Christina's Funny Revenge
Chapter two

Jamie's office joke

Well the next morning everybody left to go get ready for work, later that
morning. Jamie was sitting at her desk thinking of what happen at Christina's
apartment. That it was is fun and erotic the way Christina thought of
everything. " Hello! Earth to Jamie I need for you to get me paper for the
printer." said Mary, Jamie said "ok." Mary was the boss secretary and a sexy
blonde-haired woman who had a nice full set of 40D breast; she was a woman
who got what she wanted. Then there is Jill and Tracy the other girls in
accounting they had the same look as Mary, but Jill had brown hair. Three of
them always like making me do the lifting and the running around for office
supplies. Well on my way back from the supple room. I notice that it was
very quiet in the office. Thinking that they went to lunch I sat down to get
some work done, I heard this weird sound then my chair fell a part and I
land on my ass. " April fools!" said Jill, Mary, and Tracy. Boy did that
really get me mad, later that night I sat at Christina apartment telling her
about my day. " So did your boss say?" Said Christina. " Not much she was
out at a meeting with the board members. Boy would I love to play a joke on
them." Then Christina let out a little giggle; " I have a wonderful joke you
can play on them." Said Christina. "What put a ice cube with a fly in there
drinks." said Jamie. Christina said," Why not play the same joke I played
on you and the girls."
Jamie had a smile come across her face " You would help me do that Christina
that would really show them not to mess with me. There is a meeting this
Friday afternoon in the board room I could do it to them then."
Christina and Jamie started to plan the world's best joke. Thursday night
came about and Jamie and Christina started to get things ready for Friday
afternoon meeting. The next afternoon Jamie always knew how the meetings
where she serve the drinks and baker and leave to answer the phones and do
office work while the four of them had there meeting. Just knowing she was
going to get the last laugh was turning on all Jamie, that she was eating
the cookies that haved spanishfly in them. Well that afternoon as she was
getting the coffee, cake, and cookies she baked the night before with
spanishfly in them. Jamie put a little in the coffee too just to spice it
up a bit. Well as Jamie carried the tray of food and drink as she was
passing by heater controls to the board rm. she thought it was a little
cold in there so she turned the heat up to about 95 degrees. She entered
the room, put the tray down on the table, poured everybody a cup of coffee,
and served them some cake and cookies. Then went about her way to do some
filing. Then about 25 mins into the meeting Mary started to notice that
Linda's nipples were showing through her blouse." Hay, Mary is it me or is
it hot in the room." Said Tracy as she rubbed her warm hard nipples. Mary
said" yes it is and boy, I am very horny right now." as Mary started to
pull her skirt up a little to relieve herself. Jill was feeling a little
warm and took off her jacket and show notice that her nipples were showing
through her blouse. Linda was opening a couple of buttons, she push the
intercom to call Jamie in the room. Jamie answered her went to the board
rm. She knew she only had 1 min to go in and get out, before the to tanks
of gases goes off.
As she enters the room, she notices that Tracy and Mary were playing with
each other. Linda said " Jamie have a cup of coffee please would like to
make a toast. To the wonderful group of people to work with the board is
please with our work." Jamie knew she had five-sec to leave but Linda asks
her to stay for the rest of the meeting. Jamie was so horny from the cookies
; she thought what could not let them have all the fun. Jamie notice as
Linda was reading a letter from the president of the bank that Linda's
cloths started to fall a part and that she was fingering and that her skirt
was all the way up and she started to giggle, then Mary, and Tracy started
giggle and started giggle even louder and then Jill got up from her chair to
say something to Mary and Tracy when her blouse fall showing her hard
nipples popping out of her bra. Jill started to giggle and fall back into
her chair. Linda said " Jill wh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha at is go
ha ha ha ha on here ha ha ha" Jill said" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I don't
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha know but ha ha ha " Jamie could not help but
to laugh to as she watched Mary and Tracy taking off what was left of there
blouse and skirts and started to rub there hard nipples together. Linda,
Jill, and Jamie started to rub their breast together and twist each other's
hard nipple's and finger each other and pouring coffee all over each other.
Everybody was running around twisting each other's nipples and grabbing
each other's asses and laughing like crazy. Linda said " ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha meeting is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ovv ha ha ha ha ha ha
err" Jill walk up to Jamie and said " you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha did ha ha ha
ha this ha ha ha ha ha ha" Jamie said " ha ha ha ha ha got you back ha ha
ha ha ha ha" Jill was so much in laughter and horny she enjoyed it. So Jill
laid Jamie down and open her legs and rubbed her hard nipples against here
hot wet cult and the more the rubbed the more they laughed. Mary and Tracy
grabbed Linda put her up on the table, pulled out of a Tracy coat pocket a
three-way dildo, and started ride each other with it the more the pushed the
more it made them laugh. By the end of the night they all were just coming
around still giggling, they all had a fun time. Linda said" may I say that
ha ha ha meets should always be like this. But next time Jamie ask before
you go playing jokes on all of us." As they all laid naked and still under
the influence of the laughing gas and all tried from all orgasms they all
fell a sleep for a couple of hrs. When Jamie got home from work, she went
over to talk with Christina apartment to tell the girls about her day. When
her phone rang in her apartment she ran to get the phone it was her boss
ask her could she stop by to talk with her Jamie said ok. Jamie got into a
shower and put some clean cloths on when the doorbell rang. It was
Christina, Donna, and Athena asking how did it go Jamie said " it went off
great, my co-workers and I had and orgy in the board room. Christina thank
you again for the help and my boss is on her way her to talk to me about
what happen I guess." Then the doorbell rang it was Linda Just wearing a
rain coat Linda said " sorry for bugging you like this, but I would like to
say that I have a party next weekend think you and your friends would like
to do the same thing there to my business friends?" Jamie said " I don't
know Christina was the one who helped is it ok Christina?" Christina said
" what time?" Linda said " about 7 clock Saturday and by the way do you
have any cloths I can have, mine were not wearable " " sure and lets talk
about your party next weekend." Said Christina.