Angelina Jolie
by Grolsch

“So, Angelina, did you ever say, and I quote, ‘I've
told Billy if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldn't
kill him because I love his children and they need a
dad. But I would beat him up. I know where all of his
sports injuries are. And I'd beat her, too!’

Angelina Jolie sat in Morgana’s dominatrix studio.
Ms. Jolie had some interesting ways of relaxing, and
in this case she usually found the mixture of gas and
bondage to be the ticket. There was nothing like
being strapped down to a table with a good snort of
“laughing gas” to take pressure away. Angelina’s
shoes were off, but she still wore light green shorts
and a white t-shirt.

Angelina looked at Morgana and nodded. The
respiration mask was still on her face, delivering the
wonderfully relaxing nitrous oxide. The gas
heightered her pain tolerance and made her quite
comfortable. Morgana looked a lot like the actress
Linda Fiorentino, and wore rather fiendish attire. A
black leather suit and ghostly-white makeup gave her a
vampiric appearance.

“Well, Billy’s been in touch with me. He didn’t care
for that too much, so he’s sent me some instructions
to help you unwind. I don’t know what they are, but I
have this envelope”.

Angelina chuckled. She was a bit nervous, but didn’t
really think Morgana was serious.

“Ooh…”, Morgana said. Angelina looked at her with

“Seems he has some ideas…”

Morgana’s dramatic pause and delivery of that final
word created no sense of panic in the movie star. She
didn’t think Billy knew anything about her that could
be useful here.

“He says the one thing he could never get out of you
was where you’re ticklish. There’s a check in here
with my name on it if I get him the answer. You have
some really nice, large feet, Angelina”, Morgana said.
“I bet they’re really, really sensitive. Are
you…ticklish?” Angelina’s feet twitched a little, but
she didn’t react strongly.

Angelina continued breathing the gas. She feeling a
mild sense of relaxation, but still was clear-headed
enough to know that Morgana couldn’t get her to give
in to tickling. She would not give Billy the
satisfaction. Angelina was quite ticklish, but also
quite head-strong.

“Ticklish feet?”, Morgana said again. Angelina’s
right foot took a fingernail to the arch. Another
shriek. Angelina’s strong abdominal muscles
contracted quite hard, but she retained strong mental
control. Morgana stood and went to the gas regulator,
turning it up a notch.

“The note says ‘Angelina is terrified of being
tickled, but might not crack. So, you’re ticklish,
Angelina? You know, the most common request my
bondage customers have is ‘no tickling’. Must be
awful.” Morgana was not ticklish, but she knew many
of her clients were dreadfully so.

It was true. Angelina truly hated being tickled.
When she was a younger teen, she was savagely tickled
by her peers. Once her weakness was public knowledge,
she couldn’t hide from the tickling . Her only
defense, and a successful one, was to consciously
suppress the tickling sensations so people wouldn’t
get her.

Now, the gas was starting to dull her brain a little.
Morgana pulled her t-shirt over her slender, sexy
midriff. Angelina began to giggle just before Morgana
put her fingernail on top her belly.

“So, are you ticklish here on your belly, Angie?
Cootchie coo”, Morgana whispered into her ear.
Morgana lightly feathered her long, black fingernails
over Angelina’s delicate, thin belly. Angelina said
through the mask “I’m not ticklish!”

Morgana traced her fingernails just beneath Angelina’s
navel. “How about here?”

Angelina gasped deeply, and in the process took a
large hit of gas.

“Tickle tickle…”

Angelina’s belly jiggled and contracted, but she
barely giggled. “That doesn’t tickle, I’m only
laughing because of the gas!”

“Where’s your most ticklish spot, Angie?”

“I’m ha ha ha. I’m not ha ha ha ha ha! Not tickish!”

Morgana stood again and cranked the regulator up full.
Angelina felt herself becoming giddy. Giddy, and a
bit worried.

“How about here?” Morgana tweaked Angelina’s firm,
narrow sides, just beneath her rib cage. She did so
rapidly and lightly, for about 10 seconds.

Angelina’s sides were horribly sensitive. When she
was younger, if someone got her there, she would
instantly fall to the floor helpless with laughter.
Not the image she wanted at all. She bucked and
laughed, while her belly seemed to dance in a way to
avoid the tickling fingernails. Morgana noticed how
her victim strained mightily against the bonds. She
knew Angelina would be exhausted by the end of her

Morgana removed the mask so Angelina could speak. The
look of fear on her face was evident. If the moment
were to be frozen, Angelina looked very beautiful.
Her tanned face glowed with a nervous sweat. Her full
lips formed a wide ‘O’, that sucked her narrow cheeks
in, further highlighting her prominent cheekbones.
Her eyes were wide open as she issued a panicked plea
to the dominatrix.

“Will you admit it, Angie? Where are you most

“I can’t tell you that. It’ll make me…”. Morgana
swiftly replaced the mask on Angelina’s face. After
about thirty seconds, even without the tickling,
Angelina was laughting. She was ready to break.

Morgana raked her nails up and down Angelina’s large
right foot, from heel to toe. Angelina flailed as
best she could. Her long blonde braids whipped
through the air as her head tossed and turned.


Morgana smiled and giggled as she did the same to
Angelina’s terribly sensitive left foot.


Morgana saw Angelina’s midsection heaving wildly.
“Tell me about it, Angie. Tell me about your ticklish
feet…ooh, can’t talk can you?” Morgana’s nails
whirled circles on the actress’s heels. The 10
seconds of tickling seemed like it might kill her.


Angelina twisted and laughed. Her feet jerked as
quickly as they could to avoid the terrible tickling.
Morgana removed the mask.

Angelina gasped quickly for air. “Not my feet! I
can’t take it. It’s a phobia with me!”.

“Why are your feet so sensitive, Angie?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know. My feet have always been
extremely ticklish. I can’t stand it. Billy knew
that. I can’t believe he AAAAH!”

Morgana swiped her finger across Angelina’s right

“Where is it worst, Angie? How about your…underarms?”
The mask went back on Angelina’s face. They could
both hear Angelina’s heart pounding as Morgana
inserted her sharp fingernails into the pits exposed
by Angelina’s tank top. Angelina saw Morgana’s nails
headed for her, but before she could protest the
tickling started.

Angelina screamed a very high-pitched note before she
laughed uncontrollably. This was it, her worst spot.
Angelina spurted and laughed, coughed and choked.
Having her armpits touched was an almost unbearable
tickling agony. Her face was almost purple when
Morgana stood. The tickling went on for only five or
six seconds, but it was quite torturous.

“This is it, your worst spot, is it not Angelina?”
Angelina nodded desperately and shook her head when
she saw the nails coming again.

This time Morgana showed no mercy. For almost a
minute she scraped her fingernails across the delicate
skin of both Angelina’s pits simultaneously. Angelina
screamed loudly at first, then lost the ability to
laugh. Sure, her mouth was open and her chest heaved,
but she’d reached silent laughter.

She twisted and flailed her head. Her arms jerked as
best they could while restrained while her torso
bucked wildly. Angelina didn’t notice anything but
the tickling. A small wet spot appeared on her pants
Just as it looked like Angelina was going to suffocate
from lack of air, Morgana quit tickling and replaced
the mask across her face. The combination of
exhaustion and relaxation took her over.

Twenty minutes later, as Angelina left the room, her
face looked peaceful and content.

“I never knew….never knew…it could be so good”, she
said as she left the studio.