BimboTech: BimboDrops
by The Sympathetic Devil

Nica awoke to a knocking on the door. Her head throbbed. She staggered to her
feet and stumbled half-blind to the door.
"Nica, open up!" said the loud knocker.
Nica blinked and recognized it was Aline. She fumbled with the lock.
"Nica!" Aline exclaimed, embracing her and mashing her nearly-naked tits against
her. She kissed her on the cheek, then held her back by her shoulders.
"Is Carlos here?" she asked.
"Carlos? " Nica asked, confused.
She looked around. She didn't see Carlos. She did see four Japanese business men
standing on the porch behind Aline. They were all smiling at her appreciatively.
"I don't think so," said Nica. She felt a little woozy.
"That's o.k.," said Aline. "I brought you replacement peckers!"
At that news, Nica's eyes brightened. She was still confused about what had
happened and didn't feel all that well, but she knew what would make her feel
better! If there was cock to be had, nothing else mattered.Nica looked to the
trousers of the four men. Each was sporting a woody. Nica grinned.
"You are slut, yes?" asked the shortest one in broken Portuguese.
Nica nodded and giggled, her eyes never leaving their bulges.
"See!" said Aline. "I told you! She's almost as big a slut as me! <giggle> I
brought all four of them to my place but its, like, hard to fuck four guys at
once. I tried to call you but you didn't answer! I figured you were doing Carlos
but I guessed when he was done with you, you'd still be cock-hungry <giggle> I
know I can never get enough! So what do you say? Wanna have an orgy?"
"Yeah!" Nica exclaimed.
"Well, come on in boys!" Aline exclaimed. "The ass is hot and fresh!"
In no time at all, Nica's clothes were off and she had one of the men's cocks in
her mouth while another was humping her ass. There cocks weren't as nice as
Carlos ever-reliable shlong but it sure was nice to have two of them. Being
fucked from both ends made her feel more like the slut that she was!
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that one of them had already blown his was
all over Aline's naked titties and Nica grunted in protest that Aline was
already eating spunk! Apparently the cock in her mouth enjoyed the grunt,
though, because it immediately started to throb. Nica's attention returned to
the task at hand and some well-practiced licks and sucks soon had the pecker
pulsing out liquid pleasure. Nica's headache was completely washed away in the
warm white waves. She squealed with pleasure and clenched her asshole, causing
the gentleman behind her to gasp and fill up her back entrance with the same
wonderful stuff.
Nica gave a gooey smile to the man who had filled her mouth and he bowed to her.
Nica looked over her shoulder to do the same for the man pulling out of her. He
bowed as well. Nica giggled and blew a jism bubble.
She looked about for Aline, hoping there was still some spunk on her tits that
Nica could lick off. The two men who had been fucking Aline were standing there
with their dicks going limp, grinning and looking at Nica's ass. Nica was quite
used to men admiring her ass, but that didn't explain where Aline had gone.
The mystery was solved as feminine fingers clasped Nica's ass cheeks and a face
dove between them. Nica squealed and looked behind her. Curly blonde hair peaked
over the horizon of her buttocks. Aline was lapping the jism from her asshole.
"Hey! That's mine!" Nica protested. "And it tickles!"
Aline just licked all the harder, pushed her tongue all the deeper.
"Hey, that feels kid of nice <giggle>" Nica said and blinked.
She giggled and wiggled her toushie. The men started talking to each other in
Japanese. Nica looked about and saw that they were very interested in what Aline
was doing to her. So much so that their flaccid peckers were starting to rally!
Nica decided to play it up for them.
"Oh Aline!" she cried. "Lick me lick me lick me!!!" Eat my ass, you dirty little
Aline grunted into her ass. The men laughed, some of them repeating 'dirty
slut'. Nica giggled and continued to grind her ass into her best friends face.
It felt really good, but what Nica wanted most was another shot of pecker-juice.
She smiled at the man who seemed to have made the best recovery and beckoned him
closer with a hooked finger. He said something to his colleagues that made them
laugh and swaggered over. She grabbed a hold of his cock as soon as it was in
range and tugged him closer until she could pop it into her mouth.
The cock still had left-over spunk sticking to it and Nica shuddered with
pleasure at the taste. She started her moaning, anxious fellatio and the cock
got harder and hotter in her mouth. She was going to get more! She was coming at
just the thought of it!
And then another cock came into her field of vision, the head of it tapping her
nose, making her go cross eyed. The owner of the first cock said something
incoherent but annoyed to the owner of the second, but after hurried
negotiation, the second cock pushed its way along side the first. Nica's eyes
went wide. She had never even considered sucking two cocks at once, but here she
was, lips stretched to capacity, two hot heads insistently probing for the back
of her throat. Nica squealed with delight and pushed her tongue up between the
two meat rods. It was a new trick, but Nica was up to the challenge. Sucking
dick was her raison detre.
The Japanese men were glad to help her too. They each took hold of her head and
began to actively fuck her face, calling out a rhythm as one and then the other
pushed his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. All Nica really had to do is
try not to gag, which she was a natural at, and try not pass out from the pure
pleasure of it.
Back between Nica's ass-cheeks, Aline started groaning and thrashing. Only later
did Nica learn it was because her friend was also taking two cocks at once,
though in a very different hole. All Nica new at the time was that her friend
had triggered another orgasm and she cried out incoherently with a mouth full of
And then, at last, they gave up their precious nectar, hot and slimy, pulsing in
tandem into Nica throat, welling up and out between her stretched lips, dripping
down her chin as she gurgled in delirious bliss.
The cocks slipped out of Nica's mouth. Aline slipped out of Nica's ass. Both
girls slipped off the couch and onto the floor, a quivering mass. One of the men
said something and they all put away their dicks, pulled up their pants, and
filed in front of the girls. They bowed, then filed out the door. Nica and Aline
waved, then spent half an hour eating spunk off each other.
When they were all cleaned up, they sat sprawled on the floor giggling,
recounting to each other the details of how they had been fucked. At last they
sighed and there was silence.
"You know what I want?" asked Nica at last.
Aline's eyes glistened and a smile consumed her face.
"More!" they both said at once.
A few phone calls later and Carlos house was filled with horny young
neighborhood guys who a few weeks ago never would have thought they would have a
chance with Nicole. They were still amazed at the sudden change in her, but they
couldn't deny she had become a complete slut along with Aline. The two girls
sprawled naked on the floor, fingering each other and urging their neighbors to
cum all over them. Soon the young men had their pants around their ankles and
Nica and Aline were encircled by a dozen hard, throbbing young pricks as the
boys aimed and pumped. They giggled and made lewd gestures as their neighbors
called them sluts, tramps and whores.
And then the shower began.
A tall, skinny 19 year old, whose name Nica wasn't even sure she had ever known,
was the first to go off. He sent a long, glistening ribbon of jism that
plastered itself across Aline's tits. Nica dove for the treat, lapping it from
her best friends bosom and was hit in the back of the head by the boys follow
Almost in unison, the eleven other cocks started shooting their wads. Nica and
Aline squealed in delight, catching what they could on the fly, lapping what
they couldn't from each other and off the floor. The sheer volume was
overwhelming and soon they were drunker off cum than they could ever have gotten
off liquor. They giggle and slurped and rubbed the sweet man-juice into each
others skin and hair. They reveled in the cheers of the neighborhood guys as
they expressed their amazement that anyone could be so slutty, let alone the two
most beautiful girls in town.
Nica was in such a cum-drenched euphoric fog that she was barely aware that
another voice, much louder than those of her fans and the giggling and sucking
of Aline, was not nearly so impressed. It was a very angry voice. And soon the
other voices were gone and only the angry voice remained. Nica wiped jism out of
her eyes to see her lover, Carlos, red-faced and fuming. The other cocks were
gone, but that didn't matter. She liked Carlos cock the best.
"Hi Carlos!" she exclaimed. "Aline came over to play!"
The dripping, dazed blonde waved at him from the pool in which she lay.
"You wanna fuck us?" Nica asked. "Were horny sluts!"
Aline giggled and blew sperm bubbles.
"God damnit, Nica!" Carlos exclaimed. "Do you have any idea what you've done?"
Nica didn't really understand the question and Aline's bubbles looked tasty. She
kissed her best friend passionately, slurping up jism in the process. Not that
Aline minded. There was plenty to go around!
"FUCK!" Carlos exclaimed, but when Nica looked he was stomping around the house
so she didn't think it was an invitation. She sucked semen from Aline's hair
"What a fucking mess!" Carlos continued ranting. "The bed room too? I was only
gone for 3 hours, damn it! Shit! They went through my stuff!"
There was a moment in which the only sound was of the two girls contentedly
sucking and licking and of Carlos rummaging through bottles, then a cry of
anguish that was enough to momentarily draw the girls out of their happy
euphoria and shudder.
"Its gone! Its gone! Oh fuck, its gone!"


Carlos was really mad. Nica wasn't sure why. She wasn't sure about much of
anything except that she really liked cum. She liked it a lot! And there was so
much of it! She couldn't stop giggling, she was so drunk on the slimy stuff.
Aline couldn't stop giggling either, even as Carlos grabbed her by her gooey
hair and propelled her out the front door. Nica waved goodbye to her best
friend, then started rubbing jism into her clitty until she orgasm Ed for what
must have been the hundredth time.
She wished Carlos would fuck her with his yummy cock. She would have liked that
a lot, but instead he started yelling at people on the phone, so Nica lapped up
a spot of cum that Aline had failed to slurp up from Nica's left tit.
Finally, Carlos started to sound a little less angry. Instead of talking in
English, as he had been, he started speaking Portuguese.
"Oh thank God. I don't think a courier could get it to me in time. I could have
her in Sao Paolo in 14 hours, though, if I drive fast. Would you be willing...
Good! Good! I'm not sure how long the dose I gave her this morning is going to
last and I'll be in deep shit if I find out. Any idea if there is some way I can
keep her dumb and horny for as long as possible?... Yeah, well, the bastards
that stole the drops took my reload too, so I don't know how much I can pump
into her on the drive there, but they did leave her soaked in about three liters
of the stuff... Yeah, I guess that could get pretty nasty. I'll put her in the
shower before we leave... Great. So well meet you at the back door about ten in
the morning... Thanks so much. I really owe you... Yes, I know... I'll bring my
credit card."


"Carlos?" she asked. "Where are we going?"
"We're going on a little vacation," he told her. "To Sao Paolo. There's a place
I want to take you to there. It's a surprise."
"Oh," she said.
She had been so happy just a few hours ago. Really, she had been ridiculously
happy all week, ever since she realized she was in love with Carlos. Well, lust
really. Was there a difference? She used to think so, didn't she?
Before...before... what?
She didn't want to think about this. She didn't want to think about this. She
didn't want to think at all. She wanted to fuck, didn't she? She was so happy
before because she got to fuck a lot.
God, she had been fucking a whole hell of a lot lately, hadn't she? All of that
with Carlos, that was normal, she guessed, since he was her new boyfriend and
all, but should she really be doing all that stuff with strangers? And, she really didn't want to think about that!
God, she was so confused! She closed her eyes and pressed her hands against her
temples. She wished Carlos would just fuck her brains out... or did she?
"You all right, baby?" he asked.
"Yes," she said. "No... I don't know. I feel... strange. Can we fuck now Carlos?
Please? I... I'm so confused. Things make sense when I'm fucking you. I'm happy
when I don't have to... to think about stuff."
Carlos bit his lower lip and stared at her, eyes wide, more fearful than
lustful. Something deep inside Nica cringed.
"Whatever you want, lover," he told her. "I live to make you happy. We'll stop
at a motel in the next city."
Nica gave a weak smile.
"Thank you, Carlos," she said. "I'll make it really good for you."
"With you, it's always good beautiful," he said.
He reached over and stroked her inner thigh. It felt good. It made her feel
But something in the back of her mind was still nagging at her.
The motel Carlos chose was nothing like the one in which they had first
consummated their love with Aline. Now that she thought about it, there was
something odd about that, wasn't there? It was really nice but... she lost her
train of thought.
The motel was on a decidedly shabby side of town. There were several women
walking about and standing on street corners wearing very revealing outfits.
Nica realized they must be whores. Then she saw one who was wearing an outfit
almost identical to her own.
"People must think I'm a whore too," Nica thought.
She had had the thought before, but it didn't amuse her this time. Did she
really want people to think she was a whore? She bit her lower lip.
Carlos had her wait in the car. He seemed to be gone an awfully long time. She
stroked her pussy and considered getting the vibrator back out, but she knew it
wouldn't be enough. She needed Carlos to fuck her, to wash away her uneasiness
with his semen.
At last, he was back. Nica leapt into his arms, stuck her tongue in his ear,
pulled it out again and whispered: "Fuck me, Carlos. Fuck me now. I need it."
The old ravenous lust returned to Carlos' eyes as he shifted his hands from her
waist to her ass. Nica wrapped her legs tightly around him and he carried her to
their motel room, making frequent stops to bury his tongue between her tits,
making her giggle and squirm.
He managed to open the motel room door, then threw her onto the dingy bed. The
room was small and musty, but Nica hardly noticed. She pulled her skirt up
around her waist and reached down to spread her cunt lips.
"Fuck me, Carlos!" she pled. "I need it so bad!"
Carlos pulled his pants down around his ankles, not bothering to take off his
shoes, and hopped on top of the bed between her welcoming thighs. Nica grabbed
his swelling cock and guided it into herself. Then Carlos grabbed her wrists,
pulling her arms above her head, and thrust the rest of the way into her with a
bestial grunt.
They rutted. Carlos had never fucked her with such intense desperation. He
frantically pounded her pussy with a ferocious determination, as if his life
depended on making her come. Nica in turn undulated beneath him, meeting his
every thrust, her cunt chomping greedily at his hard rod, desperately trying to
hold it as it slipped back out of her, only to thrust in again, deeper, ever
"Fuck me, Carlos!" she cried out, the prayer of a tortured soul. "Fuck me! I
only want to fuck! I don't want to think! Fuck me harder, Carlos! Fuck it all
He responded to her pleas. Releasing her wrists, he reached back and grabbed
hold of her ankles, pulling her legs up so that her feet neared her ears,
opening up her cunt to allow him to go even deeper.
And deeper he went, and harder. Nica grabbed hold of her tits, savagely mauling
her nipples in her quest for orgasm. Carlos drove her onward with the single
minded determination of a jockey, pounding and pounding as she closed in on the
finish line, his face a masque of obsession, lust and power.
And then she was there! Sweet, unthinking orgasm! All concern and confusion
washed away as she convulsed with uncontrollable pleasure. Carlos hot seed
pulsed into her and her eyes rolled back in her head as she touched the divine.
There was only the fuck. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. All was
right, and good, and happy. She collapsed, utterly relaxed, and giggled softly.
Carlos collapsed as well, sprawling a top her sweaty, quivering form, panting.
He didn't stay there long, though. Much too soon for Nica's liking, her rolled
off of her and sat up. She was still reveling in a pink afterglow, however, and
couldn't speak to protest. Carlos picked up the motel room phone and a piece of
paper. He called a number and spoke in hushed tones that Nica couldn't
understand. Not that she cared. She didn't care about anything after that
monster fucking.
"O.K." said Carlos, hanging up the phone and turning to Nica. "Let's get you all
prettied up."
Nica cheerfully let Carlos wipe the slobber from her face and neck. He mopped
the jism she had missed from her thighs and then slipped her hotpants back on.
He went to replace her top, then thought better of it, saying it would be better
if her titties were easily accessible. Nica giggled, wondering what he had
planned. He had her sit up and brushed her sex-mussed hair.
A few minutes after Carlos hung up, there was knock on their motel room door.
Carlos opened the door and let a stranger in. Impulsively, Nica covered her tits
with her hands. She didn't know why but she was embarrassed. She blushed.
"So this is the girl, huh?" said the short, stubble-faced man in a leather
jacket and oily hair. "Yeah, I guess she's probably worth a hit or two."
"Carlos, what's going on?" Nica asked. "Who is this?"
"Nica, this is Inacio," Carlos said. "I was telling him what a nice blow job you
give and he just had to see for himself."
"You're a foxy bit of trim, girl," said the oily man. "If that mouth of yours
feels as sweet as it looks, ol' Uncle Inacio has a treat for you."
Nica's confusion was back in full force.
"You want me to... to him?" she asked Carlos. "But you got mad before..."
"Yes, well, since you like it so much, I figured we might as well make it useful
and trade it for something we need on the trip. I'm just looking our for your
best interest, Nica."
"Trade?" she asked. "But wouldn't that make me a..."
"Hey! Less talkin', more sucking'," said Inacio.
"Come on, Nica," Carlos said. "You didn't have any problem with inviting all
those guys into my house to suck them off. Why can't you do this for me?"
"I... well..." Nica said, trying to find a reason and failing. She'd been acting
like a whore all week. She couldn't say this was beneath her.
"Okay," she agreed quietly.
"That's a good girl," said Carlos, taking her by the arm and helping her off the
bed. With gentle pressure, he had her kneel before the oily man.
"That's a good little whore," said Inacio, undoing his pants. "I've got a nice
fat sausage right here for you."
The sight of his chubby, half-aroused cock brought memories flooding back to
Nica, memories of all the dick she had sucked recently, of how good it had made
her feel. She reached out to touch it. It felt warm and friendly in her hand.
Thinking just made her confused. Cock gave only pleasure and sweet, unthinking
oblivion. She let her mind go and wet her lips. Her brain was confused but her
hands and mouth knew just what to do. They had done it so many, many times.
She took the fat cock into her mouth. Saliva began to flow. She stroked the
man's scrotal sack and his cock pulsed and swelled in her mouth. She moaned at
the comforting, familiar sensation. There was only herself and the dick. It was
her friend, her master, her sustenance. Like so many others, it would bring her
that sweet, unthinking joy that made nothing else matter. She drew her head back
along the hardening shaft, her tongue coaxing it along, inviting it to play. It
responded beautifully.
Thinking of nothing but all the sweet ecstasy that so many had given her before,
Nica let her instincts take over, bobbing and moaning, licking and stroking. The
owner of the cock was saying things, possibly calling her things, but she was
oblivious. There was only the cock and the deliciousness and euphoria it brang.
And then it was pulsing. The sweet jism was coming, hot and fast and... and...
For the first time in weeks, she gagged. She felt sick. It tasted bad. Really,
really bad. She shuddered and tried to pull back but he had her by the hair and
his cock was so deep. She gave out a strangled cry.
At last, her pulled it out. Nica fell on her hands, her head down, trying not to
vomit. It was just so wrong. She felt betrayed. Betrayed by a cock, the one
thing in the world that had always made her happy. What was wrong with her?
The oily man was laughing.
"Damn, she does give good head." he said. "But she didn't swallow it all, so I'm
only going to give you one hit."
"How long will that last?" Carlos asked, ignoring her as she struggled with her
confusion and nausea.
"Oh, probably a good six hours," he said. "I put three drops of the stuff on
this lozenge. It's quality shit. Pleasure doing business with you."
And then the nasty man with his nasty cock was gone.
"Nica, are you all right?" Carlos was asking, kneeling down beside her.
"It was yucky, Carlos!" she said. "It was so gross! Not like yours at all! I
feel so dirty!"
"There, there," he said. "I won't ever ask you to do that again, I promise.
Here, take this. It will make the taste go away."
She looked at what he held in his hand. It was a small white tablet.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Just a breath mint," he told her.
"Oh God, yes!" Nica exclaimed and she popped it into her mouth. She just wanted
the nasty taste of the nasty man's jism to go away! She chewed the thing
Carlos was grinning at her.
"I'll get you a glass of water," he said. "Then we can get back on the road."
He was back quickly and she drank it down gratefully.
"How are you feeling, Nica?" he asked.
"Okay, I guess," she said. "Just sort of... whoa!"
Nica felt very, very strange. It was like her brain was tingling. Carlos smiled
at her. His teeth were so bright it was nearly blinding, but instead of blinking
her eyes got wider. Nica smiled back. Her head started to float off of her body
and twirl slowly around the room.
"Wheeeeeee!" she exclaimed.
"That's a good little bimbo," said Carlos from far beneath her. "Now lets just
hope that keeps you happy until we get to Sao Paolo."
He took her by the hand and kept her from floating away and getting stuck
against the ceiling. Her arm was long and loose and Carlos pulled her where he
wanted to go as she floated and bounced along. She was a balloon. Carlos’ toy.
She giggled and the giggles just kept coming and coming. She wondered if she had
sprung a leak, which made her giggle all the harder.
Carlos picked up her top and pulled it over her head. She didn't know why. Or
even how. Her head was so big! He pulled the stretchy fabric around her knockers
and gave them a squeeze. Nica giggled at that.
She looked down at her now-covered rack and her eyes bulged. They were huge! She
squeezed them.
"My titties are so big!" she exclaimed.
"I had noticed that, actually," Carlos acknowledged.
"But I think they're getting bigger!" she explained. "They're filling up like
balloons! I'm gonna float away <giggle!>"
"I won't let you float away, Nica," he said, holding her tightly by the wrist.
"We've come too far for that."
Nica floated and bounced and giggled with only Carlos tight grip to anchor her
to the ground as he grabbed their few things and towed her to check out. The
desk clerk was a teeny, tiny man with huge ears. He spoke in a high, squeaky
voice and as Nica watched, he turned into a little mouse. She giggled and
reached out to pet it, but Carlos grabbed her hand first. The mouse squeaked
rudely, then Carlos towed Nica out to the car.
The engine roared like a ferocious beast and Nica screamed. She scrambled
clumsily to get away from it, standing up in the car. Carlos grabbed hold of her
and stroked her, easing her back down into her seat. He was talking to her
soothingly but she couldn't understand him. Then he reached into a bag and
pulled out something she did understand: her big yellow vibrator.
She giggled as she recognized it and hiked up her skirt. Carlos placed the tip
between her labia and she squirmed and grabbed hold of it. She knew just what to
do with this!
As she started to masturbate, Carlos started back onto the highway. The
headlights shot out rainbow-colored lightning bolts and fireflies in all
The car must be cuming, she thought, then vigorously attempted to join it.
As she began to orgasm, the world got stranger and stranger. Giant cocks roared
down the highway, disappearing into pussy-shaped tunnels that smiled and hummed
the Bosa Nova. Carlos car filled up with thick, gooey liquid. Nica became a
fish, swimming in a warm, white sea, gobbling up the little cock-fish that swam
down her throat.
Suddenly, ahead of her, the Nica fish saw a humongous cock. As she swam towards
it, it got bigger and bigger. It was as big as a whale! Nica squealed with
delight and straddled it. She licked it as she rubbed her clit against it. She
giggled and scooted along the monstrous shaft to the huge head.
A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. Nica reached over to scoop it up. When
she looked up, she was a huge cunt. The dick was about to penetrate it--with her
on it! She screamed as everything went dark.


Nica had fallen asleep. She wasn't sure when. She wasn't sure of anything other
than the fact that her head hurt and she wanted to still be asleep. Someone was
tugging on her arm, though, making her get out of the car. Car. That's right,
she was in a car. In a car with... Carlos. Looking up with throbbing eyes, she
saw a frazzled-looking Carlos looking nervously back at her.
He had her by the arm and forcibly extracted her from the car, leading her,
stumbling, to the back door of a three-story building. They were in an alley. A
dirty, smelly alley far from home. She felt sick and she was starting to feel
"Where are we, Carlos?" she asked. "I want to go home."
"We'll go home soon," he assured her, patting her arm.
"No," Nica said as he knocked on the door. "I want to go to my home. Not your
house. I want my room. I want my daddy. I don't feel good."
"Nica, please," said Carlos, pounding on the door. "We've come so far. Just a
moment more. We'll talk to this guy and then I'll take you wherever you want to
The back door opened. A man with round spectacles stood in the doorway, his
shirt untucked and miss-buttoned. From behind his shoulder, a tall, grinning
woman with mahogany skin and tousled white-blonde hair wearing a lace negligee
and high heels peered out curiously.
"Carlos, I presume?" asked the bespectacled man. "And this must be Nica! My but
you are lovely, aren't you! I can see why Carlos has gotten himself into such a
state over you!"
Nica took a step back. There was something very creepy about this man, about
this place, about the way the bimbo in her underwear was happily playing with
her right nipple.
"Carlos, I want to go home right now," she repeated. "I... I don't like... I
don't know why I've been acting like I have been, but it's going to stop."
"Nica, please!" Carlos pled, eyes wide, fanatical. "Everything will be all
right, now! I got you here! I can keep you now! I can keep you forever!"
"Carlos, you're scaring me!" Nica said. "I don't know why you have to be so
possessive! I never would have even hooked up with you if I hadn't been feeling
so... so strange lately. But I'm better now, I'm thinking clearly and I don't
like what's been happening, what I've been doing, ever since... ever since... Oh
my god, you've been drugging me, haven't you? Oh god, Carlos! You bastard!"
Carlos was staring at her with a desperation that made him look almost inhuman.
"Nica, I... I..." he stammered.
Then a light of hope came into his eyes. He was looking behind her. Nica turned
just as the bespectacled man slapped a patch upon her naked arm.
"Now, Nica, if you'll just calm down I'm sure you'll see that everything is all
right," he assured her.
"But I... I... I don't..." Nica protested. "I want to... what is..."
Every one was smiling at her. The whole alley way seemed to be spinning. It felt
funny. She giggled. She had completely forgotten what she had been talking
"I feel gooood!" she exclaimed.
The girl in her underwear giggled. Nica giggled back. She was pretty. Everything
was pretty.
"That's good," said the nice man with glasses. "We all want you to feel good.
That's what we're all about, here at BimboTech. Making pretty girls feel good.
Isn't that right, Fabiane."
The underwear girl nodded enthusiastically and giggled.
"Really, really good!" she exclaimed.
"What's BimboTech?" Nica asked.
"Why don't you come on in and we'll show you!" the man suggested.
They all went into the building. There were crates and boxes everywhere.
"As you can see, we're a long way from being ready to open for business," said
the little man. "The guys at corporate headquarters didn't provide me with any
staff other than Fabiane here, and she's really only good for one thing; though
she is very, very good at that one thing."
"You're pretty," Nica told the woman.
"So are you," said Fabiane. "Wanna make out?"
Nica giggled.
"Cool," she said.
As she and the dark woman began to kiss and grope each other, Nica was only
vaguely aware of what Carlos and the nice man were saying to each other. Not
that she cared. The only thing she cared about, Fabiane was giving to her.
"After you called, however, I focused on getting our mind-fucker up and running,
plus I found the patches--there a bit stronger than the drops. She seems to be
enjoying it. Once we have her head fixed up in a more permanent fashion, we can
change her body at leisure. She'll gladly submit to any procedure you'd like,
once I get the stuff set up. Hell, if you'll help me set up, I'll knock 10% off
the price!"
"Well, she does seem to have forgotten about wanting to go home," Carlos
observed. "I was freaking out for a second there. I don't want to loose her. I
like her like this."
"Fuck, this is nothing," said the nice man. "Fabiane there doesn't even remember
where home is. She actually used to be a Portuguese nun! Almost fifty and white,
for hell's sake. But as far as she remembers, she's always been my own private
"That's amazing!" Carlos exclaimed.
"Yeah, I'm especially proud of her body. Body mod is more of my forte, though
mind-fucking is cool too. As soon as I get this place set up, I'm going to
recruit someone to handle the brain stuff and work mostly in the body shop."
"Damn but you have a cool job," Carlos said.
"I do, don't I?" he said. "Of course, you've got a pretty cool job too. I
understand you write smut?"
"Yeah, but just on paper," he said. "You get to write it on women!"
"It is a much nicer medium, I'll give you that." he replied. "Why don't you sit
in on Nica's brain fuck. If you like it, maybe you could find a place here. The
pay is good and the benefits, well, you're looking at them.
Fabiane had pressed Nica back against the wall with her huge rack and had worked
her hand down her pants and into her twat. Nica in turn was embedding her nails
into Fabiane's bulbous ass and gnawing on her neck.
"So, have you thought about what body modifications you'd like to do? I could
maybe get a few things set up this afternoon. I won't be ready for a complete
overhaul like with Fabiane for a few days, but your little bit of trim is
already starting out as a hottie. There's a couple of hand-held devices I've
been tinkering with--I can add six sizes to a woman's bra size from ten feet
away! It's a lot of fun to let loose in a crowded market."
"Wow. That would be cool," Carlos admitted. "I don't know about Nica, though. I
mean, I really like the way she looks."
"Oh she's hot, I don't deny it!" said the nice man. "But you're paying for the
full treatment. Throw me a bone, here! I can't just leave my first client with
the same body she came in with!"
"Well, I guess her tits could be a little bigger," Carlos admitted.
The man laughed.
"My friend, I find they can almost always be a little bigger!"


Nica sat behind her desk painting her long fingernails a bright, sunny yellow to
match the big plastic hoops in her ears and the towering, chunky slides on her
feet. Mr.Ruiz had been nice enough to dye her eyes to match her sunny green
minidress that morning and let her suck him off as well!
Nica's mouth and titties were for sharing, but her cunt and ass belonged only to
Carlos. Nica was so much happier, now that she understood that. She had a lot of
tits to share, now, too. She couldn't believe she used to think of herself as
busty! Compared to the rack she had now, she might as well have been a boy
before! Now she had a pair of soccer balls threatening to pop out of her dress.
Mr. Ruiz had enlarged them three times now. She hoped Carlos would ask him to
make them even bigger! She loved her big titties and the way guys stared at them
and got so hard and horny. And besides, the machine that made her titties bigger
made her cum like crazy.
She giggled at the thought and squeezed at the bright-yellow butt plug Carlos
had stuck in her ass that morning. She hoped he would take a break soon.
The bell on the front door rang. Nica looked up and smiled at the two unsmiling
women who had entered. One was tall and thin, the other short and plump, but
both were decidedly gray and dumpy. It was no surprise that they weren't very
happy. It was a good thing they had decided to come to BimboTech, Nica thought.
"Welcome to BimboTech Brasil!" she exclaimed. "Can I help you?"
The taller woman spoke after a brief pause where both looked at Nica oddly.
"We're from the Department of Commerce," the woman said. "We have no record of
this business filing for a business license for this location. We'll need to
speak to whomever is in charge."
"Ooooh!" said Nica, nodding knowingly though she had no idea what the woman was
talking about. "Mr. Ruiz is having a nooner with a client, but you could talk to
Carlos! He's, like, the smartest man I know! He can help you a lot! He helps
lots of ladies!"
The women glanced at each other, then acquiesced. Nica balanced on her soaring
heels and went to lead them to the back room where Carlos was working on a
client. She stopped short and the ladies almost collided into her, as they had
been staring in amazement at her ass.
"Oops!" she exclaimed. "I'm supposed to push the button first! Sorry, this is my
first week on my new job and I am such a bimbo!"
She giggled and clicked back to her desk and pushed the big pink button. The
Happy Gas sprayed out of the ceiling at the two ladies. They choked and swore
for a few seconds, but then they got really happy.
Nica returned their big, stupid smiles, opened the door and took their hands.
She led them back to Carlos. They were happy to follow, of course.
Carlos was helping a client understand things. Nica led the two ladies in to the
room but then held a well-manicured finger up to her full, pouting lips to let
them know they should be quiet while Carlos was working. They were too stupid at
the moment to remember how to talk anyway, but Nica hoped they wouldn't giggleto
Carlos nodded acknowledgement to Nica, which made her pussy clench with desire,
and continued helping his client. The woman, who had been so plain when she came
in before meeting Mr. Ruiz, now had big, beautiful knockers, long, soft dark
curls, and luscious sun-kissed skin. She was half-wearing an orange biking and
was strapped into the big chair in the middle of the room. Nica had spent plenty
of time in herself in that chair and it always made her happy. It seemed to be
making the client very happy too. She had a really big smile and she kept
giggling. She was much happier than she had been when she came in that morning,
being all rude and hostile and saying mean things about her husband.
"So, now, Joseane," Carlos was saying in his gentle, helpful voice, "Do you
understand why you need to make your husband happy?"
"Because his Cock makes me happy!" the client declared. "I love his cock so
much! It's the best thing in my whole life! I'd just die without it! I just want
to make it as happy as it makes me when it fucks me in every hole!"
"So it was very silly of you to get angry at your husband, now, wasn't it,"
Carlos prompted.
"Oh gosh yes!" Joseane agreed. "God, I can't believe how stupid I was! I am such
a bimbo! Do you think he'll still want to fuck me?"
"Oh, I think once he understands just how much you love and need his cock, he'll
be willing to forgive you," Carlos assured her.
The client giggled.
"Goodie!" she said. "I love to fuck!"
"Of course you do, Joseane," Carlos said. "Every good bimbo loves to fuck! And
you're a good bimbo, aren't you?"
"Yes!" Joesane agreed.
"And a good little bimbo wants her favorite cock to be happy, right?" he
continued logically.
"Oh God yes!" Joseane agreed and seemed to have a little orgasm.
"So you shouldn't have gotten angry because another bimbo wanted to make your
husband's prick happy, right?"
"Another bimbo?" asked Joseane, confused.
"Yes, your sister, remember?" Carlos clarified.
"But Luiza's not a bimbo," Joseane said. "She's a bitch!"
Carlos smiled.
"Well, yes, when she slept with your husband she was a bitch," Carlos conceded,
adjusting some knobs on his control panel. "But wouldn't it be nice if she was a
bimbo, like you?"
The client shivered and giggled.
"A bimbo?" she asked.
"Why yes," Carlos confirmed. "In a couple hours, your husband is going to bring
your sister here."
Joseane's eyes went wide.
"Will he let me suck his Cock?" she asked.
"I'm sure he will," said Carlos, eliciting a squeal of delight. "And while you
do that to him, we'll turn your sister into a bimbo, just like you. Won't that
be nice? Together, you can make your husband's cock much happier than you could
ever do alone. It's such a nice cock, it deserves to have at least two bimbos to
see to its every need. Don't you agree?"
"Oh yes!" said Joseane. "When you put it that way, of course! The Cock is
everything! It should have what ever it wants!"
"So it makes you happy that Luiza is going to be a bimbo too, doesn't it
Joseane?" said Carlos, pushing a button.
"HAPPY!!!!!" the client exclaimed, arching her back and spasming as her eyes
rolled back in her head and her inflated titties jiggled.
Nica clapped her hands and Carlos grinned and winked at her, which made her do a
muted version of what Joseane had just done.
"Well, then," said Carlos, once the client could focus again. "I think your
reeducation is complete! You are undeniably a bimbo, Joseane! Congratulations!"
He pushed a button and the straps around the client released and slid back
within the chair. Nica applauded. Carlos gave her a little bow. Joseane looked
at her, noticing her for the first time, and smiled.
"Congratulations on being a bimbo!" Nica declared.
The client giggled.
"Thanks! Are you a bimbo too?" she asked.
Nica giggled at that.
"Why, Nica's the best bimbo ever," Carlos declared, walking over to squeeze her
ass. Nica beamed, delirious with the compliment, and stuck her inflated chest
out with bimbo pride. The client was clearly impressed. The other two ladies
just stood their stupidly smiling.
"And who have you brought me, Nica?" Carlos asked.
"Oh, yeah!" Nica said. "Um, they wanted papers or something. So I pushed the
pink button like I'm supposed to."
"Good girl, Nica!" Carlos exclaimed and Nica preened. "When was the last time I
fucked you up the ass?"
"Oh my God, Carlos!" Nica pouted. "It's been hours and hours!"
"Well, why don't you show Joseane to the waiting room while I get our new
friends strapped in, then go lube yourself up and wait for me bent over your
desk," Carlos suggested.
Nica squealed with delirious pleasure and jumped up and down, clapping her hands
and bouncing her boobies. She grabbed the new bimbo by the wrist and dragged her
giggling out of the re-education room. She pulled her into the bimbo waiting
room, furnished with comfy couches and cushions, gave her a whirlwind tour,
showed her the chest of sex toys and turned on a random vibrator for her. Then,
before the client had even started to masturbate, Nica was gone, clicking back
to her desk on her high heals. She usually liked to watch the clients get off,
but right now, she had to get ready for Carlos!
She trembled with anticipation and felt like her knees might buckle. She hurried
on to her desk. She flipped up her skirt and pulled out her butt plug. She
pulled a big bottle of lube from her desk drawer and slathered up her anus with
practiced perfection. Then she flopped her self over her desk with her bare ass
pointed at the door that Carlos would come through. It would be the first thing
he saw.
One of her inflated knockers pressed against the big pink button as she hung
over her desk. A pink cloud of Happy Gas sprayed into the room and slowly
dissipated. As she was then arranged, with her head pointed away from the front
of her desk, only her bare backside was exposed, to no noticeable effect.
Not that it would have made much difference if she had inhaled the whole thing,
Nica imagined. After all, how could she possibly be happier? She had the perfect
job and the perfect boyfriend and he was about to take his perfect dick and
shove it up her ass! It really was the perfect life.
And to think, just a few weeks ago when she graduated from college, Nica didn't
know what she wanted to do with her life. Now she knew without a doubt. She
wanted to do Carlos, of course! And anyone else he wanted her to do.
She was just so thrilled about how it had all worked out. Her parents would be
so proud, she told herself as she sprawled bare assed and waiting to be fucked
up the ass. She really should write them to let them know how perfect her life
If only she could remember how.