A Day in the Life of Wonder Woman
by Mucklejohn

Wonder Woman was pregnant, seven months along, with a belly bulging out that
indicated very healthy twins were on the way. She sat at her desk in Military
Intelligence in full costume typing some reports and otherwise being busy. It
was hard to concentrate on work what with her babies kicking up all the time and
being simultaneously ravenously hungry! Diana kept munching on low-sodium oyster
crackers to still the pangs of hunger. A very pregnant Drucilla waddled up in
full costume tossing some freshly xeroxed reports on her desk. She collapsed on
a nearby couch with a little sigh and placed both hands over her baby-bump with
a beatific little smile.
Wonder Woman was ticked off though, she couldn't believe an Amazon Princess had
to work in this most precious and special time in her life! Carefully she stood
up and told her blissed out sister..."Wonder Girl, I'm going into Steve's office
and INSIST He grants us immediate MATERNITY LEAVE!!"
Di couldn't hear her sisters drawled reply, nonetheless she barged into Steve's
office. The Colonel was very happy to see her, even as She waddled across the
room shaking her finger at her "Boss". Wonder Woman came right up under him
intent on giving him a peace of her mind until she felt the most de-light-ful
sensations down on her stomach. Trevor had done it again he was rubbing Wonder
Woman's big pregnant belly and the amazon was sighing with pleasure..."aaa-ah
that feels SO good" she trilled.
Almost forgotten was her original grievance.
"Now what did you want to talk about?"
Oh what was it now? why was it so hard to think these days...?
"Great Hera don't sto-op...Oh yes MATERNITY LEAVE!!"
Steve was now nuzzling Diana's neck but his hands-those perfect digits were
fairly dancing around her stiff round tummy.
"Fine it starts in five minutes, you can get changed in my secure vault!"
"Changed...but why?"
"Can't have you all knocked up in uniform-it's against regulations"
Wonder Woman finally broke free of the pilot's lusty embrace...she was mightily
confused something was very odd here.
Inside the vault the preggers amazon found only a white lacy apron emblazoned
with a eagle across the breasts similar to her costume's motif.
Not wishing to get Steve in trouble, Diana laboriously slipped out of her satin
one-piece and tied on the kitchen garment. Her tummy once freed from the
patriotic costume bulged out sensually and the whole thing barely covered her
meek hairless quim. Nevertheless the amazon felt very comfortable and even
doffed her boots as going barefoot was always a source of relaxation.
Confidently she strode back into the office only to find herself in a pristine
kitchen somewhere with beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows. Wonder
Woman slowly turned around it really was a very nicely decorated place...she
Steve Trevor sat at the breakfast table with a knife upright in one hand and a
fork in the other...he had a look of almost comical expectation.
"What's for Breakfast Angel?" he sang out.
So that's it! Diana turned to the stove and put the burner on "The way to my
MAN'S heart..." but wait what does Steve want?
Wonder Woman turned back to ask Steve just this question but for the life of her
the words wouldn't come out!
She struggled and forced herself to talk this was ridiculous-but for all her
efforts it all came out mmpphh-mmmppphhh!
It was like her tongue had gone on strike!
Steve arose a look of tender solicitude :"Is-it is it time for the babies?"
Mmmpphhh!-mmrrphh! Wonder Woman shook her head violently how to make this dope
Steve walked over and started patting her stomach...But what did he want for
breakfast?...mpphh mpphhh! Diana was breathing hard and perspiring in the
bargain but nothing was getting articulated!
Trevor meanwhile had gotten the wrong idea, he fell to his knees lifted up the
edge of Wonder Woman's frilly apron and began licking her exposed womanhood.
Hrrph! She didn't need words to explain THAT feeling.
Steve's tongue was confidently lashing the amazon's engorged clitoris...her huge
rounded shape undulated wantonly in rhythm with the pilot's erotic assault.
Diana exhaled which only allowed in a nice wet juicy orgasm that had the heroine
grunting and moaning like a madwoman as she ran her fingers though Steve's thick
blonde hair...it was like star-shells were raining down on her brain.
Di sharply inhaled...everything was hot sweet and pink.
And then it hit her-hard...who was the father of her BABY?
She wasn't a super-slut-was she?
Steve would know...
Mreve..moo ms m mathr uv mrph mrb-by!??
Nope still couldn't talk...but why could she smell a delicate lacquer in this
modern kitchen?
THEN she realized...
She was dreaming.
"Why always the baby-dream?" she thought as she awoke.
Diana opened her eyes to see a rough wooden wall directly before her. She was in
some kind of a box, hands expertly bound behind her back, ankles tightly roped
to together and a nasty little knotted crotch rope complicating matters. Free
now the combined nitrous-chloroform attack the heroine tried expanding and
contracting her considerable muscles in a bid to burst her bonds. Alas the
ninjas had tied her with her own magic lasso and thoroughly gagged her in the
What was worse even as she worked on loosening the knots binding her wrists the
crotch-rope was so contrived to saw remorselessly across her neither regions.
It felt good.
Which made it slow-going in terms of untying the knots. Fortunately Princess
Diana was not too proud to have taken a number of lessons in escapology from her
J.L.A. colleague Black Canary. It'd take time but she would be free!!!
11:40 am
The Library of Salubria.
"Nice Chinese puzzle-box-big isn't it?".
"You like it? It was th' last one out of China before that Jew Mao took
Yeah times have sure changed since 1949 haven't they? My Daddy could keep all
kinds of ethnic trash out of this county with a single phone call and now...."
"So tell me what do you wanna discuss?"
"Steve you wanna drink?"
"No-the sun isn't over the yard-arm yet".
"I could sure use one...Son who'd you vote for last time?"
"I didn't I'm a military officer, I never vote, I voted the day I joined the Air
"Yew sure you CAN vote?"
"I guess I'm over the age of 18 and a full citizen".
Miller chuckled this was getting interesting...
"Steve I asked you here today because I'm damn sick and tired of the gawd-awful
way this S.O.B. President of ours treats the armed forces!"
"Oh he's not so bad, he signed the military pay increase and..."
"Forget that bull-hockey the man's a degenerate!!"
"I admit he's got the taste of a sailor..."
"Damned communist agent-NOW WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!"
"Do What" asked Steve innocently.
"Seize th' government!"
"How?" Hope Darnell's boys are getting all this down! thought the pilot.
"Simple you fly out to NORAD Headquarters in Wyoming and take control of the
entire nuclear arsenal-after that we can dictate our terms to the White House!"
"Um who else is in on this Jeff?" Steve leaned forward now he'd get the straight
"Just you me and the Ninjas son but that'll be enough!"
"Um Jeff old man, I hate to tell you...I don't have access to any of the launch
codes and for that fact the facility is very well guarded!"
"Hell Boy you can just stare em' down like you always do!!"
"Er-ah how is that...?" Steve was truly confused.
"Boy do I have to spell it out for you, I've been checking up on Colonel Steve
Trevor...or should I say SUPERMAN?!!"
Steve sat back dumbfounded "I can't believe this dimwit got the National
Revolutionary Party Nomination!" he thought.
"I'm-I'm not Superman" he stammered.
"Su-ure yew are! all my research confirms it...you don't think ole Jeff Miler
would ever get his facts wrong do ye?!!
The Millionaire grinned malevolently and casually reached into his coat pocket.
Steve thought wildly "Christ what if he takes a shot at me to make sure!?"
"You know what finally proved it to me? Only the strongest man in the world
would have a WONDER WOMAN for a girlfriend!"
And with that Miller produced a small device from his pocket, pointed it at the
ornate chinese puzzle box and pressed a button.
Instantly the sides fell outwards, the roof hinged backwards and out of the way
revealing a delightfully sweaty and astonished Wonder Woman bound to an ordinary
wooden chair.
Steve's jaw fell open...whilst desperately trying to escape her bonds a
noticeable stain covered the crotch of her costume and one perfect breast was
exposed rosy nipple and all.
"Boy I envy you, she came a trailin; along, and we captured her alive...I
figured after you make me supreme leader of the U.S.A. and we're done throwing
out the misfits you'll wanna settle down and do some breeding".
Steve gulped.
Wonder Woman blushed and then remembered to look daggers at her "host".
Conspiratorially Miller leaned in "just don't tell her women won't have the
right to vote anymore...she might get uppity!" the disgusting old loon
punctuated this diatribe with a wink.
"Jeff I tell you I'm not Superman...maybe you need to re-think this whole
Miller then lunged to the top drawer of his desk and pulled out not a gun but a
large lead-lined box.
"This'll put you in your place!!!"
Wonder Woman unaccountably began giggling again through her gag...the knots were
almost untied if Steve could just hold out a minute or two longer...
But it was not to be, Miller opened the box and pulled out a sizable chunk
"Thar!!! you better play ball now Boy or it's curtains!!"
Steve looked at the unearthly green glow and sighed...
"Why do I get all the impotent whackjobs?-and what is worse, all this is being
recorded by the F.B.I." he thought.
"Well Jeff at least we've got you on kidnapping-that's a tough felony rap" said
"Hey why aren't you groveling on the floor-is this kryptonite legit?" Miller
looked at the rock in puzzlement.
"Whoops I forgot the retribution...sorry."
And with that Trevor crashed his fist into Miller's chin with an almighty
Predictably the magnate landed in an unconscious heap on the rug.
"Kryptonite..." muttered Steve "Kryptonite".
The pilot walked over to his longtime girlfriend who by now was doubled over
with naturally induced laughter...tears of sheer mirth ran down her face.
"Oh now don't YOU Start with me!" said Steve as he untied Wonder Woman.
With much trepidation he removed her gag.
Quickly the heroine switched gears once freed she bolted upright and landed a
quick kiss on Trevor' astonished lips "MY HERO SUPERMAN" she giggled.
"SSSHHHH!" quickly the pilot motioned towards his concealed microwire.
Whoops mimed the mighty amazon...who stretched sensually after her long
No rest for the weary though as all six Ninjas attracted by the commotion in the
library burst in and headed for Wonder Woman in a dead run.
This time the heroine, took the easy way out she unspooled her lasso and snagged
all six of the thugs in a single toss!
"Okay boys out with your blackjacks" being thugs they ALL had blackjacks!
"Now gently beat each other into unconsciousness for Wonder Woman would you?"
Compelled by the power of the lasso the Ninjas were soon all pounded into
"Angel-I called the feds in, you better skeedaddle!"
Diana turned to her true love and smiled wickedly she was not gonna let this
go..."are you sure you can't fly me home SUPERMAN???!!"
"Hey if you keep quiet about that, then I won't tell a soul that you got taken
down by a bunch of NINJAS!!"
That stiffled the Amazon's girlish titters-for a moment.
"B-but how are we gonna break the news to LOIS???" Wh-hah-hha-ha!
"Angel don't make this any worse than it already is..."
The Pentagon
"Well we're off to lunch can we get you anything?"
"No-no wait I'm sorry could you get me an order of dignity to go?"
"Ste-eve! please!"
"Is Dru going with you?"
"Of course!"
"Fine I'll just sit alone in my office and try to glue my self-respect back