Cat's Got Her Tongue


Wrestling, laughing gas, hypno, Just everything you'd want in a story !

"There is no way I'm gonna let her take my Title !" Tory fumed. "That
insignificant twerpy redhead ! I want to humiliate her so bad !"

Vine grinned at Tory's rant. "I dunno Tory, she destroyed China Doll and
you know what China Doll did to you !"

Tory blushed at the humiliating memory. China Doll had beaten her
senseless, then tickled her bare feet until she was a helpless little
girl! The crowd had hooted and cheered while China Doll stripped off her
wrestling garb and left her squealing, giggling and completely nude in the
middle of the ring.

"But I've got a little something that just might help" Vine said.

At Tory's questioning glance, Vine held up a small vial. "I've got a
little serum here from a renegade biologist I think you'll like."
Whispering into the blonde bombshells ear Vine explained what the
concoction would do. The evil grin that grew on Tory's face portended
horrifying consequences for the redhead known as "The Cat".

Catherine made her way into the arena, walking slowly as the lights were
out backstage and she didn't want to bump into anything and possibly
bruise her alabaster white shins. Dressed in her wrestling cheerleader's
outfit, her fire red hair done up in her signature pigtails, the 5'6"
"Cat" wondered why her personal assistant Laurie had wanted to meet her
here so late. "Something about coreographing some new holds" she thought.

"OWWWWW!!!!" she yelped as she felt something sting the back of her thigh.
"I wonder what just bit me" she said as she rubbed the stricken area.
"They really need to fog this place" she thought as she worked her way
towards the ring.

In the shadows, Tory grinned at Vine and handed her the pistol. "I told
you it would work" she grinned back. "Freezing the serum into a tiny
little dart is all it takes to deliver it !" Vine whispered. "But will it
be enough to affect her ?" Tory asked. "Not to worry, that aphrodisiac is
very potent and the sedative will have her stumbling around like she's
drunk on her ass !" The two quietly made their way towards the ring;
waiting for the serum to take effect.

Cat emerged from backstage and made her way towards the ring which was
brightly illuminated. A huge grin of satisfaction covered her face as she
savored her recent victory over China Doll. The spunky redhead had managed
to avoid all of China Doll's moves until she wore her down then stunned
her with a brutal piledriver. With swift efficiency she had ripped off the
larger woman's boots and peeled off her socks revealing a pair of very
tender bare feet. Cat's nails danced across the stunned woman's bare soles
and within seconds she had her cackling and squealing hysterically. Dazed
and breathless, it didn't take long for the laughter to totally weaken
China Doll until she meekly tapped out and gave the victory to Cat.

As she climbed into the ring, Catherine gleefully anticipated her title
match tomorrow night against Tory. She knew the buxom blonde was very
ticklish and eagerly looked forward to humiliating her and claiming the

The redhead began to feel a little light-headed as she excercised a bit
while waiting for Laurie. "Tee heeheheheeeee !!!" she suddenly burst out
with a girlish giggle. Then she softly moaned as the most delicious warm
feeling spread through her loins. This was followed by another silly
giggle and an inadvertant caress of her small but firm breasts. Her
nipples were rapidly stiffening; such that she could feel them throb and
grow with each beat of her heart.

"SKNXXXXXheheheheeeeeeeee" for some reason she couldn't stop giggling!
Everything appeared funny to her and each girlish giggle fanned the flames
of her rapidly rising libido. Cat started laughing openly now and as she
grew hornier with every second, she couldn't resist fondling her
noticeably hard nipples. "Hahahahaaaeeeeeee Laurieeee where Mmmmmmmmmm are
you?" she tittered as her arousal brought a mental image of a very nude
Laurie pleasuring her came to mind.

Lost in her libidinous daydream, it took Cat a few moments to realize that
Vine and Tory had entered the ring. Laughing drunkenly, she wiggled her
fingers at them as she found them incredibly hilarious. Tory merely smiled
and with one finger, pushed Catherine backwards where she fell flat on her
buns and laughed uproariously! Vine pulled her back to sit upright against
the turnbuckle. Within seconds she had pulled the redhead's arms back and
tied her wrists together behind the post, leaving her cackling insanely;
sitting in the corner.

Catherine just laughed her head off; her firm breasts jiggling with their
very pronounced and very hard nipples. Tory and Vine disappeared into the
darkness to await their next victim.

Laurie thought it odd that Cat would want to meet with her in the arena at
this late hour. "Probably wants me to help her with a new finishing
maneuver" she thought. Laurie wasn't a wrestler in any sense of the word.
The 5'7" brunette was far too delicate for any such activity. Her full
breasts and flaring hips made her quite the beauty, however, and she was
perfectly content to be Catherine's personal assistant. Dressed in very
short gym shorts, tank top, and backless sneakers, she entered backstage
and slowly found her way through the darkness.

"OUCH !" she yipped as something stung her just below her right bun. "Damn
bugs !" she complained as she gingerly rubbed the sting. Laurie was cursed
with a hyper-sensitivity far beyond that of normal women. Only the softest
fabrics touched her delicate skin as anything rougher was painfully
uncomfortable to her. Finally, she found her way to the main arena just as
a light-headed giddiness washed over her.

Working towards the light, she heard the sound of hysterical laughter
which, as she neared the ring, began to have a contagious effect on her.
Giggling slightly she wondered why she was feeling so girlish and horny at
the same time. Finally, she saw Cat sitting against the turnbuckle
laughing her head off which triggered her own tittering giggles.
"Teeheheheheeeee Cat, what's soooohohohooo funnyeeeheheheeeeeee!" she
laughed, then gasped with delight as a wave of sheer lustful joy settled
under her tummy.

She climbed into the ring and noticed only then that Cat's arms were tied
behind her, her bound wrists keeping her sitting against the corner post.

"HAAAAhahahaaeeeeeeeeee" Laurie laughed. Seeing Cat this way was
hilarously funny to her. She also realized how deliciously helpless the
cute redhead was right now and she licked her lips with lust as her tank
top revealed how hard her nipples had become.

At that moment, Tory and Vine re-entered the ring. Laurie pointed at them
and tittered away as they casually walked up to her. A few quick spidery
tickles was all it took to send Laurie crumpling to the mat; laughing
hysterically. Tory rolled her over onto her tummy while Vine tied her
ankles together with soft rope. Laurie laughed even harder and bounced on
her full breasts as Tory took the remaining rope and completed the hogtie.

"We want you to have a good view while we tease your friend here" Tory
whispered into the brunette's ear.

Finding the whole situation very funny, Laurie laughed away as Tory and
Vine went over to Cat. They spread her legs in a wide 'V' and each
produced a soft artist's brush. Each sitting on a shin, they started
unlacing Cat's sneakers.

Even in her drug-induced state, Cat realized what they intended to do !

"Noooohohohohohooooo Donhahahahaaaaaaa NOOoHOHAHAHAHAHAA!" she begged. A
rush of lust heated up her mound as she felt her sneakers being pulled off
and her socks peeled away. How could they know about her phobia for
brushes and what happened to her if somebody tickled her with any kind of
brush ?

Laurie knew of Cat's weakness and started to get moist herself as she
watched them strip the redhead's feet bare and begin tickle-brushing her
wrinkled arches! She found Cat's squealing laughter and completely
helpless predicament incredibly arousing. Too, she knew that the redhead
was not far from a hysterical orgasm.

Vine let Tory tend to brushing Cat's tender bare feet while she produced a
pair of scissors and started snipping away at Catherine's cheerleader
sweater. The redhead was totally consumed with laughter and despite her
humiliation at being slowly stripped, she felt the rising tide of her
arousal build. Soon Vine had completely cut away her sweater and set to
work on her bra. She smiled with evil lust when she saw how large and hard
Catherine's nipples had become. She tossed away the remnants of Cat's bra
and, using her brush, she lightly began to tickle Cat's throbbing nipples.

That was all it took to push Cat over the edge! Through her squeals of
laughter, hoarse guttural grunts telegraphed her orgasm. Tory was becoming
quite aroused herself as she felt the redhead shuddering beneath her buns
and lewdly grinding her hips.

Laurie's mind was racing with sexual fury as she imagined what would
happen to her if those two were to assault her bare feet. The mere thought
of it as she watched them brush-tickle Cat to an obvious orgasm made her
wiggle her bound feet and laugh even harder.

Vine watched with lust as Tory started nibbling and sucking on Catherine's
toes while she continued to softly brush her arches. With scissors in
hand, she started cutting Cat's cheerleader skirt into ribbons. Once the
garment was completely destroyed and discarded, one could easily notice
the large moist stain on Cat's panties. The two winked at one another;
knowing the pigtailed redhead had just had a furious orgasm. Cat's panties
met the scissors leaving her completely nude and moaning loudly between
her fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Laurie began to grind her hips against the mat in her own sexual
frustration when she watched the two spread Catherine's legs wide apart
and tie them off to the bottom rope. There was no way the redhead could
close her legs and Laurie nearly swooned with lust as she gazed at Cat's
completely exposed furry red mound with its very moist, puffy, pouting

Vine retrieved her soft brush and a tube of something that she showed to
the teary-eyed, writhing redhead.

"NOOOHOHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!" Cat squealed in hysterical horror as she realized
it was a tube of Nair.

Vine grinned wickedly and started squirting the depilatory liberally on
her soft brush.

Cat lewdly writhed her hips as she felt another orgasm beginning to build.
As soon as Vine started brushing the Nair on Cat's curly red fur, the
redhead squealed with laughter then gutturally began to grunt as a second
orgasm shook her lithe body.

Watching Vine tickle-brush Cat's pussy pushed Laurie over the edge and she
began to shudder and quake with an explosive orgasm that had her moaning
and laughing right along with Catherine.

Cat was a sweaty mess as her explosion began to die down. Still giggling,
she blinked away tears and watched blurrily as the two approached the
helpless Laurie. They knew of Laurie's extreme sensitivity and abandoned
brushes for two stiff goose feathers.

"Nonononononoheheheheheeeeee!!!!" Laurie giggled as she saw them coming.
She was still quivering from her own lustful explosion of joy and knew
what they intended to do to her.

"Now Miss Laurie, I think it's time we paid some attention to you while
the Nair works on your redheaded friend" Vine said. She teased the
brunette's neck and shoulders with her feather while Tory slipped off
Laurie's backless sneakers exposing her narrow, bare, upturned soles.

Laurie shrieked with helpless laughter when Tory started flicking her
feather up and down her extremely sensitive bare feet! Her high arched
size 9's were incredibly ticklish and in her current state she could only
violently wriggle them as Tory tickled away.

Vine began snipping away at her tank top with the scissors and was
pleasantly surprised to see that Laurie was not wearing a bra; her firm
44D's sporting incredibly large, hard nipples. Her shorts soon followed
and Vine greedily licked her lips when she saw the brunette was sans

Completely nude and totally helpless with laughter, Laurie's amplified
libido began to boil over. Each slow swipe of the feather's tip across her
bare feet was driving her closer to orgasm and hysterical madness.

Vine loved the brunette's wild laughter, but it was time to tend to Cat as
the depilatory had been on long enough. With a soft towel, she gently and
carefully wiped away the Nair and every last one of Catherine's curly red

Just as Vine started flicking the tip of her feather across Cat's very
hard love nubbin, Tory started dragging her warm tongue up and down
Laurie's bare soles! The effect was electric and immediate. Squealing and
grunting with laughter, a shattering orgasm gripped the hogtied brunette
and shook her like a rag doll! She'd never had someone kiss, nibble and
lick her sensitive feet before and had never experienced the intensity of
an orgasm of this magnitude. Nor did it appear that it was going to stop
anytime soon! Again and again her muscles wrenched as she pumped out more
and more of her love honey.

Catherine was erotically watching her assistant's multiple orgasms as Vine
teased her clit and lips with the feather. She whimpered and giggled with
delight; lewdly trying to push her now very bald mound against the
feather's tip. But again and again, Vine stopped just short of tickling
her to release. Finally, Cat's green eyes had a wild look to them as she
giggled and begged to be satisfied.

Vine leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and whispered into her ear,
"Oooooh, does Catherine need to cum ?" she teased. "I think I know a way
to do that!" she cooed as she held her soft brush in front of Cat's eyes.

"BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!" Cat bawled with laughter as Vine
slowly dragged the soft bristles all around the redhead's bald mound;
fiendishly avoiding brushing her sensitive clit and lips. The redhead's
laughter had an insane quality to it. She was being driven quite mad by
the teasing tickling and was afraid she would explode if she didn't get

Vine looked over and saw that Tory had rolled Laurie onto her side and was
wickedly feathering the brunette's rock hard nipples while slowly stroking
her long nails through Laurie's curly brown fur. Seeing that they were
just about at the stage that the serum would begin to wear off, she nodded
to Tory and turned her attention to Catherine.

Pleading with her eyes, Catherine was lost in silent laughter when Vine
started brushing her love nubbin. Her eyes shot wide open and she squealed
with delight as the orgasm took control of her body. She groaned and
moaned shamelessly, not even caring about her humiliation at the blonde's
hands, as Vine tickle brushed her and made her cum.

Tory, knowing Laurie was near, easily slid two fingers between Laurie's
moist lips and said "Cum for me my little tickle-slut!"

And Laurie did just that, squealing and grunting away while Tory tickled
her throbbing lips and hard, sensitive clit. She was lost in the throes of
another multiple orgasm that would continue as long as Tory tickled her.

Vine could see that both women would soon pass out if the two blondes
continued. Another nod to Tory and the two stopped. Gasping, moaning and
giggling, Cat and Laurie slowly began to come down from their lusty highs.

Vine motioned Tory to her and whispered in her ear " let me show you
one neat little side effect of this serum" she said.

She knelt down next to Cat who was barely breathing, eyes closed, and
giggling every now and then.

"Now listen to me Catherine..." she cooed in a soft low voice, "...listen
only to me. My voice is the only voice you can hear. You want to sleep
dont you ? Listen only to my voice..." she droned on.

Tory realized that Vine was hypnotizing the exhausted redhead. The side
effect of the serum was that it rendered the victim totally susceptible to

"When I tell you, you will return to your dressing room, remembering
nothing of what happened this evening. You will be eagerly awaiting
Laurie's arrival. You love Laurie deeply. So deeply that you will be
unable to avoid her loving attention. Nothing will be able to stop you
from letting her love you and pleasure you..." Vine said. "It won't seem
unusual to you that you are spending the night in your dressing room;
preparing for tomorrow night's Title Match."

Tory grinned wickedly as she heard Vine's instructions and commands.

"Every time you see a brush, you will begin to giggle like a little school
girl. Every time you feel a brush against your skin you will be completely
helpless and consumed with laughter. You will become incredibly horny. So
horny that the more the brush tickles you, the closer and closer to orgasm
you will become."

Tory was getting horny just listening to Vine. She knew what she intended
to do and Tory couldn't wait for tomorrow night's Title Match.

Having completed her subliminal commands, Vine untied Catherine and
ordered the nude redhead to her dressing room. Like a zombie, Cat left the
ring and padded on bare feet out of the arena.

Vine then went to a still giggling Laurie and easily put her under.

Giving the brunette much the same instructions as Catherine, she continued
"When you see Catherine, you will have an uncontrollable desire to love
her. You will tickle her until she's helpless and then tease her to
orgasm. Each time Cat cums, you too will have an orgasm that matches hers
in intensity. You will not be able to stop loving her. You will continue
to love her until just before the match tomorrow night. Then, as if
nothing has happened, the two of you will prepare for the match,
remembering your night and day of lovemaking as a fond memory."

"Finally, when you see a brush of any kind, you will have the
uncontrollable desire to rip off Catherine's clothing, knowing that if you
can strip her naked, you will be able to make mad passionate love to her!"

As a very nude Laurie padded out of the arena, Tory high-fived Vine.
"Looks like I won't be losing my Belt anytime soon !" she giggled.

"Just remember to bring a brush and prepare to enjoy Cat's total
humiliation!" Vine crowed.


Catherine returned to her dressing room and layed down on her futon which
doubled as a bed. She had such a painful ache in her loins and she
couldn't stop fondling her super hard nipples.

"Mmmmm!!! Where is Laurie? I need her soooo bad right now !" she murmured
to herself. An image of the busty brunette nude filled her mind and she
could think of nothing else.

At that moment, Laurie padded into the room. Seeing the nude redhead, she
flung herself at her and began kissing her deeply. "I'm here to tease you
Cat love !" she whispered as she lightly began to tickle Catherine's
tummy. Catherine giggled and squirmed as Laurie found all of her hot

For the next 16 hours, Laurie drove Cat over the edge. Again and again she
had the cute redhead shuddering and begging for her to stop as she
couldn't handle another shuddering explosion; each one matched by Laurie's
own crippling orgasm. But she was unable to stop. Even after passing out a
few times into fitful sleep, her subliminal commands kept waking her up,
and she would tickle-tease and pleasure a thoroughly exhausted little


Catherine finished her shower and began to don her wrestling outfit. Her
sky blue panties and bra were quickly covered by her cheerleaders sweater
and pleated short skirt. "I just don't understand why I'm so exhausted"
she thought to herself. "I got plenty of sleep and I need all the strength
I can muster if I'm to take the Title from Tory tonight."

Laurie stepped out of the bathroom and slid into her silk purple evening
gown. Her skin was so sensitive that she never wore underthings as they
chafed. As Catherine's assistant, she was there to delight the fans with
her voluptuous body and her huge, firm bosom. Neither of the woman took
note of her rock-hard nipples which were clearly visible through the sheer
silk gown. Stepping into strapless high-heeled sandles, Laurie looked at
her champion.

"You look terrible !" she said, "...didn't you sleep well ?"

"I slept fine hon ! I don't know why I'm so exhausted."

"Maybe you just need a power drink. We've only 15 minutes until you take
the Belt away from Tory !"

"You're right, as usual. I can't wait to humiliate that blonde bitch and
become the world champion!" Catherine crowed.


"Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing, the current reigning champion ! The
beautiful TORY!" the ring announcer bellowed.

At the top of the arena, the crowd wildly cheered then gasped for a second
as the blonde bombshell entered the arena. Clad in strappy high heeled
sandles and the skimpiest string bikini possible, the gorgeous Tory
strutted down the ramp with Vine at her side; their huge boobs bouncing
and jiggling with every step.

Murmurs throughout the crowd could be heard. "How is she going to wrestle
in that outfit ?" "The Cat will eat her for lunch !" "Oh! This is going to
be good !" With ill concealed lust, the crowd cheered, hoping for some
gratuitous nudity as The Cat defeated the reigning champion. They remember
all too well how Cat had bested the powerful China Doll and knew that Tory
was next to be humiliated.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the challenger, The Cat !" Catherine and Laurie
strode confidently down the aisle and the crowd went nuts ! Dressed in her
cheerleader's outfit and sporting her bright red pigtails, Catherine
looked every bit the high school teenager.

The referee held up the title belt and announced to the crowd as Cat
entered the ring, "This is a no-holds barred, no submission match for the
Title ! The first wrestler to pin her opponent for a 3 count wins the
Title !"

Exhausted as she was, Catherine knew she could beat the blonde bimbo into
submission and then tickle her until she was so helpless that a 3 count
would be easy.

The bell rang and Cat moved forward to engage the scantily clad blonde. At
that moment, Tory pulled out a very fluffy brush and waved it at Cat.
Immediately she started to giggle like a little girl and she felt her
knees begin to tremble. What was wrong with her ? She needed to take out
this wench but she couldn't move!

Laurie's eyes grew huge and a smile of evil lust crept over her face. Fans
nearby could easily see her nipples growing harder by the second through
the thin fabric of her gown.

Backing away to her corner, Cat continued to giggle drunkenly while Tory
merely stood in the middle of the ring and waved the brush at her.

The crowd was beginning to wonder what was going on when they exploded
with laughter and wild applause ! Laurie had grabbed the hem of Cat's
pleated skirt and ripped it in two; sailing it out into the cheering

"Teeeheheheheheeeeeee!!!!! Laurieeeeeeeeheheheheeeeeee what are
yooooohohohoooo doing ?" Cat giggled.

Laurie's lustful gaze was obvious as she cooed in Cat's ear "You can't
wrestle properly in that hot, sweaty outfit ! Now give me that sweater !"
she demanded.

Still giggling, Cat moved away from the corner, only to stop like a deer
in the headlights as Tory strutted towards her, stroking the fluffy brush
sensually up and down her near nude torso.

Cat quivered and her knees shook; giggling sillily as Tory advanced. "I
don't think you're a Cat..." she purred, "...I think you're just a
helpless little kitten! Come here and let me BRUSH you !"

Fear raced through Catherine's mind and her resolve broke. Frightened, she
ran back to her corner and grabbed the top rope, hoping to get out of the

The crowd roared hysterically as Laurie grabbed the sleeves of her sweater
and peeled it off; tossing it out to the appreciative crowd. Giggling and
blushing in embarassment, Catherine stood in sneakers, socks, panties and
bra while Laurie lewdly gazed upon her.


"You look much sexier in bra and panties, love. But you'd look even sexier
in nothing at all ! Lemme at that bra !" Laurie grabbed for Cat's bra and
Cat hastily back pedaled away from her.

Tory was ready, though, and stuck out one shapely long leg to trip
Catherine to the mat on her back. Swiftly, she rolled the redhead onto her
stomach and began stroking the brush up and down the back of her thighs!

"Tickle, tickle, tickle little girl !" Tory cooed.

Exploding with laughter, Cat could only lay on her tummy while Tory folded
her legs up to her buns and clamped them between her powerful tanned
thighs. She couldn't move a muscle and the brush-tickling was driving her


"Let's just see if your feet need a good brushing !" Tory said as she
started to unlace the redhead's sneakers.

Catherine could only laugh hysterically. Humiliation washed over her but
didn't stop the incredible rush of passion that thundered into her loins.

Within seconds, Tory had stripped her feet bare. "Let's just BRUSH up on
these cute little feet of yours, shall we ?" Tory teased.

The first kiss of the brush on her wrinkled bare soles had Cat braying
helplessly as the crowd screamed and cheered at her predicament.

Laurie was hugging the corner post; her own lusty juices flowing – knowing
what would happen if Cat was tickled to orgasm.

Tory worked over Catherine's wildly wriggling bare feet until the
pigtailed redhead was lost in silent laughter; her hips lewdly grinding
up, down, and around the center of the ring.

"Are ya gonna cum for me little tickle-slut ?" Tory cooed as she started
to nibble on the redhead's toes while she brushed her arches.

The teasing and toe nibbling was more than Cat could stand and she
squealed and grunted as she shamelessly pounded her hips against the mat;
exploding in a glorious orgasm that left her weak and defenseless. She
tried weakly to tap out, but this was a no submission, no-holds barred
title match, so the referee ignored it to the delight of the crowd.

Those that were near the ring noticed the darkening blotch on her panties
as she pumped out her love juices. A few others noticed that Laurie was
quivering violently; barely able to hold on to the corner post as she came
in empathy with her redheaded lover. Her silky thin dress could not
however hide her engorged nipples as she rubbed against the pole.

"Now, my little tickle-toy, it's time to strip for the crowd! Peel off
that bra, bitch!" Tory commanded.

Totally humiliated and helpless, Cat shook her head "NO" as she
desperately tried to grab a lungful of air.

"'Kay! Guess I'll just keep brushing these cute lil bare feet of yours !"
Tory teased and set about fluffing her brush up and down Catherine's
barely wiggling arches.

Cackling hoarsely and barely able to breathe, Catherine's shaking fingers
started peeling off her lacy bra!

"Now throw it out to your fans !" Tory goaded her.

The crowd was going wild ! Even though their favorite was being dominated,
the show was just too much! Seeing the once dominant Cat being reduced to
a little girl and forced to strip at the hands of the sexy Tory was more
than worth the price of admission. Many illegal camcorders were recording
this match and the video would soon end up all over the internet!

Laurie was just recovering from her lustful shuddering when Vine came up
next to her. "Oooooo!!!! You look like you just had some fun !" she said
as she stroked her long nails up the brunette's bum.

Laurie giggled and squirmed, still holding onto the corner post, but her
eyes showed fear and submission.

"I just want to make sure you don't try to interfere!" Saying that, Vine
snared Laurie's right ankle and clamped it in the crook of her elbow.
Plucking off the high-heeled slide, she began to trace her long nails up
and down Laurie's narrow bare foot.

Shrieking with laughter, the buxom brunette clung helplessly to the post;
her eyes riveted on the comedic spectacle taking place in the ring.

"Now scoot out of those wet panties of yours!" Tory commanded.

Catherine was sobbing hysterically; knowing she'd been completely
humiliated and totally unable to stop it. Laughing, crying, and moaning at
the same time, she wriggled her pale white buns and peeled her lacy
panties down to her knees. Tory quickly snatched them and spun them out to
an adoring crowd. Now her nemisis was totally nude and the final
humiliation was set to come.

Tory let Cat's spaghetti like legs flop lifeless to the mat; spreading
them wide so all could see her sopping bald mound.She reached up and
grabbed both of her pigtails and forced the redhead to bow upright. "Now
everyone can see what a horny tickle-slut you are !" Tory teased as
Catherine's firm breasts and hard nipples were exposed to the crowd. "Now
I'm going to show them what a tickle-whore you are !"

With that, Tory began flicking her soft brush up and down Cat's moist
pouting lips; stopping every now and then to wriggle the bristles against
her hard throbbing clit!

"NYAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" the redhead squealed as she felt the
buildup of an explosion that would surely give her a heart attack.

Laurie was cackling and wiggling helplessly as Vine tickled her sensitive
sole, but couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of Tory
tickle-brushing Cat's bald pussy. She began to hump against the corner
post just as much as her lover was lewdly humping her hips on the mat.

"NYAAAAAAANNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" Catherine squealed and grunted as her
tickle-gasm possessed what was left of her body and mind. Spurting and
squirming, she totally gave herself over to the incredible joy of her
unleashed lust.

Laurie was barely able to hold on to the corner post as she shuddered
helplessly. Vine had taken both of her high heels to leave her standing on
tip toes. Now she ripped the shoulder straps of the brunette's evening
gown and started to tickle her ribs and tummy while she was in the midst
of a powerful orgasm! Laughing and cumming at the same time, the busty
brunette literaly shimmy-stripped herself until her gorgeous gown lay
pooled around her bare ankles.

Back in the ring, Catherine had finally passed out. Tory rolled her over
onto her back raised her arms in victory and planted a long spiked heel
between the sexy redhead's bare breasts. The referee called for the bell.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The reigning and still champion .... .TORY!!!!"

But the majority of the cheers didn't come Tory's way. They came when a
completely nude Laurie crawled out on the ring on hands and knees to pick
up a passed out redhead who had the hugest smile on her face. Together,
the two of them stumbled out of the arena to the loudest applause this
event had ever seen!


Back in their dressing room, Catherine was sobbing and shaking her head.
Not knowing why she completely froze up in the ring. "I'm ruined !" she
cried. "I'll never be able to wrestle again! They'll just tickle-torture
me like Tory did!"

Laurie tilted her chin up and kissed her nose. "There's more to life than
wrestling" she said with a sultry smile.

Cat still sobbed, having been so close to the Title and then so horribly
humiliated in front of the entire country made her cry even more.

Laurie touched her cheek and said "I think I know a way to cheer you up !"

Cat started giggling "NOOoooohohohheheheheehheeeeeeee!!!!!
Laurieeeeeeeeheheheheeeeeee what aaaaahahahahahaaaaaare you
Laurie brandished a soft fluffy brush and straddled an already weakend
redhead. "I'm gonna make you happy lover !!!" she said as she tickled
Cat's tummy and started kissing the redhead's very bald mound.