A Day in the Life of Wonder Woman
by Mucklejohn

Friday 5:45am
Diana Prince awoke from the most refreshing of sleeps, despite her heavy
"workload" as the mighty amazon Wonder Woman she could still wring rejuvenation
from the briefest of naps. Fortunately no-one had needed her aid the night
before and she was able to get a full eight hour's rest. Which is why she was
greeting the morning with a dopey smile worthy of the cheesiest of coffee
Gracefully she slid out of bed pausing briefly to contemplate her curvy
voluptuous body in her full-length mirror. Diana gave her splendid breasts a
playful heave muttering "Time to go to work girls!"
And work she did, writhing out of her short blue babydoll nightie with a healthy
giggle and throwing her self down on the floor for an intense warm-up routine,
stretching her long perfect legs and unkinking those tireless yet supremely
feminine muscles. Diana then lapsed into a quick 1500 push-ups.
After that, the amazon did another 1500 stomach crunches, a regimen that would
defeat the hardiest of Olympian athletes but to our heroine it was nothing more
than a warm-up.
All-a-sweaty from her workout Wonder Woman repaired to her bathroom for a nice
half-hour long shower in which she carefully shaved her legs, washed her
magnificent mane of jet-black hair in general played with a body that the male
population of the planet would cheerfully disembowel themselves to possess.
The shower was always a tempting place for Diana the steam, the heat, she soaped
and caressed her body with exaggerated care.
"Mmmmmmm....such a bod" she whispered
She could feel her imperious womanhood melting in the privacy of her shower. Wet
both inside and out-she was getting turned on..."Only one way to handle THIS"
thought Wonder Woman.
Grabbing her plastic shampoo bottle, the amazon murmured "are you a bad girl?"
"Bad girls PLAY with themselves!"
"Uuuhhhhh-I'm so-oo-oo bad" Diana gave herself a wet loud slap on the rear to
properly color her fantasy (and her ass).
Sl-oo-owly she worked that shampoo bottle into her weeping love-cave taking her
sweet time jerking it in and out in a familiar rhythm...
Bad girl...bad-bad girl...she could feel that surge of gushy girly heat
radiating out from her loins. By now Diana was bent over intent only on sawing
that shampoo bottle in and out of her vagina THE WAY SHE LIKES IT!
Drowsily her head lolled.
It was coming.
Or rather SHE was coming with a strangled gasp Wonder Woman masturbated herself
to a sweet perfect orgasm.
"O-oh Ste-ee-eve!" she groaned as a dozen mini-orgasms waltzed through her
The whole effort forced Diana to collapse in her half-filled tub with a messy
splash, vapors swirling around her with the most beatific smile playing on her
"Gotta start the day right by Hera!" she said to no-one in particular.
Naked and perfect that is the only way to describe it as Diana laid out her navy
blue yeoman's uniform on her bed. The whole ensemble was starched perfect a good
half-size too big for her-all as part of an effort to suggest that Wonder Woman
could have nothing in common with Miss Diana Prince. This subterfuge had
reliably fooled the intelligence agencies of every major and minor power on
Earth, with the sole exception of Colonel Steve Trevor (her "superior" officer
and sweet patooty) who'd seen through it almost immediately. Steve of course was
wise in some ways, he'd kept his yap shut. Conversely Diana in a display of
trust never used her magic lasso to blank the knowledge from his memory. Indeed
he'd only find out again "it's not like I can remove his cognitive abilities"
she reasoned.
It was an odd arrangement but what the hell they're in love.
"And besides" thought Wonder Woman "None of this ooh-eek I've got to hide B.S.
when danger strikes... Steve can cover for me".
With that thought in mind Diana slipped on her famous patriotic strapless satin
tights (one of six identical pairs she kept on hand) and fumbled momentarily
before zipping them up. A simple bit of amazon magic rendered her
bullet-deflecting bracelets invisible, and a concealed compartment in her
oversized purse hid her tiara, lasso, boots and belt.
Properly outfitted, Diana slowly dressed in her navy uniform, carefully tying
her hair up in a bun and getting her necktie just right. Barefoot but overwise
presentable she padded over to her dressing table, expertly crossed those
perfect legs, and applied a bit of lipstick a tiny bit of powder to her
exquisite nose.
"Superheroines don't live by bread alone" she rationalized.
She punctuated this observation by bending over and lightly dabbing some perfume
behind her knees.
A pair of black knee-high stockings and some depressingly sensible shoes
completed the transformation.
Di looked one last time in the mirror and even gave her rear end a quick look
"everything dowdy enough-even for a BAD girl?" she said to herself.
It must have been as She left her small apartment and drove off to the Pentagon
for another day of simple patriotism and mayhem.
Combined Intelligence Bureau of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Pentagon
Washington D.C.
Steve Trevor's office was practically deserted at this hour of the morning.
Frankly, with their relentless work-habits and strict punctuality Di and Steve
were amiably loathed throughout the Department of Defense.
"Good MORNING Colonel" trilled Diana Prince with slightly worrisome ardor.
"Good morning Yeoman" responded handsome pilot-secret-agent-loverboy Steve
Trevor-"whats in the in-basket today?"
"Ten coded messages from our overseas listening posts fresh from the Electronic
Intelligence Center, a revised schedule of ciphers to be disposed of, a new list
of the International Most Wanted, and a critical flash mission statement that
needs your signature".
"Same-old-same-old in other words".
"Yes I suppose, Colonel can I get you a cup of coffee?"
Steve rifled through the paper and hardly looked up "No need I'll get it
"But I'm your secretary, I'M SUPPOSED to get your morning coffee and am happy to
do so" said Di with eyes batted wide and an impish look on her lovely face.
"Actually you are my Aide-De-Camp with a rank of Lieutenant...no coffee in your
"Hrrmph! I type, I file, I screen your calls, it all says secretary to me no
matter what the Pentagon says-besides like many secretaries I'm hopelessly
infatuated with my boss!".
Steve gazed evenly into his smiling ADC's cobalt blue eyes ..."Gosh I hope
not... because I'm in love with my ADC and she is definitely the jealous
type....it's her Greek ancestry"
"Well if you let me get your coffee I won't tell a soul about your gross breach
of regulations" giggled Diana.
"Oh-kay Diana black no sugar thanks" sighed Trevor, it was indeed going to be a
long day.
Trevor sat at his desk in his surprising spacious office. For a colonel he had a
pretty sweet set up including fine oak paneling and an adjoining vault for
storage of classified materials, a discreet firearm or two and a bottle of
Steve had it made, even if his coffee was a tad weak this morning WHY did Diana
an amazon and a superheroine insist on getting it?.
The pilot poured over his paperwork and hardly noticed when his ADC stuck her
head through the door and politely inquired "How's the coffee?"
"Like Hades it is, I diluted it with tap-water" said Wonder Woman indignantly.
Steve caught on and pushed away his work for a moment...a knowing smile played
across his face, good thing it was early.
The amazon closed the soundproof door behind her and deftly threw the bolt.
"Now WHY did you do a silly thing like that?"
"I don't know maybe it's because I'm a BAD girl!"
By now Di had artfully slithered into the room and stood fists on hips with a
huge grin on her face in front of Trevor's desk.
"Well...you know what happens to Bad Girls don't you?...they get...punished".
With practiced skill he reached out and caught Diana's wrist, bending her over
his lap until she was meekly sprawled there like a soon-to-be-punished
She sighed and smiled "another fine workout" she thought.
Steve glanced at the door to see if it was still locked...he lifted up Diana's
regulation skirt exposing the bottom part of her gaudy superheroine costume.
Di inhaled sharply with anticipation.
"What is THIS Yeoman...these aren't regulation panties! How many times have I
told you you have to be regulation right down to your soft...bare...skin
and-and-hairless crotch"
Steve was sweating now...he raised his hand in preparation for Diana's
He brought his open palm down hard on Di's shapely star-spangled backside.
Ooooohhh-ouch sighed the amazon happily.
"Are you a bad-girl?"
"YES!!" yelped Wonder Woman.
"What bad things have you done?"
Steve was getting into this familiar scene, he deftly grabbed his fiancee's
colorful panties and yanked them down to her knees, Diana quickly lifted her
pelvis up to facilitate the process. Trevor paused once again to admire those
perfect buttocks-seemingly made by the Gods.
"WELL!!!???-Answer me you silly wench!!!"
Wonder Woman was by now grinding her pussy hard against Steve's knees carefully
in time with his every spank. Her breathing had a faint hoarse quality to it,
her eyes were blissfully closed, a faraway smile played on her lips.
"I've-I've gotten crappy coffee for my boss, I can't type worth a damn, I smirk
too much, I'm a bad girl who need a A MAN to boss her around...and-and I don't
wear regulation underwear-EVER!!!"
"Uuuunnnhhhh...and I'm a nympho who craves dominance-<gasp> ON THE JOB!!!!!!"
By now Diana's ass had taken on a apple-red hue the pain was quite secondary to
the building surge in her loins.
"Uh-uh make me do HOUSEWORK!! I'm such <gasp> a BAD GIRL!!" moaned the aroused
WHAP! a beautiful shot right across Wonder Woman's rosy buttocks.
With a throaty gasp Wonder Woman came like an express train beating her fists
against the carpeted concrete floor and moaning like a tigress.
A few more thrusts against Steve's legs and Diana was happily spent.
Thoughtfully the pilot handed her some tissues with which to wipe of the dew of
sweat on her brow.
Di smiled got to her feet and with a wince pulled up her costume bottom and made
a quick check of her face in her compact-the bloom was certainly in both sets of
Steve leaned back in his chair slightly winded from the hard work of his angel's
spanking fantasy.
Di turned around she'd almost forgot her end of the deal!
Sure enough the peerless pilot had an erection to put the World Trade Center to
"Gotta pace these things it's gonna be a long day" she thought.
Solicitously she leaned over and unzipped his fly..."Is that a pistol in yer
pocket or are you glad to see me?"
"I'm glad to see you" said Trevor with a smile.
"Not much on the banter are you Colonel?"
Wonder Woman gazed lustily at Steve's huge cock...the sight of it alone always
made her feel dizzy and a little vulnerable.
"We-ee-ell maybe THIS will make you talk!"
She teased the his balls and the base of his cock with her manicured fingernails
teasing the bulbous head in due course. Slowly Diana ran her hand up and down
his shaft pumping thoroughly enjoying his lustful reaction.
She flicked her thumb over the head, making sure to caress the tender underside.
Diana carefully ran her delicate fingers up and down Trevor's shaft increasing
the pressure here, decreasing there-but always pumping with practiced skill.
Steve exhaled, gripped the arms of his chair tightly, and tried to clear his
mind...he never lasted long in these circumstances...
Wonder Woman's expert hand job soon had that familiar warmth boiling through
Trevor's nether regions...he sighed again and Diana carefully picked up the
pace. Deftly Wonder Woman insinuated her talented digits down near the base of
Steve's penis and rubbed there just the right way....
And what the hell he creamed like a bomb going off in a dairy.
Fortunately his long time girlfriend was skilled in these matters and caught
with a tissue every precious drop without soiling his trousers or the carpet.
What a Woman!!
Diana smiled, and wiped down the pilot's spent dick replacing it in his pants
and zipping him up.
"Just a little jerk before work sir...but please save some for later" she said
"Christ you are a wonder" exclaimed Steve.
"Oh I'll bet you say that to all the amazons!"
It was a nice smell, a delicate perfume but you could still sniff it out five
full minutes before she clocked in.
And clock in she did on the dot of eight, wearing a scandalously short canary
yellow micro-mini and a fetching matching jacket.
Yes indeed Steve Trevor's Intern was on the job, none other than Diana's sexy
little sister Drucilla Prince.
Diana looked with tired disapproval on her sister's revealing outfits and too
sunny nature...privately she was convinced Dru had a secret crush on Colonel
Trevor but was too naive and respectful of her beauteous older sister to do
anything about it.
So Drucilla compensated by dressing like a trainee courtesan.
Diana had only convinced Steve to take Dru on as an intern as a means to keep
and eye on her and to prevent her from getting into any tight spots in her guise
as Wonder Girl.
Still, she could be WAY too perky sometimes.
Diana cast a reproachful eye at today's ensemble, "Is THAT what the interns are
wearing today?"
"Uh-uh" Dru nodded her head so vigorously that her ponytail bobbed comically.
"I check with some of my intern pals who work at the White House".
Dru grinned hugely at her witticism.
"Next time, try checking with some of the GIRL INTERNS!!!" grated Diana.
Steve burst out of his office, it wouldn't do for the two sisters to start
beefing so early in the morning...an amazon catfight had intriguing
possibilities but the damage to the Pentagon's foundation and supporting walls
wasn't worth the nut.
"Dru thank God you are here! listen take the e-17 files down to the copy room
and xerox them all, drop by the Q-Sector and pick up the sealed day reports and
then grab me a cup of coffee and a danish!
Dru scampered off with a wide grin, Steve would never THINK to ask Diana to get
him coffee she'd get all snooty with him!
Di turned around and looked at her boss with a mock stupefied expression...
"Well...one of you has to get it right..."
"Dru...where is Steve?"
"He left for a meeting with General Darnell in the secure conference room about
a half-hour ago."
"It's not on his day-planner?"
"I know...Milly, General Darnell's ADC asked if it could be arranged informally
on a time urgent basis."
"How come YOU know so much-I'm Steve's assistant after all doesn't anyone care
to clue ME in?"
"You know Di, you'd learn more around here if you just raised your hemlines a
little and stopped by the water-cooler occasionally."
"What can I say?, I don't watch "Ally McBeal"...
"Well there is your problem in a nutshell."
And fortunately for Wonder Girl she'd long ago mastered the art of dodging a
stapler pitched at her head at a speed to give Roger Clemens' pause.
Secure Conference Room D
Intelligence Sector The Pentagon
Darnell came to the point.
"Steve you remember Jefferson Miller, that loony millionaire who ran for
president last year on a fourth party ticket?
"Know him personally...no. But he keeps pestering my ADC to meet me for lunch."
"Steve we want you to call him this morning and arrange that luncheon"
"Why? the guy's a reactionary psycho, all those three hours speeches about the
sanctity of the gold standard and perfidious international bankers."
"Well Steve it's like this, he's been meeting with certain people from within
and without the government talking trash about changing administrations-BY
"A coup?!"
"Yeah sounds dopey but your the only army officer he's contacted, we want you to
wear a micro wire transmitter during your meeting...see if you can get him to
talk about his plans".
"Ummm general, you've got a court order to cover this right?"
Darnell plunged into his briefcase and produced a duly signed authorization for
"Alright then, I'll call him up and make the arrangements..."
"Steve the FBI domestic intelligence unit will fit you with the wire-please be
"I'd better call my office and give them some excuse..."
"Just tell them you went to brief the Chief of Staff-that sounds plausible".
"That's odd, Steve just called to say he's briefing the Chief of Staff in the
secure wing-but I ALWAYS accompany him to these things?!!"
And another thing, the CoS is out of town everyone knows he finds and excuse
slip off to the track for the breeder's cup.
Diana mulled these oddities as she rifled through her usual dull paperwork.
Right on cue, Loaded with xeroxed busy work up bustled Drucilla who indulged her
elder sister with a huge smile.
"DIANA!! You'll never guess where Steve is!"
"The FBI asked him to sound out that crackpot Jeff Miller about his plans for a
"Today at lunchtime..."
Diana stood up, Miller was a violent nutlog, Steve would definitely need Wonder
Woman's help.
"Hey how did you find all this out?"
I overheard Milly, Darnell's secretary in the ladies room".
"Well whatever...listen Dru I have a feeling that Steve is in trouble and Wonder
Woman might have to help!"
"And-and Wonder Girl too? we could fly over together and..."
"No-no...I need you to hold down the office, besides it might prove to be a big
nothing, with no educational value...stay here look busy and for Hera's sake lay
off the lip gloss!"
Dru pouted (she was very good at that).
"Now, I need to switch to my secret identity, Dur you pull the fire alarm and
I'll switch to my costume during the confusion...make sure you sound panicky to
allay any suspicion!"
Dru recovered from her disappointment long enough to pipe-up...
"Why don't you change in Steve's office and simply climb out the window...it's
not like people don't expect to see you coming and going from there...?"
"Right! good idea...glad I thought of it!"
Diana adjourned to Steve's office without further ado.
Dru sat down behind Diana's desk and fished out her sister's supposedly hidden
copy of "Cosmopolitan".
"Adults are certainly weird" she thought to herself.
Meanwhile in Steve's office Diana gracefully shucked off her uniform jacket and
started unbuttoning her blouse...quickly exposing her eagle motifed' bustier.
Unbuckling her belt the amazon slowly stepped out of her skirt she saucily
kicked off her shoes. Barefoot, our heroine sat down daintily crossed her
impossibly perfect legs and gracefully rolled down her silk stocking. After
securing her hosiery she zipped on her boots from out of the hidden compartment
in her purse.
Steve kept a small mirror on one wall as a momento of a visit to Taiwan. He
never used it, Wonder Woman however checked her make-up in it at least three
times a week on average.
The heroine giggled at the sight though, she still had her thick lensed Diana
Prince glasses on!
She edged to take them off and marveled at how poorly they concealed her true
identity...she tossed her head left and right they didn't look half-bad on her!
Someday she'd spring this Wonder-Woman-in-glasses hybrid on Steve, his reaction
would prove amusing.
Maybe she'd sit on his lap with her steno notebook and pretend to take his
dictation. In full costume that'd get his attention for sure!
Di finally doffed her specs and refreshed her lipstick. After making sure that
the door was securely locked she climbed out the first story window and mentally
summoned her invisible robot jet.
"Hold on Steve I'm coming!" thought the Amazon.
Meanwhile Steve Trevor was hopelessly trapped.
In D.C. traffic that is...having gotten his wire installed by the FBI he now
suffered through stalled bumper-to-bumper traffic.
With a big sigh he called Miller's secretary on his cel-phone.
"Yes this is Colonel Trevor calling for an 11am with Mr. Miller, I'm stuck in
traffic here I was wondering if I could re-schedule for 11:30?"
"This ought to be an early indication of how anxious Miller is to talk with me"
thought Steve.
Within moments the secretary came back on line and assented to the time
change..."That's bad," thought the Colonel, "Aren't rich wankers like Jeff
Miller on very tight schedules?"
11:00 am
The roof-top of Salubria the ancestral manor-home of the Miller
family...irritating thorns in the side of the body politic for two centuries.
Wonder Woman had alighted ever so quietly from her robot plane and was presently
hiding behind one of the huge gargoyles that guarded the cornices of the huge
"Hmmmm Steve must be running late so I'll lay low until he arrives-but WHY does
Miller want to talk with him so badly?"
Alas for our heroine the whole of the roof was under video surveillance,
Miller's security teams were on to Wonder Woman from the git-go.
11:05 am Miller Mansion Security Control.
"Ah sir, it seems that Wonder Woman is on our roof sir...she doesn't seem to
have figured out our surveillance protocols".
"Excellent Holmes...implement Plan R".
"Ah-ah Plan R for Robert or Plan R for Romeo?"
"Why Romeo of course bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!"
11:10 am back on the rooftop.
Pleased with her infiltration techniques Wonder Woman crouched down behind a
gargoyle and awaited her lover's arrival.
"Good thing these crazy rich types go for the corniced flat-roofs motif" thought
"Nothing to do now but wait..."
She didn't have to wait long as suddenly, from an artfully concealed series of
trap-doors erupted six hardy Ninjas.
they bounced and spun brandishing nasty looking curved scimitars...Wonder Woman
casually leaned against the gargoyle folded her arms below that stupendous bosom
and affected a look of patient boredom.
"Is that all I rate" she said to no-one in particular "Ninjas?"
Eventually the shadow warriors stopped their frantic preening and stood in a
semi-circle around the trapped heroine.
Wonder Woman waved back a yawn...and took a long step forward.
The men in black held their ground.
In a flash, the amazon hurled a fist at the chest of the nearest Ninja it
connected with a satisfying thump. This induced a small gaseous explosion as
strangely sweet smelling fumes jetted out from the Ninjas chest even as he
slumped on the ground unconscious.
The Amazon smiled involuntarily...this was gonna be easy!
Heedless of this odd phenomenon Wonder Woman aimed a beautiful kick at the head
of another shadow warrior , he too went flying although he seemed to leave a
blue-ish cloud in his wake.
It was somewhat comical and WHY were these dopes just standing there dropping
like duck-pins with her every punch?
She giggled...then guffawed quite against her will.
Ninja number three was only staggered to his knees by her next blow but by now
the sheer hilarity of the situation had Diana laughing uncontrollably.
Another uppercut knocked a silent swordsman back, but for another blue cloud the
henchman was otherwise unhurt.
Her sides began to ache and her muscles began to relax spontaneously. Before
Wonder Woman could take aim at her next foe, she doubled over from a fresh fit
of laughter-she had agonizing stitches in her sides from all this merriment!
Wha-ha-hah-hah-Wonder Woman was laughing and laughing she could feel her lungs
burn not from the effort of battle but from this insidious spasm of jollity.
"Must stop Laughing..." wha-ha-ha-ha-HA!
Her vision was blurry now...that little factum only induced fresh gales of
laughter....Wonder Woman was getting decidedly unsteady on her feet!
Desperate now she wheeled drunkenly and tried to aim a punch at the jaw of Ninja
#4. He in turn easily evaded the ragged attack sidestepping the blow. But as his
giggly opponent lunged past him he clamped over her nose and mouth a large
handkerchief soaked in a aromatic substance.
His hands confidently grasped Wonder Woman's left breast and gave a lewd little
Diana's eyes batted wide open oh-so-prettily...CHLOROFORM!!! There was no
mistaking the smell, but she was taking in lungfuls of the stuff with every
muffled titter.
Frantically her hands tugged at his brawny black-clad arm but her amazon
strength had been compromised by the laughing gas. Diana moaned piteously and
then inhaled a nice healthy lungful of chloroform thanks to a final
Valiantly the heroine struggled but her strength was sapped by nitrous oxide and
it's enervating fits of hilarity!
Her arms felt heavy it was so-o-oo hard to get her hands to grip anything.!
And that Ninja had a very tight grip, on her nipple that is, ecstatic to be
molesting such a powerful woman he gave Diana's aureole a nice hard pinch!
The result was a foregone conclusion Diana could feel her knees buckling her
hands weakly pulled on the clothe over her mouth...her eyes drooped a lovely
warm feeling was spreading all over her limbs. Wonder Woman was feeling so very
sleepy...her head lolled but that clothe stayed right on target.
"No-no-must resist-mmmmm-feel so we-ak..."
And with that Wonder Woman lapsed into unconsciousness and slid to the rooftop
face up her countenance that of a dreaming angel.
The oddest little smile was on her lips.
The security team dusted themselves off and congratulated one another on the
efficacy of a nitrous-chloroform anti-heroine combination. One of them pulled
out a cel-phone:
"Mr Miller sir the bitch is neutralized!"
"Well done Cornhole, she that she's tied tightly with her own lasso, gag her
with a cloth-a CLOTH mind you a ball gag distorts the natural beauty of a
woman's mouth! And then set her up comfy in the puzzle-box, we'll have need of
her yet!!"