There was a thud and a scrape. Karen sat upright in her chair. The room was fairly dark she had dozed off. She glanced at her watch, 8:30. She was supposed to meet Linda at the restaurant over a half-hour ago. She pulled her purse from the drawer and stood up. Still groggy, she lurched towards the door. She was almost there when she realized she had taken her heels off at her desk. She returned to her chair and ducked down behind the desk to retrieve her shoes.
The door to her office slammed shut. She looked up with a start, remembering the thud and scraping sound that had originally woken her. She realized that she wasn't alone. She reached across her desk for the phone, hoping building security would be there. As she put the receiver to her ear she heard white noise coming from the computers modem. She pushed a button on her phone to access the other line, but received dead air from that one as well.
Not having any other options, she tiptoed across the room to the door and tried the knob. The knob turned, but the door wouldn't open. She pulled harder, but something was wedging the door closed. She flipped the light switch, but nothing happened. She peered through the glass panel next to the door, into the darkened office. She could see a figure in coveralls huddled by the door, working at something towards the bottom of it. After a moment, the figure pulled the weather-stripping from the threshold, then began another task. She watched helplessly as the figure shoved a tube under the door, the sprayed a foam insulation along the widened crack at the base of the door. Karen could see the tube was hooked to some kind of cylinder, next to her diligent captor.
"What are you doing?" She yelled through the glass. The figure didn't respond, except to reach for the tank and open the valve.
She could hear a hissing coming from the tube, not sure what to expect, she backed away to the far corner of her office. Knockout gas, she thought. Whoever had her, wasn't after her, just after the documents she had been working on. Holding her breath, she went to her desk and began to shred file after file. She continued her task, breathing as sparingly as possible. She was confident nothing would be retrieved as the lightheadedness hit her. Her breathing increased as her body tried to recover oxygen that she had denied it. She found her rapid breathing to be uncontrollable. She realized what was happening as a giggle burst forth from her lips.
Laughing gas, she thought. She needed fresh air. She tried to reach the door, hoping to force it open. Her hopes were dashed as the floor came up to meet her. She sprawled on the floor, laughing heartily, her body didn't want to work with her anymore. Her limbs felt like jelly when she tried to move them. As her laughter echoed throughout the room, she noticed the figure that had captured her watching from the window. She could see the intruder's frame now and guessed her female, but an oxygen mask hid the facial features. Regardless of how much trouble she was in, everything seemed funny. She rolled on the floor, trying to keep herself from laughing.
The prowler bent down again to the tank and the hissing stopped.
She finally had a chance to help herself, yet her giggling persisted in foiling her attempts to move. She huddled herself near her desk, completely helpless for what was about to come.
The door burst open and the burglar pounced into the room. In a moment, the female intruder had scooped up the giggling blob of laughter Karen had become. Dropping the executive into her chair, she wound duct tape around her, immobilizing her in it. Retrieving the tank from the doorway, the prowler attached a facemask to it.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, nnngh-, no, ha, ha, ha, ha, please, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, not that, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."
The intruder remained wordless as she strapped the mask into place on Karen's head. Turning the valve, she watched as her captive struggled helplessly against her bonds. She sat on the executive's desk and waited for the gas to take full effect.
Soon Karen had lost all control, laughing helplessly and kicking her feet at her attacker. Her ribs began to ache as the tears began to stream down her face. She found herself tired from kicking and her only movement became the shuddering of her body as her giggling persisted.
The burglar produced a length of rope and scooped Karen's legs under her arm. She crossed the ankles and tied them together with the rope, leaving a good portion of it free. She dragged Karen, in the wheeled executive chair across the room to the couch. Taking the remaining end of the rope, she placed the helpless ankles across the arm of the couch and secured them there. Sitting down on the couch, next to the struggling ankles, and figuring, the gas has dissipated from the room, she removed the mask, revealing herself to her captive.
"L-, L-, Linda!!! Wha- ha, ha, ha, ha, what are you doing? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."
"You were supposed to meet me over an hour ago. This was supposed to be a simple burglary, yet you botched it for me by standing me up. You're supposed to be waiting there for me while I ransack your office. I broke in here to find you sleeping, so I went to plan B."
"Haaa, ha, ha, Puh-, ha, ha, ha, ha, puhleez! I, ha, ha, ha, can't, ha, ha, ha, laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha, any, ha ha , more."
"Oh, I think you can stand a bit more. Let's see what we have here." Linda plucked the heels from her captive's feet. Ignoring the terrified look that arose on Karen's face, she began to lightly scratch at the helpless soles.
Karen exploded with a rush of laughter that sent her over the edge. Being tickled and at the mercy of the gas was too much for her. She blurted out the word, "Mercy," then was overcome with a spasm of laughter.
"Where are the reports for the defense contracts you received yesterday."
Karen was laughing too hard to respond verbally, the best she could muster was a tilt of her head to the wastebasket, where the documents lay shredded.
"Nice try, but I know you keep back-ups of all your file locked away in your computer system. Tell me the password, or I'll tickle harder."
Karen managed a scream as the thought of having to laugh harder crossed her mind. She couldn't talk because of the laughter, yet if she didn't, she would have to laugh more. She began to shake her head, begging for mercy.
Linda watched her captive shake her head in response. She began to grind her nails deeply into the smooth stocking soles of the helpless executive without mercy.
Karen's entire body tensed up, as the wave of tickling hit her like a freight train. The intense torture sent her into a climax the likes of which she had never felt. She felt exhausted as the mask was pulled from her face. She could hardly speak, but what came forth between the giggles was the password to her computer. She watched helplessly as Linda went to work at her desk, opening and printing files from her company's mainframe. After a half-hour, Linda put the files into Karen's own briefcase and headed for the door.
Linda turned to face the helpless executive once more then approached her and snapped the mask over her face. Too tired to protest, Karen watched as the wily thief turned the gas on again, this time emitting the gas slowly.
"I figure this should keep you on edge for most of the night. Just enough to make you laugh until dawn and your secretary arrives. I should be long gone by then. It was fun."
Despairingly, Karen watched her leave, feeling the laughter rise in her throat.