Chairside Assistance

By Mr ChgoLaughs

Ann knew it was wrong, but it seemed like such an innocent thing.  "I mean, it's not like I'm addicted or anything…..I only do it maybe once every other week, when I've had a really rough day, " she thought to herself.  She sat down in the chair and picked up the hose connected to the nitrous oxide.  Placing the nosepiece close to her face, she turned it on and just sat still for a few minutes.

Ann had been working for Dr. Calder as a dental assistant for over two years now.  She had only discovered the "benefits" of a brief exposure to nitrous about six months ago.  Someone had inadvertently left it flowing and she was closing up the office.  She was sitting in the room preparing for the next day's first case and suddenly felt the urge to giggle.  After a few minutes she realized that this was very unusual and found the nitrous turned on.  However, she found that she felt very uplifted all that evening.

Since then, she had tried it a few more times, after particularly stressful days.  It gave her an almost gentle "buzz", as long as she didn't take too much of it.   So it was with today.  Insurance hassles, irate patients, incompetent temporary help.  Ann really needed a boost tonight.  She had just finished closing things up for the night and decided to try some nitrous before she left.  As she breathed it in, she began feeling the giggles building and soon she was in absolute fits.  It always happened this way.  She would giggle and laugh uncontrollably for a minute or two, then settle down enough to drive home.

She was stunned when she felt her arms grabbed from behind, then her body pushed forward and forced into the dental chair.  She was still giggling as she turned to see Dr. Calder standing beside her with a very angry look on his face.

"So THIS is why the nitrous oxide usage log has been inaccurate lately.  It hasn't been much, but enough to make me wonder." Dr. Calder said as he wrapped a roll of gauze around her wrists, fastening them to the chair arms.

"Gigglegigglegigglegiggle!!!  What are you doing, Dr.??? Heeeeheeheeeeehehehe", giggled Ann.  The effects of the gas made her too weak to fight him with any success.  Dr. Calder finished fastening both arms to the chair, then moved to her legs and tied her ankles down.  He then took the small nose mask and fastened it to Ann's face, forcing her to continue breathing the gas.

"Ohhh noooo!!   Haahahhahaahahaaaeehheehheeee!!   Dr., pleeheeheeeeheeheeeese!!  I'm already laughing so much!!!  Haaaaahahahahhahaaa!!!", laughed Ann.

"Well, I think you need to be taught a lesson, Ann.  I've been trained to know how much nitrous to give someone for the desired effect.  I desire that you laugh yourself to tears!  Maybe then you will stay away from this stuff, " Dr. Calder explained.

He sat back and smiled as his assistant squirmed in the chair and just continued to laugh hysterically, unable to dislodge the mask from her nose.  Ann was really quite an attractive woman and Dr. Calder found himself very much enjoying watching her squirm and listening to her lovely laughter.  Several times, Ann tried to compose herself and resist the effects of the gas.  Each time she would last only for a few seconds, then suddenly erupt into laughter once more.

"Mmmmmmmmmmaaahahahahaahahahahahahaaaaa!!!  Heeeheehahahahahahaaa!!!  Dr. Calder, please!!!  Haaaaaaahahahhahahaaa!!!   I can't take any more of this!!" pleaded Ann.

"Actually, I was just thinking of upping the ante a little bit," the doctor said quizzically.

"Whaahahahaahhaat do you meeeheheheeheheeheean?" Ann asked through her giggles.

Dr. Calder pressed his foot to the chair control and leaned the chair back, raising the foot.  Soon Ann's captive legs were right at about eye-level with Dr. Calder's seated height.  He rolled his chair down to the end and began untying her shoes.  He slipped each one off, exposing Ann's white-stockinged feet.

"Now whhhaahaaahahaahahahahaat????  Heeeheeheheahahahahahaaa!!  OH Nooohohohohohohoho!!!  Dr., you wouldn't do thatahahaahaaaahahahaat to meeheeheeeheheheheeee!!!  No pleeeheeeheheeheheheeheese!!  Don't tickle me tooohooohooohoooo!!!    Haaahahahahaahaaa!!!!" Ann pleaded through her hysterics.

"Why Ann, I promise I won't even touch your feet, " Dr. Calder said.

He rolled back toward the work area and reached for a hose.  Bringing it back to the end of the chair, he tested the device, then pressed the button and directed the strong, fine stream of air at the sole of one foot.  Ann's laughter increased noticeably at the added stimulation.  It felt to her like a tiny, soft finger was stroking her nyloned sole.

"DR.!!  Noooooooohohohohooho!!!   Heeeeeeeheeheeeeeehehee!!!!  Stop it pleheeeheeheeheheeheese!!  That tickles!!!  Hahahahahhahaaaa!!!"

The doctor just smiled gently and continued "stroking" her captive feet with the air stream.  When he directed it at her toes, Ann thought she would go mad.  Although she wasn't exceptionally ticklish there, it was impossible to stop the effects of the air jet from tickling her, no matter how hard she scrunched up her toes.  The air could always find some small crevice to attack.  It was maddening!

After about 10 minutes of this "increased stimulation", Dr. Calder turned of the nitrous oxide and replaced it with oxygen to bring Ann back to a cognizant state.  As her laughter began to subside, changing slowly to giggles, Dr. Calder untied her ankles and wrists from the chair.  Soon Ann was coherent enough for him to warn her.

"Well, I hope this will teach you a lesson, Ann.  You'd best leave that gas alone or you'll be in some heavy legal trouble.  I won't say anything this time, just as I'm sure you won't mention my subjecting you to more laughter.  The next time, I might not be so forgiving," Dr. Calder said.

"Yes, sir," said Ann, "I'm sorry, Dr. I don't know what possessed me to keep doing that."

As Ann left the office, very embarrassed, she couldn't help but wonder if there would indeed ever be a "next time".  After all, Dr. Calder sure seemed to enjoy her predicament.  Maybe, just maybe……..