A Funny Photo Shoot
I thought I would take a brief "time-out" from the series writing I was doing to
pro-offer a slightly different story, one of my personal fantasies.  The one main
difference with this fantasy (at least insofar as I am concerned) is that it
concerns a "celebrity" of sorts.  Most of my other fantasies involve regular,
every day women because, in my opinion, it's really a waste of time to fantasize
about a celebrity, since your chances of ever meeting them, let alone having
them, is insignificantly small, compared to the chance of meeting a
Nevertheless, I fantasize about this particular celebrity exists, as I think
she is one of the absolute sexiest women to ever be brought into this world.
The celebrity I usually fantasize about is Angelie Almendare.
For those of you who do not know this latina goddess, you can usually find her
gracing the cover of most "low rider" magazines, strutting and posing her
luscious curves in tiny string bikinis and heels (which arouses me just to think
on it).  She also has her own calendar and web site (http://www.angelie.com  - go
see for yourselves!), as well as modeling for several lingerie sites (most
prominently featured at http://www.trashy.com).  In fact, it may also be
possible that she has appeared in an FC tickling video in the past.  I had a clip
of a woman that looks strikingly similar to the Angelie, right down to the
beauty mark on the left side of her upper lip.  The clip itself had no sound,
but the reactions and the possibility that this latina was allowing herself to
be tickled, bouncing and jiggling her unbelievable figure on a couch, makes me
all the more justified in "keeping" my tickling fetish.  The fact that she was
raised locally (in So. Cal.) only helps add to the fantasy.  I keep hoping that
I may bump into her somewhere, or maybe even perhaps catch a glimpse of her in
a store or something if I end up attending UC Riverside.
Now just what luck would it be, had I been more interested in photography and
less interested in software engineering, to be one of the few men that actually
get to take photos of Angelie.  I'll bet that guy from the FC video had to take
regular breaks to adjust his jeans from the rock hard on that Angelie MUST have
given to him during her tickling.
     * * *
So I decided that I would go ahead and give it a try.  For my entire summer
session off, I read books, attended classes, and experimented with various types
of film.  Towards the end of the summer, the dog-days of August, I felt I had
mastered enough of the camera to be able to pass myself off as a legitimate
photographer.  The easy part was hacking into "Drivin' on Da Down-Low"
magazine's email server.  I had seen Angelie on the cover once a little while
back, and decided to take my chances that they may still be in contact.  I was
able to find the email exchange from that photo shoot (note to all MIS out
there...CLEAN YOUR EMAIL SERVERS REGUALRLY...HAHAHA), spoof the sender's email
address, and redirect all her replies to my inbox.  I chuckled at the thought of
being in Angelie's InBox as I typed the message.
"The layout was a big hit!  We'd like to arrange a second shoot ASAP.  Please
reply with dates of availability."  I regretted sending it for a moment,
thinking it a tad too short, but as you all know, I can be very wordy at times.
To my surprise, I received a reply within a few hours, saying how she had a lot
of fun, wanted to do it again, and several dates for my approval.  Unfortunately,
most of them were in the early fall...right when school was going to be starting
back.  Except one: the day before Thanksgiving.  I replied asking her to pen me
in for that Wednesday.  About a week before the shoot, I emailed to confirm that
the shoot was going to take place, and to inform Angelie that there would be
a different photographer, as the first one was away with his family and
unavoidably detained.  I then sent a description of myself, both physically as
well as talking up my personality, so she wouldn't think me a bug-eyed creep
when she finally did meet me in person.  I was again surprised to find this was
perfectly acceptable to Angelie, and she replied with "tell him I'm looking
forward to meeting him."
     * * *
I arrived at the location very early, as I would definitely need time to setup.
The location was a nearly abandoned warehouse that I had rented for some
ridiculous price.  Then, I had to rent a car from one of the locals, using the
same excuse that I would be shooting it with a hot model.  Naturally, they wanted
to come see the shoot, but I didn't want anything interrupting my encounter.  I
told them they would get some autographed copies.  It actually was a pretty good
car: dropped to about 6 inch clearance, with a fireball motif.  The things they
do with Honda's these days, I thought.
But the photos and the car wasn't what this day was to be about.  It was about my
fantasy girl, giggling and laughing like crazy.  To that end, the warehouse
offered an excellent advantage: a small office.  I placed dark black paper on
the windows, to offer Angelie some privacy, not that it would matter in the end.
Then, I went around to a back side that Angelie was certain not to see, and
brought out one of my many personalized inventions:  A remote control air tank.
I prided myself on it because it was really one of the first physical electrical
circuits I personally designed.  I could fill it with any gas and then allow it
to leak from the container by remote control.  I also placed a small radio in
Angelie's office/changing room, hoping she would take the bait and use it to
drown out the sound of the seeping nitrous that I intended to use on her today.
She was all business when she arrived.  She wanted to get done as quickly as
possible, so she could make her flight out of Ontario on time.  She kept talking
about herself and her needs, as only a woman could do.  Somehow, I must have
managed to keep my tongue in my mouth and act professionally, but inside, my gut
was churning.  I was standing next to one of the most beautiful women the world
has or ever will know, and I was going to turn her into a hysterically laughing
latina.  She entered the changing room I pointed out to her and, as I had hoped,
she turned the radio on, and loud.  The room was blaring music through its thin
walls, and, for a moment, I feared the tiny room would cave in.  Nevertheless,
I hit the button for the gas in my pocket.  I figured she'd feel very little
on the first series of pictures, but the changing room would be pretty gassy the
next time she changed.
The first set was in a hot pink string bikini, and Angelie was as tantalizing as
all the photo sets I've ever downloaded of her.  I tried to play the professional
as best as I could, getting several angles of the same pose, as well as giving
some short, curt directions (so I wouldn't sound like a blubbering idiot).
     * * *
She next returned in her famous, black string bikini, only this time I knew she
wasn't quite herself.  She misjudged one of the steps, slipping slightly.  Her
chuckle echoed across the near empty warehouse as she staggered towards the car
in her black heels.  She smiled widely the entire way, and slightly stumbled into
a position leaning onto the car.  I immediately took the shot, as if nothing
unexpected was happening.  Her chuckles and titters were escaping from her lips,
and she smiled her sexy smile, placing her hand innocently over her red lips with
each escaping giggle.
As she was headed back to her changing room, she giggled a little and asked,
"Do you want to do something a little naughty?"  Her voice when she asked me this
was enough to make my cock hard, but I somehow managed to keep my composure.
"Such as...?" I asked with a veil over my interest.  She just bounced and giggled
back to her changing room.  She was laughing hard when she finally came out.  My
mouth nearly dropped when I saw the next outfit.  She was wearing a pink,
open-bust bustier, with white stockings, white heels, white lace gloves that
had the fingers clipped off, and she was carrying a pink and white umbrella.
She played with the umbrella, alternately opening it and closing it, but my
eyes were transfixed on her bountiful breasts.  They rippled with each step, and
danced with her laughing fit.
"I see you like," she said, pointing at my obvious arousal.  She found that
amusing under the affects of her gassing, and screamed with laughter some more.
I decided this was as good a time as any to make a move.
"Well," I replied, moving close to her.  "If you think that's funny, get a load
of this."  With that, my fingers, anxiously anticipating this moment for months
began tickling her sides and tummy through the lacey bustier.  She jumped into
my arms, which held her tightly and prevented her from falling.  Her laughter
exploded in my ear, and her rippling breasts were pressed tightly against my
chest.  My fingers roamed up and down her sides, alternately tickling her ribs,
her tummy, her hips, and her underarms.  I felt like my fingers were everywhere
at once.
She must have felt the same, because she twisted tried to protect herself.  None
of her actions were effective, however, and ended up just laughing harder from
my freely tickling fingers.  I eventually tickled her into leaning back onto the
hood of the Honda.  Angelie thought she might be able to escape, and began to
squirm her way across the hood, but I climbed on top with her, tickling her hips
and sexy smooth thighs.
As my fingers boldly began tickling her inner thigh, I received a reaction that
could have only come from a fantasy: a soft, sexy little coo mixed in with her
tickled laughter.  Her thighs almost immediately separated.  I tickled her
inner thigh higher, until I was tickling right near the thong panties that was
part of her ensemble.  Her pussy was soaked, right through her panties, and her
laughter was now freely mixed with soft moans, begging me onward.
I moved my lips down to her pussy.  The scent was as perfect as a man could ever
hope for.  I reached back and pulled her perfectly shaped legs over my shoulders,
with my fingers lightly tickling her thighs and legs.  Each hand, in turn,
removed one of her heels, tossing them to the floor.  My fingers began to
lightly stroke her feet.  Angelie went ballistic at this point.  Her bucking
almost tossed me off the hood.  Her legs flailed in the air, but they couldn't
move too far, with my fingers wrapped slightly around her ankles, and a finger
tickling her through her stockings.
I finally decided to return her to a more aroused state, and my tongue, with my
mouth watering for most of this time, again descended into her smooth thighs.
Her twisting subsided as she felt my tongue flicking at her clit through her
thong, trying to push the lacy undergarment aside.  The moans returned loudly,
begging through her laughter and urging me onward.  I finally got her clit
exposed and my mouth immediately began drinking all of Angelie's womanly fluids.
My energies were renewed, and with it, my fingers began slipping and stroking
across her stomach and ribcage again, creep up towards her underarms.  Angelie
was lost in the sensations, and wasn't able to protect herself fast enough.
Her laughter echoed back at me across the empty warehouse, and her moaning and
pleas were all the encouragement I truly needed.
My tongue continued to dance around her clit, and I occasionally used it to
tickle her sensitive labia.  A lightly jabbed my tongue inside her pussy, causing
her juices to attach to my small goatee.  She flowed easily with arousal, and I
thought I may be drowned in them for a moment.  I would definitely die happy,
though.  Her back arched high off the car hood, and then fell back flat with a
loud thud.  Her legs tightened and pulled me into her pussy, while they quivered
with orgasm.
I wasn't quite finished when her legs finally relaxed.  I paused my tickling for
a moment, but, still under the affects of the nitrous, Angelie was still giggling
and chuckling.  I finally freed my engorged cock from my jeans, and Angelie, with
her sexy, undeniable siren's voice said:  "Ooo, I want THAT!"  She chuckled
slightly from the gas, but I immediately granted her wish.  My fingers pulled
her thong to one side, and my cock easily slipped inside her warm pussy.  Her
groan made me think I hurt her for a second, but when I was clear that I hadn't,
from her coos and whispered "Yes", I again pulled her thighs over my shoulders
and again, as I stroked my cock in and out of her pussy, began to tickle her
sides and underarms.
Her body writhed on my cock, and once again her laughter echoed loudly across
the chamber.  All of this urged me onward.  I had to enter Angelie deeper than
any one else ever had.  I needed to pump my cock into her faster than anyone
else had.  I wanted Angelie to lay in bed at night, fantasizing about me as I
did for her all these years.
Her face under the constant pounding and tickling was priceless.  Her mascara
and blurred from sweat and tears of tickled laughter.  Her face was contorted
with her mouth opened wide, alternately laughing and groaning.  Her eyes, when
they opened from one of my thrusts, sparkled from the camera lighting, and then
shut tight when my tickling took control of her senses for a moment.  And when
I saw her back arch off the hood, as it had done only moments before, I knew
this was where I would reach pinnacle of all fantasies.
Her back again slammed into the hood, and I could feel her pussy swallowing my
cock.  Her legs had hold of my torso tight, and I struggled to pump her as fast
as I had been, although not too much so.  A second, or an eternity, later, I
felt myself unloading into Angelie's "in box".
     * * *
We parted ways with me writing my phone number into her little black phonebook,
and her saying we would "do it again sometime, soon."  She did send me some
autographed pictures for the car I got from the boys down the street, and they
were as taken with Angelie as I have always been.  I scanned the photo set into
my computer, and placed them into a special subdirectory under the one I
have dedicated to Angelie Almendare, which I titled "The Funny Photo Shoot".