The Black Canary woke up from her slumber, to a feather stroked
against her nose.  She wiggled her nose uncomfortably and saw that the
Catwoman was playfully taunting her nose with the feather.  She also noticed
that she was stripped naked and strapped to a long table.  She looked up and
saw the tips of her beautiful feet, their painted red toes also wiggling in
the dark warehouse room.  As she was regaining conciousness, she realized
that Catwoman had trapped her and stolen her costume.  She had tickled the
location of the JLA Satellite out of her.  But now was her chance to get
even.  Her gag was off and the laughing gas seemed to have worn off.
Catwoman was about to get a Canary scream that would blast her across the

 "Are you awake yet, Black Canary?"  asked a playful Catwoman.
"You've been out for hours.  I heard on the news that the Joker and the
Penguin beat me to the Justice League satellite and almost crashed it into
the Atlantic Ocean.  Too late for me.  But I also hear that the Wayne
diamonds are being transported across country and that you and Batman are
responsible for the security.  You wouldn't want to tell me about them, you
squirmy nosed pretty?"

 Canary took a deep breath and was about to let a yell out.  "This is
what I'll tell you!"  And as she was about to let out a yell, all that came
out was a giggle, a squeaky giggle at that.

 "What happened to my Canary scream?"  She said bewilderedly, giggling.

 Catwoman smiled deviously.  "The feather I was stroking your nose
with was coated with a form of laughing powder.  Your whole body is

 It was true.  The Black Canary was smiling uncontrollably and her
gorgeous body was shaking, especially her bare feet!

 "Care to tell me about the diamonds, Canary Lady?"

 "No, I will resist, Catwoman!"

 "Big mistake."

 "Why?  All I'm doing is giggling."

 "That's not all you're doing.  You are much more sensitive to this!"
And with that Catwoman began running her fingers up and down the Black
Canary's bare feet, stroking with one hand and savagely tickling with the

 The Black Canary shook her head from side to side.  She was laughing
loudly now and the laughter was building and getting louder and stronger.
Tears were welling up in her eyes.


"You're alone and helpless, pretty bird.  Alone and helpless.  And you are
going to tell me!"  she said, digging her nails into the arches of the
superheroine's feet.

"Not there, Not there!!!!!!! she blubbered, as Catwoman dug her claws into
the arches of her soft bare feet.  AYou=re killing me!!!!!!!!!!!

 "I'm not stopping until you tell me where the diamonds are being
hidden and you will" she said, continuing the relentless foot tickle torture.

 Black Canary was howling and crying with laughter.  After over an
hour she finally broke.  "ANYTHING!  I'LL TELL YOU


 Catwoman had stolen the diamonds and hidden them in a new spot in
midtown Gotham.  She beat the Joker and his gang.  She almost got caught by
the police, when she slipped out of a warehouse into an old theater next
door.  She conveniently made her way across the top of the theater via the
catwalk.  She smiled at the thought and worked away through the narrow
walkway.  She began to smell a strange perfume-like scent.  A scent that made
her smile and then laugh, and then laugh some more.  She had smelled that
scent before.  The Joker's laughing gas!

 She began to get dizzy and began to lose her footing.  She slipped
and caught her ankle on one of the ropes of the catwalk.  Catwoman was
dangling helplessly from four stories above the stage, giggling and teary
eyed.  Her shiny polished black pump was slipping between the ropes and she
was about to fall to her death.  And as she was falling, a dark caped
creature swung across the stage and swooped her up and carried her down to
the stage safely.

 When a dazed Catwoman regained her composure, she was on the stage of
the abandoned theater, tied to the boxspring of an old four poster bed, with
her arms stretched out to a far corner of the bed, and her legs tied together
at the knees and ankes to the foot of the bed.  She coughed and giggled and
looked up.  It was Robin the Boy Wonder.

 "Fancy meeting you here, Catwoman," Robin said.

 Catwoman smiled.  She could surely charm Robin into untying her and
take care of him and escape.

 "Well hello there, Robin.  Aren't you looking awfully muscular
tonight.  Why don't you untie me and I can thank you more properly for saving

 "I don't think so, Catwoman, smiled the Boy Wonder."

 Robin pulled off each of her spiked high-heeled shoes.  Her long
slender bare feet flexed in the dim light and her red painted toes fluttered
in the air.

 Catwoman was still arrogantly taunting Robin.  "I don't think they're
your size."

 The Boy Wonder smiled.  "Rumour around town is you have very ticklish

 Catwoman's eyes went wide with horror.  She tried to maintain her
composure.  "I...I don't know where you heard that... but I can tell you for

 Robin ran one of the spiked heels down the sole of Catwoman's foot.
The beautiful woman laughed and bucked wildly.  Robin ran the other heel down
the soft slender sole of her other foot.  She howled and shook violently.

about this.. we're old friends."

 "An old friend who's tried to kill me a couple dozen times.  Here's a
little more friendly kootchie koo."

 He ran his batarang down each of her feet.  Each time Catwoman began
to speak, Robin ran the bararang down her soles, so she couldn't finish her

 "When I get out of this I'm gonna HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
You can't...  please stAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

 Robin cut a piece of rope from his utility belt and tied her toes
together.  He reached into his utility belt again and produced a stiff
feather.  "The right tools for the right job," he said, as he began to slowly
stroke Catwoman's soles from the tips of her toes to the base of her heels,
each time stopping at her arches and attacking her insteps with merciless

 Catwoman was blubbering.  Tears were streaming down from inside her
mask and down her cheeks.  Her laughter was loud and uncontrollable.  She was
pleading and begging Robin to stop tickling her feet.


 "Say the magic words, Cat-baby.  Where are the diamonds?"

 Before she could answer, Robin resumed the vigorous tickling.


He saw that the lovely young lady was near her breaking point.  He continued
to stroke the beautiful soles with the feather, up and down, up and down.
She was laughing hysterically and shaking her head.  She was ready.

 "Ready to talk?"

 She nodded and in between catching her breath, told him that the
diamonds were in the Gotham clock tower.

 Robin got up and began to walk away.  "Aren't you going to untie me?"

 Robin smiled.  He wedged the feather in between her toes.  "The Joker
and his men will be along shortly.  They'll be glad to help you out."  He
smiled and walked out as Catwoman struggled against her tight bonds, in fear
of what the Joker and his men would do to her ticklish feet if they got there
before she could get loose..