Blonde Decision

Part III:

(While Stacy (dark haired ticklee) is back at the blonde's and brunette's secret hideout tickling the hell out of her former brunette captor Nicole, the blonde captor Sabrina is at the bank in the process of robbing it unaware of reprisal that has occured back at her secret lair. The former ticklee Stacy has managed to free herself and overpower one of her captors, leaving her brunette assailant bound and helpless, "one down, one to go" giggles the former ticklee, but as she says this she realizes the struggle is far from over, she then turns to the bound helpless brunette and giggles "looks like I have control over your main base of operations now kiddo" then leans down to kiss the brunette on the cheek "how does it feel to be on the receiving end?" the brunette then looked up at stared straight into her former victim's eyes and giggled "you may have put me down for the count sweety, but your forgeting that my companion Little Miss blondie is reeking havoc on your family's private bank and private account as we speak. She's got the weapons, she's got the tools, and trust me darling she'll get the jewels! and there's nothing you can do to stop her!" giggling "now who's feeling helpless sweety?" the former victim stood up and laughed "certainly not me!" the brunette was puzzled by her former victim's composure "you see..." started Stacy "I gave your friend the code alright, but there was one thing she forgot when she went to the mother's account not only requires the proper code but my voice authorization also!" Stacy then continued "so...since blondie is currently occupied at the bank, and your tied up, logic would indicate that you have lost, so i suggest you give up" the brunette giggled "ok sweety, but what if with my newfound knowledge I happen to breakfree from my bindings, overpower you and retake our base of operations...what would stop me from then dragging you to the bank myself?" the former victim then started looking worried as she knew her brunette captor was stronger then she was, and in a struggle she would lose. Then all of a sudden the brunette broke free of her bindings and shakily stood up giggling, and trying to regain her strength as her former 'lee looked on in horror, the brunette then did some neck stretches and giggled while she did them, trying to work out any kinks "now you're mine" she laughed as she moved towards her lee, cornering her victim against a wall. "You've lost a lot of strength from the tickling I gave you" laughed the former ticklee, the brunette then giggled staring down her ex-captive "I still have enough to take you down sweety!" as she said this she outstretched both her arms cornering her dark-haired captive between them so she couldn't get away, the brunette then leaned close to her captive and whispered in her ear "you lose sweety" Stacy then laughed at her captor "you've left your whole body exposed for retaliation, in cornering me like this you've left your armpits wide open for a good tickle" the brunette replied with a giggle "you silly girl, now i'm going to take you in to blondie so i can get my own little slice of heaven" Stacy then laughed "you want heaven Nikki? you got it!" the former captive then pulled a tickling vibrator out from behind her that she was concealing as the brunette cornered her and attached it on her body on a place where the sun don't shine, the brunette then laughed "nothing happened sweety, you're no further ahead then you were before, for as you can see I am not quivering in ticklish agony" the captive said to her brown haired captor matter of factly smiling "it's attached with crazy glue, you'll never be able to get it off!" Nikki then started getting irritated as she still cornered her captive with outstretched arms "dosen't matter" she whispered in Stacy's ear giggling "because i still ha-ha-ha-havvveeeee hee hee haa haa haa haaa" the vibrator had just then cut in and it was set to maximum causing the once dominant brown haired captor to be reduced to a laughing mess, still with outstretched arms cornering her captive, she managed to get a few words out with difficulty 'ha ha get it offfff ha hah ah hahah' the captive just stared at her captor and smiled "I'd like to Nikki, but I can't, i'm afraid it's stuck" the brunette then crumpled to the floor and it was lights out for good as she retreated into her laughing orgasmic extasy, Stacy then leaned down, smiled and kissed the shaky brunette on the cheek and whispered into her ear "it's not treasure, but it is pleasent don't you agree?" and giggled, she then carried the brunette to a different room, tied her to a bed and attached two more vibrators on each of her feet, and blindfolded her to heighten her senses to ensure that she was put out of commission for good. As the brunette lay there shaking and laughing with a big smile on her face, Stacy whispered "night, night, sweety" giggled, shut off the lights and closed the door and wondered if her blonde captor, Sabrina would be this difficult...

(While all this had taken place the blonde captor had taken over the bank, spreading laughing gas throughout the system, turning all the big strong security guards into a bunch of giggly little school girls, the blonde had grabbed Stacy's personal secretary in the confusion and put a gas mask over her head, motioning for the secretary to walk towards her office to input the codes for the vault while the blonde captor pointed a silencer at her back. "Please don't kill me!" cried the secretary, the blonde responded giggling "I won't if you do what I say!" they had reached the secretary's office when the blonde ripped off her mask and ripped off the secretary's "we're safe for the time being" the blonde giggled as she closed the door behind her and continued to taunt the secretary with her silencer. "you're Sabrina aren't you?" the secretary said trembling with what sounded like an australian accent. "That's right" laughed Sabrina "how do you know my name?" the Secretary glared at her "Stacy warned me about you and Miss Nicole, said you both were trouble and that your hearts were filled with wicked desires!" Stacy then laughed and pointed her pistol at the secretary's head "well she's right about one thing, we certainly are trouble, after all, all those big strong security guards couldn't stop little ol' me, but then again I had the perfect distraction didn't I? while my gas was taking effect...i come trapesing through here in a trench coat, and slip it off to expose pure me, in nothing but a pair of red heels and a red thong...the perfect distraction, one that no one can resist" the secretary then laughed, I could have resisted, if you didn't have that gun "oh really sweety? and how's that?" laughed the blonde, looking at the secretary she was dressed in untypical secretary attire, the type of outfit a professional businessman would wear, suit, tie, suede shoes, and thick glasses, with her hair tied back in a bun. "It takes a woman to know a woman" she then took off her suit and shoes to reveal a petite and slim woman dressed in black nylons and a skimpy black satin nightgown, she then glared at the blonde "And now comes the fun part" she then threw off her her glasses and untied her hair which was the longest the blonde had seen on any women, as it flowed down past her buttocks. "No one captures me" stated the secretary "I captured you" giggled the blonde, although she had to admit, she was impressed by the secretary and personally thought the secretary would've made a good tickler, had she been on their side...but she wasn't, she'd picked the wrong team, the losing team...Stacy's team. But she was still curious to find out this young woman's name was "What's your name?" demanded the blonde captor "Chanta Rose" the secretary responded, "Stacy wanted to hire a personal secretary with some tickling experience in case you two vixens tried anything" the blonde then laughed "taking this job was your own undoing, for instead of being the tickler, you have become the tickled!" sit in that chair she motioned to Chanta, Chanta then sat down to which the blonde tied her up and began stroking her nylon feet with her long red nails "wow, two in one day, i'm on a roll" laughed the blonde, Chanta burst into laughter while the blonde danced her sharp red nails over the soft silky soles of her damsels feet "ha ha ha, what do you want from me?" cried Chanta desperately as she was trying to hold onto her sanity while the blonde teased her soles "Nothing" giggled the blonde captor "I just like seeing a nice ticklish woman like yourself getting her just desserts" Chanta immediately rolled her head back in laughter as the blonde wedged her sharp nails in between Chanta's nylon covered toes...

(Meanwhile back at the captor's lair, the former ticklee Stacy was trying to figure out how to stop Sabrina from acheiving her objective, as it was clear the blonde would need to return to nab her for the voice authorization...but how could she incapacite the blonde? she had already used up all her chloroformic agent on the brunette, and her tickle she would need to find a way with limited resources and taking into account her blonde captor was likely armed and dangerous. Clearly, there was no room for error. Then the former ticklee got an idea, and she decided to call her secretary's office as she knew blondie was bound to be there.)

The blonde was playing 'itsy bitsy spider' on Chanta's nyloned soles as she heard a slight noise over the secretary's hysterical laughter, "what is that?" questioned the blonde as she realized it was the phone, she then picked up the receiver and put it next to Chanta's ear "go ahead, talk sweety" giggled the blonde, "hello?" said a worried Chanta "hello, Chanta are you ok?" asked a concerned Stacy, "yeah Stacy" said Chanta "I'm just caught up in a ticklish situation right now by a certain blonde we both know" Stacy then sighed and said "I know, hang in there Chanta, she won't get what she's after, she'll have to go through me first" the blonde then picked up the phone and giggled saying "oh, i'll have to go through you first will I?" Stacy then shockingly replied "how did you hear that?" the blonde then giggled "I hear lots of things, so tell me, why do I have to be concerned with you, now that i've got your code?" Stacy then laughed "because you silly girl! you need my voice authorization!" Sabrina then looked worried "I don't believe you!" Stacy then giggled "just try the vault and find out" The blonde then hurriedly put her mask back on and went down the corrider to try the vault, as she input the code, yet it would still not open! the blonde then screamed in rage and ran back to the office, removed her mask and angrilly picked up the phone "you played me!" Stacy giggled with delight "that's right I did!" Sabrina then gave a confused look as she talked into the phone "what happened to Nikki?" Stacy laughed again "that's right blondie, I forgot to mention, that I have taken over your base of operations, and have overpowered your brown haired friend, which leaves only you to deal if you want to gain access to my mother's vault you'll have to deal with come get some!" the blonde then regained her composure and giggled "ok then sweety, I guess once wasn't enough for you, I will oblige in torturing you for another session, with or without Nikki the result will be the same, and that fortune will be mine and mine alone!" she then hung up the phone and leaned her head to Chanta's and brushed back her hair whispering in her ear "we'll finish this later sweety" and licked her cheek to which Chanta gave a disgusted look...the blonde captor then put on her gas mask and her trench coat and dashed out of the office and out of the bank, to return to her hideout and remind her silly captive just who was in control....

As the blonde got back to the hideout, silencer in hand, she looked around cautiously for her freed captive "where are you sweety? it does no good to hide from me, you know i'll find you!" she crept silently around, even in her big clunky red heels the blonde captor was an expert in stealth and surpise and moved around the hideout maintaining absolute silence unlike her brunette counterpart would have, with only the slight *tip tap* of her heels making noise. The blonde then flopped down in a chair and giggled "ok then sweety, if i can't come to you, then you will come to me! i'm not falling for any cheap tricks" she laughed and tossed some of her blonde hair back as she lay back in the chair, then all of a sudden she heard the shower come on in the bathroom. Slowly the blonde got out of her chair and moved cautiously toward the noise, gun in hand, "Is that you Stacy?" the blonde giggled to herself figuring she had the dark-haired twit right where she wanted her, and entered the bathroom, silencer in hand, the shower was on in the bathroom and it was very warm, thick clouds of steam rose from the shower as the curtain surrounding it concealed the person hiding behind it, the blonde threw her head back and laughed "now i've got you, you little twit!" and then she lifted up her silencer "come out of there witch, i've got a gun pointed at you!" there was still no response as thick hot steam continued to rise..."Ok then", giggled the blonde "I'll come in and get you myself" she then threw the curtain back, pistol ready to reveal nothing but a heap of pillows stacked one on top of the other. "No!" she screamed, all of the sudden the door to the bathroom closed behind her and she ran to get out but it was locked, beads of sweat began to form on the blonde's head and body and her hair felt moist as she pointed her silencer at the now locked door, the blonde giggled despite this "you better let me out sweety, or I might have to take a few pot shots, something you might regret!" then came a response from behind the locked door "you won't risk hurting me!" laughed Stacy "you need me remember?" Sabrina then laughed as sweat started trickling down her face, "you made it nice and cozy in here for me sweety, I must thank you for that!" a giggle then came from behind the door, "so you like it hot do you?" Sabrina giggled "I certainly do, but as comfortable as this is I can't stay in here, as I have a score to settle with you, face to face" the blonde captive then pulled up her silencer and took aim at the doorknob and shot at it blowing it off, with the knob landing with a *thud* to the ground, she then tried to push the door open but no matter how hard she pushed it wouldn't budge. "Oh yeah" said Stacy "I put a sofa in the way of the door so you're going to find it hard to get out" Sabrina then laughed "well played sweety, but this changes nothing, all you're doing is wasting both our time and prolonging the inevitable, because trust me sweety, you will have to face me eventually and ultimately I am going to be the one who inherits your fortune" then came a laugh behind the door "you're jumping the gun here don't you think 'sweety'? you are trapped in there after all, and the temperature is must be a little over 40 degrees in there now, must be hard to take!" Sabrina laughed "maybe for you, but not for a beach bunny like me, I live for this kind of heat, I go down to the caribean twice a year to sunbathe just for this!" however as she spoke the blonde, now a captive realized the possibility of losing to her former victim as sweat trickled down her whole body and dribbled down to the floor with the strength from her body trickling away with this occured she realized with every ounce of sweat that was leaving her body created a bigger and bigger rift in strength between her and her ex-captive, and this frustrated to no end, as she needed to get her base back under her control...she was supposed to be the dominant one after all. The tickler, not the ticklee. But she realized the longer she spent in here the less likely she would be able to regain control.
Therefore, the blonde sought a way to make the bathroom cooler so that she could regain her strength, she then stepped in the shower and tried to turn the tap off for the hot water but the handle was jammed "oh sweety" Sabrina yelled getting short on breath "the handle for the shower is jammed, I can't turn it off!" the voice from behind the door giggled "I know, I put superglue on it before I escaped, obviously it did the trick as the heat from the thermostat has warped the glue, making the handle immobile...and now the shower continues to run hot water, producing thick steam and increasing the's that for a day at the beach blondie?" her ex-captive giggled.
The blonde now had almost no strength left as she slumped down into the tub with the warm water from the shower cascading over her, like a boxer beaten from his match in the ring, as the water trickled over her face and down her body she realized in despair how she had absolutely and utterly lost everything to her former captive, despite being in absolute control before, she began having flashbacks of when she and Nikki had her tied up securely and how they taunted and teased her tickling her with delight. Both of them knew she was right where they wanted her, under their 'heels' so to speak, how could things have gotten so screwed up? how is it possible that they had lost? now their captive was out of her bindings, Nikki was overpowered and subdued, their hideout was taken over, the robbery was botched, and the blonde was trapped and losing strength fast due to heat exhaustion, and overpowered by her ex-captor yes...but not yet she still had one last ace in the hole. The blonde wearily stood up covered in sweat, and giggled "you silly girl, you let me out or i'll shoot you" there was a pause "not going to answer me huh sweety?" giggled the blonde, have it your way. The blonde then took four shots at the door which didn't come close to hitting it as she was dizzy from heat exhaustion, and ended up shooting other random locations around the room instead. A giggle was heard from behind the door, and her captor taunted her saying 'nah nah nah, nah nah nah'. The blonde, unable to keep her balance made one last little giggle as the room swirled around her, she then fainted and fell to the floor with a thud.

After hearing the noise, the former captive of the two vixens opened the door and saw her former captor sprawled across the bathroom floor, unconscious. She stood over the unconscious blonde and giggled "what's the matter 'sweety', couldn't take the heat? I thought a 'beach bunny' like yourself would enjoy something like this...but i guess not huh?" she then got on her knees and leaned close to the blonde and whispered in her ear "would you like me to tickle you when you dry off sweety, like you tickled me? do I hear any objections?" the ex-captive then carried the unconscious blonde to the living room to tie her up, "then it's settled sweety, after all there's nothing quite like having a good laugh during a relaxing day at the beach, is there 'beach bunny'?" the ex-captive giggled...


Story: After being brutally tickled by her captors the dark haired lady crumbles and tells the mischievious pair the information they are looking for, "all right" she gasps with laughter, "so are you willing to talk now sweety?" smiles the blonde sweetly at her, "yeah" giggles the brunette "because if you don't, then gootchie goochie goo, we've got more for you!" as she said this she was poking at the dark-haired lady's ribs with an evil grin..."darn you two! now i will never be able to access my mother's fortune!" the blonde and the brunette then giggled and smiled at her "yes" giggled the brunette "not only that but now we have your password!" the blonde then laid back on the sofa comfortably as if on extasy "and we haven't been tickled!" she said with a giggly smile.
'Damn!' thought the tied up ticklee 'if only I saw this coming, I knew I couldn't trust these two! only the 3 of us can get access to the vault, but mother trusted me with the password! and now i can't get access to the vault anymore...damn! if only these two bimbos hadn't gang tickled me, I would still have access!'
"So..." smiled the brunette "you can't get access to the vault anymore can you? because you've been tainted" the ticklee frowned "that's right" the blonde then sat up and whispered in the lee's ear softly "and just out of curiousity sweety, what would happen if you did enter the vault?" she then smiled and giggled, the lee then said "I would suffer a ticklish fate worse then anyone could imagine upon entry into the vault, I would be tickled by 1000 darla crane's, dorothy laine's and priscilla james...a ticklish fate no women or man could withstand" the blonde and the brunette but shuddered when she said this, at the thought of such a fate.
Both captors then laughed "that's not going to happen sweetheart!" smiled the blonde, "yeah besides..." giggled the brunette "you're all tied up here sweety, and can't touch us!" little did they know the dark-haired lee was discreetly struggling free of her bindings. 'I know i'll never gain access to my mother's fortune ever again thanks to these two, but at the same time I can't let it fall into their hands...just thinking of the consequences...the evil deeds they would commit against mankind with that much power...i have to stop them, i am the only one that can! If i can tickle them they will be unable to access the vault. It's all up to me, if only I can get out of these damn bindings!'
"Ok" laughed the blonde, "We should go to the bank and see if this password is legit!" the brunette then giggled "ok, but don't forget the laughing gas sweety, to take care of security." The blonde then stood up and grabbed her gas mask, and the brunette followed suit and put her mask on as well..."how do I look?" giggled the brunette, "lovely" winked the blonde, "and myself" she asked, the brunette whistled and snapped her fingers in the air "you are one foxy lady!" the blonde then pondered for a second "you should probably actually stay here, and watch her!" indicating to the dark-haired woman. "Awww" cried the brunette "but I want to go with you! Don't you need backup to take out those big manly security guards?" the blonde giggled "I can handle them sweety, she's more of a threat to us, even tied up!" the blonde then leaned in close to whisper in the brunette's ear "she knows our weakness sweety, don't forget!" the blonde and the brunette then took off their masks and kissed each other on both cheeks...the brunette laughed "just like the french!" the blonde giggled "totally! bye sister!" the blonde then put her mask back on, grabbed the cannister of laughing gas and left for the bank.

The brunette sighed, she was alone now left with their captive, the dark-haired women continuosly wore a smile on her face and the brunette smiled back at her "i'm going to tickle to so bad!" laughed the dark-haired woman! the brunette paced back and forth giggling and shaking her head "no you aren't! don't be silly! you're all tied up! I have you right where I want you...and sabrina is taking down security at the bank as we speak!" the captive stared and giggled at her brunette captor "are your feet ticklish, under those nice white heels of yours?" the brunette then got in her captive's face and stared into her eyes with a wide grin on her face, the captive did likewise "yes" smiled the brunette whispering softly into her captives ear "i happen to have verrrryyy veerrrrrryyyy ticklish feet, and a ticklish you wish you could tickle them allllll right now huh?" laughed the brunette "bet it just kills you inside knowing that we won and you lost huh?" the brunette then smiled at her captive and kissed her on the cheek "now you be a good little girl ok? I'm going to take a shower now, but when I get back out I want a change of attitude from you ok young lady?" winked the brunette "otherwise..." she then reached down and wiggled her fingers along her captives ribs to which the dark-haired woman burst into laughter "bet you've never tickled anyone in your life have you?" smiled the brunette...."nope" smiled her captive "you'll be the first" the brunette rolled her eyes and laughed "whatever" and went in the bathroom and had her shower.

After the brunette was done her shower, she had just slipped her heels back on when she head a knock at the door 'it must be Sabrina!' she thought, and she clapped her hands and squealed with joy "i'm coming sweety!" the brunette then swung open the door excitedly and looked around but there was no one there. The brunette then giggled "look blondie I'm in no mood for your pranks, come out, come out, wherev...." the brunette captor was cut off in mind sentence as she all the sudden felt very sleepy, fainted, and fell to the floor with a thud, with her brown hair tossed over her dreamy face giggling all the way....

(Explanation) Too bad the brunette captor didn't know that her captive had put a mild chloroformic agent over her entire body, when the brunette kissed her captive on the cheek, her entire mouth was infected, and this spread soon after throughout her entire body causing her captor to lose consciousness, incapacitating her, leaving a window for her captive to escape....or maybe not....)