"Mrs. Dobson, could you come in here please?", I called through the intercom. Looking at the computer screen, I noticed I had two appointments for this afternoon, and I thought I only had one. I had a late afternoon appointment with a chemical supplier, and I couldn't be late. Flipping to another screen, I looked at the blueprints of my portable device. Soon, I thought, soon I'll be able to take my "hobby" out of this dental office and be able to help other women, not just my patients. My design was almost complete, and I needed to purchase these chemicals and small cylinder units to make a prototype. But the first part of my plan included Mrs. Dobson.
"Yes Dr. Tyler, did you need me?" Donna Dobson said, opening the door to my office. I almost didn't respond, even though I've had my new name for over a year. New town, new name. Doctor Thomas was no more, after complaints of many different women over the years, inappropriate behavior in the dental office. After paying a heavy fine, and getting my dental license revoked, I changed states, and changed names, and I've started new again. This time with a plan. And Donna was figuring quite prominently in that plan.
"Yes Mrs. Dobson, I noticed I had another appointment for later this afternoon, is there anyway we can change this, I have prior plans."
"Oh, that's the poor old lady you saw last month, you know, that rich older woman. She just loves you, but she had called in this morning, needs to change it to next week, I was just going to ask if that was fine."
"That's perfect, thank you," I said, as I stole a peak of her black nylon legs and sling backed heels on her feet. Recently, she had only wore those when she was ready for another session, because she knew I loved those shoes.
She caught me looking of course, and gave a sly smile, "You know Jake, I've been kinda stressed lately, with dealing with my kids, and I'm in the process of moving, and I was wondering, if , well, I just need to relax, you know?" Donna was 10 years older than me, and at 41 years of age, she was still as beautiful as she was when she was 21. She was a tall blond with shoulder length hair. She had a very athletic body, and worked out all the time to my understanding. She reminded me of Paula Zahn, very cute, with just a little maturity to add to her beauty. Her feet were simply fantastic. Size 8's, high arches, perfect toes, and very soft soles.
"How long has it been since your last session? It is possible to get addicted to the gas, I wouldn't want you to over do it. " The funny thing was, she was well on her way to being addicted, just as I planned.
"Oh, I know, it's been almost a month, I just need something to take the edge off."
"Ok, make sure my schedule is open tomorrow afternoon, and I'll see what I can do." A little anticipation never hurt anyone. "Oh, and make sure you wear something comfortable," I said, as I was looking at her nylons and shoes again.
"I will, and I'll look forward to it, Dr. Tyler." she said, as she smiled and slid out of the room, closing the door behind her. I would love to give her another session today, I'm dying to play with her feet again, but I have to much to do. Just a few more sessions though, and I'll be in total control of her. She already was suspect of my foot fetish, but soon enough, she will enjoy the same things I do, and be my willing partner. Starting this new venture in this new town has opened up many opportunities. Calling it 'The All Women’s Dental Labs' was pure genius, specializing in painless surgery and dental procedures. All types have been coming in, from young to old, cute and not so cute, unfortunately. But you have the ones that pay the bills, and the ones you would play with, and help them "relax" just like Mrs. Dobson. Once I finish my portable device, and finish my new nitrous oxide compound, that includes a memory suppressor, I’ll be able to move onto the next step. I was a wiz at chemistry in college, and I've already come up with different compounds of laughing gas. The one I use on Donna is very addictive over time, the more times she uses it, the more she craves it. She has worked for me this past year, the first time I got her to try it was for just a simple test on the equipment. She was euphoric the rest of the day. The next time I gave it to her, I made the gas capable of making her feel very relaxed. I started to massage her feet during that session. Now every few weeks she has started to request it herself. Just as planned. The whole office was already equipped for later stages of my plans. I have tubes and hoses run through the office and dental areas. I have it set up so I can send gas through the entire office, gas just one room, or just enough to gas one person sitting in a chair in the waiting room. All of it ran back to my office, where I can view it on my computer screen, and control everything from right here. Everything was moving forward nicely.

The next day, I had two appointments in the morning, then spent the rest of the day working on my designs. I had my door open today, and all morning long Donna had been sitting at her desk, slipping her shoes on and off, dangling those sling backs, just to entice me no doubt. She was getting the hang of this. It was late afternoon, and I called to the front desk, "Mrs. Dobson, why don't you go lock the front door, and meet me in the dental prep room?" She perked up immediately, and quickly slipped her shoes back on her tan nylon feet and did as she was told. I finished the chemical compound formula needed for my memory suppressor, and went into the dental prep room to put it together.
"So how have you really been doing lately Donna, you seem stressed out about things?" I said, as I began to mix the contents of different gas cylinders together.
Donna was sitting in the dental chair, long nylon legs stretched out. "Yeah, this move I'm making to a new neighborhood has me going bonkers, dealing with the realtors, and the school system for the kids, arrgggh, I really need a break from it all. I look forward to coming to work though, seems like it's one of the only places I can relax."
"I've always told myself if I ever had a practice of my own, I wouldn't put too much pressure on anyone that works for me. And I'm sure this helps some too huh", I said, pointing to the nitrous oxide cylinder.
"Yeah, it does some, I mean, I don't have to have it or anything, it just helps me get my mind off things, helps to me to relax some. Don't you ever try it Jake?
"I have before, but most of the time, I have to keep my professional edge. But if it helps you, and helps you do your job better, then I don't mind if you try a little of it." I turned the dial of another cylinder, and couldn't help but steal a glance at her legs.
"I just think you have a thing for pretty feet, and that's why you let me have some of the gas," she said in a playful tone. "I know you have massaged my feet a few times before when I was on the gas."
"You do have beautiful feet, I must admit. But how do you know I have a thing for feet?"
"Oh come on, you always stare at my feet, and I've seen you checking out some of the women's feet that come in here. It's no big deal, everyone likes something, and you are single, it's ok to look," she said smiling.
"Maybe the foot massages are part of helping you to relax," I said, as I attached the completed canister to the gas lines. "And, like you said, it's ok to look, right? Ok, this is the same as always, I'm going to put the nasal hood over your nose, and just breathe normally, ok? You'll feel slightly light headed. So just lay back and relax," I told her, only this time, she would feel extremely fantastic the rest of the day, and have no conscious memory of the session.
"Sure thing doc," she said, as she slipped off her heels and let them fall to the floor. I couldn't resist stealing a glimpse of her red toes through her stockings. She wiggled her toes and grinned at me, and I said, "I have to admit, you do have fabulous toes." I placed the mask over her nose, and turned the dial to release the gas very slowly. This mixture was going to be highly pleasurable, and give her a wonderful case of the giggles. I included the memory suppressant, and I added a compound to make her more suggestible.
"Thank you for the compliment," she said, as she begin to take deep breathes of the gas. I continued checking the gauges, and I kept her talking about her feet.
"So what do you do, get pedicures once I month or something?" I turned the gas up just slightly.
"I used to all the time, but I've just been too busy recently. I try to do it myself now," she said, as she took in a deep breathe, and slightly grinned. "I love the smell of this stuff, it's like breathing in fresh air."
"Good, just breathe it in and enjoy Donna." She grinned even bigger, and let out a slight giggle. "I do have a favor to ask of you though, just a little something you could do for me."
"HEHEHEHE, hmmm, what could that be doctor?" she said, her head limply turning toward me.
"Listen, I'd like for you to start getting a professional pedicure once I week, I'll even give you time during work to go get it done, would you like to do that for me?"
She blinked her eyes open, and they were starting to look a little glassy. "Sure doc, I could do that for ya," she said lifting her hand up and gently swatting at me. She giggled slightly to herself, and the grin was now plastered on her face.
"Good Donna, thank you. Are you feeling any better?"
"I feel FINEHEHE, thank you sooooo, MHAMHA, so much, for letting me do this."
I moved down to Donna's feet. "You are very welcome Donna, but you know, I've been thinking. wouldn't it be nice if more of our patients could feel this way, could feel so relaxed when they came in?
"Mmm, yeah, that HEHE, would be WONDERFUL," she said. She is starting to feel very good at this point, and completely agreeable to anything I said now.
"I'm going to need your help then Donna," I said, as I knelt down at the end of the chair, and began to gently massage her nylon feet. "The more you help me, the more sessions I will let you have on the gas. You would like that wouldn't you Donna?"
"Yessss," her sleepy voice said between cute little giggles.
"It feels good for me to massage your feet, and you want to help me don't you Donna?"
"Mmmmmm," is all she could get out through her grinning lips. "I wanna, HEHEHE, helpth you dozzter," she said as she slurred her words. "Doctor," she repeated, and started to laugh at herself. I lightly tickled her feet which increased her laughter.
"Good Donna, very very good." She was taking very deep breathes, and I got up to increase the gas slightly, until she fell into almost a twilight sleep. I put a pair of headphones on her. I had a subliminal CD made, with the sounds of oceans in the background, that will make her more willing to do anything I say, and give here more of an appreciation for the female foot. I let her sleep for about an hour, having my way with her feet. I then woke her up with a shot of oxygen.
"Seems you fell asleep this time Donna, how do you feel now?"
She woke up slowly, and seemed groggy and confused, but still had a slight grin on her face. "What happened Dr. Tyler, I feel kinda strange, did I have a bad reaction to the gas this time? I usually don't fall asleep," she said, sitting on the side of the dental chair, and rubbing her forehead.
"I think I accidentally increased the gas too much, it just made you fall asleep, no harm done. It's just going to make you a little groggy the rest of the day, I'm sorry. You can take the rest of the day off if you'd like."
"I may do that Dr, thank you." She stretched and grinned again, and said, "Maybe you are right, maybe I've had a little too much of this stuff lately, I think I'll cool it for awhile. But I have to admit, I do feel a lot better." She bent down for her shoes, and slipped them back on.
"That’s good. We had a nice discussion about business though, do remember any of my suggestions on improving business here, would you be willing to help?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't even remember talking to you about it."
"Whets the last thing you remember?"
"You putting the mask over my nose, and then I was out of it I guess. But I would be very willing to help you with any ideas you have in the future."
She said that so willingly. "Wonderful, you are going to be a great help to my work."

Two weeks go by, without anything said of the last session. It's just been normal business around the office, normal clients coming in. I was waiting for Donna to make the next move, and I could tell in the last couple of days that she was wanting to ask for another session. She seemed a little anxious and uptight, so I walked to the reception desk to ask how she was doing.
"Oh, I guess I'm fine Dr. Tyler. I just, well, I'm just craving another session on the gas, it's all I've been thinking about the last couple of days. I just haven't wanted to ask, I said that I would lay off it for awhile," she said, not able to look me in the face, as she nervously shuffled papers on her desk.
"Hmm, I don't know, you just had a session two weeks ago, and you said you wanted to hold off on another for awhile. I really don't want this to affect your work."
"I know, I know, it's just after that session, I slept so good that night. I felt great at work the next day, and the rest of the week as a matter of fact. But for the past couple of days, I've been craving . . . well, I don't want to say craving, but I just need it to give me a boost, you know?"
"I know Donna, but the gas is expensive also, I should almost charge you for it," I said, in a serious tone.
"That’s ok with me, I'll pay you, I don't mind."
I thought about it for a second, and asked her, "Have you been getting your toes pedicured lately?"
"Yes I have been. Just got them done last week, I'm going to start going every week now."
Just as I had requested. "I think you know I have an appreciation for women’s feet."
"Yeah, guess that's why I've been taking care of them."
"Why don't you let me help take care of them, in exchange for giving you the gas sessions."
"Oh, that is a deal!"
"Slip off your shoes then, and put your feet on the desk, lets see those pretty toes."
She quickly removed her heels and put her bare feet on the desk. She looked at me, hoping to find satisfaction in my eyes. She had perfectly shaped feet, with high arches and very soft soles. Her feet looked much better out of the normal stockings she wore, and her toes were painted a fiery shade of red. I touched her toes, as if I was inspecting them, and then knelt down and began rubbing her soles and toes.
"You have to admit that this feels nice," I said as I continued the massage.
"It feels very good, do you think they are pretty enough for you?"
"They are beautiful Donna," I said. I just stared at them, the high arches, the red toes, and couldn't get over how soft her soles were. She let out an audible sigh and grinned, "You have quite the foot fetish don't you doctor?"
I continued a few seconds more, "Put your shoes back on and go get prepped, I'll be there in just a minute," I said, not answering her question. Without a word, she did exactly as she was told.
I had finished my portable gassing device last night, and I was going to try it on Donna. This device was small and lightweight, with a strap to keep it on the head.. It was a normal black gas mask, that fit over the mouth and nose. Oxygen and nitrogen out of the air is brought in and mixed as a gas in a small cylinder on the front of the mask, and a small dial regulates the gas. "This session is going to be about the same as the last, but I want to try out this new device I've designed." I showed it to Donna.
"That's cool, as long as it's the same nitrous, then I'm up for it," she said, sitting anxiously in the dental chair.
"Here, I want you to put this on too." I handed her headphones that would play the subliminal CD I made. "It's just the sound of the ocean, I think it's going to help you relax even more." The CD was going to increase her appreciation for feet, not only her own, but other women’s feet.
"You are so thoughtful, thank you," she said, as I strapped the new portable device over her mouth and nose. This was more of a pure nitrous oxide, without the extra additives I normally put in. I'm working on incorporating the memory suppressor and addictive properties to the portable device. But I could adjust the dial to put a sleeping gas through the mask, if need be. I turned the dial about halfway up with nitrous, enough to give her a good case of the giggles.
She took a couple of deep breathes, and asked, "Aren't you going to massage my feet too," her voice muffled through the mask. I just smiled and moved some hair out of her eyes, as I pushed play on the subliminal CD. She closed her eyes and took another couple of breathes, and I just watched her to see if the device was going to work or not. She opened her eyes and slowly blinked, and I could see that her eyes were glassy. Her body visibly relaxed, and she let a little giggle escape her mouth. She looked at me and tried to focus her eyes, and I turned the gas up a few more notches. She took another breath and started to giggle softly to herself. She lifted her arm up, and let it fall back on the padded chair, almost to see if it was still there. She found this very amusing, and started to laugh. She moved her head from side to side slowly, feeling very dizzy, muffled laughter coming from behind the mask. I watched her under the effects of the gas for a few minutes, it seemed to be working perfectly. It looked as if she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open, and I didn't want her to fall asleep, so I turned the gas back some, leaving it on enough to keep her giggling. I took the headphones off, and started to help her out of the dental chair.
Through the mask and the giggles, Donna says, "Where HEHEHE, where are ya taking me doc?" I put one of her arms around my shoulder. We walked out of the room, and she stumbled limply beside me. "I'm just going to take you to my office, I want you to see something."
I walked her giggling body down the hallway to my office, and sat her in my chair I leaned her back in the chair, lifted her feet to the desk, and removed her shoes. Her bare red toes sparkled on the desk as she wiggled them slightly. I put a pillow under her feet to make sure she was comfortable, and made sure she could see the computer screen. I turned the gas up slightly again, switching over to the sleeping gas. "Ok, listen very carefully Donna. I want you to watch the screen, ok? It's going to help you relax even more, do you understand?" She slowly nodded her head yes. "I'm going to put the headphones back on, I want you to just breathe normally, and watch the screen, and relax." I adjusted the dial enough to keep her in a dreamy state. On the screen, I had prepared thousands of different foot fetish pictures; women’s soles, toes, close-ups, every different angle, every different polish. Pictures of women getting there feet massaged, feet tickled, feet smelled, getting their toes sucked by other men and women. Every possible foot fetish picture was in there. I put the screen on random, so every picture would come up every half second. Women’s feet started to float across the screen, almost too fast to see, but slow enough to register in Donnas mind. Her giggling had slowly stopped, and she now had an almost concerned look on her relaxed face. Her eyes darted slowly, try to keep up with the images. Every few hundred pics or so, the images would stop and a small movie would play. Scenes of giggling women being tickled in a chair. Women pointing their huge wrinkled soles at the screen, spreading the toes. Woman with heavenly looks on their faces having there toes sucked. Each time a movie played, Donna seemed enthralled, eyes widening slightly, until the images started again, with her trying to keep up. I gently massaged her soft soles the entire time, and watched her reactions to the screen. The subliminal messages going into her mind were convincing her of her need. "I like looking at women’s feet. I enjoy women’s feet. I've always liked women’s feet, since I was young. I enjoy my feet. Take care of my feet. Take care of other women’s feet. Feet smell good. Feet need to be tickled. I like being tickled. I like to tickle. Women’s feet need to be licked. I want to experience women’s feet." Over and over, hundreds of times per minute these words invaded her mind, changing the way she thinks and feels. All the while, she felt the sensations of me massaging her feet. I licked her toes, and lightly tickled her sensitive soles, enough to make her twitch in the chair, enough to make her want to feel that sensation over and over again.
For an hour, she watched and listened and was trained. I turned the gas up slightly toward the end, and let her gently fall asleep. I picked her up, and carried her back in the dental prep area, back to the chair. With her shoes back on, and her peacefully sleeping in the chair, I cleaned up the area, putting all the gas canisters away. It was about lunchtime, so I went back to my office, and just let Donna sleep. I saw two patients in the afternoon, in another part of the office. By four o'clock, Donna woke-up, and made her way to my personal office. She looked as if she had the most restful sleep of her life.
"Well, nice to see you again Donna, how do we feel?" I said, shuffling some papers on my desk and leaning back in my chair. She sat down in the chair in front of my desk.
"First off, I'm so very, very sorry I slept all day. I mean, it's four, it's almost time to leave. You should not have to pay me for today, I'm so sorry."
"Listen, I know you've had a lot of stress, it's ok, as long as you feel better."
"I have to admit, I feel 110% better, this session was one of the best. I had some funny dreams though, is that normal?" she said with a puzzled look.
"Completely normal, people have them all the time while on nitrous oxide. Usually pleasant dreams."
"They were very pleasant, although I can't remember exactly what they were," she said, again with a puzzled look."
"Go home Donna, get rested up, we have a lot of work in the coming weeks."
Not knowing what I fully meant, she nodded, and left the office. I grinned, thinking of what I've accomplished so far.

Beautiful women of all ages come into the office from time to time, and since I've had Donna working for me, I haven't been able to out rightly enjoy their feet, and their giggle, without the fear of Donna catching me. But now was the beginning of change. The subliminal session did it's job nicely, I started to notice the next day. One woman we cleaned the teeth of was very nice looking, looked to be about 23, with a professional business suit on, tanned hose and back heels. From the moment she walked in, Donna couldn't keep her eyes off this woman’s feet. It wasn't too noticeable, but I knew what to look for. Every chance she had, she stool a look, almost as if she could wish her shoes right off. I did find a trouble spot on this woman’s tooth, and set up an appointment with her in about a month. That could turn out to be a good opportunity.
Although this place is called the All Women’s Dental Lab, it doesn't mean cute girls will come in left and right. Seems like for the rest of the week, no one worth while had an appointment. Donna had been in an excellent mood all week, no doubt continuing to feel the affects of the gas session. We didn't talk about it, nor did she mention any change in her attitude. But I could tell there was a change with her. There were a couple times this week that I had come out of my office, and saw Donna with one shoe off, on her lap, rubbing her foot while at the reception desk. She always quickly stopped when she heard me coming, almost as if not to get caught. I had also seen her change the screen quickly on her computer, so I was curious as to what she has been up to this week. She had asked me Friday morning if she could have extra time after lunch to get her nails done, and of course I allowed it. While she was gone, I sat at her receptionist desk and nosed through the computer. I checked some files and folders, then logged onto the internet. I checked her history, and found what I was looking for. She had been looking at foot fetish sites. Since no women with pretty feet visited the office this week, she went looking for some on her own. Very interesting indeed, because I didn't program that into her with the subliminals. Looks as if my assistant was developing her fetish nicely on her own. I think it is time she experienced another woman’s foot.
Just as I was thinking that, a heart-stopping young woman walks in the door, with Donna close behind her. She looked to be 19 years old, shoulder length blond hair, with a slim, athletic body. She was wearing a t-shirt and super short khakis, with golden brown legs. She was a little on the short side, Donna almost towered over her. When I looked at her feet, my eyes widened and my mouth dropped. She had white flip flops on, and her dark tanned feet were stunning in contrast! Her feet were perfectly shaped, the toes weren't too long, and painted hot pink. Her every step showed off her very high arches, and they looked to be about a size 7.5 to an 8, maybe just a little big for her body, but still perfect.
Quickly regaining my composer, I welcomed her, "Hi, my name is Dr. Tyler, how may help you?" She smiled and opened her mouth to speak, when Donna quickly said, "Oh, this is Katie, I know her from the nail salon/tanning bed I go to. She said it had been awhile since she had her teeth cleaned, and I told her we could fit her in today. Or at least I hope. Can't we doctor, I don't think anyone else is scheduled today? Let me check."
She hurried over to the computer, to see the schedule. To Katie, Donna seemed just a little too excited to have her here, but I knew exactly why she was acting that way. Katie had a slightly puzzled look, but she smiled and reintroduced herself. "Yeah, my name is Katie. I was just at the tanning bed, and Donna was getting her toes done. She told me I had fabulous toes, and I said, 'Girl so do you!' I asked her if I could come in and make an appointment for sometime in the near future, and she insisted on today. I don't have anything else going on, so I thought I'd just get it over with. If you can fit me in, that is. I mean, my teeth don't hurt or anything, I just thought, you know, it would be good to have them cleaned. I brush twice a day, sometimes threes times a day, so I think I have nice teeth, I mean. . . "
Good grief, I thought, this girl loves to talk as she continued about how great her teeth were. I was about to reply with a cool 'let me make sure', when Donna belted, "Yes! No one else is scheduled!" Katie stopped talking, and we both looked at Donna. I gave her a 'cool it' look, and she backed down.
"I think we can get to you right away Katie,' I said, smiling. "Donna, show our guest to the room, and come back out here please." She took the girl to the room, got her situated into the dental chair, and quickly returned.
I brought her over to the computer, and without a word brought up the foot fetish site she had been looking at. She looked surprised and nervous, and said," Dr. Tyler, I can explain . . ."
I put up a hand and gently shook my head, "Donna, listen to me. There is no need to explain, I understand, I really do. You have a foot fetish don't you?" She was hesitant to admit it. "You can tell me, it's alright, " I said, very comforting.
"Yes, I do Jake, it's something I've always liked. I've always enjoyed my feet, and looking at other women’s feet. Seems that recently, though, I'm craving something. I had to look up some pictures, and . . ."
"I understand Donna, I have a foot fetish too."
"Well, I thought you might, because you are always looking at my feet, and complementing them. I just didn't know how to bring it up.
"What are you craving Donna, and why were you so anxious to bring our chatty little friend in today?
"I don't know, I just saw her bare feet when she came out of the tanning bed, and, well I just had an overwhelming urge to touch them, to massage them, to . . . . well, when she asked about the cleaning, I just thought it would be a good idea to bring her here. I didn't want her to get away.
"We have her now, Donna. Lets just go in here, and look at here teeth, and maybe we can help her relax," I said in a soothing manner.
Donna's eyes brightened at the word 'relax'. She nodded almost innocently and we both walked into the room with Katie. She was just sitting there, staring at the walls like all patients do that are tired of waiting. "Alright Katie, we're going to have a look at your teeth, we just have to get a few things ready. When was the last time you've been to a dentist," I said, as Donna got a bib and a few tools out, as she normally does. I walked behind the dental chair, to the gas cylinders, and started to get the nitrous ready.
"Oh, not that long ago, maybe a little over six months. I guess I should come more often, it's just that, ya know, I don't have enough time, I'm a busy girl. I'm starting college this fall. Going to the dentist is just something I don't like to do. I guess you hear that from everyone don't you?"
She talks way to fast. "Believe it or not, some people like sitting in that chair." I looked at Donna and grinned. "There are new painless dental surgeries, and new ways to help patients relax. Have you ever tried nitrous oxide?"
She shook her head. "Oh no, I don't get into any of that stuff. I had a friend try to give me some last year, I didn't take it. He sucked on a balloon and started acting like a total idiot, and I was like, yeah, I bet I want to try that. You know what I mean? I mean, I don't like going under or feeling weird or anything, I guess I would rather feel the pain than loose control and act all stupid and stuff."
That was the wrong answer. Then Donna spoke up, catching on to where I wanted this to go, "But don't you want to feel relaxed, it will make the cleaning go much faster?"
"No, really, that's ok. I mean, cleanings aren't that painful anyway, are they? I'm sure many people don't request that stuff, what did you call it? Anyway, no, I don't think it's for me, I'm a big girl, I can take it," Katie said, smiling like she was in charge.
Donna almost protested again, when I said, "That's ok, you are right, cleanings aren't that bad, lets just get started." I put the hose over the chair pointing in Katie's direction. I turned a slow leak of nitrous on. I pulled up two chairs, and sat next to Katie, with Donna behind me. "Let me get some general information about," I said, as I asked for her full name, residence, dental history.
She rattled on and on about where she lived, about her family, about school, about anything she could think of. She threw the words out like they were on fire. After explaining where she lived, she stopped talking for a second, and asked, "Do you smell something, almost a sweet smell? Kinda smells like, I dunno, fresh air, or flowers or something, doesn't smell bad though."
"That's just the equipment," I said, as Donna was writing down her answers, and stealing glimpses of Katie’s toes. "Ok, I have your residence, now dental history. Have you had any cavities, or had major oral surgery before?"
"Ummm, let me think about it, ummm, no I haven't." She blinked her eyes slowly, and her body started to relax. "I had braces . . . ummm," she seemed to loose her thought for a second, " . . . when I was younger." A slight grin slowly appeared on her face, and she wasn't as chatty as she was a few seconds ago.
"How old were you when you got your braces off?"
"I was hmmm," she let out a slight girly giggle, "I was fifteHEHEHEeen."
"Fifteen huh, what was so funny about that Katie?" Donna and I both were watching her reaction to the laughing gas.
"I, I don't knHOHOHow HEHEHE, I just feel like laugHEHEHEing for some reason. I feHEHEeel strange," she said, slowly blinking her eyes with a huge grin on her face.
"You feel strange, I don't know what could be wrong with you. Donna, check the equipment." She got up and walked behind the dental chair, and said, "Oh, I see the problem Doc, seems like there is a small leak in the nitrous oxide hose."
"Oh, did you hear that Katie, a leak in the laughing gas, I think you've been exposed to some of it," I said, my voice sounding sarcastically surprised. "You don't have as much to say now do you? What shall we do with you?"
"I don't knHOHOow, just turn it offHAHA," she said, beginning to get out of the chair.
With the gas making her weak, I gently pushed her back into the chair. "Now where are you going, we haven't even started yet. Donna, lets help Katie enjoy her visit with us today." I motioned for her to put the gas mask over Katie's nose. I strapped her arms to the chair, as the mask started to do it's job.
"WwHAHAhat are you doing? I told you . . . HEHEHAHA . . . I told youWHOWHO . . . I didn't waHAHAnt this!" She was having a giggling fit. She moved her head around, try to shake the mask off.
"Just relax, this isn't going to hurt you. We just want you to enjoy yourself, have fun." She was moving her tanned legs around in the process, and one of those flip-flops falls off her pink toes, onto the floor. "Donna, won't you help her with her other flip-flop." Donna walks to the end of the chair, and bends down. She is mesmerized by the sight of the girls soft sole, and looks up at me, almost wondering what to do. "Take her other shoe off, and just look at how soft her soles are." With Katie giggling and still moving her legs slightly, Donna slips off her other flip-flip. She looks up at the giggling girls smiling face, and then runs her newly manicured fingernail across the sole of her left foot.
Katie lets out a laughing shriek as she almost jumps out of the chair, with renewed energy. "NO, pleaHEHEHes, don't tickle my fHEHEeet! She could barely speak through her drugged laughter.
I turn the gas up just a bit, and say, "Looks as if she is ticklish Donna." I kneel down and wrap my arms around her smooth legs, holding them in position. Donna starts an assault on Katie, running her sharp nails up and down her sensitive soles. Her toes pointed and feet moved in every direction, trying to find safety, but they couldn't escape Donna's nimble fingers. Katie giggled with even more intensity as the tickling sensation invaded her.
Donna had an almost wicked grin and she stared wild-eyed into her feet as she said over and over, "Tickle, tickle!" That was from one of the foot fetish movies she had watched on my computer. She was totally transfixed by Katie's feet, and by her laughter. With an almost crazed look, Donna still stroked one sole with her fingernails, as she began to rub the other sole with the palm of her hand. Up and down her foot, she felt how soft and smooth they were. I let go of Katie's legs as she relaxed even more, settling into a calm, drugged giggle. Getting up, I grabbed my portable gassing device and walked behind Donna.
"You want the giggles too, don't you Donna?"
"Yesssss," she said, raising her head up and back, and closing her eyes. I turned the dial all the way up to maximum nitrous levels, and placed it briefly over her mouth and nose. She took in two huge breathes, and I removed the mask. She immediately started laughing, as she plunged her face into deeply into Katie's bare soles. She inhaled deeply and said, "TheHEHEHy smell so GOOD! Like coconut HAHAoil." She flicked her tongue across the soles, and nibbled the sides of her foot with her giggling teeth. Both women were lost in laughter, Katie with her slow giggles, and Donna with her mad laughter. Donna raised her head again, wanting more gas. Placing the mask on, she took two more deep breathes, and fell to the floor in a heap of mirth.
With Donna lost in Happyville, I turned my attention to the young woman’s feet. With her giggling dying down, she was slowly falling asleep. I ran my hands across her tanned feet, and massaged her soft soles. I picked up where Donna left off, nibble the toes of her right foot, while feeling the softness of her left. I pointed her toes, and felt the wrinkles of her soles, and ran my tongue across the ridges. Donna has good taste in women’s feet, I thought, as I looked down at her giggling form on the floor.
As she continued laughing, I got up and took the mask off our patient, and proceeded with the cleaning. I put another subliminal CD on, this one telling the patient that they just fell asleep briefly, and to remember nothing but getting their teeth cleaned. Donna's laughter was starting to die down, and she started to get off the floor. I helped her into my office, and gave her just a little bit of oxygen, to have her come around completely. I let her lay there for a bit, and went back to see if Katie was awake. She had just woke up, and just as planned, didn't know anything was out of the ordinary. She started to ramble on again, and I scheduled her for another appointment in six months, and she left.
Going back to my office, I talked to Donna about her experience, and she seemed just a little guilty about it. I told her no one was harmed, and we all had a good time, even Katie. She was worried that the police would find out, and I explained how my memory suppressor worked. She still wasn't convinced, and as usual, swore she would never do anything like this again. I asked her if she was mad, or upset with me. Not at all, she replied, she was just upset that she allowed herself to do that. Never again, she repeated, she was going to keep her impulses in check.

Impulses are a funny thing. You think you have them in check. You think you have them beat. Then something happens. Something makes you break. Something makes you give in.
For six months now, Donna has been giving in on almost a weekly basis. For the first few weeks after her initial encounter with that Katie girl, she tried very hard not to let her desire for nitrous oxide, and women’s feet, take control of her. But as countless beautiful women have come in, it has flamed her need to see there feet, and to use laughing gas on them to get what she wanted. Of course, I've been there to encourage her, and to supply her with more gas. She was now completely dependant on laughing gas, and dependant on me giving it to her. She was no longer shy about her desires. She accepts that she needs the gas. She accepts that she enjoys women’s feet. And she shares her many different desires in these areas with me. At least 3 to 4 times a month, Donna finds women to bring in, and we both enjoy a session with them. Some of the sessions are like the one with Katie, where Donna wants to be gassed to. Sometimes she just wants to hear the woman giggle, and doesn't even play with her feet. Sometimes she wants to use the sleeping gas on them, and just enjoy their feet. I always let Donna decide want she wants, I figure that is the least I could do since I'm the one that got her into this. And of course, I'm enjoying this immensely. Sometimes I still gas Donna, without her knowledge, and indulge myself with her feet. Today was going to be one of those days.

Too be continued??

Next session in office, with woman, daughter, Donna

Year goes by, Donna gone, nitrous detox, new receptionist, two new female dentists.