A Day in the Life of Wonder Woman
by Mucklejohn

This guy was no fool, quickly he fished a derringer out of his pocket and
cruelly pointed it at Dru's still unconscious head.
"Don't try it Wonder Woman or your sidekick gets it!"
Diana put up her hands in a conciliatory gesture, "Okay you are the boss just
don't kill her".
"No I won't kill either or you, the fascist puppet government of the USA Inc.
would pay millions for it's favorite lackey sex object back!"
"Shades of Pluto" thought the Amazon "Who writes these dingbat's dialogue?"
"I know all your secrets Wondie, first I want you to remove your belt and toss
it over here!!"
Diana's face broke out in a stricken look of pure consternation "B-but I'll
become weak a-and HELPLESS?" she wailed.
"Off with the power-belt or the kid gets it!"
Meanwhile Dru had woken up and heard the entire frightening dialogue.
"WONDER WOMAN Don't do it!!!! Without your belt you'll be a weak ordinary mortal
Resigned with just the hint of a tear in her eye, Diana stripped off her belt
with a faint rip of velcro.
Without the golden belt, the amazon's shoulders slumped in a attitude of
defeat..."Please don't take my precious BELT, already I can feel my muscles
turning to mush...I have many enemies they could take reprisals now that I'M
"Toss it BITCH!!"
Wonder Woman threw it overhand "like a girl" the golden artifact landed a foot
short of the would-be kidnappers feet.
Diana bit her lower lip unconsciously.
Without thinking, he reached down to grab his prize, but just for a moment his
gun wavered and dropped a foot or so aimed now at Wonder Girl's comely hip.
With blinding speed Dru pivoted on her buttocks and knocked the pistol out of
his hands with her bare feet sending the derringer sailing across the roof.
Which was the signal for Wonder Woman to execute a perfect leap and aerial
somersault landing in front of the astonished terrorist in her standard power
He glanced up with pathetic terror..."b-but I've got your BELT" he quavered.
Diana smiled..."Yes and I'd like to have it back now if you please".
And with that the heroine reached down grabbed the crook by the lapels and
hoisted him into the air giving him a good thorough shaking in the bargain.
"What is this thing about our belts?" asked Dru.
"I think this jerk must watch too much television" answered her sister.
Dropping him heavily to the roof, Diana bustled over to the still bound Drusilla
and aided in untying her.
Her former captor cowered....in the background a helicopter could be heard.
Wonder Girl smirked "Hey! Mr. S.L.A., an amazon also loses her powers if she
allows a man to open a door for her!"
Dru giggled as she was extricated from her lasso.
Di however gave their captive a frightening look "How were you communicating
with the chopper?"
"Ah-ah...cel-phone" eager to avoid a legendary amazon beating he fished out his
cel-phone and held it out...
Wonder Woman unspooled her lasso and wrapped it around him...."call them up and
tell them to abort the rescue and return to base-NOW!"
Enthralled by the sorcerous cord the terrorist dutifully called off the
"Now where is the chopper heading?"
"Back to our base at the old army airforce base at Silver Spring".
"Excellent, now hand me the phone".
The amazon then made a quick call to a certain police sergeant of Steve's
acquaintance who promised a SWAT team would be on hand to greet the chopper
"Well I guess that wraps everything up" intoned Diana.
"Oh we forgot one thing..."
"Only this!" the teen decked their prisoner with an almighty punch "tickle ME
willya freakin' pervert!"
Diana chuckled..."don't forget to tell Batgirl about this, she really queer for
tickling stories!"
"Yeah yeah" grumbled Dru.
The two heroines gazed over the edge of the roof by now television news trucks
were arriving, passers-by were being forcibly interviewed.
Wonder Woman sighed..."Well, we DO have to turn over our prisoner..."
"I know"
"Five minutes for television no more and lets leave out the whole tickling
"Fine by me"
Bundling the villain in her arms Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl gracefully leaped
off the roof to make a dramatic entrance for the TV news cameras.
They were indeed late getting back from lunch.
Steve Trevor's office, the Pentagon.
Dru was hard at work cleaning Steve Trevor's service revolver. An oven timer
ticked away nearby as she stuffed a moistened pipe-cleaner down the barrel with
gusto. With no small urgency she gave the fire-arm a final rubdown with a cloth
and laid it out on Steve's desk.
"Time!" she cried.
Steve stopped the clock "Hey not bad! five minutes from start to finish!- you've
successfully completed stage one of the standard intern's combat training
Dru beamed with happiness.
"Next week I'll take you out to the shooting range and we'll start your marksman
"Yeah good luck with that Steve..." Diana had emerged from the secure vault
laden down with outdated classified documents slated for shredding.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, amazons are the worst shots in the world!?"
"Wha-at? I thought you girls hunted every day back home?"
"Oh sure but with a javelin or a good bow and arrow, we almost never use
"What about bullets-and-bracelets?"
"Well...you see, we HAD to evolve that technique as everyone's shots were going
wild endangering bystanders and the like...that is the real origin of the
"I can't WAIT to start shooting practice" teased Dru.
"No-no neither can I" trailed off Colonel Trevor.
"STEVE!" thundered General Darnell, "Dr. Psycho has busted out of the asylum and
has turned the U.S. Senate into ZOMBIES!!"
"How can you tell?"
"Never mind the cheap gags Colonel, they are all standing by their desks in the
Senate stock-still resistant to any stimulus!-the President wants you to contact
Wonder Woman and get over their immediately!"
Steve hung up the phone and sighed, already Dru and Diana were unbuttoning their
blouses and heading for the secure vault to change.
"It's just one damn-thing after another today" he muttered.
The Rotunda of the Capital.
"This place sure is poorly laid out..."
"Good thing it was evacuated"...
"Reminds me of the labyrinth".
"We'll split up and search the premises, Dru if you find anything call me on
your omni-wave receiver".
"You take the hall of statuary...Steve, the House of Representatives and I'll
scour the office complex. "
"Doctor Psycho is a dangerous lunatic, but his vanity ensures he'll stay nearby,
if you find him call for back-up!"
"Right Diana".
"Now WHY would a dangerous loon hang around the hall of statuary? Diana's just
keeping me away from the action AS USUAL" pouted Wonder Girl.
Still, the teen heroine gave the search her best shot creeping around stealthily
peering around the statues like Inspector Clouseau.
An odd shadow appeared on the marble wall, it was low to the ground with a huge
shock of hair.
Dru stood still "It's Dr. Psycho..! If I act quickly I can capture him all by
myself Diana will be so JEALOUS!!!"
Silently crouching down Wonder Girl leaped into the air at the shadow's source
and dutifully crashed into a bust of Spiro Agnew adorned with a mop.
Dru came to her feet instantly she'd been tricked but Psycho WAS near she could
feel it!!.
Suddenly the heroine was enveloped with a bright beam of light, all thoughts of
her current mission fled from her brain and a warm wet vacuity replaced all
conscious thought.
She stood at attention with a blank expression on her lovely face.
Dr. Psycho that diminutive demon all five feet of him, looked down at his prize
from the vantage point of an empty pedestal.
He had a sizable bazooka style gizmo thrown over one shoulder.
"My hypno-dominator-mind-controller beam worked perfectly-NOW FOR WONDER WOMAN!"
he cackled.
"Oh Wun-der Girl puh-leeeze give your sister a call on your omni-wave receiver
and tell her you've found me!"
"Yes Master..."
"Good girl".
The President Pro-tempore's Office.
"Diana I've found Psycho he's in the Hall of Statuary!"
"I'm on my way-keep hidden we'll taken him by surpise when I get there!"
This was a stroke of luck thought the heroine "maybe we can wrap this up without
involving Steve!"
3:05 pm
The Hall of Statuary.
"Wonder Girl tell me what is your sister's deepest-darkest sexual fantasy?"
"She wants to be a soccer-mom-I think she got the idea out of a magazine"
"Yes my sister gets a queer little thrill out of being a completely domesticated
"One night I caught her with a pillow up her costume trying to figure what she'd
look like pregnant!"
Psycho clapped his hands in sheer vile glee this was giving him ideas!!!
"Pregnant eh? hmmmm-now listen child here is what we'll do..."
Wonder Woman crept into the Hall of Statuary with the utmost stealth.
She noted with approval that Dru was crouched behind the big statue of Nicholas
Silently she padded over to her sister's side..."Does he know we're here?"
whispered Wonder Woman.
"Yes." Dru followed this with a stunning uppercut to her sister's unprepared
chin-Diana was momentarily dazed.
Thrown back by the force of the blow she hardly realized that Dru had palmed her
magic lasso and thrown several loops around her sister's chest.
"Wha-at DRU what are you DOING?" cried the amazing amazon in horror.
"My-master's wants you bound" responded Wonder Girl tonelessly.
Chuckling mirthlessly, Dr. Psycho simpered into the scene. Per her instructions
Dru handed him the lasso and once again stood at attention.
"Now-now Wonder Woman don't even THINK about trying to escape!"
Obedient to the lasso's magic, escape became the last thing on Diana's mind.
"You-fiend! what have you done to Wonder Girl!??"
"She is yet another successful slave thanks to my new mind-controlling ray...I
think I'll have the Senate acclaim me Dictator...and then I'll have them
legalize amazon slavery!"
All Wonder Woman could do was look vexed and wait for the moment when Psycho's
demented ego trips him up.
"You know my dear I only wish I'd know about your maternal ambitions earlier-I
could've made the transition to motherhood a lot simpler for you-Mwah-ha-ha-ha!"
"H-how did you find out?"
"Your stupefied sister told me all-the house with the white picket fence and the
six children!-pretty jejune for such a sophisticated lady!"
"Psycho when I get my hands on you I'll-I'll".
"Cut the crap Wondie, and start lactating for me-NOW!"
Diana looked down in horror in immediate response to the villain's command her
breasts began expanding, her nipples felt hot itchy and-WET!
"No-oo!" moaned the heroine.
It was all too real though, Wonder Woman's magnificent bustline shimmied and
expanded by at least two bra-cups...giving her tights an almost comical
overpacked look.
"Oh yes Princess, Dru also described to me your essential magical nature, since
this rope has sorcerous properties it stands to reason it'd have a grotesque
degree of control over your own metabolism".
Diana was panting and sweating her breasts felt...sloshy already they were
overflowing with her own milk!
"This is just a little preview of married life, it's good to know you'll have no
problems letting down your milk".
Wonder Woman blushed beet red...
"Oh by the way unzip your bustier-I think your tits are getting too big for your
costume...that's it just let those milk jugs hang free".
Diana's charming 36 c-cups had grown to a matronly 36-D a faint nimbus of
moisture clung to each lovely brown puffy nipple.
They even sagged ever so slightly.
The arch-villain's eyes took on an unearthly glitter as he surveyed his topless
She stared at Psycho with a pure murderous look.
"Wonder-Girl...tell me have you eaten lunch yet?"
"No-we had to stop a bank robbery".
"What a SHAME! Especially for the bank-robbers, well there is nothing we can do
for them I suppose...why don't you nurse at your sister's breast - that should
tide you over til supper!"
"NO-NO-NO-OOO!!!" howled the amazing amazon "THIS IS SICK!"
"Isn't it though?...Wonder Girl, you're up for this aren't you?" smirked Dr.
"Yes Master I've always admired my sister's tits they are the BEST of all the
Dru walked over to her sister and with a blank face she crouched down slightly
and slowly applied her luscious mouth to Wonder Woman's distended nipple. She
could smell the nourishing liquid goodness captured in her sister's mammaries.
In spite of her trance Dru smiled a dark atavistic memory flitted through her
mind...."milk sweet milk" she murmured.
A few gentle sucks and the teen-heroine was rewarded with a nice steady stream
of nourishing mother's milk.
A placid expression settled over Dru's face as she nursed. Prompted by Dr.
Psycho she even whimpered a bit as she drank the satisfying flow.
The Amazon Princess TRIED to maintain her composure but breastfeeding just felt
so damn good to her! Slowly she rocked with sheer bliss as her own sister drank
from the bounty of her bosom.
Diana, threw her head back and groaned passionately... her eyes half-rolled up
into her head. Flashes of sexual lightning were arcing through Diana's head.
This felt WONDERFUL but her feelings were in turmoil, a blissful heat radiated
out from her breasts throughout her body, yet at the same time Wonder Woman was
appalled to be wet-nursing her teenaged sister.
Dru didn't mind a bit, Amazon milk had it's intoxicating properties...her
muffled moans of indulgence sent waves of pleasure dancing throughout her
sister's comely frame.
Wonder Woman squirmed helplessly her womanhood was getting puffy and moist...she
couldn't REALLY be enjoying this...could she?
Unconsciously Diana's hands came down and gently running her fingers through
Dru's thick mane of hair, her sister had always been the prettiest on Paradise
Island the only one who excited Di's nurturing needs...but it COULDN'T be right
to be enjoying their mutual degradation...could it?
Dru on the other hand didn't care a whit about anything except the primal
gratification gained from feeding at her sister's nipple. Her hot pouty lips
enthusiastically slurped away, the very sweet smell of Diana's milk wafted
through Wonder Girl's consciousness bearing away all qualms.
Stimulated to her deepest core, Dru's fingers burrowed their way into her
sister's star-spangled shorts. Recalling the arousal techniques used by the
Princess Diana's own elite handmaidens, Dru rubbed at her sister's engorged
clitoris furiously.
Tears of horror and joy rolled down Wonder Woman's cheeks.
Dru picked up the pace rubbing harder with more confidence.
Diana's mouth took on a comic "O" of sheer surprise, her loins were on fire and
her nipples gushed with LIFE!
"Dru...call Wonder Woman Mommy...tell her you want more" commanded Dr. Psycho
who was in a fair sweat himself by now.
"Mo-mmee Dru wants more milk" dutifully pleaded the teen avenger.
Her mouth came back down on the older amazon's right nipple and began suckling
anew with hedonistic abandon.
Diana sobbed piteously..."Puh-leeze Dr. Psycho end this monstrous scene!"
"Oh lordy...it's only just begun!!!"
Wonder Woman would've pleaded some more but she was interrupted by a nice juicy
orgasm brought her to a sighing moaning climax.
"Yeah Bay-bee" crowed the under-statured mad scientist.
Diana crushed her sister hard to her bosom...Dru's talented mouth went on
feeding sending new waves of hot steaming bliss throughout her big sister's
body. Each insidious orgasm helped demolish Diana's revulsion at her
The well of the U.S. House of Representatives.
"This is nuts" thought Steve "Pyscho's nowhere near here...I'll head back to the
hall of statuary and see what the girl's have come up with".
So resolved, Trevor carefully picked his way though the usual empty gin bottles
that littered the house floor and headed back to the rotunda.
The Hall of Statuary off the Rotunda.
Diana was flat on her back, a lazy smile played across her beautiful features.
Dru was still attached to her sister's breast slurping away at that seemingly
inexhaustible bounty.
Both women sighed in contented unison, by now Wonder Woman could barely remember
why she was in the capital or bound with her own lasso she only knew how good
breastfeeding felt!
Steve had reached the Hall and was vexed to see Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl in
bizarre non-consensual lezbo milk frenzy.
"Geez this again" he thought.
Carefully he dropped to his stomach and crawled over to Psycho's ankles unseen
as the criminal mastermind was occupied getting off on this wack-o scene.
"Keep it simple Trevor" he thought.
Grasping the miscreant's ankles firmly he gave an almighty heave that sent
Psycho tumbling, also relinquishing his hold on the lasso and his mind control
Trevor caught both neatly-the evil Doctor impacted a marble wall with a crunch.
"Steve" wailed the Amazon "My lasso! release it to break the command!!"
The Colonel let the lasso go and pointed the mind-control device at Dr. Psycho
Free of the lasso's compulsion, Wonder Woman's breasts returned to normal and
she took a moment to get them carefully positioned back in her bustier. Dru
however was still under the mind control beams influence and laid on the floor
motionless with eyes wide open.
Wonder Woman recoiled her lasso and took her place at Trevor's side she looked
like she could've incinerated Doctor Psycho at a glance.
"One little problem Angel...I can't make hide nor hair of this gadget how will
we restore the Senate to normality?"
Diana looked down at her lasso..."Oh I think I can convince him to talk...".
She smiled.
The Hall of Statuary.
"Code group 123weds/zx/321/098-=++qza/?//`190.P.O.E.-imput that on the key-pad
and hit enter and the mesmerizing effect is reversed for good-please let me
Psycho was singing like a canary, even if he wasn't bound with the lasso and
hanging by his ankles from the outstretched arms of a statue of Nelson
"you got that?"
"Sure, I'm military intelligence we're good with codes you know".
Diana smiled wanely.
Drucilla was soon re-enveloped with a blaze of light at once the gleam of
intelligence came back to her eyes.
"Wonder Girl are you all right?"
"Sure but what happened?"
"You mean you don't remember being under Psycho's spell?"
"No-but I do feel like I just ate" the teen avenger burped delicately by way of
Wonder Woman turned beet-red again.
"Okay ladies let's get Psycho turned over to the authorities and unzap the
"And as soon as they are returned to normal I'm destroying that device it's much
too dangerous in the hands of anyone!"
"Amen to that Angel"...
Steve however idly entertained himself with all the porn industry applications
possible with Dr. Psycho's mind control device as they headed off to the Senate.
Colonel Steve Trevor's office the Pentagon.
"Where is Drucilla?"
"I sent her home, she's had a long day Colonel".
"That's true enough."
Di and Steve were sprawled in his office fatigued slightly from their too
strenuous day.
"Gosh and I didn't even get a chance to finish up lunch!"
"Do you want me to send out for coffee and sandwiches?"
Diana grimaced "no thank you I've got my lunch RIGHT HERE!"
With a bound the dowdy ADC landed at Trevor's feet, and with a flourish unzipped
his fly.
"Hold it, are you still suffering from Psycho's ray or something?"
"Wha-at? Steve when have you ever refused me?, no mere man can resist an
amazon's lips!!"
"True enough but you could at least lock the damn door first!"
Diana arose abashedly and threw the bolt.
She turned around with a wicked sexy look on her face and advanced on her
"Uh uh uh, I need one more little thing..."
"What's that?"
"Get completely naked for me!"
"Okay you can wear the tiara".
Diana disrobed without second thought...tossing her dowdy uniform around a like
an experienced stripper.
As she undressed she asked quite unselfconsciously:
"Steve WHEN are we getting married?"
"Oh Lord this again" thought Steve.
"Someday when America doesn't need your services anymore Angel".
"But that could take ages" wailed the Amazon mischievously...she was down to her
bustier by now and fiddling with her long skirt.
"Duty comes first Darling".
"Oh to Hades with Duty! Dru can take over for me! I WANT CHILDREN!"
"Oh sure she can take over, like she did this afternoon?"
Wonder Woman was momentarily taken aback.
"Okay so need to do more training with her, we'll start this weekend..."
"The hell you will, we're going horseback riding this weekend!"
"Oh right..." by now Wonder Woman was charmingly denuded save for her royal
She took a step toward's her fiancee' smiling confidently.
"EXCUSE ME YEOMAN!-but aren't you forgetting something??"
"Whoops sorry SIR!"
Wonder Woman rosily naked pink and perfect, snapped to attention, threw her
shoulders back (which had the effect of thrusting her torpedo-like breasts
She threw Steve a sharp salute and barked "Request permission to fellate the
Commanding Officer SIR!?"
"Permission granted Yeoman...just do your thing first..."
Accordingly Wonder Woman put on a look of shocked amazement and tried without
much success to cover her breasts with one arm while cupping her pubes with the
She crowned this sexy tableaux with a slight horrified crouch and a wild look
around the room as if taken by surprise...caught naked.
"I love the way you do that"
"It's the amazon training" Diana smiled.
Gently almost worshipfully, she kneeled down and pulled Steve's cock from out of
his pants. She submissively buried her face in his hot balls savoring that
supremely masculine smell.
Wonder Woman licked them lightly, swirling her tongue around their perfection.
Trevor spread his legs leaning back against the sofa.
A look of pure bliss washed over his handsome features.
Carefully Wonder Woman sucked one ball at a time into her mouth, swirling her
tongue around those masculine orbs in worship.
Trevor took a long shuddering breath...
Wonder Woman took his cockhead into her hot little mouth and swirled her
talented tongue around it with abandon.
Steve strained to push his manhood in deeper.
She took in more of him focusing her efforts on the tender spot between the head
and the shaft.
Now she brought her whole mouth down hard on Steve's cock slurping away with
His cockhead felt like a velvet hammer in the mouth of the beauteous amazon
As it turns out demure sweet Batgirl had once taught Wonder Woman how to deep
throat a banana, by breathing through her nose and relaxing up her throat
Now the whole technique came easily for Wonder Woman who took primal joy in
burying Steve's meatstick in her gullet.
Diana wrapped her tongue around Steve's cock, teasing him inside her hot mouth.
Wonder Woman started sucking hard-very hard. Trevor twined his hands through her
lustrous mane and began fucking the Amazon's face. In turn she sucked ever more
loudly and moaned loudly as his cock slipped down her throat.
Steve's thighs tensed as his strokes quickened.
He held the Amazon's head in place to receive his urgent thrusts. Suddenly
Steve's cock felt huge in Wonder Woman's mouth. Pounding ever deeper into her
throat, Diana urged him on with a orgiastic display of moans all sending potent
vibrations dancing up his manhood.
Finally his cock began to twitch as Steve gasped involuntarily. Delicious and
seemingly endless draughts of hot cum spewed into Wonder Woman's mouth, but as
she was a heroine she swallowed every drop with a merry smile.
"Ah lunch so nutritious and free as well!"
Steve began closing his pants up "Like I said before you are a..."
Steve looked around terror stricken but Diana was already gone where he didn't
Quickly he hastened forward and opened the door.
"Well anyway, the President just wanted to personally congratulate you on
resolving that mess at the capital so quickly".
"Really sir Wonder Woman did all the work".
" She's a credit to our nation!"
"She's a treasure all right...."
As if on cue the door to the secure vault flew open, and out stepped Diana
Prince uniform ever so slightly askew with a dot of grease on the end of her
perky little nose.
"Colonel Trevor SIR-I've fixed the shredder and disposed of all the documents
marked for destruction!" she said proudly.
"Um thank you Yeoman...carry on"
"YES SIR!" Diana spun on her too-sensible heels caught the toe of her shoe in
just the right spot to fall flat on her face without another word.
"Good Grief Yeoman are you all right?" the two officers helped the dowdy ADC to
her feet.
"Fine-fine...new shoes sir-ah-SIRS but don't worry I'll march in 'em ALL WEEKEND
to break them in if I have to!!!"
"No-no need Yeoman, just be careful next time".
"YES SIR-Careful sir!"
Diana departed exuding the very breath of sexless military efficiency.
"Yes General".
"Don't you think you deserve a well... prettier secretary?"
"Sir, in all honesty I don't think the U.S.A. could survive without Yeoman Diana
Prince...I wouldn't change a thing about her!"
"Suite yourself, listen Steve, I've got to meet my dominatrix out in Arlington,
could you decode and reclassify these secure cables?"
Trevor looked ruefully at the thick pile, it was at least two and a half hours
Perfect end to a perfect day.
"General I'd LOVE to!"
"quittin' time!" sang Yeoman Prince she grabbed her coat and stuck her head in
Steve's office..."Sir all work and no play..."
"Makes Jack the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and a dark horse candidate for
President in four years" finished Trevor.
"Si Senorita Muy Fantastica"
"WELL...I guess I'll see-you-later" Diana gave her heart-throb a wink.
Steve stared back...nothing more needed to be said.
time was a-wasting thought Diana, and this HAD to be the WORST time for her
Mother to call!!!
"No-Mother I'm eating plenty of vegetables!
"No-Mother Steve hasn't proposed yet...YES I know we can have the reception on
Transformation Island...look don't price out the caterers yet.
"Wha-at? HE"S A WONDERFUL MAN! No he's not a homosexual, just dedicated! Hell
I'm dedicated!"
"YES I realize you want grand-daughters...I wish you had some as well-look MOM
maybe I get fix Dru up with a nice drunken sailor WOULD THAT HOLD YOU OVER TIL
"Sorry Mom...it's been a long day I shouldn't shout I know".
"Dru is fine she had a busy day today YES I'll talk to her about those indecent
skirts she's wearing - and that cheap perfume yes..."
"Um Mom, if you are on Paradise Island just how the hell did you get my
A converted farmhouse in suburban Maryland.
Steve trudged up his walk bone-tired...he bought the old farmhouse as a
fixer-upper with the proceeds of a small inheritance.
He rationalized the purchase as a necessity when one is dating a celebrated
amazon super heroine.
Right now though all he wanted was a quick supper a beer and peace....
None of which he was gonna get as the light was on in the kitchen giving every
indication an unwanted intruder was underfoot.
Silently he eased his snubnosed 32 caliber revolver out of it's concealed
holster and quietly headed for the kitchen.
Easing himself inside he was greeted by an amazing sight, Wonder Woman his angel
the guardian of democracy was charmingly clad in a ridiculously frilly apron
covering her costume intent on kneading some dough.
When she saw Trevor she lapsed momentarily into her "bullets and bracelets"
stance-and smiled.
"Is this your idea of foreplay after I've been working over a hot stove all this
Trevor blushed and stowed his piece.
"What are you making?"
"We could just order some from Kazzy's...they do deliver!"
NEVER! I'm a warrior, I'm a scholar, I'm an ambassador of peace and Tonight I'll
prove to you WONDER WOMAN CAN COOK!!!"
"Ummm let me help you" Steve doffed his jacket his mind awhirl with
culinary-deficient amazon catastrophes.
"Oh Steve, you hapless chauvinist, I think I can handle a simple pizza, now why
don't you go relax in the den and I'll bring you your martini and newspaper?"
Diana grinned...she had this whole homebody thing aced!!
"Oh Lord, she's in full domestic goddess mode tonight, It'll be the end of me
for sure" though Steve as he adjourned to the den per request.
The Dining Room
"I take it back, this was great!"
Steve punctuated this pronouncement by loosening his belt a hole.
"Thank you, more wine milord?"
I suppose"
Diana poured a generous slug, Steve stood up and started clearing the table.
"Oh Steve I can handle..."
The handsome pilot silenced his paramour with one look, Wonder Woman subsided
and even managed a slightly comical penitent look.
Trevor triumphantly loaded the dishwasher-it was still HIS HOUSE by God!!
The Den
Steve lay on the floor, Wonder Woman was saucily perched on top of him...the
wine was making her ever so slightly giggly.
"Just think this could be every night if only you'd pop the question?"
"Your mother called tonight didn't she?"
The Pilot grasped both her wrists firmly and with a gentle tug brought her lips
down to his, a sweet familiar kiss followed.
"I'm not gonna have to tie you up or anything am I?"
"Not unless Dr. Pyscho has been giving you ideas otherwise I'm all yours!"
She reached back and with a deft well-practiced move, unzipped her costume. One
delightful shimmy later and Wonder Woman was once again proudly and pinkly naked
save for her tiara and boots.
Steve smiled..."what are you-a cowboy?" he motioned towards her boots.
"Whoops sorry!"
Diana struck one leg out and slowly unzipped her red boots, she peeled the
footwear off revealing garishly red toenails and surprisingly tiny feet.
"Did I mention the guy who captured Dru today was a foot fetishist?"
Wonder Woman flexed her toes oh-so suggestively by way of punctuation.
"Lucky guy".
The amazon princess giggled and reached down unbuckling Steve's belt and yanking
his pants down to his ankles.
"There's my old friend..." she breathed in wonderment.
Diana abruptly toppled off Steve and laid down beside him solicitously tucking a
throw pillow under his head. She also put a pillow underneath the small of her
Confidently Wonder Woman seized Trevor's hand and guided it towards her
completely bald womanhood, her cleft pink and exposed to the world already
glistened with the moisture of pure lust.
C'mon tell me what it FEELS like?" gasped the aroused amazon.
"Mmmm feels like heaven-if paradise was hot-n-slick".
The three most talented of Steve's finger's plunged into Diana's sopping nook
bouncing up and down in a tight exciting rhythm.
Wonder Woman leaned back and took a long shuddering breath. "What am I?" she
A delicate roll brought her lips up to Trevor's nearest ear.
"I'm a bad-girl" she moaned.
"Say it?"
"You're a bad girl" whispered Trevor whose fingers continually lashed at her
Diana nibbled at Steve's ear whilst her hand gripped his substantial penis
Ever an expert in these matters Wonder Woman gave his dick a trio of hard hot
yanks making that splendid organ visibly pulse with power.
Trevor dropped his head and gave his paramour's left nipple a good hard bite,
the aureole was stiff and hard.
The amazon threw her head back gave a happy little yelp.
Up came his head to press a long deep kiss on the Princess.
His fingers had done their job though, Wonder Woman peeped and wailed through a
brief orgasm.
He switched over to manhandling Diana's considerable tits....she ran her fingers
through her own hair in sheer erotic glee "Steve is just THE BEST" she thought.
Trevor laid off her boobs and suddenly gripped Wonder Woman's buttocks flipping
her over on her back.
Confidently he straddled her thighs, his dick a full attention now.
Diana once again gripped his manhood and guided it ever so carefully into her
own love cavern.
She ground herself wantonly against his body dragging her fingers up and down
his back..."rela-aax" she whispered to all present.
It was like ten thousand warm slippery fingers had wrapped themselves around
Steve's joint! The squeezing was PERFECT, but then it always felt this way.
Wonder Woman undulated her torso in perfect sync, slowly working up and down
grunting sweetly. With acrobatic grace she wrapped her legs around Trevor and
contracted her pussy-hard.
"FUCK ME DEEPER!" she choked.
Steve fairly plunged his rod in and out of that tightest of twats. Wonder Woman
was whimpering and groaning her breath coming in huge gulps.
Up and down Trevor bounced...she was pumping her hips up and down like she was
getting electric shocks from her back pillow. There stomachs slid against each
other and made squishing sounds.
Steve's dick couldn't be harder and couldn't wait much longer for that fact.
Their stomachs whapped together like applause at a concert.
"Ohhh that's it more-MORE GREAT HERA-I'M A BAD GIRL!!!"
Trevor and Diana's bodies blurred together...suddenly she gripped his
shoulders...her eyes rolled back into her head and her breath expelled hotly.
Wonder Woman's body arched off the bed as she moaned "I'mCumminnnnggg!"
Which is when Steve gave up the ghost his dick exploding like a blockbuster
inside the warm perfect cunt.
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor -for one perfect moment were fused together in
eternity. They locked, held and fell back in complete exhaustion.
Diana melodramatically threw a forearm across her forehead.
The both lay there breathing...
"How was it?"
"It was okay..."
Steve smiled at the ceiling.
Instantly rejuvenated Diana sprang to her feet a grin played on her features...
Arms crossed under that stupendous bosom, and with hair sweatily askew she
"Just for that Steve I'm-I'm gonna cook clean and keep house all weekend! I'm
gonna mince around in an apron til you are sick of the sight!!"
"Um okay as long as you keep Mr. Happy polished!"
She threw a pillow at him.
"Steve where is my costume?"
Diana padded out of the bathroom having just taken a shower. She had a towel
wrapped tightly around herself and her hair contained in a beehive turban-towel.
"It's lying on the bed!" he called from the living room.
Diana shucked off the towel and started the process of squeezing into her satin
tights, for some reason it was always difficult after really satisfying sex.
And as usual getting that damn zipper up was a chore!
Steve walked up behind her, "Lift your hair up" he commanded.
Obediently Diana liftted up that ebony mass, Steve then zipped the satin bustier
Wonder Woman turned around and planted an affectionate kiss on his cheek,
"Success!! He can be taught!" she japed.
Steve only replied, "Siddown and stick your foot out, I'll do your boots".
"WELL I'm getting the royal treatment tonight I see".
Steve mumbled good naturedly about "pushy amazon royalty".
Positioning himself behind the outstretched foot, Trevor looked longingly at
Diana's perfectly shaped foot.
Carelessly he ran his fingers lightly down he soft wrinkled sole.
"Bwah-Ha-HAH!" Ste-eve sto-op I'M TICKLISH!"
JUST LIKE YOUR SISTER I KNEW IT!" thundered the pilot.
"This-little-piggy went to market"s sang Trevor as his fingers danced over
Wonder Woman's exposed and vulnerable toes.
"No-NO-NO-OOOO BWAHhahahahaha! stop please" howled the helpless heroine who
threw herself back on the bed and writhed with sensual glee at this unexpected
Emboldened, Trevor locked both ankles together with his forearms and tickled
both feet remorselessly. Diana was bouncing on the bed howling with lunatic
"St-st-st-o-op! puhlease-,gasp> whahahahahaha! I'LL TALK!! YOU'RE MY MASTER
OWNER...WH-AHAHATEVER Make me write bad checks just please stop!"
"I cook tomorrow night!"
"Hahaha ye-es!"
"Your wear the apron!"
"And nothing else!"
"Okay, I'm done", being chivalrous man, Steve released Diana's feet and zipped
on her high heeled boots while the mighty amazon made a quick check of her
mascara with her compact.
"Steve you devil, don't you dare tell anyone how ticklish I am" reproved the
"Believe me I'm the only one on earth who can make GOOD use of it".
Diana softened a bit, she took a step forward and whispered in his ear, "I'll be
back by midnight I just have to check in with J.L.A. headquarters in NYC.
"Wake me whatever time you get in..."
She kissed him and spun around making for the door, any more time at Steve's
place and she'd forget her responsibilities for sure.
9:30pm Justice Ladies of America Headquarters, Harriman's Island the Hudson
River New York.
Down in the Ready Room sat perky Mary Marvel, she was barefoot with one
impossibly long leg lying provocatively across the lap of her best friend
"Okay Mary, next question, who was the 1904 Democratic nominee for President?
"Oh I know this one...ah um William Jennings Bryan!" said the brunette heroine
"WRONG!! It was Alton B. Parker!" Supergirl promptly dug her fingers into Mary's
long soft soles.
"WHAHAH-HA! Kara Please!! No More Trick Questions!!! Hahahahaha-aa!"
Supergirl grinned she LOVED prepping Mary for her history tests!
Mary Marvel giggled insanely from the assault.
"Great Hera WHAT are you two doing??"
"Hi-Diana, I'm helping Mary study!"
"Try the carrot and not the...feather"
Both heroines tittered.
"I just don't get those two, one day it's all boy friends and prom-dresses the
next the can't keep their hands off each other?"
I KNOW" commiserated Batgirl, "these heroines today!"
Batgirl was up in the J.L.A. communications center mulling over a complex
algorithm designed to improve the processing time of their computer complex.
Wonder Woman lounged nearby there was no pressing business at the moment.
"And whats with the tickling?"
"Oh your sister came through earlier-she told them about her run-in with the
S.L.A.-it gave Kara ideas I think".
"so how was your day?"
"Oh fine, the Joker busted out of Arkham and was giving away balloons filled
with nerve gas on the playgrounds. Batman Robin and I brought him down with a
three-way tackle."
"Good work!"
"And you?"
"Oh the usual in DC, fascists, marxists, and Dr. Psycho".
"How is Steve?"
"Shades of Pluto I think he gets even more impossibly handsome every day!"
gushed Diana.
"Oh did you hear? Black Canary is gonna have a baby?"
Supergirl had by now entered, "We gotta throw her a baby-shower!" bubbled the
Girl of Steel.
"Can you get Kal-El to keep Green Arrow occupied for a few hours?"
"Sure, he can fly Ollie up to the fortress-Kal has the world's largest
cable/satellite tv hook-up there!"
"Wall sized?"
"No, Mountain sized!"
All three heroine's laughed, MEN were so peculiar!
"We'll have the shower here, Kara you are in charge of invitations, I'll handle
refreshments...Batgirl you keep an eye on Dinah!"
Just then, the Trouble-alert's klaxon sounded.
The three heroines were quickly joined by Mary Marvel, Zatanna, and Wonder Girl.
Diana studied the print-out intently-she turned to the assembled heroinage.
"Ladies, Brainiac has taken over the computer systems at NORAD headquarters in
Wyoming. He's gonna fire all the missiles at one and touch off a nuclear winter
to punish Superman for thwarting all his schemes".
"Well Superman's off-planet and in 20 minutes the world comes to end-are you
ladies up to stopping it?"
YES MA'AM!!" came a determined feminine chorus.
"Alright then, we pierce his force field, take out his computer link and put
Brainiac out of commission at last-hows that sound?"
"Let's go girls!"
12:30am Saturday Morning
Steve Trevor's bedroom in Suburban Maryland.
Diana TRIED to sneak in quietly, after all Steve was asleep though clearly he
had been reading in bed.
But all her stealth came to naught as the pilot awoke while Wonder Woman was
wrestling with her back zipper.
"Angel, you should've awoken me."
"Yeah I know...you looked tired..."
"Here let me help with that" Steve slid out of bed and reach around in back of
Diana to unzip her bustier.
Wonder Woman slipped out of her costume and doffed her tiara, stowing them in a
hidden space inside Steve's closet.
Naked she turned back to him...Trevor could tell she looked run down.
From a gentle push to her tummy she sat down on the bed wordlessly she stuck out
her boots...She REALLY was tired!
Steve pulled both of them off and then reached into the lowest drawer in his
dresser and removed a blue-baby doll nightgown.
Di long ago kept a few essentials at Steve's it seemed like the proper thing to
do after all.
Wordlessly she put on her pajamas and fairly collapsed on the bed.
Steve climbed in the other side and turned off the light.
Quietly the mighty amazon worked her way over so that her head rest comfortably
on Steve's chest.
She sighed "Home at last" she thought.
"So what happened tonight?"
"Brainiac tried to set off World War Three".
"I take it you ladies stopped him."
"Oh yes Steve I tell you I'll match those women against Intergang, The 100 and
the Legion of Doom COMBINED! Our teamwork was impeccable tonight!"
"Well they have good leadership..."
"Mmmmm whatever...Kara DELIBERATELY let herself get caught in a kryptonite cage
to distract Brainiac while the rest of us busted into his ship."
"She's okay right?"
"Oh fine, Mary summoned her magic lightning to rupture Brainiac's force field
and then we were inside in full mayhem mode".
"Mary takes too many risks..."
"She's dedicated, like SOMEONE I know..."
Steve smiled in the dark.
"I think Brainiac is queer for Supergirl".
"I'm just glad it's not me, I got my hands full with a certain Colonel in the
Air Force!"
"Don't forget Horseback riding tomorrow...we'll ride cavalry style up the ridge
and you can tell me the whole story in detail".
"I'll pack a picnic lunch"
"You will?"
"Hey I'm Wonder Woman, I can do anything."
The End


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