A Day in the Life of Wonder Woman
by Mucklejohn

The Food Court in The Mall @ Anacostia Flats.
Dru was airily carrying with one hand a tray laden with an assortment of Mexican
food, vegetable lo mein, an entire swordfish cutlet, a hero sandwich, two bags
of doritos and a 64 oz bottle of chilled fresca.
"Dru if you are gonna eat like a marine recruit then at least refrain from
showing off your super-strength!" whispered Diana venomously.
"Sorry Sis"
"And besides that, where does a Pentagon intern get the money for so much food?"
"Mother sends me 50 gold doubloons a week as an allowance..."
"50 GOLD DOUBLOONS!!!-Diana did a fast mental calculation, that was over a
thousand dollars American!
Dru attacked her tacos with teenaged fervor "Yeah Mother doesn't want skipping
meals or buying second hand text books".
Diana stared at her sister in loving exasperation-she was definitely going to
have a talk with her mother the queen on her next visit to Paradise
Island...does ANYONE back home know how little a Navy Yeoman makes?!
"So tell me, where do you keep the money?"
"Oh first I convert it to cash at the mineral exchange and then I deposit it at
that bank over there."
Dru was narfing down the sandwich she tossed a thumb behind her to a Branch of
the Commerce Bank of Maryland just off the food court.
"Well, that's nice for you I guess..."
"Say Diana is it true that Supergirl has changed her costume AGAIN!?"
This was familiar dish for the two sisters, they often gently chided their
heroine-friend for her ongoing fashion-indecision.
"YES! She actually gone back to wearing the skirt!"
"THE SKIRT?!!-but why? that is so impractical!
"I know, she says it makes feel more feminine!"
Dru burst into giggles...Kara was so self-conscious sometimes!
"Wait-it gets better!"
"I can't imagine how?"
"It's red!"
Red!!-I mean she should just get a red-plaid schoolgirl uniform skirt and some
matching knee-socks!!"
Dru and Di shared a warm intimate laugh at the expense of a beloved fellow
Diana's laughter trailed off...what Was that odd smell? Alcohol? no...adhesive?
Dru's giggles ceased, she looked intently at her sister.
Something was up Diana could feel it...
Or rather smell it, through the thick miasma of mediocre mall-food, she could
definitely detect a whiff of collodion...spirit gum.
Very noticeably she sniffed-Dru closed her eyes, she took a big whiff as well.
"Spirit gum"
"Yeah behind us-lots five of them at least".
"The Bank behind you".
Dru stopped eating...their eyes met. Diana gazed nonchalantly over at the bank
were a ostentatiously elderly foursome was with newly purchased golf-gear was
heading into the bank.
Dru fished out her compact and under the pretext of powdering her nose surveyed
the gangsters.
"Serious artillery in those bags"
"Four inside, with a finger man on watch outside".
"How do you know?"
"Standard procedure with this disguise jobs, I'm inside you take out the
They headed to the ladies room.
1:02 pm
Mary Bank of Commerce, Anacostia Branch.
The bank was thoroughly under control, Yolanda pulled out some foolscap and
began reading a grotesque effusion for the benefit of the security cameras and
the cowering patrons of the bank.
"The ALL-NEW Symbionese Liberation Army IN THE NAME OF THE PEE-PUL Have seized
the funds of this oppressive capitalist organization to give a further impetus
The S.L.A.'s struggle has been REBORN in the sufferings of ALL VICTIMS of
Amu-rri-kahs corporate nation police state!
Death to the Fascist Insect that Preys on the Life of the PEE-P aawwk!!"
Yolanda's hackwork diatribe was mercifully cut short by Wonder Woman's crashing
entrance through the plate-glass door.
Un-hurt by such a trivial stunt the mighty amazon bent low over the unconscious
"revolutionary" scooped up her sawed off shotgun and daintly bent it into a
"One down four to go".
The other three were systematically emptying the cash tills while the crowd
cowered face down on the ground. But remembering their training they quickly
opened fire on Wonder Woman from three different positions.
Which was a big mistake from the git-go as many years in the "man's world" had
afforded our heroine many opportunities to perfect her "bullets and bracelets"
In fact three simultaneous shooters were nothing to our heroine.
After several minutes of blazing gunfire, the S.L.A. combat unit found itself
out-of-ammo and their escape route blocked.
Smiling Diana leapt into the air executed a perfect somersault and karate
chopped the first shooter in the neck. A smooth transition to her partner
occasioned a powerful uppercut that knocked shooter#2 unconscious. Revolutionary
#3 discarded her gun and made tracks that mocked her "old woman" disguise.
Wonder Woman sighed and tossed her magic lasso ensnaring the miscreant and
yanking her back to the boudacious crimefightress.
The bank crowd had by rose to it's feet and broke out in heartfelt applause.
"How were you going to escape from this crowded mall?" barked the heroine.
"Uh-uh-Uhhh Helicopter" wailed the captive entranced by the mystic lariat.
"We'll be late from lunch for sure" thought the peerless beauty.
Outside the Bank.
Normally red-tights and blue bikini shorts are correct attire for almost any
social occasion, even a bank robbery...but Wonder Girl was attracting too many
stares from passers-by who were draw to the bank by the sounds of almighty
This made picking out the finger-man a bit of a chore as her dartings through
the crowd were punctuated one-too-many a solicitation from snarky college-boys.
But Dru was a plucky sort of a girl and was loathe to give up her end of the
The firefight was dying down inside, undoubtedly her sister would soon have the
gang in custody. This meant the watcher had to be making his move NOW!
"now if I was bank-robber how would I escape a mall? A car getaway is foolish
the police would capture you before you could flee the parking lot..."
Dru furrowed her comely brow.
"I've got it!!" she cried "THE ROOF!"
As luck would have it she tossed a look down a long service corridor adjoining
the bank and saw a "authorized persons only" metal door standing wide open.
"The Roof, a helicopter-ohh I've got to hurry!"
Gracefully the teen avenger loped down the hallway and through the door and
bolted up the stairs.
1:08 pm
The roof.
Dru came charging up the stairs convinced she had the a criminal mastermind
cornered. Despite her amazon speed, the watcher had a sufficient head-start to
reach the rooftop before her.
"Now if only the helicopter hasn't arrived yet" thought Wonder Girl.
Intent on capturing her quarry Dru crashed through the door without a second
And right into a nice soft thick pad of chloroform! An arm snaked across her
breasts locking her own arms down. Dru gasped in surprise which immediately
filled her lungs with the sweet smelling anesthetic. Valiantly the teen avenger
struggled but a familiar strength sapping warmth was traveling from her toes
upward. Wonder Girl felt numb but in a nice sort of way.
"Noo-oo! feel weak...gotta burst free" thought Wonder Girl who was already
feeling the potent drug's effects.
Desperately she tried to shake her captor loose but her strength was already far
too depleted to do the job. Her vision got blurry the roof began to spin, Dru
wasn't even sure her feet were on the ground anymore!
And what's worse, it felt soo-oo good!
Her pussy was wet and all the rubbing from her gyrations was only turning Dru on
even as every breath stole away her consciousness.
Every gasp sent a thundering wave of pleasure surging throughout her
being...Even as the roof rushed away Dru was weakly tossing her hips through an
almighty orgasm!
Her dimpled knees buckled and then collapsed entirely.
The ground rushed up and embraced Wonder Girl like a long lost old friend. She
lay on her back eyes closing with excruciating slowness...her long pretty
eyelashes slothfully batted shut.
The pad was suddenly withdrawn....Wonder Girl had a satiated smile on her
face...her angelic form was totally at the mercy of her captor.
The bedraggled would-be Castro stood over her with an evil leer...the chopper
gonna be late anyway, why not have a little fun first?
Wonder Woman had given her statement to the police who were appropriately
grateful at her timely intervention. However Drucilla was nowhere to be found,
frantic at the thought that some evil had befallen her, Wonder Woman addressed
the crowd of gawkers:
"Has anyone here seen Wonder Girl?!!"
"HELL YES!" roared an eager masculine chorus "WE WANNA SEE MORE OF HER!!"
"Great Hera" thought the Amazon "This is going to take longer than I
thought-hold on Dru, Diana's coming!!"
What do you want from me?" cried Wonder Girl.
Dru was awake and bound hand and foot with her own lasso. She was seated on the
edge of a ventilator shaft...a familiar predicament for the teen amazon save for
the fact that her boots had been removed.
"I want you to laugh for me Amazon." Said the S.L.A. would-be Field Marshal.
With that, he slowly and ever so gently ran the tips of his fingers down the
length of Dru's exposed left arm beginning just below her bound wrist. She
flinched slightly as he passed the inside of her elbow and downright shook as he
traveled the area separating her bicep and tricep. But this was inconsequential
compared to her reaction when his fingers had arrived in the hairless hollow of
her armpit. Wonder Girl had been trying to fight the sensation with all her
remaining might. All she knew for sure was that it was a quivery almost sexy
feeling. The lower the bank-robber's fingers got the degree of stimulation grew
and grew. The powerful chloroforgasm that had charged up from her toes had been
replaced by a powerful urge to laugh. Those knowing fingers swirled in her
armpit triggered the inevitable. As powerful as any orgasm she had ever
experienced, the laughter poured out of her. EEEEEEAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Grinning insanely Wonder Girl thrashed and shimmied to no avail.
The villain looked on in absolute amazement as his
tickling touch had reduced a celebrated heroine into a mindless babbling
madwoman. Dru desperately tried to move her arm away
from those diabolical digits but could not. Her long dark hair whipped back and
forth as she bucked and swayed wracked by hysterical laughter.
"Please!!--I'll do anything you say!!!" Wonder Girl gasped out between long,
lung busting fits of laughter.
Her captor was delirious with joy. He was also getting quite stimulated.
"Ghod we shoulda kidnapped YOU instead of that sneaky skank Patty Hearst!."
Dru's response was another helpless gale of laughter, her sides ached piteously.
"ARE ALL Super-heroines as helplessly ticklish as you?."
The Teen Amazon was being driven quite mad. Tears were flowing from her eyes and
her stomach cramped from all the laughter being extracted from it.
Finally, the torment stopped.
Wonder Girl's breathing began to return to normal.
She made an astonishing discovery about her libido....
She was practically dripping wet....her thighs had been rubbing together pretty
much through-out the tickle-assault.
This was only a respite though, the S.L.A. boss reached into his pocket and
pulled out a sizable pigeon feather found on the roof.
He took up a station next to her left foot.
Dru gazed at this new threat with a horrified expression.
"Nn-no puh-leaze...I'll tell you anything..."
Wonder Girl's delicate size 7 feet flexed and curled in anticipation of the
onslaught to come.
"Comrade Castro advises very light touch when dealing with recalcitrant
He began simultaneously harassing both feet... systematically her captor ran the
feather from heels to the base of Dru's toes. "NOOOOOOOOO!" howled Wonder Girl.
"WHA-HA-HA-HAAA! Great Hera I'll talk!!!"
This unbidden plea managed to get out before the nerve endings of her helpless
soles transmitted their message of terminal happiness to her brain.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The teen avenger once again was writhing and
screaming with anguished laughter.
"I'd rather be dildoed by an MX Missile than be tickled like this." she thought.
Worse her nether lips were sopping with another nice juicy orgasm in the offing.
Wonder Girl found herself in a mental tug of war between the horrible ticklish
sensations and her impending climax. The soft assault on her feet was a hundred
times worse, than that of her armpit.
"Can't stand it!" Dru wept between gales of laughter. "
As he began gently dragging the feather between her toes, new
waves of hysteria were forced from her lips.
Wonder Girl could not remember being this aroused. She desperately tried to
focus her attention on her gushy orgasm,
alas the villain had found a particularly ticklish spot along the arch
of her foot. Finally, the inevitable occurred, the amazon princess was wracked
by the most intense climax she had ever experienced. Heedless of the vellication
now she leaned her head back and moaned wantonly...
"OOHHHHHH!" Wonder Girl's world took to spinning and she passed out.
The S.L.A. Team Leader stood up, well pleased with his torture technique..."Geez
a few weeks of that and we'll have her well and thoroughly brainwashed!"
Behind him just a few yards away, with a murderous look stood Wonder Woman.



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