Dinner party
(Are always a gas!)

It was just another day at Rhonda's house. She was a straight “A” student studying chemistry in college and loved to play with chemicals. Rhonda was a very voluptuous brown-haired 22 yrs old.

On her way out the door Rhonda's mom stopped her," Now Rhonda, don't forget to be home at 4:30 today. I need your help to get the house clean for this Saturday's dinner party I’m having for my boss." Rhonda’s mother’s name was Evelyn. She was about 30 yrs old and had voluptuous brown-haired woman like her daughter.

" Ok, mother " , Rhonda sighed.<There goes any plans I had> she thought.

Rhonda would always take the city bus with her friend Laura, who lived across the alley from her.

" So what happen now Rhonda?" , asked Laura.

" My mother is having one of her business parties this weekend, so my whole weekend is shot to hell." she answered.

Rhonda's mom would always make her weekends very busy one's.She would have to do work around the house or watch her little brother. As Rhonda and Laura got off the bus to go to their chemistry class, Rhonda thought about playing a joke on her mom. As they entered the classroom their teacher, Ms. Frost, was setting up for lab. They were to see
a film on nitrous oxide (a.k.a. laughing gas). After about 25 minutes of Ms. Frost lecturing on how N2O is created, she started the film. Laura started to get a wacky idea in her head.

" Rhonda I got the perfect joke to play on your mother." she said to Rhonda

" So what is your idea Laura?" asked Rhonda

" Well how about we get some laughing gas and gas your mother." she told Rhonda.

Rhonda sat for a minute thinking about it. She had this wicked smile come across her face. " I know....I could set it off at her dinner party tomorrow. With a little help from some other chemicals...we can make her party one that no one will forget."

Rhonda and Laura went to there next class and at lunch went back to the chem lab knowing that teacher would be at lunch. When they got there, they entered the lab and started to get some of the chemicals Rhonda would need to help pull of their prank.

Suddenly they heard the door open and there teacher, Ms. Frost, entered the room.

" So what brings you two back to class?"

" I...I..I need some chemicals for a project." Rhonda said.

" I was just helping Rhonda get it together." said Laura.

Ms.Frost walked over to see what they had in their box.

" Well I see you have everything here to make a gas that breaks down fabric and a tank of nitrous oxide."

" To tell you the truth I was going to play a joke on someone." said Rhonda

Ms.Frost giggled

" You know I could get in trouble for this, but...I did the same thing back in college to a couple of my roommate's." said Ms. Fost.

" Were they mad you did that to them?" asked Laura?

" Well Laura, you might say that once in a while we get together and have another
little party." said Ms. Frost with a smile.

" So do you think you could help us out with our joke?" asked Rhonda.

" Sure why not and to spice it up a little how about some aphrodisiac." said Ms. Frost.

Ms.Frost, Rhonda, and Laura started to plan their little joke. It 3:00 clock when Rhonda
and Laura got back to Rhonda's house. They carried everything into the basement to set up their joke for tomorrow night’s dinner party. The next day, Rhonda was up in her bedroom mixing the compound that breaks down fabrics.

Rhonda’s mother called her downstairs," Rhonda could you come down here and help me in the kitchen."

" Just a minute I am finishing some homework." answered Rhonda as she put the compound in a small canister and went down stairs to help her mother.

Well it was an hour away from the dinner party and Rhonda was all excited. She was getting the fruit punch ready for her mother and she pulled out a small bottle of aphrodisiac and poured the whole bottle into the fruit punch. Then the door bell rang ...
it was Laura

" So how is it going..do you need my help?" she asked.

"No, Laura but if you want to come by and watch with me....come on over." she told her.

Then Rhonda put the fruit punch in the fridge to get it nice and cold. It was about 6:00 clock when the doorbell rang. It was her mother's boss. Her name was Judy and her secretary Susanna and another co-worker name Rachel were with her. Judy, Rachel were
blondes and Susanna had brown-haired. All three looked like playboy centerfolds!
Agfter a few minutesof chatting, they all went into the dinning room for dinner. After about an hour, they finished dinne and went into the living room to have some cake and coffee. They chatted for about 20 minutes, when Evelyn was feeling hot and bothered. As Evelyn was getting another cup of coffee she noticed that Rachel and Susanna where starting to play very friendly. Evelyn notice her nipples were showing through her blouse.
Judy was lifting up her skirt to relieve herself.

" Judy...need some help there?" she said with a smile.

" Why...yes I do Evelyn." she answered coily.

As Evelyn and Judy started to feel each other up, Rhonda turn on the fabric gas. It
took effect right away. As Susanna was starting to grab Rachel’s ass the ladies
clothes came apart like tissue paper and turned to dust, but they were so horny they did not notice. Evelyn and Judy joined in with Rachel and Susanna.Rhonda set the next part of her plan into motion and filled the room with laughing gas. As the four girls lay on the sofa all fingering each other, the room fill with laughing gas.

" May I say...oh oh yes..., Evelyn you throw one awesome dinner party ha ha ha ha " she
laughed and moaned.

" Well ...oh oh yes thank you for ha ha ha coming ha ha ha." she said as Susanna let out a little giggle

" I feel ha ha ha ha funny ha ha ha ha." Said Susanna.

Judy fell to the floor in laughter.

"No more coffee for you ha ha ha ha ha." said Rachel.

They all started to act silly. Evenly and Susanna started to rub their hot wet pussies
together as they laughed even harder.

" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh oh yes I just came ha ha ha " said Evelyn.

" Well ha ha ha ha you rea ha ha ha lly know ha ha how to fuck ha ha ha." said Susanna

as she fell to the floor in laughter.

Judy and Rachel were tickling each other. Rhonda had another little surprise for them. She had one more tick to play on them. Evelyn, Judy, Susanna and Rachel were all
laughing and feeling each other up. Then out of nowhere this clear white slippery
stuff came up from the floor.

" Ha ha ha ha ha Evelyn do you feel ha ha ha ha something ha ha ha ha slime ha ha "
asked Susanna.

" Why ha ha ha ha ha yes I do ha ha ha and it feels won ha ha haderful ha ha." she answered through her giggles.

Then Evelyn, Judy, Susanna and Rachel started to slip and slide on the floor rubbing each others breasts together. The more they slipped and rubbed the more they laughed. The next morning they all woke naked, sticky and still giggling.

"Evelyn..you threw a hell of a party." said Susanna.

" Well thank you Judy ha ha." she sai.

Everybody got their coats and went home to take a shower. Evelyn was just ready to jump in the shower when her husband got home.

" So honey, how was your dinner party?" he asked.

" You might say we all laughed and felt wonderful." she answered with a smile.

Evelyn turned and wet to take a shower and go relax for the rest of the weekend. Later Evelyn found the laughing gas and thought," time to teach my daughter a lesson." She went up to her daughter’s room and put the hose under the door. She listened
as her daughter and her friend Laura started laughing there little hearts out? A smile came across Evelyn’s lips as she laughed at what happen at her dinner party.
The End