The Erotic Laughing Gas Plant

Kim was your average woman who worked very hard to be part of the corporate world. The place she worked at was a very high-class company. The name of the company was Microtech. It made computers and other software. The secretary of the president of the company was Tracy. She would treat Kim like she was a nobody. Everyone at the company had no sense of humor. Well one day,as Kim was on her way to the gym with the only friend she had was Laura. The president called her into her office. " So do you have the file's I asked for " the president asked. “Well I found last years files on the sales of software, but I still haven't found this years yet." she answered " Well you better get to work I want them by tomorrow morning. I am off to the gym." she said.Kim was so mad at her boss and all her other co-worker's. Then Laura showed up. " So you ready to go work off some stress?" asked Laura. " No, I have to stay and find a file that is lost."said Kim. " Well I will stay and help you." said laura. " Thanks Laura you are the only friend I have here." Well for the next two hours they looked and finally found the file. Then they
went home to rest up for tomorrow. When Kim got home her boyfriend Jeff was in his
home lab working on a secret project." Hello honey hows everything?" she asked.
" I’m ok, I am just about done with my new project." he said. " What is it ?" she asked.
" Its an erotic laughing gas plant." he told her. " I think youve been in the house to long, so what does it do beside make you laugh?" she asked. " It brings out your most sexual fantasy and the more you breathe the more you laugh until all your horniness is gone."
he told her. " How does it work?" she asked. " Well right now its just a seed, but add it to dirt and some water and it grows and blooms some wonderful flower's which release a sweet gas...the rest is history." he said. " So when can I see it work?" she asked.
" Well there is still a few bugs, it has this strange effect." he said. " What kind of effect?"
she asked. " When I said it brings out your sexual fantasy, well it makes what every fantasy you want to life like." he said. " Like what?" she asked. " Like ... if you wanted an hour glass shape body." he said. " That sounds very weird, but a turn on." she said.
“Oh shit, I have to go I’m late for work...I’ll see you later and if you plan on using the plant be careful." Kim sat down after a hot shower and a hot meal, she felt better. As Kim sat there and thought of how the people at work had to loosen up at work. Then it came to her the l-gas plant her boyfriend made would loosen everybody there...even her boss. What part of the building to use it in? The gym would be perfect...... everybody goes there to release some stress. The next morning Kim left for work with a bag full of seed to have fun with at work. When she got there Laura was waiting at her desk for her." So what is so important that you had to tell me?" " Well you know how Jeff was working on something special." " Yes, what is it?" " It is a erotic laughing gas plant." " It sounds a bit weird to me, but what does it do be side make you laugh and horny?" " It brings out you wildness fantasy." " Now that sounds great." Well for the next two hours Kim and Laura went through every room in the gym planting the seed and watering them. Kim was getting all excited she could not wait to watch all her co-workers in a laughing hysteria and special to watch her boss act like a horny woman in heat. Kim and Laura went to the security room to watch everything on camera. It was about three o'clock when everybody was entering the gym. There were about twenty people in the aerobics to work out. In the weight room there were about eight people in there and in the locker room about ten women were in there taking a shower. Last but not less the room, her boss Tracy would always go to the hot tub room to relax and have a talk with her board members. There was her account Jondel and her sales representative Marlene and last but not less her vice president Jamie. Where going to have their daily board meeting in the hot tub, but little do they know that Kim put an l-plant in the room with them. As Tracy and her board members enter the room, they all noticed a nice wonderful erotic smell in the air. Tracy felt this warm erotic feeling come over her and every breath she took felt like some one tickling her. Tracy notice that the other women nipples were showing through their swims suits. Mean while in the shower room the other women taking a shower were all feeling a wonderful sensation come over them while the water hit there naked bodies. Cindy turn and ask Candy if she felt all hot and giggle feeling." Tee hee Candy boy you got some nice breast there." " Hee tee hee ha ha ha my I say the same for you " Candy and Cindy started to soap each other. There giggles turn into uncontrollable laughter and the more they laugh the bigger there breast grow .The other eight women in the shower were all in a laughing hysteria and in about ten mins there were these voluptuous soapy naked laughing women in the shower. In the aerobics room, twenty women started to do there step aerobics, Mary felt this warm giggly feeling coming over her and then she turned to ask Stacy a question." Boy is it he he he ha ha me our is it very warm in ha ha ha here?" " Well tee hee hee ha ha ha ha if feel like ha ha ha getting down and dirt." Everybody in the room was laughing and watching each other turn into voluptuous women. Kim and Laura were laughing as they watched a room full of naked laughing women. Back in the hot tub room the bubbles in the hot tub were acting like a thousand Tickling fingers....Tracy couldn't control herself she need to relief . Then Tracy notice her staff members Marlene and Jondel were giggling uncontrollably. As they laughed ....their breasts grew to thesize of basketballs. Jamie was already taking her swimsuit off and her breasts were the size of basketballs to. " Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Tracy may I say that ha ha ha ha " " I feel HA HA HA the same way." Tracy started to move closer to Jamie. Jamie started to move her hand down to Tracy nice wet pussy to relieve the horniness. Tracy and the board members were all laughing and doing sexual fantasy they were all too afraid do normally. Tracy, Marlene, Jondel and Jamie were all rubbing and pinching and sucking on each other and the more they did that they laughed even hard.
"Oh oh oh ha ha ha ha Jamie rub those big breast of yours again my ha ha ha ha hot wet pussy." " Ha ha ha ha ha ha sure ms. president ha ha ha." After about four hrs of sexual fun everybody fell a sleep. Kim and Laura grabbed the tape they made with the security equipment and went home to watch the tape again. " Kim my I say your boyfriend my be strange, but he has some good idea's " " well thank you Laura, now what would you like to drink." " Water would be fine." But what Kim did not know that Laura put one of the seeds in one of Kim plants, It grow very quickly. That is a tale for another time.

The End?