Cut and come again!

By Sapphire

It was nine o’clock on a cold November evening but inside 20th
Century Fox’s sound stage 26 the temperature was being maintained by
an explosive confrontation between Director and Star. Titanic was in
its fifth month of shooting and on one particular scene James
Cameron was not getting the performance he was looking for from his
English leading lady.

“Cut, What the sweet mother do you think your doing Kate” yelled the
director as yet another take failed to make the grade for him. Kate
and Leonardo uncoiled from each others arms and got out of the car
to do battle with the Director once again. “What do you mean, what’s
wrong James” shouted back Kate Winslet her pretty face glowing red
both with the exertions from the love scene and in  anger at
Cameron’s tone.

“This is the one frigging physical love scene between the two of you
and there is no magic, no passion, just a lot of humping and bumping
about going on, I can’t film any of this stuff” Cameron bellowed.  

He was setting up on the love making scene in the car and was trying
to get his stars to give him the hottest love scene they could in
order to provide a defining pivot between the two portions of his
film, before and after the Iceberg collision.  Cameron’s vision was
that this scene would be the end of the physical love story leading
on to the ‘my love will go on’ motif. He had set the scene in
Titanic’s hold with the love making in the back seat of an authentic
1900 automobile. The set was immaculate the lighting perfect he had
cameras - in, above and around the car to capture the action. The
technical side was great, but the scene was just not happening. They
had been filming all day and by now tempers were frayed all round.

 “Well we are trying our best but in these clothes and with this car
making all these squeaks, and rocking about, this could get to look
more like farce than fucking” retorted the young woman impatiently.  

“OK then, can’t you just fake an orgasm and leave it at that” said

Kate went ballistic at that “Jesus, I tried that at noon but you
said you wanted more action  and so since then we’ve been going at
it like a pair of sex starved mongrels. Men argghh...!”.

“Hey come on guys” said Leonardo Di Caprio who although tired had
been having possibly his most enjoyable day during the filming so
far. After all what man would really complain about being forced to
caress, kiss and generally fumble about with the very attractive
Kate while being paid for it. “Maybe we could do better tomorrow,
have the night to plan some new moves maybe? ” he looked across
impishly at his glowering co-star.

“That is the precise problem Leo” explained Cameron “we need to
redress this stage tomorrow  for the next scene, there is no time
left it is now or never”

“OK but  I still suggest a break, Kate needs to change of costume,
as do I or else in the next take we will be so crumpled everyone
will guess it’s just a rerun and not the first ever time that these
two kids have ever had each other”.  “Oh yes and Jim I have an idea
that could help with things as well, can you spare a minute?”.  Di
Caprio and Cameron spent a few minutes in a huddle together while
the crew and Kate, this scene used only Kate and Leo for obvious
reason, stood around.

Cameron gave everyone an hour break then came up to Kate threw his
arm around her shoulders and told her not to worry she had been
fine, really, he just wanted it different but couldn’t explain how.  
Leo, who was having a secret relationship with Winslet came up and
whispered into her ear for a few minutes.  Kate blushed, said “No
way” but after a few minutes more of Di Caprio whispering she said
“OK if that’s the only way, but fake it Leo” and went off stage to
her trailer for a wash, rest and redress.

Cameron and Di Caprio went back together and called the SFX guys
into the group together with the casting director. The plans were
laid during that conclave for the most cunning and trickiest bit of
film making in that entire effects laden film.

Di Caprio’s plan was to provide Kate with the opportunity for having
a real orgasm during the scene to get the sort of natural moves and
sounds from the English girl, that she would never be prepared to
provide for anyone on camera. His only problem was how to do it
without being arrested  for molestation after getting only her
slightest agreement to spice it up a little. She had said a grudging
OK to letting professional and personal relationships cross over and
faking arousal but she would certainly not willingly let him take
her to orgasm on camera, that was where the mystery of movies had to
come in.

The plan was going well; the SFX crew worked on the car for about
twenty five minutes first securing it tightly to the stage and then
installing and hiding pipes and delivery lines for the laughing gas
so it could be stealthily delivered to Winslet. The set designer had
been able to get a cylinder of gas from his friend the dentist, and
suggestions as to dosing. The casting directors had made phone calls
to obtain an amenable, inventive and lesbian porno actress for a
very special and unacknowledged role.

Kate Winslet walked back onto the stage looking truly beautiful in
her character’s long flowing white and mauve dress. She felt
refreshed  and prepared to give the scene all she could, not knowing
of the plans to get her to give so much more. She was pleased that
the set had been closed this time, although this normally only
happened for nude scenes, the reduction in crew numbers to only
essential personnel gave the shy girl more confidence.

“OK” she said “how do you want me and I’ll give it a go”. Cameron
gave basic directions to them both and gave them some time together
as Leo let Kate into about half his plan. “OK Miss Rose” he said in
his Jack persona  “let me help you into your chariot,  I’ll be with
you in a second” he helped her in and shut the door.

Behind the car two technicians turned on a valve that slowly
admitted the laughing gas into the car through hidden pipes. They
had calculated the amount needed to loosen the actress’s hold on
reality. She manoeuvred in the seat, pleased that the car no longer
rocked around, and made herself comfortable. She thought that she
heard a slight hissing sound and turned around to find out where it
was coming from. She breathed in the gas directly for about ten
seconds as she tried to locate the hissing, but she couldn’t find
anything wrong. But wasn’t the hissing just the funniest thing ever
though. She had a sudden feeling that it must be the infamous Di
Caprio trouser snake waiting to pounce on little Katie’s pussy and
found herself laughing out loud at her crude thoughts.

Outside the technicians hurriedly turned the valve off to stop her
overdosing. Kate was fine however just totally unable to stop
giggling. No, she told herself I must be professional I can’t spend
the entire scene giggling. She then gave a suppressed giggle and
felt rather giddy. She felt warm and so very sexually aroused, maybe
the scene wasn’t going to be too bad after all she thought.

Everything seemed to be happening to her in slow motion she saw the
door open and Leo smile in at her. She smiled back feeling really
rather spaced out and heard a voice saying “Speed and Action” but
didn’t really take it in. She tried to remember her lines, the scene
only had about five lines for each of them, but found that she
couldn’t and was about to call a halt when Leo pushed her gently
down in the seat so she was on  her back and moved forward on the
floor so that his lips were on hers and his hands were gently
caressing her breasts. Mmmuh, she thought I could go in for method
acting like this.

She was enjoying the sensations in her face and breasts caused by
Leo and could feel her nipples begin to harden but the whole
experience was almost as if she was in a dream and was generally out
of focus for her, but she didn’t hear anyone call cut. She gradually
became aware of an other sensation starting at her knees and gently
moving up her thighs and slowly moving down between her legs. She
was feeling a bit embarrassed by her sexual response but knew Leo
was just lightly caressing her bodice so she could hardy complain
about her own natural reactions, the things girls do to for their
art she thought, quickly suppressing a giggle.

The roof camera had a different perspective on events, totally
unaffected by the gas that had swirled into the car and overcome
Winslet before Leo had entered . It saw Leo squeezed down on the
floor, his head over Kate’s kissing her face while he caressed her
face neck and breasts with his sensitive hands. The camera could
also see her enjoyment of his actions. The camera was also recording
the porno actress, Jade, who had gently pushed Winslet’s long skirt
along the reclining actress’s long legs until it was now at the
level of Kate’s navel. Jade started gently caressing the English
actresses thighs slowly parting Winslet’s legs and moving her hands
towards the small white panties covering Kate’s pussy.

As Jade first touched Kate’s pussy the overhead camera recorded
Winslet’s eyes opening wide with shock but then they softened with a
look of sexy satisfaction and closed again with a look of bliss on
her face. Jade started to slide her fingers along Kate’s vulval lips
gently pushing on the thin fabric of the panties. Kate started to
moan not to any Directoral cue but only to the multiple stimulation
that was coursing through her body. Jade continued gently caressing
the young woman sensitive areas and gently started to pull down the
panties to expose Kate’s perfect pink pudenda.

Jades fingers easily slipped into Kate’s now well lubricated vagina
bringing another moan from the young star who was now fully enjoying
her new role while being totally unaware what was really happening
to her. Jade slowly parted Kate’s inner lips and gently entered her
with her middle finger gently manipulating it back and forward in
the hot wet passage while searching for the youngsters G spot. She
also started a slow rhythmic circling on the moaning girls clitoris
slowly building the passion between Kate’s legs to almost breaking

Di Caprio was gamely kissing his co-star realising that in this
scene he was only playing  a supporting role between two the women.
The main camera was focusing on Kate’s face showing his hands
caressing her cheeks and neck and also showing the colour rising
slowly in her checks as she entered the final state of arousal. The
only sounds she was making were moans and sighs along with barely
suppressed giggles that rippled down her body.  He was feeling a
little guilty about the trick he was playing on his co-star and he
was finding it hard to kiss her as he was starting to be effected by
the gas. He started to laugh and found himself caressing this
beautiful woman while thinking acting was the funniest business in
the world. He found the ripples of her suppressed giggles to be the
most hilarious thing in the scene as they caused her breasts to
jiggle in so many different ways.

The inside of the car was very steamy now with the three actors
fully engrossed in their own brand of action. The cameras, to say
nothing of their operators were in danger of  misting up but no one
wanted to stop the action on the back seat, and to be honest
probably no one could anyway

Jade was further from the laughing gas than the other two were but
it was beginning to effect her as well. She was beginning to giggle
as she thought that although this job had been negotiated at top
Actors Union rates she would have happily done it for free on
someone as pretty as sweet puss here. Maybe her agent could find her
a new career providing her as a coming force in motion pictures!.

Despite her giggles Jade realised that she had been diddling Kate’s
clitoris for some time now and could feel through her fingers that
the English girl was ready and eager to come. So she quickly rotated
her fingers deep inside Winslet’s vagina and precipitated the most
massive all embracing orgasm that Kate had ever experienced.

Kate was moaning and bucking in the car Leo took advantage by
squeezing her breast, and tweaking her nipples, he was particularly
astounded by the hardness and size of her engorged nipples. The
added sexual pressure on her breasts shattered what was left of
Kate’s rational mind forcing from her a massive howl of pleasure and
causing her hand slap against the fogged up glass and slowly slide
down the window as she subsided into unconsciousness from her mind
blowing climax.

Kate’s loss of consciousness from the effects of her orgasm allowed
Jade to quickly pull the panties into place and smooth down the long
white dress. Leo could only rock back on his heels at the power of
the moment and look at the beautiful English woman that he had
tricked into giving the performance of her life. The two assailants
of Winslet’s virtue left the car supporting each other while
giggling furiously, although Di Caprio was silently crying because
of his betrayal of his Kate.

Somewhere in the deepest recess of her mind Kate Winslet heard a
voice shout “CUT and PRINT” but to be honest she didn’t care. She
woke up the next morning in her apartment, how she got there and how
she got into bed a mystery to her. But she was due at the studio at
5.30 for the start of scene 276 so couldn’t spare the time to
speculate. All she knew was that she was feeling powerful, confident
and yet terribly soft and vulnerable all at the same time and she
only usually felt like that after great sex.

When Kate saw the final cut she was so knocked out by the whole film
she almost forgot the car scene, then she wondered what all the fuss
had been about the whole scene was only a few seconds and all that
you saw was her hand on the glass, Directors she thought, so much

She enjoyed the fame that went with the film and the recognition
that went with being one of the industries hottest properties. She
felt something was not quite right however and cooled towards Leo,
the romance ending with the production. She also instructed her
agent that she never ever wanted to do another film with Cameron
again but she was never sure of the reason why.

A new film deal was set up for Jade which would restart her career,
while as for the production crew several hefty bonus were laid out
to keep the scenes secret safe (especially from Kate Winslet). Leo
had got the top billing and the biggest success of his young life
and could cope with his guilty conscious.

James Cameron on the other hand was the proud owner of  the most
expensive  and successful film ever made, together with probably the
most explosive set of fetish footage that to this day he can’t bring
himself to destroy. Maybe it could end up on the web one day ?.