She made a mental note to
try and suck him off at least once a day. It was so much fun!!! And talk about job

Cindy and Pamela were heading to lunch. Julie hadn't done any actual work yet, but she
was sure Robert wouldn't mind. Especially if she could convince her coworkers to visit
BimboTech. She had never noticed how dowdy and boring they both were!

Their reaction to her seemed a little strained. Pamela kept staring at her rack and
blushing. Both were obviously intimidated by her new jugs. She was sure they'd be glad
to know how easy it was for them to get a pair of their own!

"Really, it's so much fun!" she gushed as they took the elevator down to their usual
lunch spot. "Everybody there is just so nice you just want to eat them up! <giggle> And
it feels so good! I can understand now why some of the girls go a little overboard."

"Do they, like, cut you"" asked Pamela in a small voice. "To put them in, I mean. I
heard they can go through your bellybutton, but that almost sounds worse!"

"Uh-uh!" Julie said, shaking her head so her hoop earrings flapped. "They just stick
these things down your throat and up your ass in this tank full of green stuff and your
boobs get bigger!"

"Eeeww! That's nasty!" said Cindy.

"No, it really feels good!" Julie insisted. "It feels kind of funny going in your butt,
but then it starts this warm throbbing that feels great! <giggle> It made me cum!"

"Yuck! Why are you telling us this" This is just really weird, Julie!" Cindy said. "Why
would you want to be like all these stupid bimbos" You"re a smart, mature woman! You
graduated from college! You"re an accountant, for god"s sake!"

"And now I"m a bimbo too!" Julie happily added.

"No!" Cindy exclaimed in frustration. "You don"t get to be a bimbo too! Being a bimbo
negates all that other stuff! You"re betraying everything modern women have worked for
over the past hundred years! You"re telling the world that you"re only valuable as a sex

"Well, I am pretty valuable as a sex object," Julie pointed out. "I made Sammy come four
times last night! And twice more in the morning!"

"Really"" Pamela asked.

"Ew!" said Cindy. "Look, you and your husband can play whatever bedroom games you want
to, but keep it there! If you dress and act this way at the office it reflects poorly on
all of us!"

"It is kind of embarrassing, Julie," Pamela conceded, looking at all the men that gawked
as soon as the threesome stepped out of the elevator.

"Fine!" Julie said "I was gonna tell you about the special free introductory offer
they"re having, but if you"re gonna be all bitchy about it, you can just kiss my hot
bimbo butt!"

As if on cue, the other elevator dinged its arrival at the lobby and out came BimboTech
Incorporated"s receptionist in a fuchsia microfiber tube dress with a broad-brimmed
sunhat and pink jellied sandals with chunky plastic heels. Julie shamelessly called out
her new friend"s vulgar name and waved. Tittiefuck squealed greetings back and jiggled
toward her with more momentum than was necessarily prudent in six inch heels.

"Come on, Pamela!" said Cindy to her wide-eyed coworker. "Let"s leave the bimbos to do
whatever it is they do."

They left Julie to be enthusiastically hugged by the receptionist.

"I was going to lunch!" Tittiefuck told Julie after squeezing her tightly and palming her
backside. "Wanna join me""

"Sure!" said Julie. "Everybody knows bimbos make the best lunch dates!"

Julie followed her bosomed buddy to the revolving door. The two bimbos" four juggs
jostled each other ass they traipsed in together. They giggled at this and purposely
tapped tit to tit again and again as they twirled around and around, overcome with mirth.
At last, they staggered dizzily out onto the street and wobbled arm in arm towards the
hotdog cart on the corner. The middle-aged Lebanese man smiled in recognition at
Tittiefuck as they approached.

"Good day, Miss Tittiefuck!" he exclaimed. "You bring a friend to my humble cart today""

"Yeah!" the receptionist exclaimed. "This is Julie. She"s a bimbo!"

Julie giggled and waved.

"I can see that," the man observed. "Welcome, Miss Julie. I am Bulus. I know what Miss
Tittiefuck wants, for it is what she always wants. You are wanting the same thing""

Tittiefuck giggled.

"But we can"t have that!" she exclaimed. "Mr. Fink said no cuz we get arrested when we
do it on the street. I can"t get arrested until after my shift!"

"Oh no, Miss Tittiefuck!" he clarified. "I mean what you want for lunch! You always
have the foot long with mustard!"

"I do"" she asked. "Oh yeah! <giggle> That"s right! I like the long ones! Do you like
long, thick wieners Julie""

"Doesn"t everybody"" Julie asked.

"Wanna share one"" Tittiefuck asked. "It"s lotsa fun! <giggle>"

"Okay!" said Julie.

The hotdog man already had a 12 inch wiener in a 10 inch bun, stripped with a generous
squirt of yellow mustard, which he held out to Tittiefuck. The black woman took it and
presented one end to Julie. Looking into Julie"s sparkling blue eyes with her own
smoldering, vacuous brown ones, she circumcised her end of the wiener with the tip of her

Julie giggled and leaned in, pressing her huge tits against Tittiefuck"s gargantuan pair.
With complicated squishing and bending, Julie"s lips reached her end of the hotdog and
she sucked the tip into her mouth, pulling Tittiefuck"s end away and causing a dollop of
yellow mustard to drip on to one big black boobie.

Both bimbos giggled and began chomping in earnest, swallowing as only a BimboTech girl
was capable. Soon their mustard-rimmed mouths met and mashed together, tongues wrestling
for the last bite. Tittiefuck was a veteran, however, and with a heave of her tremendous
titties, she pushed Julie back, hooking the bit of dog from her mouth at the last moment.

Tittiefuck gloated. Julie pouted. Then she noticed the crowd of slack-jawed men staring
at them. She giggled. The attention was fun. She scooped the mustard of her friend"s
tit with an index finger and sucked it.

One of the men started to hyperventilate. The bimbos giggled.

"You girls want another"" asked Bulus.

"Sure!" said Julie, and Tittiefuck nodded.

"Who wants the honor of buying the ladies their next snack"" he called to the crowd.

"The bidding starts at $5!"

Two $30 hotdogs later, the girls wiggled back into the building.

"I guess I gotta go back to work," Julie sighed.

"Don"t you like work now"" Tittiefuck asked.

"Oh, the guys are really great and they wanna fuck me and everything," Julie conceded.

"But the girls are being all poopy! I think they"re jealous cuz I"m a bimbo and they"re
not, but when I tell them they should go to BimboTech, they act like I"m stupid! I"m
not stupid! I"m a bimbo! There"s a difference!"

"Smart girls don"t know anything!" Tittiefuck agreed. "Tell you what. You should come
up with me and ask Mr. Fink what to do. He"s like a super genius at making smart girls
not be so stupid!"

"Do you really think so"" Julie asked.

"Sure as my name"s Tittiefuck!" Tittiefuck affirmed


"So, as I understand it," said Mr. Fink, "Your female coworkers are having a hard time
comprehending the benefits of the bimbo lifestyle."

"MmmmHmmmm," Julie affirmed with his hard cock between her lips. "Ey"re Sthufid!"

It had seemed only proper to suck him off while he considered her dilemma. He seemed
content to let her when she asked.

"Well, Julie dear, it has been my experience that most women need just a little taste of
bimbohood in order to embrace it. And we at BimboTech have developed a number of ways to
give them the taste they need."

He pushed a button on his desk.

"Yes Mr. Fink"" came Tittiefuck"s voice.

"Tittie, dear, be a good girl and order up the pink and blue party box for Julie. And an
extra tube of pink frosting, for good measure."

"That"s perfect, Mr. Fink!" the receptionist approved. "You"re so smart! <giggle>"

"Do it quick, T.F.," Mr. Fink encouraged. "Your new friend is just"..about".mngh".done!"

Julie rolled around on the floor, enjoying the spunky goodness, until she at last found
herself giggling and looking up at Mr. Fink and Tittiefuck. The receptionist wasn"t
wearing any panties, Julie noted. She was, however, holding a white cardboard box. Mr.
Fink helped her up, gave her the box, a pink tube, and her instructions. They were
simple enough instructions, which was good, since she was a bit of a bimbo.


Julie"s female officemates were standing near Cindy"s desk when Julie came back. They
fell silent the moment they noticed she was there.

"You finally decided to come back, huh"" asked Cindy.

"I"m sorry," Julie said, as instructed. "I felt bad about being late this morning and
upsetting everybody, so I went to the bakery and bought cupcakes!"

Upon saying so, she opened the box to unveil a dozen pink and blue frosted cupcakes, as
well as an intense, almost intoxicating odor of strawberry.

"Oh yum!" exclaimed Pamela.

"But we just had lunch," protested Cindy. "And I"ve been trying to loose"damn those
smell good!"

"I don"t care," said Pamela, "Julie was nice enough to bring them and she is still our
Julie, even if she"s different, and besides"" she grabbed a cake "strawberry is my

As she took a bite, her eyes went wide.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Pamela with her mouth full. "These are the bes" cupcakes I ever
had! The frosting tastes like it"s made from fresh strawberries! Mmmm! An the best
strawberries ever! You gotta try these, Cindy!"

Pamela grabbed another cupcake and forced it on her hesitant friend.

"Oh wow!" she said once she had tasted it. "This is incredible! Where did you get these""

"Um, you know it"s that one place," lied Julie as Cindy nodded and gobbled her cupcake.
"You go down Sanford and then turn left, or maybe right. I get so mixed up with
directions, you know""

"Cuz you"re a bimbo," Pamela agreed, grabbing another cupcake.

"That"s right!" Julie enthused "A total bimbo through and through! BimboTech certified.

"Can I, like, touch your boobies"" Pamela asked, then blushed furiously.

Julie giggled.

"Of course you can!" Julie said. "That"s what they"re for, silly!"

She grabbed her timid co-worker by the wrist and pressed her palm against her tit.

"Oh wow!" Pamela exclaimed. "It"s like"oh wow <giggle> Cindy, you gotta feel this!"

"No way!" Cindy said. "You"re like being totally gay!"

She pealed with laughter, then stuffed more cupcake in her mouth.

"It"s not gay," Julie said. "It"s just fun! Big boobies are fun! Everybody knows that!
Watch this!"

Julie grabbed the spare tube of frosting and drew a pink smily face on each tit. Pamela
collapsed in giggles.

"Hey, what is that stuff"" Cindy asked. "Smells good!"

"It"s extra cupcake frosting!" Julie said.

"Really"" Cindy said, her eyes wide. "Can I have some""

She stood up and came towards her mouth watering.

"Sure!" said Juile, sticking out her decorated melons. "Come and get some!"

"No, I mean, like, from the tube," said Cindy, reaching for it.

"Uh-uh-uh!" Julie chided, holding the tube behind her back, making her tits stick out
even more. "Give Mr. Smiley a kiss! <giggle> He"s a guy so it"s not gay!"

"Oh, what the hell, ya bimbo!" said Cindy and face planted into "Mr. Smiley" licking

"WooHoo!" cheered Pamela. "Go Cindy!"

"Two boobs, no waiting!" Julie pointed out, jiggling her free tit with a hand underneath.

Pamela giggled and joined Cindy at removing the smiley faces from Julie"s jugs.

Pamela"s cheer was loud enough to be heard in the shop and other offices. Soon their
curious male coworkers, Robert included, wandered in and were amazed.

"I brought cupcakes!" Julie informed them, as the other two suckled obliviously. "Blue
ones are for boys!"

The four men gravitated to the cupcakes, not taking their eyes off what Cindy and Pamela
were doing to Julie. She giggled and squirted more frosting on her titties and the girls
kept on licking. The men started cheering them on, saying increasingly more vulgar
things about them. Apparently they really liked the blue cupcakes too. Everyone of them
was pitching a tent.

Julie pushed the delirious girls away and hopped her sweet ass up onto Cindy"s desk. She
hiked up her skirt and frosted her cunt.

"Time to lick my pussy, Cindy!" she said. "You know you want to!"

Cindy giggled, her face smeared with frosting, her eyes full of bimbofied lust. Without
hesitation, she dove between Julie"s thighs. Julie giggled and stroked her head.

"Hey, I wanna lick pussy too!" Pamela objected.

"Then take of Cindy"s pants, silly!" Julie said.

Pamela giggled and complied. The guys cheered. Julie bent forward and squirted pink
frosting all over Cindy"s ass. Pamela happily started munching.

"Boy-oys!" Julie chided. "Why are Pamela"s pants still on" Her pussy is being
neglected! When are your cocks going to join the party!"

The men didn"t have to be told twice. With much fumbling, grunting like Neanderthals,
they soon were naked from the waist down, and so was Pamela. But then there was conflict
over who was going to take Pamela from behind. Julie was afraid they were about to start

"Boys! Boys!" she said "You"ve got three hot sluts here! That"s nine holes! You"ve got
at least two holes for each cock, and that"s not even counting tittiefucks! Trust me! I"m
an accountant! <giggle>"

She pushed Cindy away from her cunt. She stood up, whining, causing Pamela to do the
same thing.

"Time for the second course, sillies!" Julie told them. "Who wants dick""

For the first time, Cindy and Pamela noticed that their male co-workers were in the room
and in the mood. They giggled. Julie frosted the pricks and encouraged Cindy and Pamela
to kneel. Cindy took turns licking Robert and Jonathan"s dicks, holding tight to the
base of each with her hands. Pamela did the same with Gerald and Matthew. The guys
grunted their appreciation at the attention. Julie went down the line and kissed each
one of them, then she fingered the two girls while shaking her tits at the men. It was
the best office party ever!

Once the girls finished off the frosting, Julie put more on Jonathan and Gerald, but she
guided Robert and Matthew back to the other end. Sucking dick was one thing, but if
Cindy and Pamela were ever going to become true sluts, the really needed to be fucked
from both ends. Robert and Matthew grunted their agreement and started pounding pussy.

Julie was horny too, of course. And she knew, being a bimbo, she could take any or all of
the men from her plain-looking co-workers. But she was an accountant and she had noticed
that there was a cock missing. A cock she was very interested in. The orgy in full
swing, she slipped out and headed for Thomas"s office.

Sure enough, Thomas was working hard at his desk, oblivious to the sounds of the orgy
down the hall. He didn"t even look up when Julie entered.

"Thomas, can you help me with something"" she asked.

"Can it wait Julie"" Thomas said without turning around. "I really need to get this done."

"Oh, well, it"s just, I need to do a penis audit for the office and, according to my
records, I"ve never even seen your cock!" Julie exclaimed. "If you"d let me give you a
quickie, I"d reeeeeally appreciate it. I need it bad!"

That got his attention. He looked up at her face, then quickly corrected the level of
his gaze.

"Sweet Jesus, Julie!" he exclaimed. "When did you get those!"

"They"re my new bimbo titties!" she explained. "They"re especially made for measuring
dicks! Now let"s get you out of those pants so I can do my due diligence and all that
legal stuff <giggle>"

"Oh my god, are you sure"" he asked, eyes about to pop out. "Right here""

"Don"t worry!" Julie exclaimed. "Robert"s busy fucking Cindy!"

"Wha"" he said, briefly looking her in the eye again to gauge if she was serious, though
his gaze was soon caught again in the magnetic pull of her tits.

"Didn"t you get the memo"" Julie asked. "It"s casual sex Friday!"

So saying she popped out the melons that had so riveted Thomas" attention.

"So let"s get this cock audit done so you can casually fuck me!" she declared.

Julie giggled and went to work getting Thomas" pants around his ankles.

"But how"when"what happened to you"" asked Thomas, unresisting but still very confused.

"Like it even matters!" Julie exclaimed. "I"m a bimbo with luscious titties! That"s
what"s important to Mr. Happy in here, now, isn"t it" Oh my! I was hoping for something
like this! You"ve got the biggest cock in the office, hands down!"

"I do"" Thomas asked, with swelling pride, among other things.

"Well, I"m pretty sure," Julie told him. "But we"ll have to get it up to it"s full
potential to be certain! Come on now, Mr. Cock! It"s time to show Julie what you can do!"

She started gently fondling his ball with one hand and popping the head into her watering

"MMMMMMmmmmm!" she said as she felt it grow inside her mouth, her tongue caressing,

"Oh Thomas!" she exclaimed, pulling her head back to get a look at it. "It"s a monster!
You naughty boy, keeping this thing all to yourself! If I knew you were hiding this in
your pants, I"d have fucked you even when I wasn"t a bimboslut!"

"You would have"" said Thomas, looking down at her with a dumbfounded grin.

"Oh totally!" she assured him. "But that wouldn"t have been nearly so fun! Cuz before I
was a bimbo, I couldn"t do this!"

And so saying, she mashed his spit-slick cock between her inflated pleasure pillows and
began to tittie-fuck him in earnest. Thomas shuddered and groaned, his eyes rolling back
in his head. He entwined his hands in her platinum hair and let her knockers propel him
to nirvana.

It truly was the largest cock in the office. Only Mr. Fink"s was larger in Julie"s
recently expanded experience. Julie found she could keep the tip of his cock in her
mouth as she continued to rub his shaft furiously with her tits. The result was that she
started slapping her self in the face with her own boobs. She giggled as she sucked,
thinking how much she loved her big bimbotitties.

But she really wanted to feel that monster cock inside her. She wasn"t sure how long
Cindy and Pam would keep the other guys occupied, so she figured she had better make
Thomas" first shot count. After all, she might not get to fuck him again until Monday!

She released his cock. He looked horrified.

"Don"t stop, Julie!" he exclaimed. "My god, you"ve got to keep doing that!"

"But it"s just too big, Thomas!" she said. "My titties can"t perform the audit! You"re
gonna have to fuck my cunt!"

So saying, she stood, pushed his papers off his desk, hiked up her skirt and spread her

"Fuck my pussy "til it screams, Thomas!" she instructed. "Show me that you know how to
use that monster!"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Thomas exclaimed.

In an instant, Thomas had her pinned to the desktop and was drilling her like a madman.
Now it was Julie"s turn to roll her eyes back and moan. She had prodded her coworker into
such a sexual frenzy that even her BimboTech enhanced cunt was startled. Soon it
recovered, however, and began to suck and clench at the ferocious cock that was
penetrating it. Julie started to cum and squeal.

"That"s it, Julie!" Thomas encouraged. "Cum! Cum hard! I"m gonna fuck your bimbo brains
out! I"m gonna fill you so full of spunk it"ll come out your ears!"

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh god yes, Thomas!" she cried. "Give it to me! Give it to me!"

It didn"t come out her ears, of course, but Julie would have sworn her tits got bigger as
they bounded and bounced with Thomas" insistent fucking and he pumped her full of goo.
It was possible, she supposed. With BimboTech, anything was possible.

Julie was late getting home. She had actually left work early, once she had recovered
enough to walk out of Thomas" office, since Cindy and Pamela both decided they would like
to visit BimboTech after the orgy and the guys decided they wanted to come along and
watch"even Thomas. Julie was tempted to tag along, but then she remembered Sam and how
nice his hard cock felt in her ass, and she decided to try and be there when he got home.
That would more than make up for her bit of office adultery. She would call her
sister-in-law and ask her to keep the kids at her place for an extra hour. She could
bribe her with a bucket of chicken!

But as she drove home, fantasizing about jumping her husband, she realized she didn"t
have an appropriate outfit to surprise him in. So she headed to the shadier side of town
and the trashiest lingerie and sex toy shop she knew of.

Once inside, she completely lost track of time and any sense of budget. She came out two
hours later, waited down with bags of bustiers and babydolls, corsets and cockrings,
acrylic shoes and crotchless panties.

When she realized how late she was, she didn"t worry. She never worried anymore! She
was sure Sam would be home waiting for her, delighted to let her model all her new
outfits for him. She headed home wearing a pink tube top, black miniskirt and fishnet

But Sam wasn"t home. Neither were the kids. Nancy and Jennifer were, however, sitting
on her couch, eating her chips, drinking her beer and looking very disapproving.

"Where"s Sam"" Julie asked.

"He"s at Jennifer"s house with your children!" said Nancy, her voice full of disdain.

"They"re staying there until you come to your senses!" said Jennifer "This is an

Julie rolled her eyes.

"But I"m just a bimbo!" she exclaimed. "It"s not like I"m a drunk or something!"

She glared pointedly at the empty beer bottles on the end table.

"Look, you little tart," her mother-in-law seethed. "You may not care what people think
of your, but you"re a member of this family, much as I wish you weren"t, and your acting
like a slut is an embarrassment to us all! Now you"re going to sit your whore"s ass down
and explain yourself and where you"re getting all this "bimbo" nonsense and we are not
leaving and you will not have any contact with my son and grandchildren until you agree
to stop all this bullshit!"

Julie sighed.

"Okay, okay, okay," she said. "Fine. I"ll tell you all about it."

Then she smiled.

"But first, do you want a cupcake" We had leftovers!"

Nancy and Jennifer were never known for passing up desert. Once Julie brought out the
extra tube of frosting, the whole intervention kind of fell apart. Julie decided to show
her in-laws her new sex toys instead.

Once Nancy was engrossed in licking frosting off a big black dildo and Jennifer was busy
using another for more traditional purposes, Julie slipped quietly into the kitchen and
made a phone call.

"Hello, BimboTech" Hi! My name is Julie. I"m a satisfied customer! I know it"s after
normal business hours, but is there any chance you could send someone to pick up my
mother- and sister-in-law" They"re really in need of your special introductory offer!"

"Huh" <giggle> No, you won"t need any of that! They were being really bitchy, but now
they"re eating that yummy pink stuff Mr. Fink gave me! They"re much happier now!
<giggle> But they"re still really ugly. Is there anyway you could make them pretty
tonight" As a surprise for my husband""

"Oh Goodie! The address is in my file! I"m at home with just them. And tell the guys
that pick them up I"ll make it worth their while!"

Julie hung up and went to model her new outfits for her giggling, drooling in-laws. When
the pickup men from BimboTech arrived, all it took was the promise of more frosting and
Nancy and Jennifer waddled out to the van.

"They"ll probably have to stay over night," one of the men explained.

"That"s okay!" Julie replied. "I"ll call Jennifer"s hubby and tell him not to wait up!
I"m sure he"ll be glad that you"re gonna fix her and make her pretty!"

"Oh, we"ll fix her up good," the man assured her.

Julie giggled.

"That"s so sweet!" she said. "Now how about a tip""

She knelt down hungrily in front of his crotch.

"Oh, I"m sure you can take more than just the tip," he responded. "You"re a BimboTech
girl, after all!"

Julie giggled.

"You got that right!" she said.

And as she let her mind drift into the hypnotic ecstasy of fellatio, she told herself
that Sam wouldn"t mind waiting a little longer. Soon enough, he"d have more bimbo poon
than he could ever dream of!

The End