Christina's Funny Revenge
Chapter one
Christina's April fool's

Christina was 22 yrs old brown-haired woman, her measurements where 32-23-24.
 She was in great shape, she worked out every night at home, she lived on
the second floor apartment building with three other friends. Her first
friend lived in the basement apartment her name was Athena, she was a light
 brown haired woman who just had a baby two month's ago and still had a
great figure her measurements where 40-24-24. Christina always wanted to
know how she kept a great figure. Then there was the other two friend's that
shared apartment on the third floor there names where Donna who was a dark
haired black woman had 42-23-23 measurements and her other roommate Jamie
was light brown haired woman had measurements 40-22-24 they all of her
friend's where all in there 20's. They have been friends for yrs, but
Christina and her friends would get together every night to talk about their
 day. Christina always had some fun days, the one thing she loved about her
job. That it was in a dentist office and she has to play with nitrous oxide
 a.k.a. laughing gas. Christina always loved it when she heard young female
 women laughing; she always is turned on be their little giggles. Well one
day as Christina sat around her apartment notice that April 1 was just
around the corner. Every year their apartment building would turn in a
particle joke center. They all would play jokes on each other, but Christina
 would always have a hard time playing jokes. Well this year she thought of
 the one of the best jokes to play on her friends. She would fell the room
 with laughing gas and get the last laugh. The next morning she went out
shopping at adult shop to pick up something to spice it up a bit. It was
some spanishfly to make everybody a little hot in the pants. Being a great
a student in chemistry back in college, she would make up a gas that would
their cloths fall apart. Christina spent the whole day setting up her TV rm.
 for her great joke. It was almost 8:00 clock on a Friday night; Christina's
 friends were planing a joke on her. Athena on her way home from work got
 some handcuffs to use on Christina as a joke. Her friends all know she was
 ticklish, they were going to handcuff her to a chair and tickle her until
she cam in her pants. At 8:00 clock the three girls showed up for there
usual fun and games, but Christina could not wait to watch her friends all
 laughing and doing all kinds of sexual stuff to each other. As everybody
 went into the TV rm., Christina went to get their snacks and drink is for
 them. Christina had everything ready for her joke. The Kool-Aid had
spanishfly in it and had some apple pie and whip cream for them to snack
 on. On her way to the TV rm., she turned up the heat in the room to make
 it a little warm in there for the women. Well Christina entered the room
 and said," here you go ladies some nice cherry Kool-Aid and whip cream and
 apple pie, hope you all enjoy." Jamie asked," Christina aren't you going
to have any Kool-Aid?' Christina said," No I am fine with my water, so how
is the Kool-Aid Athena?" Athena said," it taste wonderful the best you have
 ever made." Then Athena chest started to have this warm feeling, she
thought it was just anther hot flash, therefore Athena took off her sweater.
 Jamie saw Athena taking off her sweater and notice that her nipples were
starting to show through her blouse. Then Jamie felt a wonderful warm feel
 in her croch area. Jamie said, " Donna is it warm in her or is it me?"
Donna said," just a little" well after about an hour. Christina notices
that everybody was starting to feel the effects of the spanishfly. Then
Christina saw Jamie and Athena whispering about something. Athena said, "
Now Christina, close your eyes we have a big surprise for you." Athena and
 Jamie handcuffed her to the chair. Yell, " surprise!" Christina said, "
ok, nice joke now let me go now?" Christina looked at the clock and notice
 she had 5 seconds left before the gas tanks went off. Then as Athena was
just about to tickle her she heard the timer on the tanks go off. She notice
 Donna was next to one of the vents with Jamie. Donna said," Jamie I didn't
 want to say anything but, my nipples are hard and I have this warm feeling
 in my croch area?" Jamie said, " I am horny than a toad ha ha ha" Jamie
stared to laugh. " What is so fun ha ha ha ha? " said Donna. Jamie notice a
fork on the floor as she bent over to get it her pants ripped showing her
nice thug underwear and donna and Jamie busted out laughing. Donna laughed
 so hard her blouse of her's popped open and her boobs popped out of her
bra. Showing her nice love hard nipples. " Hay Jamie ha ha ha ha my boobs
 popped out of my bra ha ha ha ha." said Donna. Jamie said, " really ha ha
 ha ha look ha ha ha at these." In addition, Jamie ripped open her shirt
showing off her nice big set of breast. Christina notices that the gas was
 taking effect on Jamie and Donna. Athena was just about to tickle Christina
 she heard Jamie, Donna laughing and giggling, and Athena turned around to
see what was going on. When here blouse popped out and showing her big love
 boobs started to laugh like crazy. Athena said," What ha ha ha ha ha is
going ha ha ha on." Christina started to feel the effects of the gas on her.
Donna started to grab Jamie and twisted her nipples and bend her over and
start to rub her hard nipples against her hot little box of hers, made them
 both laugh even more. Athena was laughing so hard she stared to shoot her
 breast milk all over " Look ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I am ha ha shooting my ha
 ha ha milk."
That is when Donna grabs for the whip creams and shot it all over her and
Jamie and started to eat it off each other. Christina was being so turned
 on by everybody laughing, was ready to have a big orgasm. Her shirt popped
 open to showing her erect nipples getting harder with each laugh. Christina
 said " Apr ha ha ha ha ha ha il ha ha ha ha ha fools ha ha ha ha " and fall
 back wards in the chair, Athena was showing her milk all over everybody.
Donna and Jamie where in a sexual position and Athena was masturbating and
 twisting her nipple's shooting milk all over herself. Christina had five
 orgasms in a row laughing her ass off watching Donna and Jamie and Athena
 twisting and rubbing each breasts against each other. The next morning
 they all a woke sticky and with smiles on there faces. Athena said," you
 got us good Christina, I loved the laughing gas." " Well what can I say I
always like women who laughed it turns me on. I would love to do it again."
 Said Christina. Jamie said," I would love to do it again." Christina said,'
 lets talk about it sometime.'

The end?

(Part two Jamie's office joke)