Angela in Trouble ?


Debra checked to make sure she had all of her equipment in place and
smiled with a wicked leer. For months, her co-worker Angela had been
dropping some rather obvious hints about being helplessly tickled
and tonight Debra was going to grant her that wish. Only Debra was
going to take Angela to erotic heights that she could never have

The doorbell rang and Debra put on her sexiest smile and went to let
her victim in. Debra towered over the short, 5’ tall blonde and her
full figure was easily twice the size of Angela’s firm 36B’s. The
blonde’s bright smile only added to the redhead’s wicked thoughts as
the poor girl had no idea what she was in for !

"Do come in Angela !" she said brightly. "You sit down right here
and I’ll get you a glass of wine before dinner."

Angela smiled in anticipation; quite willing to submit to whatever
deviltry her gorgeous co-worker had in mind. She fidgeted on the
couch while Debra made clinking noises in the kitchen. She eyed the
tasteful appointments in an effort to distract herself, but couldn’t
keep the butterflies in her tummy from flying around.

Debra returned with a tall glass of wine and said "Now you just
relax while I get dinner ready. I’ll be back in just a few !"

She left the room with a smirk on her face thinking "… that
aphrodisiac in the wine will have that little number so horny she
wont know what to do !".

With an exceptionally wicked leer, Debra peeked around the corner
into the living room as she flicked a switch on a small remote
control. Beneath the couch, a remotely operated valve on a large
canister of laughing gas clicked open. The soft shufffing noise the
gas made as it escaped went unnoticed by the blonde who nervously
crossed and uncrossed her legs.

"Tee heeeheheheeee !!!" Angela tittered as she began to feel a
little light-headed. "Must be heheheeeeee the wine !" she thought as
her giggling increased. Before long she was laughing out loud quite
freely and her nipples began to stiffen at an alarming rate !

Debra made sure that Angela was quite thoroughly gassed before she
turned off the switch to the tank. Gales of roaring laughter could
be heard from the living room and she knew it was time for the fun
to begin !

"Goodness, what’s so funny ?" Debra asked as she returned to the

Angela could only laugh and giggle as she waved her hand feebly at
the redhead.

"Well something must be tickling you to get you laughing that much
!" Debra said coyly. She sat down next to Angela on the couch and
began to tease her. "You’re such a giggly widdle thing !" said Debra
as she wriggled her long nails up and down Angela’s ribs !

Angela exploded with laughter as Debra tickled and tickled her thin
frame. Within minutes she was quite helpless and could no longer bat
her hands at Debra’s tickling fingers. That was when Debra began to
unbutton her blouse.

"Maybe these widdle clothes are what’s tickling you huh ? We better
just get rid of them!" Angela was too far gone in laughter to stop
the domineering redhead from unbuttoning her blouse and peeling it
from her body ! With more bare skin to tickle, Debra soon had Angela
writhing quite helplessly on the couch. She plucked off the smaller
woman’s sneakers and peeled off her white socks; revealing a pair of
very soft and very ticklish bare feet !

Angela started laughing maniacally when Debra’s long nails began
tickling her tender wrinkled soles ! She was horribly ticklish on
the best of days but pumped full of giggle-gas and with a strong
aphrodisiac coursing through her system, she was reduced to a
completely helpless lump of tender, ticklish female !

With ease, Debra unbuckled Angela’s belt, unsnapped and unzipped her
jeans, and stripped the hysterical woman down to just bra and
panties. These too did not last long and within moments, Debra had
stripped her blonde friend completely nude !

Angela’s libido was a hot, raging thing by this time ! Her nipples
were almost painful in their stiffness and she could feel the
moistness of her bald mound as she laughed herself into a high state
of erotic arousal.

It was then that Debra reached under the couch and retrieved the
mask that was connected to the tank. She slipped it over Angela’s
face, securely tightened it there, and cranked open the valve.
Angela tried in vain to pull the mask away, but Debra easily held
her spaghetti-limp arms above her head and viciously tickled her
well defined ribs !

Angela howled hysterically and sucked in great amounts of the gas
with every torturous breath ! Before long, she was at that stage
where a few more draughts of gas would render her unconscious !

Debra knew just when to turn off the gas and nuzzled up to whisper
into Angela’s ear. "That feels so good doesn’t it Angela ? So
relaxing. The more you listen to my voice, the more relaxed you’ll
become. And the more you laugh, the hornier you’ll become. Just
listen to my voice and relax, and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Debra was an experienced hypnotist and right now she had the perfect
subject laying before her. Angela’s mind was at that foggy, almost
dreamlike stage and was an open book to the scheming redhead.

"So relaxing, the more you hear my voice, the more relaxed you’ll
become. I am your Mistress and you are my little tickle-toy, aren’t
you Angela ?"

Through her laughter, Angela nodded her head up and down.

"That’s my good widdle girl ! Mummy will make Angela happier than
she’s ever been before, won’t she ?" Again Angela nodded her

Debra began to seductively rub Angela’s sopping bald mound as she
delivered her next order. "And when Mummy tells you ‘you’re my sweet
widdle girl’ you’ll instantly have an orgasm that will leave you
breathless, now won’t you ?"

Rubbing her clit faster and faster, Debra pushed Angela over the
edge and a delicious orgasm began to shake her small body !

"That’s my sweet widdle girl !" and Angela writhed faster and faster
in a lewd dance of intense arousal. With each spasm, she pumped
forth the juices of her lust until Debra’s hand was quite thoroughly

Debra worked the small blonde over until she was a sweaty, exhausted
mess ! Still giggling and jerking in the throes of one orgasm after

"It’s time for dinner now dear !" Debra said softly. "Now go over
and lie face down on the table for me !"

Mindlessly, Angela stood on quaking legs and stumbled over to the
large table where she laid down on her tummy and awaited her

Debra retrieved her bag of toys and quickly bound Angela’s wrists
and ankles to the four corners of the table. As Angela was such a
short woman, her legs and arms were stretched wide open by the
domineering redhead. She reached into her bag and brought forth a
vibrating egg with a remote and a long cord. Lubricating it just so,
she slipped it inside Angela’s hairless mound and received a gasp of
pleasure from the helpless woman. Next, a much smaller egg was
retrieved and after it too was lubed, she inserted it into Angela
from behind. Lewdly, she wriggled her cute butt as she felt the
pleasure rush through her nervous system !

"You’ve been neglecting those pretty feet I see !" Debra crowed.
"I’m afraid you’re in need of a long overdue pedicure !" From her
bag she pulled a pumice stone and a sandpaper file and pulled a
chair up next to Angela’s wrinkled, upturned soles !

Angela exploded with hearty, helpless laughter the second that Debra
started to sand her already tender bare feet ! Just at the height of
that laughter, Debra triggered the remote for the smaller egg and
set it to vibrating within Angela’s backside ! Here eyes flew wide
open as she laughed as wave after wave of incredibly delicious
pleasure washed through her body !

More foot sanding brought more laughter and the wicked Debra
triggered the larger egg, which drove Angela quite mad with ecstasy
! Ripples of an enormous orgasm started to wrack her body as her
muscles did their best to rip themselves free from the inside !

Debra sanded away at Angela’s tender little feet for nearly a half
hour until any possible vestige of callous or dried skin was
history. In that time, the helpless blonde had suffered through 4
explosive orgasms and was on the verge of losing what little mind
she had left.

The redhead whispered to her helpless victim "…and every time I say
‘you’re my sweet widdle girl’ you’ll feel those sweet tender feet of
yours tingling from my touch !"

Angela was hysterically sobbing by this time, tickled beyond
anything she’d ever felt before and so erotically aroused that she
would cum within seconds !

Debra had reprogrammed her mind so that she now had a willing
tickle-victim at her beck and call and wanted to drive the lesson
home; so that Angela would always be hers.

Returning to the end of the table, Debra began kissing, nibbling and
licking the blonde’s now extremely sensitive bare feet. As Angela
started to shiver and quake in silent laughter, Debra grabbed both
remotes and cranked them up to "HIGH".

Angela squealed in unabashed delight as her sensitive feet and even
more sensitive loins were stimulated beyond belief ! She thrashed
and vibrated in a hilarious fit of epileptic proportions. And then
she started to cum. She grunted and moaned loudly as she furiously
pumped her love juices onto the table top ! And she was unable to
stop the mad erotic ecstasy she was experiencing ! Again and again
her body was slammed with one brutal orgasm after another. For 15
minutes her small body danced to her Mistresses’ tune until
blissfully, Angela passed out on the table top; still quivering and
shaking in her unconsciousness.


The next day, Angela and Debra were sitting in the office as if
nothing particular had happened the night before. As far as Angela’s
reprogrammed mind was concerned, nothing particular had happened.
But she did feel the most delightful feeling in her tummy; as if the
butterflies would never settle down.

When no one was looking, Debra leaned over to Angela and said
"you’re my sweet widdle girl !"

Angela exploded in a titter of giggling as she suddenly felt her
feet being tickled and a massive orgasm began to shake her small
body ! After 15 minutes of hilarious ecstasy, Angela returned to
normal, but wondered why her panties were all of sudden so wet !