Bad Day For Batman


Batman knew his instincts were right as soon as he entered the room. He and Robin had tracked Catwoman to the Gotham City museum where they had planned to steal the Cat's Eye Ruby.

What he wasn't counting on, however, was Catwoman's own instincts on the dynamic duo. She knew that they would track her down, and she was prepared. As soon as she saw a flash of cape and cowl, Catwoman threw the laughing gas bomb at the dynamic duo.

Batman quickly reached into his belt for his batarang, but before he could throw it, the bomb exploded at his feet. Almost immediately, the crime fighters were engulfed in a strange green cloud that very quickly dissipated. Robin immediately dissolved in hysterics, clutching at his belly and falling to the ground at Batman's feet. Batman, a little stronger in will then his young ward, struggled with the hilarious thoughts that had entered his mind. With Robin useless, Batman had to hang on, or they were both doomed. He hung onto the batarang in his hand, and knew that it was a weapon of seriousness. Despite all of the perceived silliness going on around him, this thought kept him going.

"What's wrong with Batman?" asked Feliena, Catwoman's head henchwoman. "Why isn't he laughing his head off like the Birdbrain?"

"I'm not sure," Catwoman responded, "perhaps he's able to struggle against the gas. I just knew that the Joker would screw me when he gave me that thing. It's not strong enough for Batman"

With that last sentence, though, a delicious thought entered her brain. "Felina," she said. "Go over there and tickle Batman a little bit".

"But what about the gas," Felina replied.

"Oh it's gone now, but it's effects aren't. If you don't get over there now, they'll both recover and take us up the river. A little tickling might move him along"

The threat of jail was enough for the feline henchwoman, and she slinked over to the duo. She stepped over Robin and raised her hand to Batman's belly. During the feline exchange, however, Batman had recovered very nicely from the gas attack. The thoughts were starting to leave his mind as he saw Felina approach him. As she raised her hand to his belly, Batman instinctively swung the batarang to bonk her in the head and arrest her.

However, Robin in his hazy mind also saw this, and on the upswing raised his left hand to knock the batarang out of Batman's hands. Batman tried to protest, but still under the effects of the gas, the betrayal by his best friend seemed pretty funny. It was an awkward move that launched the batarang in a direction that Batman hadn't intended, and it renewed the spell of the gas that Batman was under.

“Old chum,” he stammered, “why did you do that?” Robin could only respond with a string of giggles. He was too far gone to answer.

Batman again looked at Felina, but instead of a threat, Batman saw a nice lady approaching. She looked so silly dressed in that kitty costume. The initial bubble of fear and self-protection had dissolved. He knew that he should be serious, but everything around him seemed awfully funny. Plus the batarang that helped him keep straight was gone. It clanged on the floor near Robin's shoulder and renewed laughter in the Boy Wonder. The sound almost egged Batman on to just give in. It reminded him that he was beaten by his best friend.

Felina was initially afraid from the speed of Batman's reflexes, but after Robin "saved" her, she could tell that Batman was again out of it. He stared out at her with glazed eyes, and a slight smile cracked his serious face. She almost laughed herself as the caped crusador stumbeled into his utility belt for his batcuffs.

"Are those for me?" She playfully asked, "oh Batman, you're so silly". As he struggled to get them open, Felina easily took them from his possession. "I think that they'd look so muh better on you", she replied, and she quickly locked them around Batman's wrists.

"No", the caped crusador mumbled.

"Tell you what," she added as she pointed to his utility belt, "you also won't be needing that as well". She then proceeded to unlock his belt, wave it at him for a few seconds, and throw it out of sight.

"You're so helpless now, aren't you," she teased. Batman responded only with a goofy smile. Her voice sounded so silly to him. Of course he was helpless. His knees started to feel so weak. All of his tools were in his utility belt, plus she now had his hands locked together. She wasn't such a nice lady at all, he thought, but she sounded so funny.

"I'm going to tickle you now. Do you want to stop me?"

"No", Batman almost pleaded with a little laugh. Part of him knew that a little tickling would drive him over the edge, but he could not muster enough strength to fight back. He tried again to think clearly, but the gas in his bloodstream only doubled its efforts in driving his mind wild. The batcuffs on his wrist seemed to be replaced by weak toilet paper ropes. As strong as he was supposed to be, f he couldn't break through this silly paper, what hope did he have against anything? Also, he could have sworn that his tights were starting to come loose without his utility belt, and he started to imagine himself pantsless in front of one of his greatest foes.

Felina could tell that his resolve to fight the gas was weakening. Ever she gently and without any resistance, she started to tickle Batman's belly. The sensation felt so strange to the caped crusader. He could have easily overpowered this woman tickling him, but the gas contined to compell him not to resist. He tried desperately to cling to serious thoughts, but they dissolved from his mind instantly as she explored his belly with her dancing fingers. Feeling the giggles coming on, Batman bit his lip in a last ditch effort.

"No...hehe...please stop...hahaha", he begged. Seemingly in a response to Batman's final struggle, Batman's mind betrayed him. It reminded him that he was rendered helpless by a women. All of his muscles were useless against this little kitten picking on him. She had locked him in this silly toilet paper, stolen his utility belt and nearly dropped his pants. It convinved him that he might as well just give up. Batman listened to his mind, and gave in to the last straw of humiliation. He finally relaxed the last parts of his muscles holding on and started gushing laughter.

"That's right," Felina teased as the laughter poured from Batman's lips, "just give in."

He wasn't overly ticklish, but the fact that the powerful Batman was reduced to helpless hysterics by Felina proved to be too powerful. His belly started to hurt from the laughing, and he couldn't even stand any longer. Soon, he found himself on his knees before Felina, laughing his head off. It felt good to give in, and after a few minutes he found himself next to his protege, sharing a joke that only the two of them understood. Even thought he was already far gone, Felina continued to tickle the caped crusader for a good ten minutes.

“There you go, Catwoman,” Felina teased, “he's as helpless as a kitten now.”

Batman knew that wasn't good news to hear, but it sounded so funny to him now. His stomach continued to shake and shake with endless waves of laughter. Nothing made any sense to him anymore. He was reduced to a giggling little schoolgirl, and the picture of such drove his mind wild with hilarity.

With the Batman defeated, Catwomen and her crew made to bid a hasty retreat with the stolen goods. All Batman could register was that his "friends" were leaving now. However, before they did so, they gave him three more of the laughing gas bombs. Catwoman instructed them to use one whenever the remotest serious thought entered their mind or if anybody entered the room. They then waved and hastely left the room. The dynamic duo took a moment to wave back before resuming their giggle fits.

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