Charm School
by Alice Kenton

Alexandra DuMonde--Lexie to her friends, of which she had
few--had been attending Miss Cavender's School for Girls for
two weeks now, at the insistence of her parents. Lexie as a
pretty young girl, but having been born into the wealth of her
parents gave her an attitude of royalty. Those who knew her
best--that is, those who were decidedly not her
friends--called her "The Princess" behind her back, not that
she'd have cared, except that she would have preferred "The
Queen." She was a queen of sorts, most would agree--the queen
of insults. She was always capable of infuriating those around
her while keeping a smug air of superiority about herself.
Only one person had managed to crack through that wall and
cause emotional hurt her whole life, and that happened when
she was first enrolled at Miss Cavender's. Incarcerated, she'd
have put it, rather than enrolled, for it wasn't as though the
teen had a choice in the matter.

Incarceration was actually the case for street-wise Yvonne
Montez. Vonnie had been nicked for shoplifting the second
time, and it was either jail or the feisty little vixen was
going to have to learn a whole new attitude of how to get
along in society. Vonnie wasn't stupid--a cushy rich-kid
school over a nasty jail cell was no choice at all. And no one
said she had to graduate with any kind of honors, so she
maintained her mouthy attitude. Only one person had cut
through her exterior enough to make her cry, enough to make
her leap up and start pulling hair and slapping--that
rich-bitch Lexie, "The Princess." Vonnie hated her and wanted
to avoid her as much as possible; but whenever she saw her,
she couldn't help it, the foul comments came out, and the
arguments would start all over again.

The school had sounded the first curfew a few minutes ago,
which meant lights out in 30. Each girl had her own room, each
the same size (a luxury for Vonnie, a punishment for Lexie who
was used to one much larger) with its own adjoining washroom.
Lexie was stepping out of the shower, her blond hair dangling
in wet scraggles down to the small of her back. She toweled it
furiously and then patted her body dry. "One towel," she
thought blackly. "Can't wrap it around me because it's all wet
now, can't wrap my hair." She shook her head as she hung the
towel by the shower to dry. "Barbaric." She put her hand on
the doorknob to re-enter her bedroom and put something on to
sleep in.

Down the hall, Vonnie was finishing her own shower. Hot water
that never seemed to run out! A soft thick towel with no holes
in it. "I should have got arrested long ago," she thought as
she hung her towel. She stretched and looked at herself in the
mirror over the sink, her short dark hair clinging to her
cheeks in ringlets, her petite but wiry body every inch
feminine despite her tomboyishness. "Face it, Vonnie," she
told her reflection. "You hit the jackpot." She turned the
doorknob to her room.

As both girls did so, they let out a surprised yelp, for the
floor gave way beneath each of them. They found themselves
each sliding down a chute and unceremoniously--and
simultaneously--deposited into a very small room, their
landings cushioned by the overstuffed bed. The flaps in the
ceiling which had opened to give them admittance slapped shut
flush with the top of the room, showing neither seam nor

"You!" Lexie accused.

"You!" Vonnie exclaimed.

"What's the meaning of this," Lexie shouted, covering her
breasts and privates with her arms as she vented. "Do you
realize how much trouble you're going to get me into with this
little stunt of yours."

"My little stunt?" Vonnie retorted. She kept her hands at her
side, her fists balled up in case she needed them. She wasn't
going to get sucker-punched just because some stuck-up chica
could see her tits.

It went this way for several minutes before both girls fell
silent and turned their backs on each other, neither hearing
the slight hiss of air from the overhead vent as they shouted.
They looked around the room, which took no time at all. The
room, for all intents and purposes, was the bed. There was
less than six inches all around it, barely room to walk, and
no door they could see. The white walls were bare of any
thing. There was literally nothing there to look at save each
other. Then Vonnie saw the bag atop the pillows and dumped it
out, looking for a clue or a key or anything.

"What are you doing," Lexie asked spitefully.

"More than you," Vonnie said, as she spilled the contents.
There was nothing there but feathers and an envelope. "Nada,"
she said. She chuckled at her dashed hopes, though she didn't
find anything funny about the situation.

"There's a note," Lexie said. "I guess I'll read it."

"I know how to read," Vonnie said.

Lexie said nothing. She crossed her legs demurely and
rearranged her hair to drape over her breasts. ("How coy,"
Vonnie thought, rolling her eyes.) She then opened the
envelope and took out the note inside.

"Dear girls," Lexie read. "We note with much disappointment
your interrelations these past weeks with each other. You
spend far too much effort trying to make the other hurt and
cry. Tonight you should try to turn that around and make each
other smile for once."

"Oh, and that's what these are for?" Vonnie held up one of the
feathers disgustedly.

"Like that's even going to happen," Lexie said. "Really, do
they think were children?" She turned her back to Vonnie,
tucking her legs beneath her as she began to feel along the
wall. "I haven't been ticklish since I was a baby." Her hands
felt all about the wall as though she might find some secret

Vonnie drew her knees up to her chest and watched. It was
funny that this whitebread girl thought she'd just open some
door and let herself out. Vonnie had been locked up enough to
know that if someone wanted you locked up, they weren't going
to leave some adventure-novel escape for you to find. She felt
a light breeze from the overhead vent that made her nipples
stiffen with a slight chill. At least this cell smells better
than a prison she thought with a smile. Not like mildew and
gross stuff. Like flowers, almost. She stifled a titter at the
thought of a floral scented prison. More than likely it was
something in the rich chica's shampoo.

Her eyes went to the small pile of feathers, then to the
upturned soles of Lexie's feet, sticking out from beneath her
bottom. She slowly picked up one of the longer feathers and
repressed a grin.

"If there's a way in, there's a way out," said Lexie. "And I'm
going to find iiYYIIA!" She jumped and spun about as she felt
the feather make a wide swath across her feet. "What... What
are you doing!?"

Vonnie giggled and held up the feather, twirling it. "Not
ticklish since you were a baby, huh? Yeah, I see that."

"That's not..." Lexie giggled again. "That's not funny! This
is serious." She sniffed curiously at the air. "And what is
that godawful... *titter* perfume you're wearing."

"Me? I thought that stink was coming from you," Vonnie
snorted, then giggled again.

"I don't think so, Miss Chiquita Banana," Lexie said.

"Oh, you're begging for it!" Vonnie tackled the blonde onto
the bed and straddled her, easily outmatching her athletically
and pinning her down. "Miss high-and-mighty, thinks she's so
much better than everyone else. You know what I think? I think
you're still a baby, and I'm going to prove it!"

Giggling, she started a vicous and quick assault on Lexie,
wiggling her fingertips underneath her armpits. Lexie
instantly shrieked and bucked, but the smaller girl managed to
stay astride her, tickling viciously.

"I haven't been ticklish since I was a baby," Vonnie repeated
in a funny voice. "Well, look at the baby, now. Look at the
ticklish little baby. Coochie-coochie-coo!"

In a desperate pitch-and-roll, Lexie managed to shoot one arm
out and push against her tormentor. It didn't push her off,
but did push her back enough so that she fell backward onto
Lexie's legs. Vonnie didn't let this stop her though; being
forced into the vicinity of Lexie's feet, she simply grabbed
and began attacking her new target.

If Lexie thought she was tickled before, this new attack
brought high notes out of her she never thought she could
achieve. She flopped and flailed about until her had clasped
one of Vonnie's ankles. Through her tears she could see the
sole, paler than the brown skin of her legs. Desperately, she
held on as tight as she could with the one hand and began
scratching the sole indiscriminately with her expensively
manicured nails.

She was lucky--Vonnie was at least as ticklish as she was, if
the sudden yelp of laughter was any indication.

"Stop that," Vonnie squeaked out between giggles.

"You... you first," Lexie rasped out, barely able to speak
through her struggle with forced hilarity.

The two girls rocked and rolled in synch, each entreating the
other to quit first, until finally they rolled apart. They sat
on opposite sides of the bed, panting but still giggling
despite the tickling having stopped.

"There's something... *titter* ...something very wrong here,"
Lexie gasped out, smiling.

"Like what," Vonnie said. "Besides from your lying about being
ticklish?" She laughed. "God, girl, I'll bet you're even
ticklish on your chachis!" She picked up a feather and wiggled
it with a mock threat toward the blondes A-cups.

Lexie shrieked and grabbed a pillow to hide her chest behind.
"No more!" she giggled. But Vonnie wasn't paying
attention--her gaze had gone to where the pillow had
previously been. she smiled in wonder at her discovery, little
titters still bubbling unbidden from her.

"What... What is it," Lexie stammered. She looked and saw a
smooth white tube, a rounded tip on one end but flat on the

Vonnie snapped it up. "Oh... My... God," she said, stroking it
with a fingertip. "I don't fucking believe it, *teehee*."

"What?" Lexie reached for the item just as Vonnie flipped the
switch at the bottom making it buzz. Lexie yipped and pulled
her hand away, laughing harder. "What is that?"

"You mean you don't know?" Vonnie laughed harder. This girl
was so naive it was hilarious.

"No!" Lexie said, smiling. "What, is it something else they
want us to tickle with?"

Vonnie opened her mouth to reply, giggled, and thought again.
"Something like that," she said. "Here, hold it."

Lexie took it and, when she had both hands wrapped around it,
Vonnie turned it on again. Lexie shrieked and instantly
dropped it to the mattress where it rolled and buzzed until
Vonnie, totally given over to laughter, picked it up and shut
it off.

"You're not supposed to drop it, you airhead," she laughed.

"It... it surprised me, that's all," Lexie said.

"And you don't know what it is, do you?"

"Of course I know," Lexie said. "It's a tickle-thingy device."

Vonnie laughed. She just couldn't let an opportunity like this
go by. "Yeah, but it probably wouldn't work on you, since
you're so grown up and all." Both girls thought this must have
been a hilarious statement, because they giggled for some time
before Lexie agreed that it probably wouldn't.

Mischief twinkled in the brunette's eyes. "Let's find out,
huh?" She gave the blonde a gentle push which sent her
sprawling backward onto the bed. Expecting another tickle
attack, Lexie instantly clamped her elbows hard against her
sides, giggling expectantly.

But Vonnie surprised her by putting the tip of the vibrating
rod right against one of her pink and stiff nipples. Lexie's
eyes flew open. "No!" she yelled through her giggles. "No,
don't do that!"

"Why?" Vonnie asked. "Because we're both girrrrrls?" Lexie
brought her arms across to protect her breasts, so Vonnie
redirected the vibe to alongside Lexie's exposed ribs. The
buzzing against her rib bones instinctively made Lexie bring
her arms back down, and Vonnie went back to the exposed
breasts. They went back and forth like this, both of them
giggling, until Lexie was quite worn down and Vonnie was able
to pin the girl's arms down with her knees. "Now," she said.
"Just relax and quit fighting me." She traced the vibe tip all
around Lexie's nipple, causing the girl to bite her lip and

"I'm not..." She couldn't get it out through the giggles.

"You're not what?" Vonnie teased. "Not ticklish? I think we've
already proven that." She tittered as she moved the vibe to
Lexie's other nipple, slowly teasing it.

"No, I'm... *heeheehee* ...not a... a lesbian," she said
before collapsing in surrendered titters.

Vonnie smirked. "No, you're not, are you. A little boy-toy
tramp like you wouldn't be." She laughed despite her
bitterness and continued to tease the titties.

"I'm not that!" Lexie squealed out. "I'm not... *heeheehee*
...easy. I haven't even..." She clamped her mouth shut,
sputtering giggles through the sealed lips.

Vonnie stopped the nipple teasing. "You haven't even...
what... oh!" Realization dawned on her as the still giggling
blonde cutie began to blush. "Still a virgin, huh?" She
grinned and turned around, sitting on the helpless teen's
belly with her back to her. "Then you don't know what you are
yet, do you?"

"No, I... I mean..." She broke into giggles again as Vonnie
lifted one of her limp legs into the air and dragged the
buzzing toy down the inside of the thigh.

The smell of flowers was everywhere in the air now, and
everything the girls did and saw seemed hysterically funny.
Lexie giggled and wiggled as the vibe toured her thigh, but
she was too worn down now to put up much of a struggle against
the smaller but stronger girl. The vibe was now high on
Lexie's thigh (low from Vonnie's reversed perspective), when
Vonnie stopped and turned to look at Lexie.

"I'll bet you've never even played with yourself before!" she
accused with a grin.

"That's... *giggle* ...that's none of your business," Lexie
said. "It's wrong and it's sick and you'll get diseases and

Vonnie rolled her eyes. "I'll take that as a 'no,'" she said.
"Well then, I can't resist doing this, but I'd better work you
into it." She put the vibe down and picked up one of the
stiffer feathers. Lexie either shaved her sex religiously, or
she hadn't grown her pubic hair in yet, so she was as smooth
as Vonnie. Vonnie ran the stiff tip over one puffy labia lip.

Lexie found renewed strength when she felt the touch on her
privates. "No!" she shrieked and giggled. "Not there, please!
Rape!" She laughed all the way through her protestations and
managed to close her free leg against the one Vonnie held. But
Vonnie elbowed the two legs apart and, wedging them open with
her arms, began tickling again until the blonde teen was a
helpless mass of giggling jelly.

When Vonnie figured Lexie was about as helpless as she could
be, she took up the vibe and began rubbing it around the
glistening pearl of Lexie's clitoris. "No," Lexie rasped out,
weak and giggly. "No, don't."

Vonnie smiled. "Why don't you reserve your opinions until I'm
done operating, hmm?" She giggled--she couldn't stop giggling
it seemed, since the tickle-fight earlier. With a smirk, she
flipped the switch on the vibrator so that it gave a low

Lexie's response was a deeper giggle. Her hips thrust
instinctively forward and she clawed at the sheets with her
hands. "Oh, I think little baby Lexie likes it," Vonnie cooed.
"How's that tickle, huh, 'princess'?" Speaking of tickle, she
thought--she extended a finger and traced little spirals
around the curve of the blonde's little bottom. This made
Lexie giggle even more, a pleasant sound now to Vonnie, and
she smiled as she worked the tip of the vibe in slow circles
around Lexie's pleasure button. It took very little time at
all before Vonnie could hear Lexie's moans. She slowed her
pace and eased the pressure, trying to drag out the
experience. She pulled the vibe slightly away from Lexie, and
the young girl's hips followed it upward.

"I thought you didn't want me to do this," Vonnie giggled.
"So... I guess I'd better stop, huh?"

"No..." Lexie moaned with a titter, thrusting her hips lewdly
forward. "Please..."

"No?" Vonnie said, grinning. "Why should I? What do I get out
of it?"

"I... I..." Lexie stammered. She had nothing to offer, but--oh
god--she didn't want this thing to stop, not just yet, not
just now.

Vonnie teased the perimeter of Lexie's labia with a
fingernail, round and round. "Tell you what, princess. If I do
this for you..." She thought a moment. "You have to let me
tickle your feet! You have to beg me to tickle them," she
added with an evil giggle.

"Anything," Lexie gasped. The fingernail was tickling but
teasing and keeping her feeling--feeling she didn't know what,
but it was so good. "Yes, just don't stop."

Gotcha, Vonnie thought. And you better believe I won't let you
out of it.

Vonnie brought the vibe back down on Lexie's button and let it
work its magic. To her surprise, Lexie began laughing. She
laughed with her. The room smelled more of flowers than ever,
and Vonnie began to rub the vibe on Lexie's clit faster and
faster as she laughed and laughed.

The cries that came from Lexie were like nothing Vonnie had
ever heard before. Guttural, yet mixed with the hysteria they
couldn't explain. Lexie arched hard once, then collapsed
against the mattress, silent.

Figures, Vonnie thought, turning the vibe off and crawling
over Lexie. First time and she passes out. She sat at the foot
of the bed and looked down the length of Lexie's frame. She's
not a bad looking chica, Vonnie thought, still giggling. Cute
little tits... definitely a nice smile. Almost unconsciously
she found herself rubbing the vibe against her pussy while
reflecting on Lexie. She looked down, then back at the
unconscious chica. What the hell, she thought.

She spread her legs apart as she sat there and turned on the
vibe. Oh, she thought, this does feel so good. She giggled as
she rubbed it up and down, feeling the familiar burning flash
pass through her body from toes to cheeks. She moaned and
tittered, and nudged Lexie with the tip of her toes.

Lexie moaned a giggle herself and rolled over to see Vonnie
pleasuring herself with the vibe. Vonnie, seeing that Lexie
was awake, found that this turned her on so much she began to
do so in a showy manner. Lexie watched on in amazement, a grin
still playing with the twitching corners of her lips.

"Wow," Lexie said. "You... you really know what your doing
with that, don't you?"

Vonnie laughed out loud and spread her lips with her free
hand. "Yeah, that's me," she giggled. "I'm the queen of
masturbation toys."

Lexie laughed too. "Oh, I had no idea, 'your majesty.'" She
squatted on the bed and pantomimed a curtsy, which broke both
girls into hysterics.

Vonnie caught her breath. She extended one leg haughtily
toward Lexie. "The princess may kiss my foot," she said with
an affected accent before collapsing in hysterics. It was hard
to keep the vibe on her pussy but she managed to get back into
a rhythm.

"Oh, thank you your majesty," Lexie said with a grin. She took
the offered foot in her hands, and Vonnie paused, thinking she
had just made a horrible mistake and that Lexie was about to
tickle her the way she had been tickled earlier.

Lexie smiled and cupped the foot. The moment froze, and then,
Lexie bent forward with her lips puckered and gingerly kissed
the very tips of Vonnie's toes. Vonnie's breath caught in her
throat, though she tried to hide it even as she tittered.

But Lexie heard and, hesitantly, watching the small brunette
stroking herself, she kissed it again. Vonnie's eyes rolled
back a little, and Lexie continued the kisses, now kissing
along the top of the foot, supporting the lifted leg with one
hand and stroking the top with the other. The feeling was new
to Vonnie, and she found she liked it, giggling at the silly
situation, giggling a bit harder whenever Lexie kissed
or--sometimes--licked a particularly ticklish spot. When this
happened, Lexie gave an innocent look through her laughter, as
though she hadn't meant to do that (but she always managed to
do so again shortly thereafter) and soon Vonnie found herself
slipping into a blissfully encompassing orgasm with the feel
of Lexie's lips humming against the sole of her foot.

When she awoke, the vibrator was humming uselessly against the
mattress. Her toes felt wet, and she looked down to see that
Lexie was still loving on them, sucking them actually. She
looked surprised to be caught, and her cheeks flushed very
rosy. Lexie stopped sucking and pulled her face away an inch.
vonnie paused a moment and then--surprising herself--wiggled
the toes invitingly, even raising the other foot. Lexie--also
surprised--took the offered feet and began kissing them
tenderly while Vonnie began to slowly stroke herself with her

It was quiet, she noticed, other than the vibrator. She
reached over and turned it off. What was different? She
realized that they had both stopped laughing. That must be it,
she thought. She didn't care... the sensations of Lexie on her
feet were so sumptuous. She wanted to share them. But why? Why
did she care about this chica who treated her so badly, who
called her names and who...

...who was making her feel so very, very good and getting
nothing in return for it, and who was studying Vonnie's
playing fingertips with the curiousity of a child trying to

Vonnie extended one arm toward Lexie's leg, patting the
mattress in a transparent invitation. Lexie froze, swallowed,
and extended one leg shyly. Thinking that this was the payment
Vonnie had demanded earlier, she demurely said, "Please tickle
my feet."

Vonnie chuckled. "Not now, silly. Just give me your foot."
Vonnie took the ankle and lifted it until the toes were even
with her mouth. Lexie watched on in astonishment until Vonnie
put her lips around her middle toe. She gasped, then giggled a
little (for it did tickle a bit) and resumed her kissing of
Vonnie's feet.

She heard Vonnie moan, but her eyes were closed so she didn't
see that Vonnie had cum and had already stopped playing with
herself. The sucking on her toes, the licking beneath them,
felt so wonderful.

She felt the feathertip sliding up her pussy, and opened her

"Don't laugh," Vonnie said, stroking the frondy quill slowly
up and down her opened lips. "Just enjoy." Vonnie pushed her
gently back onto the pillows, and Lexie let her legs be
opened. It did feel nice... softer than the other thing. But
it also tickled, just a bit, and she couldn't help but giggle.
But she didn't want to stop it, either. She reached around for
a feather to brush against Vonnie, but Vonnie stopped her.
"No," she said. "Don't do anything. Just lie there."

And Lexie did. The feather was so soft, and she still giggled
each time it managed to brush the side of her pussy. It didn't
press very hard at all, and it took a long, long time for that
wonderful feeling to wash over her like it had earlier, but in
the end it was even better. Each time she giggled, Vonnie
teased her with little "Cootchie cootchie coos" but they
weren't mean-spirited at all. Lexie found that even the teases
made her feel good, and even more surprising that she liked
them coming from Vonnie. She thought hard as she felt the girl
stroking her quim with such pleasuring touches. Didn't she
like boys? Did she really like girls?

The thoughts swirled away as the brink of the orgasm came on.
It didn't matter if she liked boys or girls, she thought. She
loved Vonnie. Oh, and she'd been so mean to her. Vonnie
probably wouldn't be so mean back if she started treating her
a little more nice and--OH!--but that felt--SO--good...

She saw Vonnie smile down at her as the feelings washed over
her. She wanted to kiss her, right there on the lips, right
now more than anything, and she didn't care. She sat up and
put her arms on the smaller girl's shoulders. Vonnie looked at
her inquisitively for a second, then she couldn't look at all
because Lexie's face was right in hers. Lexie's lips were
inexperienced and crushed themselves against Vonnie's.
Vonnie's lips, however, realized what was going on and quickly
put Lexie's through a crash course on kissing as both girls
held each other tightly.

"Oh," Lexie said, nearly crying. "Vonnie, I'm so sorry for the
awful things I've said about you. We should have been friends
from the start."

Vonnie swallowed. She'd never had a real friend before. Maybe
this place could mark the start of a new life for her. "Yeah,
well... I wasn't making it easy for you, either," she said.

"You think..." Lexie said. "You think they know we're okay
down here? That they'll let us out now?"

Vonnie looked around. Nothing opened. "Probably not until
morning," she said. "We should probably just go to sleep."

They tussled with the blankets and arranged the pillow so that
they could share it.

"What do you think will happen tomorrow," Lexie said.

"I don't know," Vonnie replied, snuggling into the pillow.
"But I know a certain little chica who owes me a begging for a
foot tickle." She giggled and Lexie gave her a playful push.

Lexie layed down beside her and smiled. "Okay," she said,
surprising Vonnie. And Vonnie found she looked forward to it.