"Lay down on the bed, I'll fix us some drinks and be right back," whispered Alistair into Elsa's ear. He then moved from the spacious bedroom into the living room to make them both something to pass the evening more smoothly. This man, Alistair Kodroff, was very interested in what was waiting for him in the bedroom. She had a lot of explaining to do.

Since the evening began, she was all over him like a leech. He was throwing a big bash at his palatial estate for one of his political buddies. No one else knew, but the party was also a cover for a weapons deal of his that was going down. She had introduced herself at the very start of the party as a reporter looking to do a big story on his empire. She followed him around the entire night and he entertained her advances and why not? He figured that this 6-foot blonde bombshell in a tiny black dress and stockings was looking for a big break and would do anything to get it. It was no surprise to him when this beautiful woman asked if she could "have a word" with him after the party was over.

However, Alistair didn't get his status by not being cautious. He had one of his men run a check on her, this Elsa Harding, and discovered that there was a reporter named Elsa Harding, but that she was on a top secret report for another magazine on the other side of the world. Also, that the real Elsa was 5'4, red headed, and Japanese. The woman that had been coming on to Alistair all evening was not Elsa Harding. She was a plant, and he was going to find out who sent her.

While Alistair was in the living room planning his little surprise for her, Elsa (whose real name was Felecia Reynolds) began getting ready for her little surprise. In her mind, she had been very convincing playing the role of Elsa Harding, and was going to finish her little seduction and get Alistair for all the information he could supply. She took off her little black dressed and laid down on the bed in just her bra, panties, and a pair of black silk stockings. She then took her gun from her purse and put it behind a pillow on the bed. When things started getting hot, she was going to pull her out gun and begin the questioning. She and her government knew that he was selling weapons, and she was going to find out whom he was selling to.

As soon as she placed the gun behind her pillow, Alistair entered the room with two glasses of champagne. He placed them on the table and passionately kissed her on the lips. The kiss felt odd to her, like there was something on his lips....Plastic? "Sorry," he said at the conclusion of the kiss, "but you look so beautiful I just couldn't wait." "Tha ha ha's okay," she replied. After that, she clutched her stomach and broke out into fits of laughter. Alistair sat down on the bed and watched for a moment this gorgeous woman helpless to keep from giggling. The sight was delicious. "My dear, are you all right," Alistair said as he peeled off a waxy substance from his lips. "Wha ha hat is tha ha hat stuff?" she tried to get out despite the uncontrollable urge to keep right on laughing. "Why, it's just a little bit of giggle juice. Something my lab boys cooked up. Absorbs directly into the skin, works instantly. But you've picked up that much already. Now let's have a little chat." He reached around to have a sip of his champagne, which gave her somewhat of a chance to make her move. She reached for her gun and pointed it at him. "*giggle* Don't move, " she laughed out, "Now (he he) let's have that little chat." Watching her pull that gun made him chuck to himself a little. This woman, completely overcome by fits of laughter, trying to hold a gun and point it at him. But that wasn't the only funny thing. "Do you realize the safety is still on, Happy?" he asked. She looked at the revolver in her hand and giggled even louder. "(ha ha ha) Shit," she replied, " I don't even have ( tee he he) the strength to pull it back, I'm too weak from giggling." He then slapped the gun out of her hand and began questioning her. "Alright, my dear, you're going to tell me everything I want to know," he said to the woman, who had now collapsed upon the bed in a ball of laughter. "(he he) Alright, want to you want to know (ha ha ha). I can tell you anything (heh heh heh)," she replied. The juice had made her so silly that she told Alistair her whole story. It was kind of like a truth serum. She was completely helpless to tell the absolute truth about anything he questioned her about. She told Alistair everything about whom she was working for and what they wanted from him. With this information, he planned to make sure they never bothered him again.

The next day, he personally drove his captive spy to her government's headquarters, still giggly from another dose of his laughing juice. He instructed her to run some errands for him inside. She, still under the influence, couldn't resist his suggestions. She got out of the car and entered the building. Alistair drove off, confident in his final glorious victory. He only wished he could see it unfold.

A very giggly Felecia Reynolds walked into her superior's office. Her superior was a stunning 6'2 redhead with a fabulous body. She was a little confused as to why her best spy was coming into her office complete drunk, or at least appeared to be that way. "I ha ha have failed my mission ma'am," said Felecia, "Alistair saw through my disguise and forced me to tell him everything about us. He has a message for you, though." The superior, disappointed in Felecia's failure asked, "And what is the message this bastard has to offer?" Felecia giggled softly to herself, and gave her superior a big kiss on the lips. She then pulled off the giggle serum tainted plastic on her lips and said, "if you ever come after him again he's going to kill you and you're whole organization." They both then had a huge forced laugh about the whole affair. It continued for a few hours until the serum wore off. The organization was completely disgraced by the whole incident. They were forced to discontinue all missions regarding Alistair Kodroff. Felecia was fired from the organization, but vowed to get back at Alistair for destroying her career and humiliating her. Maybe someday she'll return to exact her revenge.