“What are up with these damn cuffs?” Jane asked as she pulled as hard on
them as possible. They didn’t even make a sound as the nurse walked
patiently around her small room. Jane had been in this maximum-security
prison for only a few months, but made enough enemies here to cause some

She continued to pull on the cuffs, but the double locked, spring pole
cuffs hooked to her bed made it rather hard to do and to top it all off
she was locked down in a spread eagle formation. The nurse turned and
stopped at the head of the bed and laughed a bit.

“You should see how pathetic you look.” She said slyly. “Thank you tubs.”
Jane said as the clipboard of the nurses fell to the floor and clattered
loudly. The nurse turned and bent down to pick it up. “That ass will help
me get to sleep.” Jane said. The nurse grunted and out of her back pocket
her card key slipped out and fell down her shirt.

Jane kept quite as the nurse turned and walked out of the room. Jane
looked down her shirt and her white padded bra lit up the slight darkness
and the keycard showed up. Jane lifted up in the air as far as she could
and the card slipped deeper in her shirt. “Damn it!” Jane cursed.

The door suddenly swung open and Jane fell back down on the bed. Jane
strained her eyes against the part of the room that wasn’t lit, but
couldn’t tell who it was. “Who’s there?” Jane demanded. “Keep your trap
shut!” Said a harsh voice as she closed the door. Jane heard the clicking
of shoes as a small blond girl walked into the light.

“What the hell!” Jane said as she recognized the girl as one of the punks
that got her locked in this cell. “E block treatment eh?” The girl
laughed. “I’m glad I can entertain you.” Jane said as she started to lift
her middle up again and get the key card out of her shirt.

“Double enforced cuffs, air proof door, and laughing gas controlled air
vents. The whole nine yards.” The girl said as she starred around the
room. “It would take me five...” She stopped taking when her eyes landed
on Jane. “I hope you not doing what I think your doing.” She said.

Jane starred at her in disgust as she laid back on the bed and let her
head fall against her pillow. “That fat ass nurse dropped her key card
down my shirt!” Jane said. “Really...” The girl said as she walked
forward. “You know I can get it for you.” She said. “No way!” Jane said as
she lifted back off the bed and began to shake up and down.

After a minute she fell back to the bed. “Make it quick.” Jane said. The
girl reached in her shirt from the collar and started to scrape around her
chest. “Hurry...up!” Jane said as she closed her eyes. The girl slipped
her hand in her bra and ran her nails over the tips of her nipples.

“HEHEHE...Knock it off!” Jane screamed. “What? Are you ticklish?” The girl
asked as she finally located the key card. “Yes! If you must know now get
me out of here!” Jane demanded. “This card can get us to Canada if I so
desired. Were in no hurry you know so I’m going to tickle you a while!”
The girl said as she began caressing her sides.

“HEHEHEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Jane burst into ticklish laughter.
“Stop!” Jane begged as the girl changed to her belly again. “HAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” The girl rubbed the tips of her nails as
lightly as she could over the curves in her muscles on her belly.

Jane wiggled to her right as she tried to guard her sensitive belly. The
girl quickly ran her nails over her left side. Jane turned to the right,
but Jane quickly switched sides.

The girl climbed on the bed and sat on Jane’s waist. Jane starred up at
the girl and a dopey little smile was glued on her face. “Get off me or I
will kick your ass!” Jane said in a light hearted voice. “Not without
this.” The girl said as she waved the card in her face.

Jane slightly remember that she almost had that key. Jane’s thoughts were
cut off as the girl grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her
head. The shirt rapped around Jane’s arms that were above her head. The
girl starred wide eyed in her white bra. She reached behind her back and
undid the strap in the back.

She picked up the bra from the middle. Jane shivered as the girl ran her
fingers across her stiff nipples. Jane bit her lip and wished she could
see what was coming, but she also cursed her luck. The girl stuck two
fingers into Jane’s pits and began to rub back and fourth.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Jane laughed uncontrollably and her muscles
in her belly flexed and she began to shake violently. The girl showed
little mercy as she continued to tickle Jane in her pits.

“Now aren’t we having fun?” The girl asked as she climbed off the bed and
headed to the foot of the bed. The girl placed a hand on the top of Jane’s
shoes and she knew what was about to happen. “NO!” Jane screamed. “Yes...”
The girl said as she took the bottom and the heel of the shoe and slipped
them off.

Jane closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. Her feet were the most
ticklish on her whole body. The girl had already slipped her other shoe
off and rolled both socks off Jane’s delicate little feet. The girl didn’t
waste much time as she began to full tickle both Jane’s feet.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Jane cracked up laughing as she lurched
forward. The cuffs rattled on the head board and the bottom of the bed,
but since the room was sound proof no one could hear.

“Please stop...” Jane said in a small weak voice. “Why should I?” The girl
asked. “Because we have to get out of here, there going to be doing...”
The girl stuck her fingers over Jane’s pits before she could finish her
sentence and began to tickle the ovals of them.

Jane screamed. “Ow!” The girl said as she placed her fingers on her
temples. You gave me a headache.” The girl said. Jane was breathing hard
as the girl lifted the card and swiped it through the cuffs card slot. The
cuffs hummed and popped off.

“Bout time!” Jane said as she fell to the floor next to her shoes. Jane
began to pull them on when lights flooded in the room. Without thinking
Jane rolled under the bed. “Jane what the hell is going on?” A voice said.
“What?” The girl said. Suddenly there was a struggle and the lights
switched back off.

“We will teach you a lesson!” The voice said as Jane heard the doors shut.
Jane came out from the bed only to find the girl cuffed to the bed. “Look
what we have here.” Jane said. “Shut up and get me out.” The girl
demanded. “Sorry Jane can’t do that!” Jane said wickedly.

“I would hang around and tickle you, but I’m a little smarter than that.”
Jane looked around the floor and spotted the card. Quickly picking it up
she swiped the card slot and the door swung open. A swishing sound made
Jane look up as green gas filled the room.

“Looks like your going to get tickled anyways.” Jane said. “Laughing gas.”
The girl said wide eyed with fear. “Let me go!” She screamed, but the door
was shut and Jane was gone. The girl turned her head as much as she could
so she could block the gas, but at risk of breaking her own neck she
couldn’t. “HEHEHEHE!” The girl began to giggle as she remembered where she
went wrong...