Our Story Thus Far (Partial)...

Bondage-loving arch-villainess Nora Clavicle and her eager partners Opera and
Vinyl have lured Batgirl to the "Dress for Duress" fetishwear factory on
Latex Lane and have subjected her to various elaborate and innovative forms
of sexual bondage. The most innovative has been Clavicsand, a fantastic form
of quicksand that can be instantly changed from requiring struggle to stay
afloat to requiring absolute stillness to stay afloat. The most interesting
so far has just finished. Batgirl was trying to climb a pole that greased
itself halfway through and re-greased frequently. The pole was marked with
the ways she would die if she failed to reach the very top. The top was
"Orgasm", the bottom was "Clavicle's Choice", just below "Sever". Despite
being encumbered with a ball gag and one of Nora's tenderly placed,
well-lubricated G-Spot vibrators, she almost reached the top. But then
somehow the vibrator sped up enormously and poor Batgirl had an orgasm,
which caused her to fall to the bottom. Now Nora and her able assistants
are preparing Batgirl's demise. Nora is a tall blonde of about 30, the other
women are in their early 20's. Vinyl has auburn hair, and Opera has short,
fluffy black hair. All have tight, trim bodies with good breasts and firm
butts. Nora is stylishly dressed in a tight, shiny basic-black PVC mini
dress, with black pantyhose and patent leather ankle boots. Opera and Vinyl
are fetchingly attired in virgin-white PVC catsuits and stiletto-heel boots.

'Remove her from the pole.' Nora commanded as she quietly patted the remote
control concealed in her palm.

Batgirl was lifted off the slimy pole and held before Nora, the front of
her purple bodystocking glistening with the mixture of sweat and slime.
Her head was still held up by the harness ballgag, that Nora had so
thoughtfully inserted. Nora approached her and casually slid her hand
down Batgirl's body, pausing to caress her breasts, which were covered in

'Ooo, Batgirl, you're filthy. You seem to be making rather a habit of
that lately. Girls, take Batgirl, and get her cleaned up again. I want
her to look her best for her grand finale.'

Opera and Vinyl led the still-bound Batgirl back to the shower and cut the
bodystocking from her bound body. To Batgirl's infinite relief, they removed
the ballgag and carefully extracted the vibrator, which had stopped buzzing
when she fell. Then the women took infinite pleasure in cleansing her
thoroughly, including some small, soft kisses in tender spots. When they
were satisfied that she was clean AND substantially aroused, they led Batgirl
back to a small room where Nora stood waiting, gun in hand.

'Remove her restraints.'

Opera opened a switch-blade knife and quickly cut through the ropes
holding Batgirl's arms tightly behind her back. Batgirl rubbed the
circulation back into her wrists and elbows, looking down momentarily at the
large caliber
firearm which Nora was pointing at her midsection. Although nude except for
her cowl, she put her hands on her hips defiantly.

Nora erupted into a huge smile, glancing down at Batgirl's breasts, which had
jutted even further up and out with the motion.

'Oh Batgirl, you're so precious. Always the crimefightress. Well, we'll
see how defiant your are once you've had a taste of my new invention.
Girls, let's introduce Batgirl to the Molded Damsel!'

The girls opened a large door and exited, only to return seconds later,
pulling a large platform, atop of which was a huge robot-like object. It
was smooth and futuristic looking, and made of what looked like black
fiberglass. It's arms and legs were straight and spread in a X
configuration. All in all, Batgirl thought to herself, it looked like a
huge, black gingerbread man with its arms in the air. Where the face
would have been, had been cut away revealing a hollow interior.

Vinyl set the wheel locks and climbed up on platform. She reached behind
the figure and pushed a button. With the slightest of noises, the entire
front of the figure slid open and slightly forward; then hinged at the
bottom, tilting down until it was almost horizontal. Once opened, Batgirl
could see that the inside was contoured to the human body. And once
closed, the figure would trap a person like a medieval iron maiden.

Batgirl removed her gaze from the device and looked over at Nora, who was
busy watching her reaction.

'Intriguing, isn't it Batgirl? Care for a closer look?'

'I can see it just fine from here'

'Oh, I insist... GIRLS!'

If it weren't for the gun, Batgirl would certainly have resisted, for
though she didn't know exactly what was in store for her, she knew with
Nora's propensity for fiendish contraptions, it wasn't going to be good.
Still, the gun was aimed at her midsection, so she had little choice but to
let Vinyl and Opera lead her atop the platform. They turned her around to
face Nora, and shoved her backwards against the inside of the figure.

'Step up on the footrests, Batgirl.' Nora ordered.

Batgirl, obliged and found that the footrests were no restful at all They
were shaped like extremely high heeled shoes, and as she stood on them,
Batgirl found she was forced to stand on her tiptoes.

'Good. Now lean back.'

Batgirl, looked down at the gun and then at the two women next to her.
Then she leaned back into the contoured interior of the figure. It was
not hard, but soft and rubbery, and conformed to her body's every curve
like a soft, clay mold.


Opera and Vinyl quickly made sure that Batgirl would not have second
thoughts about being so cooperative. Bright blue straps which were
affixed to the inside of the figure quickly immobilized her at her ankles,
wrists and waist, as well as around her neck. When they were finished
Batgirl could barely move.

'Isn't this a little overkill Nora, even for you?'
Batgirl commented. 'Obviously, when this thing is
closed, these straps will be pointless. I won't be able
to move once you close this thing.'

'Oh, you'll be moving Batgirl. You'll be rocking and
rolling in there soon. Opera, zip her up!'

Opera reached behind the figure and pushed a button. The front of the
figure tilted up again until it was vertical, and then closed sealing
Batgirl inside, her face visible in the cut-away portion of the head.

Batgirl had fully expected the front of the figure to fit like the back,
but was still amazed at how tight and form fitting it was as it closed
around her. For instance, instead of just pushing her breasts against her
body, it cupped them. The only area that wasn't super tight was her head.
She was able to move it within the cavity and look out on the wicked face
of Nora, who climbed up on the platform and stood before her, smiling.

'Comfortable, Batgirl?' Nora asked, wickedly.

'It's not too bad.' Batgirl replied. 'Actually it's rather cozy.'


Nora reached behind the figure and Batgirl heard a quiet click.

'We'll see about that. But first, you look like you need to relax. I want

you to be in the right mood before we start.'

Nora walked over to a cabinet near the wall of the room. She bent over at
the waist to open the bottom of the cabinet, displaying her thonged butt to
Batgirl. She removed a rubber nose-and-mouth mask from the cabinet, with a
long silver canister attached. She also took a small roll of tape from the
cabinet. Smiling evilly, Nora walked back towards Batgirl.

'This (ahh!) is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. With plenty of oxygen to
keep you alive. Just the thing to relax your mind. Don't think about
holding your breath, there's a fifteen-minute supply in here and I have
plenty more where this came from.'

Nora pushed the mask's switch to start the gas flowing, then taped the
switch down. As she brought the mask near, Batgirl rapidly shook her head
and tried to bite. Nora loosened the straps all the way and flopped the
mask loosely over her cowl and face, occasionally grabbing the canister to
keep the mask near Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl tried not to breathe, but it
was no use. She would either breathe the gas now, or pass out and breathe
it later.

With no choice left, Barbara inhaled, slowly at first in the hope she could
control her mind against the gas. She felt a little calmer, and took
another breath. A quiet feeling of peacefulness settled over her, and she
began to forget about being immobilized in Nora's fiendish sexual torture
device. She was falling under the spell of the insidious gas without a
struggle. After a few more breaths, she saw and felt Nora tightening the
straps behind her head, dentist-like, but didn't care to do anything about
it. Her eyes closed, and in a minute she was feeling rather giddy. She
giggled a little, then relaxed. She started to feel a familiar warmth in
her pussy, which spread until she was pleasantly horny all over. The
pleasure and relaxation made her giggle again. She started daydreaming of
some of her favorite experiences, of the joy of being bound and gagged with
something fun inside her. After a little while, her eyes opened and she
realized that Nora had removed the mask. The warm feelings inside her
started to fade, and Batgirl was trying to remember where she was when...

It began on the soles of her feet. Then appeared at the small of her back,
under her ears, at her underarms, and on the sides of her ribs. Feathers,
dozens of small feathers were tickling her just hard enough to REALLY tease,
accompanied by rubbery fingers with nails. There were two sets on each foot
and God knows how many elsewhere. She thrashed instinctively under the
exquisite torment. Suddenly, with a loud clack, the straps holding her wrists
and ankles pulled slightly apart, stretching her body like a medieval rack.


'Oh, I'm sorry Batgirl, I forgot to explain the idea of this device. It's
made to stimulate you into moving. As you move, the straps are pulled tighter.
Eventually, you'll be pulled limb from limb!' The joy in her rising voice
was evident. 'This is just Stage One, which I call 'taking up the slack'.
It's fast and efficient. Do you like it so far?'

'I'm-not-very-ticklish!' said Batgirl, but an involuntary, futile jerk of
her feet away from their tormenters caused the device to tighten her limbs
another notch.

Nora's smile broadened. She pushed another button on the console, and more
feathers leapt into action. These were on Barbara's nipples, under her
breasts, and around her clit, making her jerk again. The straps tightened
all around. She could feel her crotch being spread apart as her legs were
pulled downwards. This slight ache made for a strange feeling combined with
the expertly designed ticklers, which were exciting and excruciating at the
same time. Barbara was rapidly getting more aroused in spite of herself.
She started making little laughs and moans under the combined stresses.

'Do you know Batgirl, I could put you back on the gas again, and you'd just
jerk around mindlessly until your arms were yanked off!' That excited,
rising voice again. 'But that wouldn't be nearly as much fun as what I have
planned for you in Stage Two!'

Another spasm and clank, and Batgirl lay still. But she knew it was only a
matter of time before one of the unpredictable tickle-sensations would
produce another spasm. Moreover, she was starting to build towards a
thrashing orgasm that would surely be fatal.

Nora pushed another button. A single, large feather slid between Batgirl's
buttocks and was dragged rapidly across her anus. Batgirl's back tried to
arch, and the machine tightened again.

Batgirl shouted, 'Hey, that's not fair!'

'Life isn't fair, dear.', Nora replied with a smile.

After a few more ticklish seconds Nora wondered 'Then again, on second

She beckoned for Opera to stand by the console, went back to the cabinet,
bent over again for Batgirl's benefit, and picked up another nitrous oxide
mask. She shook up the canister and slowly model-walked towards Batgirl,
smiling her broadest, happiest, most evil smile as she swung her shapely

Barbara froze in horror. She couldn't even struggle to keep the mask away
from her, not that it would do much good anyway. Nor could she stop
breathing. Worse, Opera had stepped up the tickle-torture, and dialled
in a different rhythm. Unhurriedly, Nora bent near Batgirl, pushed the
mask's switch, and taped it down.

'Now just relax and breathe normally. It'll be all better in a minute.'

If the mask went on her, she would be pulled apart. In deadly fear, Batgirl
tried shaking her head, but this helped no more than the first time.
In seconds, the mask was over her nose. Gradually she fell under the gas's
spell. As she did so, her awareness of her surroundings disappeared, and
the tickling became her only sensation. She began to laugh uncontrollably.
Hard, out loud. The more her mind and body relaxed into the endlessly
comfortable world of the nitrous, the more and more she laughed under the
insidiously gentle all-over ticklers. Oblivious to everything but the
tickling and her own laughter, she started to thrash in her tight bonds...

Nora hadn't really wanted to kill Batgirl, just scare her (almost) to death. She'd signalled Opera to turn off the tightening mechanism, because she really enjoyed toying with her prey. Nora had left the mask loose on Batgirl's head so she could watch her face and hear her laugh. The laughter was hearty, from the diaphragm.


Batgirl's eyes were wide open, but saw nothing under the tickling and gas.
Her head jerked aimlessly from side to side, her mouth wide open and
drooling slightly. Vinyl had walked over to watch, and all three women were
getting moist-eyed with parted lips. Nora's hand slipped under her
super-short dress, thankful she had a "convenience crotch" in her pantyhose,
and the other girls helped each other open the special through-the-crotch
zippers in their catsuits that ran from the cleavage around to the top of
the butt. Nora got an extra charge watching each girl walk behind the other
and pull down the zipper that exposed her ass. She thought about how she
had totally sexually manipulated Batgirl without once touching her directly.
Now Batgirl was helpless in the iron grip of a mindless machine of Nora's
own devising. Her heartless feathers and fingers would continue the torture
as long as the building had power, and she could keep Batgirl gassed for
hours. Although they'd set up similar scenes before, this was the best they
could remember. All three torturers needed something to lean on as their
fingers worked feverishly in their pussies. They could tell from Batgirl's
sharp, jerky breathing and high-pitched moans that had mostly replaced the
laughter that she was nearing orgasm, and so were they.

It was nearly simultaneous. Batgirl's loud, indescribable, unnatural screams
set the others off in heavy moaning. Their long, standing-up orgasms were
quite an experience! When Nora could finally move again, she went to the
control panel and shut off the tickling. This was only to give Batgirl's
skin a rest, to re-sensitize her for what was coming up. Nora knew that
eventually body parts become numb to stimulation, so she let Batgirl sleep
for a few minutes while the girls set up the next event.

Barbara gradually woke up to a somewhat changed situation. Laughing gas
leaves the system quickly, but her recent ordeals had fatigued her. The
first thing she noticed was a hose about a half-inch in diameter in her
mouth, but not very deep. Her eyes opened to see a metal rod and clamp
hanging down between them, holding the hose in place. The rod was attached
to a plastic headband that was tightened around her cowl. Nora was standing
in front of her, now wearing a gas mask. She had strapped a hot-pink
enamelled gas cylinder, about the size of a large fire extinguisher, to her
back. She was holding a handle in the middle of a long black hose that was
plugged in to a fitting on the other end of the hose in Barbara's mouth.
Barbara tried to move the hose with her tongue, then bite down on it. But it
was too short to be bent out of her mouth, and was covered with steel
flex-hose armor that even a hacksaw would have trouble with. Nora was
obviously intent on delivering some sort of gas to Batgirl in quantity.
Looking towards the control console, Barbara could see Opera and Vinyl,
wearing white gas masks that matched their catsuits. Nora certainly had a
kinky sense of style! Then Barbara realized with a shock that maybe they
were wearing masks because the gas was dangerous! And they were concerned
with limiting how much leaked out of her! Suddenly Nora spoke. She had a
microphone and speaker built into the mask, so Barbara could hear her quite

'This is a special gas that I made just... for... you. Let's see how you
like it!'

Nora squeezed the handle. Barbara's tongue tried to block the hose, but the
pressure pushed it back against all its strength. She tried placing her
tongue back to block the passage to her throat, still breathing through her
nose. But the gas immediately flowed out of her mouth, with fumes quickly
drifting up through her nose and into her lungs. Besides, she realized from
the taste that her mouth was absorbing some gas anyway! The gas was colored
a feminine hot-pink, like the cylinder it came from. Another Nora touch,
thought Barbara. But then she felt a feeling swell in the pit of her stomac

She exploded in laughter. Even harder than under the tickle-torture. Her
mouth wide open, she could feel her other face muscles contract in various
small ways. Some were even relaxing. She was barely able to breathe
between bursts of laughter as the gas flowed freely into her mouth and down
her throat.


After just a few seconds, she felt the insidious, cloying tickling began
again. The feeling of the REAL laughing gas combined with the tickling was
overwhelming. But suddenly the gas stopped.

Nora had really enjoyed watching Batgirl's face twist into the happiest
expression possible. The mouth wide open and smiling its broadest, the
eyes glowing with excitement. And that intense laughter! But she had one
last little game to play. So she released the handle, then signalled Opera
to stop the tickling so Batgirl would be sure to hear her. The voice was
slightly tinny through the speaker.

'Now Batgirl, this is my own special brand of laughing gas. It's MUCH more
fun than that nitrous oxide, don't you think? I mixed the color myself. I
think it's most appropriate for a woman's gas, don't you? But I can't take
credit for ALL the chemistry. I got most of the recipe from my friend the

On the word "Joker", she squeezed the handle and Opera hit the tickling full


Batgirl knew the Joker's gas was always lethal, but took a few minutes to
work so he would have time to enjoy the antics of his doomed victims. Her
face was already frozen into the incredibly, genuinely happy expression
that was the Joker's trademark. Her sides were starting to ache. The
combined feeling of deadly, stomach-twisting fear, the overpowering laughing
gas, and the full-body tickle-torture was incredible! As these overwhelming
feelings churned inside her, she began to feel as if maybe this WAS death at
last. She had come so close so many times! Well, having been to the edge
so much, she could face it. She would be brave in some small corner of the
mind she was being driven out of. No matter how humiliating the situation.

Then the gas stopped.

'Oh, did I scare you? This stuff isn't lethal like the Joker's. No, it's
just so I can have fun playing with people! And it's got plenty of oxygen
so you won't choke. I can wait a LITTLE while longer to kill you!'

Batgirl's tormentors pulled off their masks and dropped them on the ground.
They were all smiling at the way they'd scared Batgirl with death twice.

'So for now you can just relax and enjoy!'

She squeezed the handle again. The tickling switched to a rhythm Batgirl
hadn't felt before, and was cranked up to maximum intensity, which was
incredibly insidious.


Nora adjusted the regulator dial to maximize the flow to Batgirl. Her head
was in a pink haze, sweat was breaking out on her frozen, happy features as
the helpless laughter rolled on and on. The gas slowly rose in a column
above her. Nora was really getting off on pumping the powerful stuff down
Batgirl's throat. It was plenty of fun for Opera and Vinyl, too.
They could tell from Batgirl's breathing that she was working up another
orgasm. 'Thank God SOMEBODY's multi-orgasmic!' thought Nora. She'd dominated men to death before, and their lack of "stamina" compared with women made them a bit boring. But only a bit. They were amusing enough in their own way, and she could tempt them in many ways most women would ignore. And, of course, they had their own special vulnerabilities. Lady Penelope Pea-Soup had made an academic study of women's multi-orgasmic function at the Ladies' School of Crime. Nora would have to read that some time. All she knew was that Lady Penelope's "statistically significant" results had been published, and the cheerleaders returned to their colleges unharmed.

Sadly for the torturers, the laughing couldn't last forever. The column of gas was mushrooming out as it touched the ceiling. Nora realized she'd soon have a room full of the stuff, and didn't want to have to go around in the gas mask. She was really kinky, and a gas mask could be fun under some circumstances, but not as an all-the-time thing. Now, shiny super-tight latex catsuits were a different matter...

Fortunately, Batgirl's next orgasm was fast approaching. No moans this time, the Clavicle gas pouring into her lungs saw to that. Just an indescribable, high-pitched, weird laughter between the short, sharp breaths. The other females felt a stirring, and rubbed themselves a bit, but unfortunately they weren't in a really conducive environment.

Batgirl came, long, loud, and laughing. Then she slumped, her face still frozen in joy.

Nora realized the fun of the moment was over. She shut off the gas, had the girls stop the tickling, checked Batgirl's pulse (fast but strong, normal after an orgasm), wiped the sweat off her face, then unhooked the gas hose from Batgirl and turned around towards the console.

'Opera! Vinyl!'

They looked up. A blast of pink gas caught them both in the face. Sweeping from girl to girl, Nora drove them back, both laughing hard.


Nora continued until both women were rolling on the floor, holding their aching sides, their lovely faces sporting broad, happy smiles. Then she gave herself a blast, right in the face, so she could have a minute of the happiness and strange torture brought by the amazing gas.

A bit later, still giggling from the residual gas in the room (as were people in buildings downwind of the roof exhaust fans, though they didn't know why), they returned to Batgirl and removed the head harness and its attached hose. Her face was returning to normal, and she could talk, though with frequent giggle fits. Opera returned to the console, Vinyl to the medicine cabinet, Nora to Batgirl.

'Now, Batgirl, it's time for the LAST step!'

Suddenly, Batgirl felt areas within the figure press even closer to her
body. On and around her breasts, behind her knees and especially between
her spread legs. Something pushed up against her pussy, causing Batgirl
to flinch.

Then she felt the area around her breasts begin to tingle. It was like
finger nails softly touching her, then hands messaging, then pinching.

'Ouch!' Batgirl exclaimed and strained against her bonds.

'This is Stage 2. It's slower than Stage 1, but much more fun.'

'Think of it as magic fingers, with a kick. As you are now probably
already aware, hidden inside the soft interior are a number of sensory
agents, all designed with one idea in mind: To give you the greatest
orgasm you've ever had.'

The area between Batgirl's thighs awakened and Batgirl felt something wet
first caress and then vibrate against her clitoris, sending shock waves
across her body. She arched her feet and again the machine tightened ever
so slightly, pulling her limbs further apart.

'Ah!' Batgirl exclaimed again.

'It's also programmed to make sure it's the LAST orgasm you'll ever have.
Unfortunately, the machine's sensors are programmed to tighten if you move.
Of course, you will find it impossible not to respond to the machine's
stimulus. It will continue to arouse you, until eventually, you orgasm
and are pulled apart at the seams...' Nora said, breaking into a wicked

'You bitch!'


'Ah!' Batgirl screamed, as the machine tightened once more.

'I would love to stay and watch... You know me, I just love to watch you
struggle, but I am afraid we must be off.'

Nora turned away momentarily as if to leave, and then
turned back to face Batgirl, whose eyes were closed and
head was tilted back, mouth slightly open, obviously in
the midst of another pleasure wave.

'Oh, and I'm afraid that this machine won't respond to your cries for
mercy like I did. In fact you'll find it has no compassion what so ever.
It will just continue it's slow, diabolical little job until...'



'... Well at least you'll die... smiling!'

Nora stepped down off the platform and ushered the girls outside. But she
couldn't help but turn just as she neared the door and deliver one parting

'Don't! Move!'

And then she turned, laughter echoing down the stone hallway as she left.
Batgirl was left alone with her fate clearly laid out before her. The
machine continued to arouse her, slowly caressing her body, and when she
responded, it would stretch her slightly more. It was relentless. She
concentrated on keeping as perfectly still as possible, but the tension
within her body would slowly build, until it was torturous. Then against
her will, her body would respond, causing the machine to tighten slightly
more, until finally she was stretched to her maximum. And the cycle would
begin again.

Nora had certainly outdone herself. After just a short time, Batgirl's
body was dripping with sweat from the strain and arousal. She was helpless
to stop it. The pain from her limbs was becoming intense, and merged with
the incredible pleasure, until they were inseparable.

The machines deadly activations had stepped up a notch. She would orgasm
soon. She knew what would happen then: She would die. The machines
sensations built again. Batgirl felt a touch begin at her feet and slowly
move upward between her thighs to her aching pussy. It searched out her
most vulnerable area and slowly began to vibrate. At the same time small
points of pressure began to move around and under her breasts, sucking at
her nipples, biting, messaging.

The passion grew once more inside of her and she knew that she could hold
out no more. The vibration on her clitoris increased until she could
think of nothing but letting go, releasing to her pleasure, knowing full
well, that if she did, she would die.

She didn't care anyone. She had no more strength left. Her entire body
stiffened in expectation of what was to come. Then suddenly the door to
the room flew open.


It was Batman.

'Oh my god!..... Batman! ... turn..ah... this... machine off. Off!

Batman flew up onto the platform, found the button that turned the machine
off, and pushed it.

Just as he did so, Batgirl came, in a rush of emotion that she couldn't
comprehend. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked her body with such abandon,
that she was completely unaware of herself, until the waves subsided had
and she found that Batman had opened the machine and was freeing her
wrists and ankles. Exhausted, she fell into Batman's waiting arms.

'Batgirl, are you allright?'

Batgirl was limp, but came around quickly.

'Oh thank-you, Batman! I thought that I was stretched. How did you...
Nora! She's gone!' Batgirl exclaimed, realizing that Nora must have

'Don't worry about Nora and her gang. They are aren't going anywhere.'

Batman lead Batgirl back to the playroom, where Nora, Opera and Vinyl were
all up to their breasts in Clavicsand.

'Well it seems like the Clavic trio have been caught in their own sandy

'Batgirl, Please! Get us out of here! Were drowning!' Opera pleaded.

Batgirl walked up to the ring that enclosed the synthetic quicksand and

'Oh you shouldn't move...' Batgirl said, dipping her stocking foot into
the thick white slurry and making small rings in it's viscous surface. 'I
think maybe it's fitting that you should all perish at the hands of your
own sadistic sludge.'

'Oh god no, Batgirl. Please turn it off!'

Batgirl glanced at Batman and then back at the women, who
like Batgirl earlier, could not help but move slightly in the deadly
quicksand. Each slight movement causing their bodies to sink lower and
lower, until only their heads remained above the surface.


Batgirl slowly walked around the ring of quicksand and then stepped up on
the walkway. Then she paused, before finally flicking the switch that
turned the fiendish synthetic quicksand off. Before the women could lift
their arms, the slurry quickly congealed around them, trapping them up to
their necks in heavy sand.

'Well Batman? Should we go?'

'Why not? Everything here is under control.'

'You can't leave us like this!' Nora screamed.

'The police will be here shortly to dig you out.' Batgirl said as she
walked down the corridor. 'Don't...! move....!'

* * * * * * *

Once outside, it dawned on Batgirl that the Boy Wonder was missing.

'Batman, where is Robin?

'He's out checking out the other fetishwear factory. There are only two
in Gotham City you know.'

'Yes I know.' Batgirl said smiling, as she straddled her Batgirl cycle and
kick-started it. 'How about dinner?'

'I'm afraid that I will have to take a rain check. I promised Robin that
I would take him fishing.'

'Oh well...next time' Batgirl said, as she turned her cycle to the street.
She took a final look at Batman, thought momentarily about the wasted
opportunity, and sped off into the night.

* * * * * * *

She arrived home exhausted. She took off her Batgirl outfit, washed it
and hung it up to dry. It was latex; It would dry quickly. Then she
slipped into a hot bath, her joints still aching from the stretch of
Nora's machine. She felt lucky to be alive. She momentarily wondered if
she was crazy for continuing her crimefighting activities. Then the
thought was pushed aside, as the soft, soapy sponge slid down her body and
between her legs. She wondered what tomorrow would bring.