A man that was a nurse at a local hospital lived next door to a two story
apartment building. Downstairs lived a husband and wife with three
daughters between fourteen and sixteen. Upstairs was a man who lived with his
good-looking girlfriend, both in their late twenties. This man that lived
next to them had a foot fetish, and all summer long he had seen them
barefoot outside. And all that time he thought of ways he could feel just one pair
of those five gorgeous girls young, tender feet. One day he came up with a
perfect idea that would allow him to have them all. Since he worked at a
hospital he was around a lot of anesthesia. So he was going to steal two
tanks of ether. He would then sneak into the cellar beneath the house and
hook them up to the ventilation that runs through it. So one day when
everyone was gone he hooked one tank to the downstairs and one upstairs.
He had a remote control so that he could turn it on at anytime. When he did
turn them on, it would take about fifteen minutes to start affecting them.
At first it would make them drowsy and extremely relaxed. Then they would
either go into a dream-like state or pass-out. The tanks would be empty
in about an hour and the effects would last about five hours. After that they
will wake-up wondering what happened and feeling very pleasant. So one
night the man that lived downstairs left, and it looked like he would be gone
for awhile. Everyone else was at home. So he turned both tanks on and waited. 
In the book the women described what happened to them. Tina, the woman
upstairs, described what happened to her.
"Tim and I were watching T.V. around 7:00. We were both on the couch; I
was lying face down with my feet in his lap. I started to feel very relaxed
and I was nodding off. The next thing I know Tim was tickling my feet. He
knew I didn't like my feet to be tickled, and when I looked up, some strange
man was playing with my feet. He had took Tim's place on the couch. He sprayed
something in my face and I couldn't stop laughing. I was paralyzed because I couldn't
stop giggling. I started to drift off after that and the last thing I
remember was him licking my toes. Tim woke me up the next morning." Only
one girl downstairs remembers what happened. "I was in my room reading when it
happened. My other two sisters were in the living room watching T.V. and
my mom was in the kitchen. The gas didn't affect me at first, probably
because I had my door shut. I went to get something to drink, around 7:30 I
When I opened the door I could smell something sweet. When I walked into
the living room my youngest sister was propped up against my other sisters
shoulder. They where both knocked-out. I was feeling out of it by then
and really wasn't thinking straight, so I didn't think nothing about what I saw. 
When I walked into the kitchen my mom was sitting at the table. She had her
head on the table, resting on her arm. Her head was turned toward me, and
she had a smile on her face. Her eyes were have shut, and the rest of her body
looked limp. I walked over to her and asked her what was wrong. She said
she felt fantastic and wished she could always feel like this. By then I
felt very relaxed myself, and decided to lay on the floor. I remember the
man walking in, but by then I really didn't care. He walked over to me
and moved me against the wall. He went into the living room for awhile and
came back. I watched him as he went over to my mom and took off her shoes. He
got under the table and started to tickle her feet. She was still conscious and seemed
to enjoy it. I dosed off and woke-up a few times after that. I don't know if he played
with my feet or not, but I do remember seeing him sitting at the table with my mom
on top of it. He had some shoes on the table and he was trying them on her feet.
That's all I remembered until the next morning." The man who did this to
the women described what he did. "It was around 7:00 when I turned the ether
on. After about ten minutes I called upstairs to see if it had an affect on
them. I didn't get an answer so I decided to go up there first. I took a small
bottle of laughing gas with me in case they were all the way out, and a
camera. I walked next door and went up the stairs. I knocked three times and there was
no answer, so I went in. Tina was lying on the couch with her feet in his lap. He was
passed-out, but you could tell she was going in and out. I went over to him and slowly
lifted her feet of him. She didn't seem to notice. I lifted
him off the couch and took him into their bedroom.
While I was in there I found Tina's closet and looked through her shoes.
She had some nice shoes in her collection, and the smell of some of them was
wonderful. I found a pair of black pumps and a pair of white high heel
dress shoes that smelled good, and also a pair of pink socks that she had
already wore. I took the shoes back into the living room and layed them next to the couch. 
Tina was lying there with her eyes half closed and she looked very relaxed. I sat down beside
her on the other end of the couch and put her feet in my lap. I slowly started to stroke her wrinkled
foot with my finger. She didn't
seem to like to be tickled, so I gently massaged her feet. She grinned a
little and then looked up at me. She realized that I wasn't Tim, so I quickly
grabbed the bottle of nitrous oxide and sprayed her in the face. She
reacted to it immediatly. She started to laugh and it seemed like she was trying
to get up but she couldn't. I started to tickle her feet again and she
laughed even harder. I tickled her for awhile until it looked like she couldn't
stand it anymore, and I stopped. Her laughing died down into
giggling until she passed out. So I was finally there; with a young,
pretty woman that was unconscious. I had her shoes and socks there with me, plus an attractive, smooth
pair of feet that I had for my enjoyment. I started by
slowly lifting her foot and putting her first two toes in my mouth. I
licked them with my tongue and nibbled on her big toe. As I did that, I gentle
stroked the bottom of her other foot. It rested on the couch and was very
wrinkled. I rested both feet on the couch after that and just watched
them. I deliberately tapped each foot and each toe with my finger. They were
soft and delicate and very smooth and sleek. I just sat there rubbing my finger up and down her foot,
enjoying the friction of each individual crease. I took my thumbs and fondled the balls of her foot. I
squeezed her heels and felt the firmness of the wrinkles around the heel. I slid her socks on and smelled
her feet. I also slipped her shoes on and took some pictures with her feet half in and
half out. I took a few more pictures and realized that I had some women
downstairs waiting for my touch. So I licked her feet and toes, caressed
her soles one more time and moved her to the bedroom with Tim. I straightened everything up and
hoped they wouldn't remember anything. I took Tina's shoes and socks and put them in a bag, and I left. 
I ran back to my house
to put my souvenirs away and went over to the other four sleeping beauty's
next door. As before I knocked on the door to see if anyone would answer. No
one came so I went in. I walked into the kitchen and one of the girls was in
there with their mom. Her mom was sitting at the table, and she looked very at ease. Her head was onthe
table and, with the grin on her face, you could tell she was drugged up. The girl on the floor was the
oldest of the sisters, but not one of the prettiest, so I decided not to fool with her. She wasn't out yet,
but you could see that she was fairly comfortable. I moved her against the wall and went into the other
room to see how the other girls were doing. They were both in the living room on the couch, and both out
cold. The girl, which was the youngest, was barefoot and propped up
against the older one. The older blond had a pair of socks on and her head was
layed back on the couch. I decided to play with their feet first and leave the
attractive mother for last. There was a coffee table in the middle
of the room and two other chairs. I moved the girl off her sister and put
her in one of the lazy-boys. Then I spread the blond out over the couch.
I went into their rooms and got some shoes; a black pair of pumps for the
girl and a pair of sandals for the blond. I put the pumps on the girl, to make
sure her feet smelled good when I got to her, and went over to the blond. She looked very peaceful lying their o
n the couch. I bent down next to her calm legs. She layed face down, and I slowly raised the calve of the
nearest leg and rested her foot on my shoulder. I ran my hand from the
back of her knee up her calve, across her thin ankles to the heel of her sock
covered foot. I ran the palm of my hand across her heel, slowly reaching
up to pull the sock off. I raised up with the sock in my hand, revealing a
slender and very tanned barefoot. I then smelled the foot that I uncovered. I ran the tips of my fingers across
the bottom of her elevated foot, from the heels to her toes. I put her foot
down and went to the end of the couch. I felt both of her feet together;
feeling the unseen wrinkles of her covered foot and seeing the roundness of the
luscious bare toes. I took some pictures of
her feet, including some shots of her with the sandals on. I went over to
the girl, who I remember seeing her feet a lot more than I did the blonds.
When I took of her shoes, her feet looked the same as they did in the
summer, accept now I could feel and touch them. She layed slumped over in the chair, but the extension
was raised, and her feet were propped up. I removed one shoe, seeing a small foot before me.
It was thin, probably because of her age. I like a wider foot, but right
then I had no reason to complain. I lifted her foot slightly and pointed
it toward me. I ran my fingers from heel to toe, and it smelled very good.
Her foot was very firm, probably because she did go barefoot so much. I ran
my palms across the bottom of the foot and fondled her toes
with my fingers. Then I remembered that her dad might be home soon, so I
messed around with her feet quickly.gathered up their shoes and got one
last look at both of their feet; for teenagers their feet were very pleasing.
I took the shoes and put them on the counter in the kitchen. I looked over
at their mom and she was still conscious, and pretty well drugged. I could
do anything to her right now and she wouldn't even care. But all I
wanted to do was to experience her feet, and I was going to do it. I was
going to get some of her shoes out of her bedroom, but I couldn't wait to
feel her feet.

I went over to her and got under the table. She had her white shoes on
with no socks, the kind she always wears. I took her shoes off and looked at
her feet. They were flawless. Her feet were tanned. All her toes were in
line; not out of proportion. Her feet were the perfect size; not too wide and
long. I even looked in her shoe to see the size; it was a seven. I picked up both her shoes
and smelled the inside. It was a strong smell and had a nice quality to it. I sniffed them
again and again, and put them back on the floor. Her feet were resting comfortably on
the floor. I reached over and touched her pinky toes, feeling the softness and the roundness. 
I felt her foot behind
her toes, it was smooth and firm. I heard her moan a little so I got out
from beneath the table. I looked at her and she was still flying high.
See asked in a playful voice who I was. I told her that I wasn't going to hurt
her, I was just going to tickle her feet. She said I don't care and told
me that she felt wonderful. She seemed to dose off for a
second after that. So I just moved some hair out of her face and got
under her chair. I layed on my stomach and supported myself with my elbows. I pulled her
feet back to me. They wrinkled as I did so, and I smelled
them. Then I started to tickle her. I ran my finger across her heels and down
herridged arches. I stroked her toes, gently tickling each one. I heard a
light giggle, and in an intoxicated, almost cheerful voice she told me to
stop. I could tell she didn't mean it so I continued. With each
sensitive wrinkle I passed my finger over, she giggled a drugged approval. One arm fell
down from the table. She slowly clenched her fist and spread her
fingers wide open and I heard her moan between laughs as I molded the
outside form of her feet. She seemed to find the
stimulating very arousing. I knew the ether made her skin more sensitive,
but she must have liked to be tickled all the time. Then I lightly licked
the bottom of the big toe of one foot, running my tongue up and down it.
I did the same to the sole of the same foot. I continued to please her as I
stroked her heels, making circles around the firmness. The clenching of her fist stopped,
as did the giggling and the moaning, so she must have passed out again. I got out from
under the chair and went and got some of her shoes. I brought them back to the table
and picked her up and laid her on it. I sat down on the side with her feet and tried a
pair of shoes on her. I rubbed my hand across her
ankle, down to her heel and slipped on and off the shoe. I continued to
be fascinated by it, hearing the suction of the shoe and watching her firm
heel wrinkle with every pull. I heard a car pull up outside. but I didn't
care. I continued to play with her feet; I couldn't stop. If I would've left
right then, I wouldn't have got caught, but I did. Her husband came home and found me. 
Now I'm in jail." So remember, if you
have a foot fetish, don't get caught.