Aunt Jane

After I had just turned 17, my parents had sent me to spend
the summer with my "Aunt Jane". Now Aunt Jane wasn't really my
aunt, just a good friend of the family. Unfortunately, she was
a strict disciplinarian who would not put up with my "wild

Like most 17 year olds, I wanted to hang with my friends,
tease boys, get drunk now and again and generally enjoy
myself. After the first night I stayed out too late, Aunt Jane
grounded me and declared that I wouldn't be able to go out
with my friends for the rest of the summer.

Aunt Jane was 30's-something and was she ever built ! She only
stood about 5 1/2 feet tall but had a bust line that would
make Anna-Nicole jealous ! I wasn't built near the same as her
but at that time already stood nearly six feet tall. More and
more I began to resent the domineering little wench and I was
determined to get my come-uppance and put her in her place !

One day she had made one snide remark too many about my
friends and I had snapped back with a "...You're just jealous
because I HAVE some friends !"

Infuriated, she lashed out in an attempt to slap me across the
face with the back of her hand and that's when I lost it ! I
grabbed her wrist in mid-slap and easily spun her around until
I had her arm twisted around her back. My first instinct was
to grab her long red hair and toss her to the ground when I
came upon another idea.

As usual, Aunt Jane was dressed in a conservative blouse
(stretched FAR too tight across her enormous chest), dark
skirt, and flats. As she flailed about with her left arm in an
attempt to free herself, I tunneled my fingers in under her
arm and wickedly danced them across her soft sides !

yelled explosively in a squeal of girlish laughter ! She tried
to pull away from me but I had a very strong hold on her arm
and I threw my other arm across her stomach to tickle her ribs
on the other side.

To my great delight, I discovered that not only was Aunt Jane
ticklish, she was INCREDIBLY ticklish and with that I found my
weapon for revenge !

I tickled her ribs and tummy so brutally that within 30
seconds I had reduced her to a helpless little kitten who
could barely even stand ! Aunt Jane was one of those
helplessly ticklish types that collapse like a house of cards
once the tickling begins and quickly succumb to that soundless
laughter of the truly ticklish.

With what little breath she had left she threatened, then
pleaded and begged for me to stop and let her go ! No such

I was tall enough and strong enough to support her weight as
she tried desperately to sink to the carpet to avoid my
teasing fingers. I kept up my devilish attack on her tummy and
ribs until I had her breathlessly sobbing in silent laughter !
Now it was easy for me to capture her other wrist and keep
both of them pinned behind her back with very little effort.

Now I was ready to begin teaching her a lesson in humiliation
that she would not soon forget !

"Such a ticklish little girl !!!!" I teased her as my fingers
flew across her tummy and ribs ! As they danced, my nimble
fingers found the button on the waistband of her skirt and the
zipper on the side. "Do you realize how utterly helpless you
are right now ?" I don't think she was coherent enough to
realize I'd undone them until her wriggling and dancing sent
her skirt skidding off her ample hips into a collapsed heap
around her ankles !

Unfortunately, I couldn't see the expression on her face,
though it might have been one of clenched shut eyes, but it
would have been priceless to see the look in her eyes when she
realized she was dancing to my ticklish toon in only blouse
and panty hose !

Now my fingers found the way up her blouse until I could tease
the soft skin of her tummy and dart in and around her navel !
I could tell her legs had turned to rubber by the amount of
weight I had to hold up with her arms.

Where she found what little strength she had to wriggle and
resist I'll never know but squirm she did ! Her laughter now
became incoherent squeals of delight as her ticklish dilemma
deepened !

I realized at that point that I firmly intended to strip her
completely, leaving her entirely nude and helpless before me,
and the idea excited me like nothing else ever had. Here
before me I had my own little tickle-slave whom I would soon
have answering to my every whim ! "You're such a hypocritical
whore," I taunted her, "...and I think you have far too many
clothes on for a whore. How 'bout I just tickle you right out
of them......Okay Auntie Jane ?" By now she was far too gone
with uncontrollable laughter to respond to my sarcastic

Button by button I popped open her straining blouse until I
was able to peel it back from her freckled white shoulders. It
took a little maneuvering but I managed to strip it back to
her wrists and juggle from one to the other to pull it free.

"Why you little harlot !!! " I exclaimed as teasingly as I
could, " just can't seem to keep your clothes on, can
you ?" Negligently, I tossed her blouse across the dining room

Aunt Jane shook her head, flailing her red hair about as she
tried to beg, deny, plead - anything to stop me from tickling
her into insensibility !

I was already growing moist from the excitement of domination
and knew I'd probably explode myself before I was done with
her !

She was near to the point of complete collapse, but before I
let her fall to the carpeted floor, I sprung loose the hooks
on the back of her bra and her breasts nearly exploded from
their confinement !

Finally, I let her sink like a wet washrag to the floor as I
skinned her bra up over her spaghetti limp arms. She was
adoringly erotic with her small arms raised high in the air
and her large breasts bobbling free and naked for all to see.
Even from behind her I could see that her nipples had
stiffened in response to the tickling she was receiving. "Oh
ho ! This domineering little wench must LIKE to be tickled !"
I thought to myself.

Aunt Jane was still giggling hysterically and begging to be
left alone as I looped her bra again and again around her
wrists and used it to tie them quite securely to a leg of the
dining room table. Just to keep her in that perfect state of
complete helplessness I danced my long fingernails up and down
her smooth underarms.

Already exhausted, she lay face down on the carpet with her
legs weakly splayed out. The devious side of me took over and
I raked my nails up and down her now bare torso and along the
sides of her melon-sized breasts. Silent laughter and jiggling
flesh greeted my attack as I made sure Aunt Jane remained my
tickle-prisoner. Now the fun would begin !

Her back seemed nearly as ticklish as her front as I raked my
nails up and down her very soft skin ! Howling, she begged for
me to stop but there was no way I could ! "I bet you really
like me tickling you like this, don't you Little Janie ?"

Feebly she flailed about, but without a doubt, there was now
way she was getting free now !

I grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and panties and
peeled them down until her pretty white cheeks were jiggling
before me ! Once again the devil in me took over and and
danced and grazed my long fingernails over her tender flesh !

I've never met anyone with a butt so ticklish ! She wriggled
and squirmed to avoid my touch and actually pleaded "NOT MY

I was deliriously drunk with the power I now had over her.
Humming "tickle....tickle...tickle..." to myself, I swung
around and sat on the small of her back. This way I could keep
on teasing her butt with one hand while I peeled her panties
and hose down with the other. Aunt Jane's legs began to flail
around a little, but as I worked my way down, I tickled her
thighs and the backs of her knees. That part got her screaming
wildly, I'll tell you !

By the time I got down to her ankles I could pretty well guess
she was terrified of where I was heading next. Something about
redheads and soft ticklish feet sprang to my memory.

I pulled off her flats and tossed them away and then started
in on her very tiny stockinged feet ! She was hoarse with her
harsh laughter but babbled and screamed all the same when my
fingernails dallied and danced between the wrinkly ridges of
her tiny feet. It must have been doubly torturous for her when
I finally got her panties and nylons off and started attacking
her bare feet ! They were so incredibly soft even I was

After 10 minutes of some really mind-blowing foot tickling I
was about ready to explode ! Her writhing and jerking
underneath me had me absolutely gushing with wetness and
arousal. She had returned to that breathless, helpless state
of silent laughter and I knew she would pass out soon if I
kept this up !

Grabbing a nearby barstool, I laid it across the backs of her
ankles and set to work with her discarded panty hose. With
quick, sure knots I bound her ankles to each end of the tall
bar stool so I would have a nice set of spread legs ready for
me. Phase II was about to begin !

I rose from the back of her legs and with a mighty heave I
rolled her over onto her back. The bar stool rolled over with
her so that now her sensitive bare feet were about a foot and
a half off the carpet; angled perfectly for any wicked
individual who might just want to tickle them !

I gazed down at her for a moment and for a very brief second
felt a bit sorry for her. Yet memory of her demanding ways and
unrelenting discipline steeled my resolve to dominate her and
make her MY slave. Still giggling and wriggling, she was quite
nude, with tear filled eyes, ruby red cheeks, and nipples of a
size that made me gasp in delight ! Her aeroles were puffy
caps atop her beautiful mounds and each had their little
soldiers standing at full attention; they were larger than
most pencil erasers ! Looking to her mound, I discovered that
not only was she a real redhead, but sparkling dewy drops of
excitement gilded her curly fur ! She WAS getting turned on by
this !

I sprang to the bathroom for some Q-tips and returned to find
her still giggling fitfully, but with enough breath to again
begin pleading.

"Pleeeeheheheheeeeeese Cindy !!!!! Noooo..... more...... I'm
sorry........can't.....take....any ....more....I'll do
anything you want......just please stop !!!"

"Ya know..." I said as I laid down next to her, "'re in
no position to demand, beg, plead, or request anything. 'Cause
I learned something more about you today - besides your being
helplessly ticklish !"

Her green eyes widened in horror as I teased her. Leisurely, I
brandished a Q-tip and began twirling it around one of her
very hard nipples !

She inhaled a massive gasp of air and her body twisted and
wriggled at the touch ! I noticed that her hips ground and
gyrated against the carpet - and that told me all I needed to
know !

"You're getting turned on by this, aren't you ?" I teased

She shook her head from side to side negatively, but her eyes
were screwed shut as she tried to jiggle her breast away from
the Q-tip.

"I see..... the fibbing begins ! Well, as you taught me so
well, there's a punishment for every infraction!" With that
threat, I shifted the Q-tip down to her cute little navel and
began twirling it inside !

Her giggles were priceless ! High pitched and rapid, just like
the little girl she had become at my fingers!

giggled and sang me a song of ticklish delight. I marveled at
the way her toes spread and flexed as her legs wriggled from
the motion of her hips.

She was delightfully ticklish and so incredibly sexy to me
that I started heating up again !

"Hmmmmm ????? No answer ????" I teased.

Again, the head shake.

"Wellllll, you're just making it harder on yourself !" I
declared. With that, I put down the Q-tip and rose to my
knees. Jane's eyes opened for the briefest second, saw me
wiggling my long fingernails, then she exploded in helpless
laughter as I worked her over from hipbones to armpits !

wrenching laughter poured from her red lips as I wickedly
tickled her upper body ! I dragged my fingernails across her
tummy, nuzzled them in between her ribs, and flicked them
teasingly in the hollows of her armpits !

After 15 minutes of non-stop tickling, she hit that point
where I knew she could stand no more and might pass out. As I
let her recover, I decided to see if I could drive her towards
the edge of orgasm by clamping my lips around one of her
nipples and tickle-teasing it with my flicking tongue. Through
her gasps and giggles, throaty moans were mixed in and I knew
she was getting very, very close. But I didn't want to push
her over just yet.

Right at that point that her hip wriggling told me she ready
to go, I let go of her nipple and sat back on my legs to watch
her expression.

The shock and begging that I saw in her green eyes almost made
me cum ! It was clear that she was pleading for the release
and ecstasy of orgasm and was devastated that I'd stopped just
short of providing that for her !

"Are you sure you're not enjoying this ?" I teased. She didn't
shake her head this time but bit her lower lip to try and
control the anxiety I knew was burning inside her.

"Hmmmmm !!! Well let's see if there's another way I might
loosen your tongue, my sweet little tickle-slave!"

I moved over to take up a position in front of her tiny bare
soles, and now the head began to shake again.

"'t......." she pleaded softly.

!!!!!!!" she screamed as my fingernails skritched and stroked
across her pink soles ! Jane was bucking so madly that I had
to kneel on the barstool to keep it in place ! I loved
tickling her pretty soft feet and forcibly had to stop myself
after 10 minutes before she passed out from lack of air.

"Yes, I think you might need a quick breather" I said. I
really don't think she was coherent enough to understand what
I'd said but she reacted quick enough when I clamped my lips
around one of her big toes!

First, she gasped in a huge breath of surprise, second her
eyes shot wide open, and third, she burst into throaty
chuckles of joy as I sucked on her big toe like a delicious
lollipop !

It was delicious revenge to watch her grind her cute butt
against the floor responding to my complete command of her.
She really had incredibly tender little feet and I had to
remind myself that I couldn't descend into orgasm until I'd
completely broken her. I flicked my tongue up and down her
soles and in response, she stretched her toes back until her
soles were completely exposed and entirely smooth. If I needed
any other proof that she was loving the hell out of this, THIS

"Ready to talk ?" I asked, as I nibbled on her little toes and
stroked my fingernails across her feet. She looked completely
exhausted and totally frustrated at the same time.

Finally, I heard a very soft "....yes...." come from her lips.

"What was that ???? Speak up tickle-slave !!!!" I demanded.

Silence for a few seconds, then .... ".....yes......" a little

"Yes.....what ?" I crooned in my sing-song voice as I made her
feet wriggle and twitch some more.

"Yes......I love this........" she said and I noticed she was
wriggling her hips and grinding her butt into the carpet a
little faster.

Abruptly I stopped and that same hurt look of exasperation was
directed at me once again.

I moved back over to lay down by her and spoke to her softly
as I stroked a Q-tip around and around her delicious looking

"Now here are MY rules !" I said in a soft, commanding voice.
"First, I get to come and go as I please, without any bitching
or harping from you !" I demanded.

She hesitated in her reply and I immediately stopped my
teasing with the Q-tip and made to stand up.

"YES....YES !!!!!" she acquiesed.

"That's better..." I said and I returned to lay on the floor
and start my Q-tip teasing again.

"Second, you will be MY tickle-slave, at my command at all
times !"

This shocked her and I could see a negative reply forming in
her mind.

" Before you answer..." I began, "...perhaps a little
reinforcement would help".

I sprang to my feet and ran to my room to grap my camcorder.
It was a little 8MM palmcorder and within seconds I had it
propped up on the counter and pointed directly at her ! Seeing
the red light prompted a quick response from Aunt Jane.

"Now...NO !!!!! CINDY !!!!!" she began.

I pounced on her bare feet and viciously tickled them non-stop
for 15 minutes. By the time I got done, Jane was a gibbering
mess of laughter.

I laid down next to her again, turned to the camera, and
addressed the "crowd".

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present for your pleasure....JANE
McPHERSON. As you can see..." and at this point I danced my
fingers all around her ticklish tummy catapulting her into
another uncontrolled laughing fit. ".....she is INCREDIBLY
ticklish !!!"

"But even more than that..." I continued, " makes her
REALLY horny !!!!" Jane's eyes flew wide open at that remark
but clamped shut the minute my fingers wriggled into her
completely sopping wet mound !

Her back arched painfully and the moan/groan that was forced
from her lips was a CLASSIC ! I knew right were my fingers
needed to go and after 10 seconds of pussy-tickling I had her
shuddering in a muscle tearing orgasm of epic proportions !

I worked her over good and didn't stop until I had her sobbing
with pleasure and jerking around like a marionette on strings
! I worked her through two devastating orgasms then slowly
withdrew my fingers from her.

She sobbed, her eyes begging me to do her again.

I raised one finger, commanding her to wait, as I stood up and
turned off the camcorder.

"Now..." I said as I laid beside her again, "....unless you
want everyone in town to see that little cinematic gem, you
will answer my questions in the proper manner. UNDERSTOOD,
SLAVE JANIE !!!!" I commanded.

"Yes.....yes Cindy"...... she muttered.


"Yes Mistress Cindy" she meekly responded.

"Much better, slave.....Now..."

I grabbed one of my Q-tips and stroked it up and down her
slit, teasing her lips and tickling her already throbbing
little nubbin.

Her hips thrust upward to meet it and a squeal/moan of
pleasure bubbled forth from her.

"I think it goes without saying, that if you speak of this to
anyone that tape will make its way to the Internet and the
entire world will see what a little slut you really are !"

"Yessssss.....Missssstresssssss...." Janie hissed as she made
love to my Q-tip.

"And you will obey my every command, no matter what situation
or time of day ?"

"Yessssssss.....ooooooooohhhhhhh........yessssssssss !!!!!"

"Very well, for being such a good little tickle-slave, you
deserve a reward !"

At that point I dropped the Q-tip, wrapped my lips around her
aching nipples, and used my experienced fingers once again to
drive her absolutely NUTS !!

Her back arched like a taught bow and she grunted and squealed
with delight !!!!

I knew I'd broken her will, and now it was time to program her
shattered mind to do my bidding. I worked her up through three
tremendous orgasms and the sweat was pouring from her skin as
much as her love juices were soaking my hand !

I nuzzled her ear, nibbled an ear lobe, and flicked my tongue
inside as she was cumming for a fourth time and was at that
stage where they become multiples - unstoppables !

"I am your mistress !!!" I commanded.


"Everytime you see me with a feather, you'll feel it stroking
lazily up and down those pretty little feet of yours !"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMyesssssssssssss !!!!!"

"Everytime you here me say "YOU MUST" you will respond
immediately and be rewarded with a litle tease-you orgasm"

as the mere mention of an orgasm now sent her spinning off
into erotic ecstasy.

I had her were I wanted her but still hadn't reached that peak
myself. Aunt Jane was exhausted and psychologically destroyed
and the look of hurt and want in her eyes when I again
withdrew my fingers from her was endearing.

"Not to worry Tickle-Slave...there's a few more pleasures I've
in mind for you !"

An incredible smile came across her lips and I stood above

I reached down and pulled loose the knots that held her ankles
to the barstool. Lovingly, I massaged them for her (with an
occasional tickle) which made her wriggle and coo with
delight. I discarded the barstool and stood like an amazon
before her and began to unbutton my blouse.

"You know Tickle-Slave...." I began, "'ve gotten me so
HOT that I've just GOT to get rid of these clothes !"

Jane simpered in delight below me and even flexed her toes at
me teasingly.

Sensuosly, I peeled off my blouse and started wriggling out of
my jeans.

Her eyes lit up when I unfastened my bra and my perky tits
jutted out towards her !

"You are so beautiful and sooooo ticklish that you've made me
hotter than anything I can imagine....." (I actually thought
she was ready to cum again at this point as she writhed before
me and started to play her toes around my hips).

"Pull my panties down with your ticklish little toes..." I

Immediately, Jane grabbed my panties with her toes and skinned
them from me.

"Now I'll teach you a new trick that won't take you much time
to learn !"

With that I grabbed her sweet little foot and locked it in
between my thighs. Her wriggling toes tickled my butt and the
top of her foot nestled comfortably against my pussy. I
reached behind and started tickling her soft, bare sole.

she squealed as I tickled her bare foot.

I absolutely LOST IT ! Her little bare foot against my pussy,
and the knowledge that she was at my call as tickle-slave made
me cum harder than ever before in my life ! I literally soaked
her little bare foot with my juices as I came again and again
and again !

Auntie Jane was exhausted after I untied her and lay there
weakly on the floor. "Time for a nap Slave Janie", I
commanded, "...crawl on in there now !"

She made as if to recover her strewn about clothing and I told
her "In the NUDE ! I'll clean up out here !"

"Yes mistress" she whispered as she crawled out of the dining
room. Cindy could imagine the war being fought inside of
Jane's chaotic mind right now. Humiliation, certainly, yet
probably a wickedly delicious sense of sensuousness; having to
crawl from her mistress in the nude.

I recovered the tape from my camcorder and immediately left to
take it to my friend Susan's house for safekeeping.

While I was there, I came up with another wicked idea. "Say
Susan," I began, " you still have that canister of
Nitrous we were gassing off of last week ?"

"Sure, and there's plenty left. What did ya have in mind ?"

Susan was my best friend since I'd come to town and we had
many things in common. We're both tall, hard-bodied blondes
and both have definite bi tendencies.

I began whispering to Susan and the look on her face was

"You're kidding me !!!!" she exclaimed, " actually did
that ?"

"You bet !!" I told her, "...if ya don't believe me just watch
that tape I've got ya hiding for me !"

She gave me a look of disbelief and then decided to play the
tape. It came out beautifully ! The camera was zeroed in
showing Janie's wrinkly bare feet and it really did justice to
her delicious boobs ! I could tell that Susan was enjoying it
as she licked her lips nervously a couple of times and her
nipples threatened to poke out of her T shirt !

After the tape was finished she asked "So what evilly wicked
things did you have in mind, Tickle-Mistress?"

By the time we'd returned to the house it was 7 PM and Aunt
Jane had woken from her nap. She had dressed, This time in a
long flowing dress and high-heels. She'd done her hair and
looked no worse for the wear of her ordeal. In fact, she had a
radiant glow about her and a ready smile when we walked in the

"Hi Susan..." she said, "'re looking lovely today !"

"You too Ms. McPherson. I absolutely LOVE those shoes !"

"Yes, well I normally wear flats but being around you amazons
has made me feel somewhat self-conscious!"

The high-heels definitely improved her appearance; they made
her calves look like she'd been working out and they
accentuated the pretty curve of her buns.

"I'm so glad Cindy has such nice friends !" she said, "...come
sit down while I get us something to drink."
I couldn't believe how nice she was being to Susan. Usually
she treated my friends like villains and sniffed with disdain
at them. What really shocked me was when she brought out the
bottle of Vodka and began mixing screwdrivers for all of us. I
noticed she poured twice as much in her glass as she did ours.

"WOW !!!! Susan whispered, "WHAT did you DO to her ???"

"I tickle-hypnotized her !!! Watch what happens when she comes
back in !"

From the bag we'd brought with us I pulled out a large turkey
feather and laid it down on the couch next to me. Jane brought
us each a screwdriver saying "I know you two are a little
underage but this is my house and I make the rules !" I
snickered to myself at that remark but remained silent while
Aunt Jane seated herself across from us.

"So Susan, how is school going for you ?" Janie asked as she
took a healthy pull on her drink.

Susan began responding with small talk when I pulled the
turkey feather out and began stroking my chin with it.

Aunt Jane's eyes grew as wide as two green saucers when she
spotted me with the feather ! Suddenly, she began to giggle a
little bit under her breath and I could see her feet fidgeting
in her shoes !

your......parents....doing ??" Jane tried to keep the
conversation going.

Susan was enjoying this side-show immensely and continued with
the small talk; always making sure to ask Aunt Jane a question
to see her reaction.

She was flipping her stockinged feet in and out of her heels
and chewing on her lower lip to keep from giggling out loud,
but when she had to speak, the giggles joined in with the

"Ohhhoohohohoooo.....I've....I've...hehheheeeeeeee beeeeeeeen
doing .....hahhaaaaaaa really welllllll
hheheheheheheeeeeeeee !!!!!!!"

By now she had kicked off her heels and was trying desperately
to scrub them against the carpet to get the hypnotic tickling
to stop.

Susan saw this and asked "Were those shoes too tight for you
Ms. McPherson or are your feet itching?"

Aunt Jane tried to answer but was shaking with the laughter
she was trying desperately to supress.

I hid the feather and Jane's giggling subsided. Instantly she
downed the rest of her drink, put her shoes back on and went
to mix another.

When she returned, and started up the conversation, I again
pulled out the feather !

She immediately giggled like a silly girl and kicked her shoes
off; once again trying to scrub away the tickling sensations
on the carpet.

Susan couldn't wait any longer and jumped up to Aunt Jane's

"Here, let me help - sometimes nylons can cause an itch like
that !"

Jane was trying to hold in the giggles and try at the same
time to tell Susan not to bother when she grabbed my Aunt's
ankle and began furiously scratching her sole !!


"My, you do have ticklish little feet Ms. McPherson !!!!!!"
Susan said with evil delight.

I hid the feather again and Janie's laughter subsided. She
slammed down her drink again and fought to recover her breath.

"I know what you need Aunt Jane !" I exclaimed, "...a little
shot of oxygen will help you out !"

I grabbed the canister of Nitrous and moved over by her chair.

"Oh no, that's okay ! I'll be all right" she stated.

"Oh but Aunt Janie !" I said loudly, "...YOU MUST !!!! Here,
put on this mask." I ordered. I cranked open the valve and the
laughing gas flowed freely into the mask.

Suddenly, her eyes glazed over and a shudder of delight
rippled through her body as her reward orgasm titillated her !
She took in great gasps of air as she came and it wasn't long
before the laughing gas started taking effect !

"HEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEE !!!! You..hahahaaa girls
heheheeeeeee feeeeel so silly !!!!!!"

We kept her on the gas for about 10 minutes - until she was
laughing quite freely - then I leaned to Susan and whispered
"She's all your's !!!"

I could see Susan's hard nipples through her shirt again and
she strode over to Aunt Jane.

"That should bring your wind back !" She said as she turned
off the gas and pulled the mask from Aunt Jane's face. She
tossed me the canister and said "Goodness ! Ms. McPherson,
you're drink is empty again! Let me fix you another one !"

Janie was laughing freely now and waved her arms around
feebly. Not only was the gas making her silly, she was
starting to feel the effects of the vodka she'd downed. I
glanced over to Susan who was making her another, and giggled
to myself as I watched her pour in nearly half the bottle of
vodka into the glass.

Susan sat the glass down by Auntie Jane and she immediately
took a healthy pull on it. Her laughing had subsided to
girlish giggles but I could tell by her bleary eyes that she
was really out of it.

"Hey, I know !!!! Let's play some cards !" Susan said.

"That's a great idea !!" I chimed in.

Janie agreed with a giggle as we all arranged ourselves on the
carpet. She had a little trouble maneuvering as she was quite
drunk by now and with her dress on, she had sit to the side so
her high heels pointed towards Susan.

"What game...ssshhhould we play ???" Janie asked in a somewhat
slurred voice.

Susan's eyes lit up with an evil glow and said "how about

I agreed immediately but Aunt Jane looked as if she'd say no
so I chimed in with "But Auntie YOU MUST!!!"

Her eyes closed as another ripple of excitement shuddered
through her body ! I could see her turgid nipples poking
little nubbins through her bra and dress !

Susan and I had of course set her up and we wanted to make
this a game she'd never forget ! We deliberately stacked the
deck so Susan and I would lose hand after hand after hand.
After each hand either she or I would toss away a shoe, peel
off a sock, or dance around as we took off our shirts !

Aunt Jane was clapping gleefully after each hand but as we put
on our strip show for her, I could tell it was having an
effect. Her round green eyes remained fixed on each of us as
we shed our clothes ! She must be absolutely simmering with
passion as we paraded our bodies before her !

Finally, we two were down to just our panties and the look of
drunken lust in Jane's eyes was absolutely priceless ! It was
no wonder she'd never married ! She was a closet lesbian but
was too embarassed to come out !

Now it was time to stack the deck in the other direction. Aunt
Jane lost her first hand and said "Oh well, I guess I'll have
to toss in a shoe !" She figured she'd be able to have us
naked before she would have to take anything off !

Susan reached over to her stockinged foot and raked her nails
across the sole ! "Are these still itching you Ms. McPherson
???" she giggled.

Aunt Jane exploded into laughter and tried desperately to get
her foot away from Susan. "THAT TICKLES!!!

Susan smirked and we played another hand. As planned, Jane
lost and tossed away another shoe !

"Thasssss okay !!!" she slurred, " girls will be naked
in a few more hands and I'll have won !!!" I could tell she
wanted nothing more than to have us parade around in front of
her - especially after I'd altered her superior psyche earlier
in the day.

The next hand played out, Jane lost, and Susan demanded her
stockings. I was delightedly shocked when she said "You only
get one you two !!!!" and reached up under her dress to snap
loose the garters ! She was wearing regular hose instead of
the panty hose she normally wore !!!

She demurely rolled down the hose and tossed it away,
revealing her very pretty and very soft pink foot.

Susan commented "MY ! What pretty, soft little feet you have

Jane blushed and curled her toes in response. She DID have
pretty little feet but I guessed that no one had ever told her
what a complete knockout she was !

We played another hand, and another of Jane's stockings were
rolled down and discarded.

Jane was sure she'd win the next hand and doubled the bet.
"I'll bet my dress and raise you my bra for both of your
panties !" she exclaimed with a drunken slur.

Susan and I smiled at each other and both laid down hands that
beat her. She gazed down in blurry amazement as we demanded
"Give up that dress !!!!" and "I want the bra !!!"

"Oh no you don't" she cried as she tried to crawl away. Susan
grabbed one ankle and I grabbed the other as we both scribbled
our long nails over her soft bare feet !

we wickedly tickled her feet.

"Give up that dress girl !" Susan shouted, "...or we'll tickle
you to death !"

Laughing all the while, Jane scooted the dress up her
wriggling body and pulled it off over her head.

"My turn !!!" I yelled, tickling all the while, "....give me
that bra young lady !!!"

Still laughing hysterically, Jane popped loose her bra and
tossed it away, once again revealing those gorgeous boobs of

I snatched the dress and bra away and we settled back in to
another hand.

"Okay, here's the deal. Whoever loses this hand has to strip
off the rest of her clothes and remain naked for the rest of
the night !" I declared.

Susan nodded her agreement, and Aunt Jane, after a few moments
of thought, agreed.

Of course the hand went against Aunt Jane and Susan and I both
chanted "STRIP....STRIP....STRIP...."

As drunk as she was, Jane was still embarassed enough to blush
a furious shade of red as she rose to take off her garter belt
and panties. I could see that Susan was delighted with the
furry red curls of Aunt Jane's mound.

As soon as I had the rest of Aunt Jane's clothing in hand, I
turned to Susan and said "Hey, Susan.. didja know that my
Auntie Jane is SUPER TICKLISH !!!!!"

Jane's eyes grew wide in surprised horror and started giggling
even before Susan got near her.


It was hilarious ! We chased my nude Aunt around the dining
room and living room before finally, she fell victim to
Susan's wiggling digits ! She exploded in laughter as Susan
wrestled her to the ground and furiously tickled her ribs and
tummy ! I started in on her pink little bare feet and within a
minute we had turned her into a gibbering mess !!

As we'd planned, we tickle-tortured her until she was just
about ready to pass out. At my signal, Susan shifted positions
to lay down next to Jane who was so weak she couldn't even
breath. She cupped my Aunt's beautiful breast and began
greedily noshing on her turgid nipple while I began nibbling
on her tender little toes. Susan's fingers wriggled down to
burrow deep within Jane's curly mound and she exploded !!!!!

piglet as the throes of her orgasm overtook her. Violently,
she bucked up against Susan's fingers and writhed with delight
on the living room floor. I kept up my sucking attack of her
toes on one foot while scrabbling my long nails up and down
the tender sole of the other !

Just as her orgasm reached its muscle wrenching crescendo, I
spoke up "We've got a new game we're gonna play Auntie Jane !
It's called "COUNT TO TEN". And that was number one !!!"

Jane started shuddering violently as she realized we were
going to make her cum for us nine more times! Susan started
tickling her pussy and I her feet as we began a long night of
erotic torture for my once over-disciplined Aunt !