It was that time of night again, and Felisha Hardy could barely contain her excitement. She loved to put on her Black Cat costume and prowl the neighborhood; looking for bad guys, as well as good ones. And tonight was especially thrilling because she wanted to pay a visit to an old friend who had been getting in her way lately.

Eagerly she slipped on her soft leather boots over the thin stocking material covering her feet. It was thinner below the ankle by design, to avoid over-heating. Costumes were a wonderful thing, but very impracticable and uncomfortable at times. With her last boot slipped on she leaped to the open window and snaked out onto the ledge. "Mary Jane Watson," she murmured, "we have business".

Mary Jane was sleeping soundly in her apartment when the Black Cat eased open the bedroom window. She was as silent as an expert thief as she slipped into the dark room. She had let her eyes adjust to the darkness on the trip over, and could see Mary Jane's sprawled form sleeping amidst the sheets, pillows and comforter. Silently she padded her way over to the head of the bed and looked down at the beautiful red head. "Because of you," she thought, "Parker won't commit to me. We'll just have to change your mind on how you feel about Peter Parker... Better give you a quick test." With that she moved to the foot of the bed and crouched down. She located Mary Jane's foot under the blankets, and slowly drew them back revealing a slender foot in a thin white sock. The Black Cat studied it a moment, admiring her pink toenails beneath the material, and the perfect proportion of the in-step and toes. She brought a single fingernail up and lightly brushed the ball of her foot, causing it to twitch. She administered the small tickle again, with much the same reaction except that Mary Jane gave a muffled whimper. "Oh this is going to be luscious". Felisha withdrew a small rag treated in chloroform, approached the head of the bed and applied it firmly to her victim's mouth. Mary Jane awoke with a struggle, but soon submitted to the drug-soaked rag. The Black Cat picked up her limp body, threw it over her shoulder and trotted to the open window.

Mary Jane groggily drifted into consciousness, then panicked at the sight of her new surroundings. She was in a huge extravagantly furnished room with a vaulted ceiling and marble walls. She herself was strapped down to a padded table; arms secured directly over her head, while her ankles were strapped to the foot of the table about ten inches apart. Her feet dangled off the edge of the platform.

She was still dressed exactly as she had went to bed: a thin white cotton T-shirt with panties and socks. Although she struggled against her bonds, she soon realized that it was totally futile and quit. M.J. looked around for a figure or some sign of where she was, but couldn't tell anything. She did, however, begin to hear a faint hiss coming from under the table.

"Is anyone hear," she called. "Hello". Her head still spun from the chloroform, and it gradually began to increase as she lay there. She soon began to feel light-headed and somewhat giddy. "What is-ss-ss hee hee goingg on hee hee hee. Why am I ss-ss soo gigggly hee hee heee hee?" The gas continued to seep out of the pipes just below the head of the table, and Mary Jane was soon laughing uncontrollably. "Haa haa haa haaa - it's laughhhingg hehee hee haa haa gaasss he haa haa haa haa. Make it ss-ss toop, heh ee hee hee ee ahh aah haa. Stoppp itt, I can't sttop he heehe hee laughhingg." She thrashed on the table, but it was no use; she could not escape the gas washing over her. She tried holding her breath, but would erupt into giggling after only a few seconds. "Hee heehee he eh hee hee I can't ssstandd it hee hee haaa. N NN ooo Moreeee HA HAA hAA HAAA." Her laughing went on for almost ten minutes, then began to subside. Soon a voice broke the otherwise silent room.

"I want you to stop seeing Peter Parker."

Mary Jane tried to look around and locate the captor, but she could not move enough to see Felisha standing behind the head of the table, still garbed in her Black Cat costume. Sweat was beading all over her body from the laughter, and Felisha suddenly felt a sense of desire looking at the bound figure. She continued to giggle softly as she tried to speak. "Who are you? He he hee hee . What have you got to do with Peter Parker? Let me go or I'll scream my head off!"

"Scream all you want, wench, we're in a sound proof building. I had it specially designed to take care of my special interests, as well as little problems like you." Felisha walked into her view and stopped at the foot of the table. "I'll say it once more, and if you agree I'll let you go. But don't lie tome because I'll find you. Stop seeing Peter Parker".

"No can do, honey, we're in love. Now let me go and we can forget this whole thing ever happened." She tried to sound confident and threatening, but the truth was that Mary Jane was terrified. She was helpless, and now weak from laughing so hard.

The Black Cat smiled wickedly and glanced down at Mary Jane's immobile feet suspended off the end of the table. She then walked over to the wall, grabbed a chair and returned to sit at the end of the table. She was still smiling and admiring the gorgeous feet in front of her, savoring what was about to occur. Mary Jane sensed the woman's intent, and began to panic. Her feet were incredibly ticklish; so much so that she would giggle and squirm during her pedicures. Being strapped down and tickled mercilessly was another form of torture that would drive her insane. But before she could protest the Cat began to speak.

"I know that you model, Mary Jane. Do you ever foot model? You have lovely feet, you know."

"N-nno", she stammered, "mostly clothes and a few cosmetics commercials."

"Hmmm, I wonder if these pretty little socked feet are ticklish. Kootchiee koootchiieee kooo, Mary Jane. Tickle, tickle, tickle." Felisha's sharp nails found her exposed instep and explored it ravenously. "Kootchie, kootchie kooo".

Mary Jane exploded into laughter the instant her nails grazed her tender feet. No matter how she squirmed or fought, her foot could not escape the tickling nails. "HAA HAA HA HA HA AAAH HA HAA HEE HEE HAA HAA HAA HA HA HA HA HA HAA!!! SSSSTTOPPP, IITT TICCKLESS HEE HAAAHAA HAA HAAA. OOHHH G-G-G-OOOD, NNO MOOOREEEE HEE HEE H HAA AHAAAAA." M.J. was now wild with laughter, literally slamming her body against the firm table. Her pleas and begs soon died out as a silent, anguished laughter overtook the red head.

When the Cat stopped, Mary Jane was dripping with sweat and exhaustion. "You are easily the most ticklish victim I have had yet, Mary Jane. Have you always been this ticklish on the bottom of your feet?" M.J., now panting and breathing somewhat normal again, did not answer. "If you don't want to talk we can always try the ball of your foot, just below those luscious toes."

"Yes," she gasped, "ever since I was a little girl. My girlfriends would always pin me down, take off my shoes and torture my feet until I would pee myself or pass out." As she spoke Felicia could not help notice that the bound girl's nipples were firmly erect through her T-shirt. She had heard of women who would become sexually aroused while being tickled, but never thought it was actually true. She herself was incredibly ticklish, but never became stimulated while being tickled. She got off from being the tickler, not the ticklee. She wanted to hear more from the girl. "I bet that you liked being tickled by your girlfriends sometimes, huh? Sort of felt good through all of the tickling."

"No, I do not like being tickled!"

Felicia persisted, "O-kay, if you don't want to tell me about it then we'll try the other foot, but bare." She began to tug on M.J.'s sock.

"OK, OK, I'll tell you! Please just don't tickle my feet anymore…" She paused, then continued, "I was in college and pledging for a sorority. They had put three of us in some renaissance wooden stocks left over from the carnival. We were all tied with our hands behind our backs, and feet sticking out of the stocks. The sisters had started with the girl next to me; they took off her heels and began to claw her nylon-clad feet until she nearly passed out. Her screams and pleas to stop nearly alerted the entire campus, so they decided to try a more sadistic torture on me. The removed my shoes, cut away my nylons and began to lick my feet and suck on my toes. I was of course very ticklish and laughing hysterically, but much quieter than the girl next to me. As they continued one noticed that my nipples were firm, and my body began to instinctively thrust as they continued their assault. In truth, it was turning me on and my crotch was on fire. I continued to giggle and laugh uncontrollably until one of the girls eased her hand between my thighs and began to massage my aching clit. I was shocked, but couldn't control my body between the laughter and erotic pleasure. Within minutes I began to moan and whimper in pleasure, at which time the two girls began to furiously tickle my bare feet with their fingernails and teeth. It drove me over the edge and I exploded into multiple orgasms.

"That's a great story," echoed a male voice in the room startling both girls. I think that maybe she's do for a repeat, what do you think Cat?" Spiderman leapt down from his vantage point on the distant wall and began to walk slowly toward the two girls at the table. Felisha was shocked to see him, but more so at the offer to torture his girlfriend into orgasm. Mary Jane had no idea that Spiderman was actually Peter Parker, but it was still a remarkable request.

"Sure Spidey - you're on!"