Acting Award: A Kate Winslet Story
by Sapphire of Deep Domain

It was the ninety fifth day of full unit filming on Titanic, all the
internal action shots on the undamaged ship set had been completed
successfully and the next phase was to rig the set for the water and
damage post Iceberg scenes. The cast and crew had been so knocked
out by the decor of Titanic that they begged James Cameron to let
them take advantage of the sumptuous setting by having a unit party
before the sets were destroyed.

The normally stern director was happy to let the group blow off
steam on the set and was even keen to give his team something of a
bonus. The only thing he said was that it had to be a full costume
affair for cast and crew, to keep in context with the set. Everyone
loved the idea and as the crew picked out suitable extra costumes
the principle actors selected their favorite clothes for the final
ball on the Titanic

Cameron had spared no expense for the party, hell with his budget
who would notice, he had brought in caterers to deal with all the
food and drinks needs for the over 350 people who would be at the
party and had opened all the stateroom and public areas of the
massive ship set. He was wandering around the stage crossing between
ballroom and main stairs wondering how he would have felt to really
be on the ship during its maiden voyage, hell he could have afforded
to buy the whole White Star Line if he wanted to, as it was he would
have this film to be his marker for immortality.

The party started at eight p.m. but many of the principle actors did
not arrive until closer to nine thirty when the party was in full
swing in the ball room and outlying set areas. Kate Winslet appeared
at ten o’clock wearing the ball gown from her main dining room and
wild Irish dancing scenes. She looked beautiful in the evening gown
that clung to her shapely body like a second skin. The light brown
underskirt being of the softest silk was able to flow and move
seductively as she danced while the crystals on the near transparent
dark brown overslip caught and reflected the lights and turned Kate
once again into the ‘Brightest star of the ball’ .

The cast and crew had plenty to drink and the party was going really
well with the whole group mixing in. Kate had danced with Leo, James
and Billy and was in constant demand from all the men in the room as
well as from some of the women. Kate had danced until she was
beginning to feel her head start to spin and needed to leave the
main room for some quieter cooler space. It was about two a.m. as
She wandered around the main sound stage crossing into different
sets: libraries, staterooms and corridors. In one cabin, she had to
hurriedly leave as a man and a woman were removing each others
costume on the bed as fast as possible and clearly shouldn't be
disturbed. She finally found what she was looking for with the
gymnasium set, she loved all the wood of the exercise machines and
wanted to have a small try out on the rowing machine.

The Gym set was lit only from the outside as it had no lights of its
own and was full of shadows. As she closed the door behind her and
made her way over to the rowing machine, which it was picked out in
a shaft of light, she heard some rustling and gentle giggling coming
from one darkened corner.

“Whose there,” Kate called out hoping that she hadn't interrupted
another tryst. “Only us,” came the reply from three female voices as
the women emerged from where they had been sitting in the darkness.

“It got way too hot for us in there and we needed to chill out” said
the taller of the women who stood nearly a head taller than Winslet.

Kate didn't’t recognize the women but all three were costumed and no
one could know everyone on set. She relaxed feeling safer being with
women than she would have done with men. “I came in to try the
Rowing machine,” she said “Oh, If I’m not disturbing you that is.”

“No problem for us,” came the reply as the women walked up to Kate,
who was now standing by the machine, I fact we would love to have a
work out as well.

“OK, me first then,” said Kate and hopped onto the seat of the rowing
machine after taking off her long white evening gloves. As Kate
started to row she needed to kick off her high heeled shoes leaving
her slim feet only covered with a thin film of nylon. She was
rolling forward and back on the rowing seat oblivious to how her
dress was rising up, first over her knees and than moving to mid
thigh. She was so caught up in the rowing that she didn't’t hear the
women whisper amongst them selves as they watched Kate’s full
breasts, constrained by the tight bodice, ripple in time with her
rowing action. The women had been at the party all night and had
been casting envious glances at the men dancing with Kate, now at
last the flower of the ball had fallen straight into their hands and
had to be plucked.

Kate suddenly felt her arms grasped as she was pulled back out of
the rowing seat. “HEY, what the hell are you doin...” yelled Kate
Just before her mouth was filled with a gag made from her own gloves
preventing her making any more sounds apart from “MMM arrh hhuh”
through the gag. Kate was thrashing around on the tiled floor of the
gym struggling with the women. All their dresses were disarrayed and
in the shadows it was impossible to make out individuals as the
women became entangled in a forest of long dark hair, scissoring
nylon covered legs and struggling arms.

The unequal fight did not last long and Kate was rapidly subdued and
pinned to the floor by the three women, One woman held Kate’s legs
together and down while the other held Winslet’s long willowy arms
stretched out on the floor above the stars head. Kate had tried to
scream out during the fight and was now pleading with the women not
to hurt her and let her go, but the gag effectively stopped all

The third woman had gone back over to the darkened corner when Kate
had been overpowered and now she returned with a mask and a small
metal cylinder. The tallest woman, holding Winslet’s arms, said “OK
we’ve got her now but we’d better be quick, someone could be along
any minute. Give her the nitrous oxide Jane, it should hold her
while we prepare”.

Although Kate shook her head from side to side as the woman called
Jane tried to put the mask over her face on she couldn’t stop her
and eventually the mask was on and Kate caught her first whiff of
laughing gas. She tried not to breath any of the gas in but she
could feel herself becoming disorientated at the same time as she
heard herself giggling through the gag, despite of her dire
predicament. After a few seconds of struggles Winslet’s giggles
subsided as Jane increased the flow causing the actress to loose

The women stood up and looked down at the peaceful Winslet as they
made their plans to give their victim her promised work out. The
costumes they had on had several petticoats and they quickly tore
them up into effective ropes . They turned Kate onto her stomach and
undid the back of her bodice before turning her on her back again
to slip the gown down from her shoulder to expose her sweet pert
breasts. Laying her down they then stretched her arms out above her
head and tied them to an anchored fireplace. The beautiful evening
dress skirt was rucked up to her waist revealing her small black
silky panties and shimmery black stockings. Winslet’s panties were
eased down her legs bearing her reddish brown pubic hair present as
delicate boarder on each side of her smooth pink labia. The women
left Kate’s stockings on but spread her legs wide and tied her
ankles to the rowing machine.

The women looked down at Kate, now totally exposed to them and
vulnerable to their every desire, they smiled to themselves it was
going to be a fantastic evening. Kate slowly returned to
consciousness and although she was still gagged she let out a scream
as she realized how she had been displayed. The woman called Jane
was caressing Kate’s breasts using a feather, every move of the
feather across her sensitive nipples causing a pleasant tickling
sensation in her mind as well as a deep spasm in her vagina. “Don’t
worry my sweet” whispered the tall woman in Kate’s ear. “I promise we
are not gong to hurt you and if you relax you will enjoy it as much
as we will. We want to have a chance to give you a beautiful orgasm
so lie back and enjoy”.

Kate shook her head to say NO but the women were not to be denied
and started to work on the exposed body of the young English star.
The feather in Jane’s hand became a subtle and dangerous weapon as
it moved between flicking Kate’s sensitive nipples to caressing the
pyramids of her breasts while teasing around her aureoles. The
concentration of the tickling around her breasts was making the