Cindy's Laughing Gas Tickle Torture

by BC

The first time that Bob heard Cindys laugh was at a party. Someone was telling
stories at he the table that she was sitting. The moment that he got to the
punch line, Cindy exploded into an infectious laugh that could get your
attention from the other side of the room. It wasnt always a loud laugh, but
very melodic. Bob could not keep his eyes off of her. There were times when he
would look across the room and see Cindys body shaking from silent laughter
that seemed to come so easily.
As Bob continued to watch Cindy, he noticed how friendly she was. As people
would walk by she would look up and speak to them; even if she didnt know them.
Bob realized that this was an opportunity to set something up with her.
So he goes over and introduces himself to her. Cindy, dabbing the corners of her
eyes from the tears of laughter, speaks and introduces herself. She seems to be
taken with Bob. At the risk of losing this opportunity to the supreme
storyteller, he asks her is she would like something to eat. She agrees. Bob
uses this as a way to get her away from the table.
As the sit down and talk, Bob notices that Cindy has a great sense of humor and
that that sweet infectious laugh just flows so easily.  He begins to wonder to
himself, What if she was in a position where she could do nothing but laugh
There would be not better opportunity that this. And certainly, no better
volunteer than Cindy. He doesnt want to seem too forward, but he asks if he
could see her again. Much too his surprise, she says yes.

A week later, Bob has brought Cindy over to his place. They talk and listen to
music. They talk about their pasts and Cindy mentions how as a little girl, her
2 brothers and sisters would tickle her until they could hear a sound coming out
of her mouth. Thoughts go racing through Bobs mind, but he has to keep himself
under control.
This is the situation that he was hoping to get her in.
He puts his plan into motion. He leaves the room and brings a box of what looks
like perfume, and give it to Cindy. She is very flattered and takes it out of
the box. Bob tells her that one of the best ways to appreciate the fragrance is
to spray it in the air and take a deep breath. Cindy does as he suggests. In
fact, she sprays quite a bit and seemed to inhale all of it.
In seconds, Cindy starts to feel a little giggly. She momentarily stifles it,
but another burst comes up. Soon she explodes into a giggling fit that leaves
Bob paralyzed. Its not long before tears begin to roll down her cheeks. Bob
eases over and begins to tie her ankles together and lifts her wrists over her
head. Cindy is laughing so hard that she doesnt even know what is happening.
After about 5 minutes, she is too weak from laughing to move. She finally
realizes that she cant move. What are you doing? she asks. You have the most
infectious laugh that I have ever heard. I just need to hear more of it, said
He puts the respirator cup over her mouth and nose and pumps some more gas into
Then he reaches down and removes her shoes. From the horror stories that she
told about when she was a little girl, she knew what was about to happen. She
was even more frightened, because her ticklishness had increased over the years.
As he begins to tickle her feet, she explodes into hysterics in no time. Then
that infectious laugh that Bob had been waiting for comes out.
Ahhhh  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Long and steady. The
laughing gas and the tickling were driving Cindy insane. Bucking up and down
momentarily, then lying flat on her back. Her body shaking from laughter. Then
theres no sound, but her body is still shaking. Bob is in his glory. He had
brought poor Cindy to tears of silent laughter. He realized that hed better let
up or she should pass out in a hurry.
After catching her breath, Cindy pleads with Bob to stop. We are just getting
started. When mister life-of-the-party was telling jokes, you never left the
table. Just pretend that you just heard the funniest joke in the world. Bob
starts to slowly work his way up Cindys legs probing for ticklish spots. She
was already laughing from the gas, but the tickling was making it even worse.
When he reaches her armpits, he realizes that he has struck gold. He gives her a
little more gas.  Stooooooooooop ahhhhh
The gas had made her so giggly that he was almost afraid to touch her armpits.
He starts tickling her armpits and up and down her sides. Cindys face is
turning red and her face is wet from the tears that have been constantly
streaming down her face. Her sides ache. She doesnt want to laugh anymore, but
she cant stop. She has reached tickle paralysis. For the next few minutes she
just laid there laughing in spurts. The after affects of the gas and the
tickling. All Bob has to do is look at her and she explodes into silent
laughter; her body wiggling as the only sign that she is still laughing. Bob
finally decides that Cindy has had enough. For now.

The End