Dr. Laura's Secret

Famous Psychologist Dr. Laura Schlessinger was toward the end of one of her
radio broadcasts. She was talking to a woman who was traumatized by certain
touches. She mentioned that as a little girl, her brothers used to gang up on
her and tickle her until she was screaming with fear. After giving her some
counsel on the matter the broadcast was over. Laura was commenting on the last
caller to Martin, her new studio engineer about how she could sort of relate to
the last callers situation. "Has that ever happened to you Dr.? "Only once. But
I always liked to laugh a lot. A great joke could have me laughing so hard that
it would be like someone tickling my feet" said Dr. Laura. Martin smiled to
himself and kept the matter in mind. He couldn't imagine Dr. Laura losing
control to that degree, but imagined that it might be a nice site to witness.
She would have to be literally caught off guard. It would have to be a situation
where it wouldn't be obvious to her until there was nothing she could do to stop
it from coming.
Everyone else had gone for the night except for Martin and Dr. Laura. He knew
her routine after a show; she would go into the back take off her shoes and lay
down for about 15 minutes before going home. After martin would check up on her
to make sure that everything was OK, and sometimes to get her some tea to relax
her. Dr. Laura felt comfortable with Martin. A fact that he was going to finally
use against her. Martin had an idea from his college days. He was part of a
science club and would quite often make home remedies. One of his favorites was
a remedy for laughing gas. He went in the studio kitchen to mix up the gas and
to make some tea for Dr. Laura.
When he brought to tea to her, she immediately drank it and almost fell to sleep
instantly. Martin had added something to the tea to make her enter a short deep
sleep. This gave him time to tie her writs together over her head and her feet
at the end of the couch without her feeling a thing. When she was tied up, he
poured the laughing gas mixture into a towel and placed it over her nose and
mouth. Dr. Laura began to breathe heavy and soak in tremendous amounts of the
gas. All of a sudden she felt the sudden urge to giggle. She had not yet opened
up her eyes. But then the giggles began to flow and she opened up her eyes to
see that she was tied up and Martin standing over her. "Whahahahahahahahat are
you doing hahahahahahahahahahahha. You mentioned to me a little secret about
enjoying a good laugh, so I thought I would give you one to relax you after a
grueling show" said Martin. Also, you shared a little something about yourself
that no one else knows accept for me." Laura's laugh became for steady

She was starting to turn a little red in the face and tears were welling up in
her eyes. But she was curious to find out what secret she had revealed to
Martin. Her short deep sleep caused her to forget what she had told him. So
Martin reminded her. "You said that a good joke could make you laugh so hard
that it like someone tickling your feet" At that minute Laura's eyes got as wide
as silver dollars. She remembered that time when she was tickled by her brothers
and sisters. When they found out that her weak spot was her feet, they all
picked a spot they lightly scribbled, dug, scratched until she was a laughing
mess. She tried to beg Martin not to tickle her feet, but she could stop
laughing. The gas was very strong and just heightened Laura's already infectious
laugh. Martin had tied her toes together and pulled them back to expose her
arches, which were her worst spot. He began to tickle.


face had gotten a deeper shade of red, tears were now streaming down her face.
She was one who would laugh so hard that she would lose her voice. Martin liked
silent laughter after long vocal laughter. His goal was to tickle and gas Laura
to that point. She was bouncing up and down trying to get the tickling and the
gas to stop, but neither one was happening.


Finally Martin let up a little. Laura had great stamina, and could laugh for al
long as he tickled her. She was still lightly giggling from the gas, but at
least the intense tickling had ceased, temporarily. A button had come loose at
the bottom of her blouse near her navel. Martin pulled out a Q-Tip. Laura
started screaming immediately. "Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Please don't, Please
don't Please don't, Please don't Please don't, Please don't, no no no no no no
no. But it was too late. Martin placed the Q-Tip in her navel and rubbed both
hands in the opposite direction, causing the Q-Tip to spin.. Dr. Laura felt a
shocking tickling sensation like she had never felt before.


She had never been tickle there before and had no idea how she would respond.
Her stamina was running out. Martin reach over with one hand and put the towel
back over her nose to give her more gas, and then resumed with the 2-handed
spin. Laura had turned redder than she had all night. Her head fell to the side,
tears dripped to the floor; mouth open in paralyzed silent laughter for what
seemed like minutes. She couldn't move. All she could do was laugh. Finally
after about another half hour, Martin decided that Dr. Laura had had enough.
From that day on, Dr. Laura made sure that she and Martin were never alone at
the station again.