Machine Unmasks Batgirl at Abandoned Amusement Park!
by Chelsea Kent

What man could not do, machine has finally done.

Batgirl was mechanically and methodically unmasked yesterday at the
abandoned Hamilton Hill Amusement Park, according to a woman who witnessed
the incident while hiding in a nearby ticket booth. The park was used by
the Joker and his men as a hideout.

"The thing nearly ate her entire costume off of her," 25-year old Deanna
Powell said.  "I felt so helpless, and so sorry for her. I wanted to help
but couldn't."

The Joker and his men lured Batgirl high in the air to the apex of the
Ferris Wheel ride, where he attacked her with his trademark laughing gas.
Moments later, a visibly affected Batgirl toppled from the ride nearly
three stories up and barely managed her way to the ground safely, quickly
wrapping her batrope into the Ferris Wheel.

On the ground, her cape entangled just below the ride in the large gears
and machinery that drive the Ferris Wheel. The machine slowly began to
devour her cape as the laughing gas began to affect the frenzied Batgirl.

"She was very emotional, I guess from the gas, her voice was so shrill and
hysterical. She screamed out, pleading 'My mask, no ! "  while the Joker
and his men were up there waiting for that slow moving wheel to reach the
ground. She grabbed at her collar and tried to yank the cape off her

The superheroine unclasped the cape from her neck but Powell soon got a
surprise about superheroine costume design. "The cape was attached to her
cowl along the neck, except for at the hole in the back where her red hair
shows out of. I suppose that's to anchor the mask and cowl to her face to
keep he from being unmasked, only this time it was causing her unmasking!"

The Bat-Clad Daredevil grabbed her cape and was soon in a losing tug of
war with the machine. She was yanked to the ground holding her hands over
her batmask while the cape disappeared further into the teeth of the
machine as the impatient Joker and his men leered at her from above.

"It was horrible," Powell said. "I was so afraid for her. Those men were
getting closer to her and she was so out of it, with the gas making her so
agitated and excited. And I was afraid of them; everyone's heard of the
Joker and what he's capable of-so I stayed put-I was so scared I could
barely breathe!"

Then came Powell's biggest surprise. "Her mask began to split. It tore
under her right eye. She got dangerously close to the machine, it almost
took her hair in!"

The machine had most of her cape in its grasp. As she reached to her face
to protect her mask, Powell said the machinery grabbed a piece of her
costume at the shoulder.

"That's when it really got bad for her," the young witness said. "Her mask
stretched badly, and split at her forehead! The machine kept tugging, and
her red hair just started popping out of the top of the mask in small
holes caused by the stretching of the mask. Her little bat-mask ears were
turned sideways instead of pointing up."

Powell, who was exposed recently in tabloids as the witness at the scene,
denied she recognized Batgirl's face under the mask. "I didn't see her
face, that's why I'm talking to you, the mainstream media about this. I
want to make it clear that I don't know who she is. The forehead of the
mask split, but not at the bridge of her nose, which would have opened her
face up to a full view. I was more embarrassed for her the way it tore her
batclothes off and exposed her."

If Powell did not see under the mask, she did claim to see under the
costume. "The machine ate her costume right off her, except for those
canary colored boots, but she had on a protective-type of bodice
body-briefer underneath. It was black and had a low cut top and high cut
legs. When she turned around it had a thong back! I had never seen her
exposed rear end like that under that costume, but she's very sexy!"

As the Joker's men landed and rushed Batgirl, she  recovered from the
effects of the gas and discarded her mask into the machine.  "She gave a
quick head toss and her long red hair fell forward and covered most of her
face. But I didn't see her face, her hair was in the way," insisted

With the Joker laughing hideously after her, Batgirl ran from the park to
fight another day.

"I heard her Batcycle crank up," she said. "and I knew she was safe. The
Joker and his men went in her direction, and that's when I left out the
back way."

Powell said she had had personal reasons for being at the park. "

I went to the park because it was the anniversary of my sister's death,"
she said. "She died three years ago on this very Ferris Wheel when the
seat gave way when she was at the top of the ride. Shortly after that the
park was closed because of standards violations, but I was glad t see the
same ride helped Batgirl today, the way she wrapped her batrope into it
and made it to safety. I wish she had been here when my sister Shelly was
in danger. With Batgirl's skills, I have a feeling she could have helped

Powell is an unabashed admirer of Batgirl. "She's great, such a strong
woman. She's done so much for women and women's self esteem. She's
beautiful, and she's showing that a woman can do anything a man can do.
She's my heroine."