Part 1 of unknown: The Interview

It seemed like only yesterday when Phillip graduated from dentistry
school. Ten years of hard study shifted to 3 years of internships
in under-priviledged communities. His excellence there was
highlighted on a local news program, which in turn led to the
investors and the more prestigous clientelle, which were attracted
to Phillip's rugged look from a full face beard and moustache that
combined well with his soft-spoken tone and athletic build. The
end of his five whirlwind years saw Phillip's creditors paid off,
his private, upscale practice thriving, and Phillip's realization
that he needed help organizing all of his success so he could
concentrate on what made him happiest.

One might think that the practice of dentistry was what made
Phillip happiest. That fact alone, however, wasn't it. Phillip
hid a secret from everyone, which he held since he was a young boy
just starting to learn what made himself tick. Phillip wasn't
always the mild-mannered man he grew into. He had gotten into a
fight at school and was required to have some minor surgery to fix
his teeth. While waiting for the oral surgeon to come into his
room, he could hear the sound of a woman. At first, she was
just giggling, like she had just heard or saw something slightly
amusing. Gradually, however, her laughter became louder and more
boisterous, until it was echoing down the halls like a symphony
orchestra. Phillip realized it was having an effect on him a
little differently than the laughing lady down the hall. The
surgeon also recognized the effect.

"Believe it or not," he said. "It's not uncommon. Many men find a
woman's laughter to be arousing." Phillip had went through his
surgery using the same nitrous oxide that the woman had been given,
but the effect for him wasn't the same. That day, however, Phillip
dedicated his life to being able to hear that sound on a daily
basis. His grades improved, and his high school years were stellar.
One day of a woman laughing like a little girl changed his entire
life, and now he lived a dream come true.

His sexual desires had only grown stronger throughout his education.
High school saw his fingers tickling more than one cheerleader, and
Phillip had spent days in the observation room whenever a female
patient made herself available for viewing. He always made sure to
sit where his arousal wouldn't be visible when a "laugher" was in
the chair. At night, after he'd witnessed one of these women, he'd
return to his little apartment and fantasize about having the girl
in his chair, under his gas, and with his fingers freely roaming
across her body, tickling and fondling, until the both of them
eventually were gratified.

Now he did have the occassion to place many very sexy women under
the gas, and more than a few of them had been laughers. At first,
it surprised him how some of his upscale clients came to surgery,
wearing sundresses or miniskirts that almost always slid up during
the course of the woman's hysterics. Nevertheless, he always found
himself becoming aroused, and was lucky enough to be able to
concentrate on his job when his patient finally drifted off to
sleep. His fantasies would run wild when he returned home to his
condo after one of these sessions. On a rare occassion, a patient
would ask for his personal number at some later point, but Phillip's
morals wouldn't allow him to pursue the relationship. How would
the woman react if she knew he had been turned on while she was
laughing? How would she react to his desire to strap her into the
chair, gas her some more, and tickle her silly? He couldn't risk
losing all he had gained, and decided he'd take the high, albeit
lonely, road.

Phillip could only smile reflectively at the stack of papers on his
desks that desperately needed filing. All that had happened to him,
and all before 35. Dream job with a great deal of success and
little in the way of dark clouds ahead. Phillip picked up the phone
and dialed information.

"I'd like The Times please," he said into the receiver. "The
advertising department."

* * *

A few days after Phillip's advertisement had run, he had made an
appointment with a youthful sounding woman over the telephone. To
accomodate the woman, he agreed to meet her on a Saturday morning,
so she could attend her mid-week classes at the university. Phillip
was wearing a polo shirt and shorts, as he had just left the gym to
meet Gina Cooper in his office. Phillip rarely made Saturday
appointments for his practice, but, while waiting for Gina, he
began to consider the possibility of expanding his practice to
Saturday afternoons.

The buzzer rang as the office door opened outside. Phillip walkled
out of his office and into the main waiting area to greet Gina.
Phillip remarked to himself that, for almost any other interview,
Gina's outfit would have been considered say
the least. She was wearing a spaghetti strap top and a "flirt"
miniskirt. White nylon pantyhose covered her legs and her feet were
slipped inside a pair of strappy heels. Gina seemed more ready
for a night in the club...or perhaps a night as a streetwalker.
However, Phillip's eyes immediately went to her very full cleavage
that was obviously enhanced by an underwire bra, then down to her
flawlessly figured legs as he led her to his back office. He tried
not to stare as Gina crossed her enticing legs, which now exposed
almost her entire thigh due to the flirt skirt. Gina's tanned skin
hinted that her nationality wasn't caucasian, at least not fully.

Phillip's thoughts turned for a moment to how ticklish Gina might
be and if she, too, would be a laugher when given a dose of
laughing gas. He silently composed himself, and commented to Gina
that she looked nice.

"I thought you may appreciate it more than a lady interviewer,"
Gina replied. "If you had told me a woman would be here, I would
have dressed very differently." Phillip remarked to himself about
Gina's straightforwardness...seeing as how she just admitted that
she was going to try and seduce her way into the position. He also
liked the sound of Gina's voice. It was high pitched, but not too
much so. Exactly the way Phillip liked women to sound...very

"Interesting," Phillip replied to Gina's commentary.

"And, just to help you out a little bit," Gina continued. "I'm not
the type of girl to run off and complain about sexual harrassment."
Phillip was a little taken by Gina's comment, even though the thought
had crossed his mind. A woman enters an office in an attempt to
seduce her way to a position can only lead to such a claim if he
didn't hire her.

Phillip cleared his throat. "What are you taking at university,

"I'm majoring in Biology," Gina replied. "I actually intend on
becoming a dentist and having my own practice one day, just as you
do." Goal-oriented, Phillip thought to himself. This is the first
real plus of the interview.

"How are you doing in classes?"

"They're tough," Gina replied. "But I am determined to make it.
Nothing will stop me. Certainly not some stuffy professor lecturing
on micro-biology." Gina giggled a little and Phillip caught a lump
in his throat. He would love to hear more of her sexy giggling if
he had gotten the chance.

"Actually," Phillip commented. "I majored in General Engineering for
undergraduate work." Gina raised an eyebrow. "Dental school's do
not care what your major was in undergraduate. They only care that
you get a certain score on the post-graduate entry exams, and take
a few, rather basic biology and chemistry courses." Gina nodded.

"It's a bit late now. I wish I had known that when I came here from

"So you're completely on your own here?" Phillip asked.

"Yes," Gina said. "There are things I miss about home, but for what
I want, I felt it was better to attend a more populous region.
Further, my parents don't exactly approve of my career choice."

"Odd," commented Phillip. "You are basically becoming a doctor..."

"Not according to my parents," Gina interrupted. "According to them,
'If I wanted to be a doctor, I'd be one.' " Her voice had changed
to mock her parents. "So I came here to study for two years at
community college, obtain state residency, and now I'm on my way."

"What makes you want to become a dentist?"

"Well," Gina paused, and her self confidence shrank a bit. "this is
probably going to seem a little weird." Phillip chuckled.

"Okay," replied Phillip. "I can accept that. No need to discuss
it then." Phillip's mind raced with the idea that she may be similar
to him, with some type of sexual side affect from watching people
getting gassed. "Do you have any relevant experience?"

"Actually," Gina was still fumbling. "I do. You're going to find
out anyway, so I better tell you." She paused, took a breath, and
went on. "I used to work in another office up until two weeks ago.
They dismissed me." Phillip shrank mentally a little bit, but stayed
stoic in appearence.

"What for, exactly?"

"Well," Gina's nervousness was obvious now. "They actually caught me
on video tape inhaling the nitrous." Phillip's heart jumped to
his throat as he felt a slight pulse in his shorts. He was happy
that his lower half was well hidden under the desk. Phillip quickly
recomposed himself.

"Can I ask exactly what made you do that? Nitrous is very dangerous
if used improperly..." Phillip was again cut-off by Gina's reply.

"Well, this kind of goes to why I want to become a dentist," she
said. "I actually love to laugh. It turns me on in a way." Phillip
struggled to prevent his eyes from jumping out of his head. He
started to point them down, and caught a full view of Gina's
bountiful bustline...making matters all the more difficult.

"When I was in Nebraska, I was usually tickled silly," Gina
continued. "Especially on game days, when I was required to wear my
cheer uniform to classes." Gina noticed that Phillip's face had
become slightly flustered. She smiled to herself a bit, and her
confidence began to return. She decided to take a gamble and really
turn on the seduction mode. Her voice grew softer and she uncrossed,
then recrossed her legs as she saw Phillip's eyes roaming to them.

"And I certainly encouraged the tickling," she continued. "It always
felt so great. Laughing and not being able to stop it at all. I
would make little notes as to what made certain guys tickle me, and
I'd make certain to use those things early and often." Phillip's
mind went back to high school and tried to recall if he had any such
pattern. The sight of Gina crossing her legs again brought him back
to her story.

"Pretty soon, I had almost the entire male population tickling me at
one point or another. Someone gave me the nickname 'Giggly', and it
stuck." Gina watched as Phillip's breathing seemed to become a little
labored. "Anytime someone called me Giggly, I knew I was about to
get tickled. Anyway, when I came out here, fewer of the college
boys are willing to even touch me, let alone tickle me. I guess
they're all afraid of winding up in court."

"I took the job with the dentist, and found through a few episodes
that laughing gas was just like being back in high school again,
tickled and helpless." Gina again crossed her legs as Phillip's
eyes were staring. She also leaned forward to give him a better
view of her cleavage when his eyes moved back up. "I guess I started
to hit the tanks a bit too often, and they actually supplied me with
a copy of the video when they dismissed me."

Phillip's eyebrow raised. "I see you're interested in knowing more,"
Gina said. Phillip managed to nod a reply. "Well, I suppose I can
show you the tape, if you really want to see a girl laughing
helplessly." Gina and Phillip both smiled at the last comment.
Phillip wrote his condo address down on a piece of paper and Gina
stated that she would be there in a few hours. Phillip commented
that the complex he lived in had a pool and a jaccuzzi, if Gina was
interested. Gina smiled and said that Phillip would have to wait and
find out.

* * *

Phillip had finished the final preparations of "The Closet" when the
guard called up stating that Gina had arrived. "The Closet" was
Phillip's own personal gas chamber which was worked into the closet
of the minor bedroom. He had turned the minor bedroom into a small
office, which is where Gina and he would be viewing the video...the
same location Phillip kept all of his "security" video and audio from
the laughers he had worked with in the past. He had yet to actually
test The Closet, but he figured he may get the chance now.

Gina entered carrying an oversized purse, wearing the same sexy outfit
from the interview. He led her back to the office where he used a
remote control to open the automated cabinets revealing the large

"Impressive," Gina cooed. "I wonder what other tricks you have for
me, doctor." Gina placed some extra seductive emphasis on the last
word, leaning into Phillip so he could stare down her blouse.
Phillip responded exactly as Gina had hoped, getting an eyefull of
her bustline, while she "accidently" rubbed her nylon covered thigh
against his shorts to feel his arousal.

Gina narrowed her eyes, smiling, as she reached into her bag and
pulled out a VHS tape. Phillip was also smiling when he took the
tape and headed over to the VCR to put it in. He pressed play and
turned to see Gina had already taken a seductive posture on the tan
leather couch, with her legs crossed and arms behind her head, to
reveal her smooth underarms. Phillip wondered how long he'd be able
to sit beside of Gina and not tickle her, but he reminded himself
that, technically, this was an interview, and he had to remain
professional. He slightly scolded himself for being seduced by a
girl that was at least ten years younger than he. The scolding ended
when Phillip heard the sound of escaping gas that was quickly muffled.

He turned his attention away from Gina's bustline and legs to the
television. The screen showed Gina in a small supply closet
surrounded by at least three tanks that Phillip assumed to be the
gas. One of the tanks was attached to a hose, which led to a mask
that covered Gina's nose and mouth. She has expertly attached the
mask to her face, pulling the mask to make a proper seal for the
gas. Various other aids that Phillip recognized were organized on
shelves around the walls, and the camera looked like it was probably
stored on one of these shelves, angled down at Gina slightly. In
the tape, Gina was wearing a low cut, white coat of some type, with
nothing obvious underneath.

When Gina began to giggle from the gas, Phillip's shorts immediately
became uncomfortable. Gina's giggling was right out of his fantasies.
Her arms were folded under her bust, wrapping around her tummy, and
her breasts jiggled delightfully as her giggles slowly increased.
Within minutes, Gina and slumped against the wall and was slowly
sliding to the floor, laughing hysterically. She was barely in
control enough to reach up and turn the gas valve off.

"You'd be surprised," Gina commented, "how many times I accidently
turned the gas up instead of off." Gina giggled just like in the
beginning of the video, but Phillip's eyes were transfixed on the
screen. Gina's legs spread open and her eyes looked up, right at
the camera. She had a drunken expression on her face when she
pulled the mask off. One of Gina's hands reached inside of the
white top while the other went under a skirt similar to the one she
was wearing today. Gina squealed and cackled from the gas as she
began to openly masturbate.

Eventually, her gassed laughter was interrupted by her moans as
she neared orgasm. A few more minutes of laughing and moaning and
then Gina finally sqeualed out "This is GREAT!" before laughing
herself to her climax. The tape ended abruptly.

"That's it, doctor," Gina cooed. "The full reason I was dismissed
from my last job with a dentist." Phillip pressed the rewind button.

"Well," Phillip finally said. He cleared his throat a bit and
continued. "That won't keep you from being hired by me. Granted,
I won't allow you to gas yourself. However, on occassion, I may...
reward administering it to you myself.

"Does this mean I have the job, doctor?" Phillip looked back at
Gina. Her arms were still behind her head, and she re-crossed her
legs just as he looked over to her.

"Yes," said Phillip. "You can have the job."

"That's great!" Gina said, her excitement obvious. Phillip was
sure that Gina thought she pulled one over on him. Maybe she had.
Gina represented an opportunity to Phillip that he couldn't pass up.

"I brought one of my bikinis..." Gina faked a pause. "er...swimsuits
for your pool." Phillip smiled and said he would have to go get
changed. "Do you mind helping me undo my heels a moment? It will
take forever if I have to do both." Phillip kneeled down onto the
ground and began to work on one shoe as Gina uncrossed her legs.
Gina leaned in and started to untie the strap for the other shoe,
with her bustline almost surrounding Phillip's face. She was much
faster than Phillip, and leaned back with her arms behind her head
again. She crossed her legs to allow Phillip a better opportunity
to undo the heel.

Phillip finally finished untying Gina's heel. As he removed it,
he could no longer resist. His fingers lightly tickled Gina's nylon
covered sole. Gina squealed and jumped in her chair as Phillip
watched her reaction, paying attention to her jiggling breasts.

"Oh, doctor," Gina cooed and giggled. "That tickles." The comment
caused Phillip to tickle her foot some more. Phillip noticed that
Gina made absolutely no attempt to pull away. She feigned struggling
a bit by waving her arms and slapping on the leather seat, but her
legs remained crossed...almost inviting more tickling.

Phillip finally stood up. Gina giggled from the remnants of the
tickling while he spoke. "You can change in the closet over there."

"Isn't there a bathroom I can use, doctor?" Gina asked, still using
her higher-pitched, seduction voice.

"Well, the patio exit to the pool is quicker," Phillip replied,
pointing to the patio door behind the sofa. Gina nodded and hopped
out of the sofa, heading to the closet. She turned and waved her
index finger at Phillip. "Now, doctor," she said. "No peeking!"
She closed the door to the closet, with an obvious invitation to do
what he was told not to. Phillip just smiled and pressed another
button on his universal remote. The Closet sealed itself closed,
and Phillip left to change.

When he returned to the room a short time later, Gina was already
laughing loudly through the closet door. Phillip pressed a new button
and waited for a few minutes. The door opened automatically when
the laughing gas from the closet was returned to it's release chamber.
Gina crawled out slowly, wearing a string bikini and laughing
like a madwoman. She lightly pounded her fist on the ground, then

"You tricked me!" Gina shouted playfully, then screamed out new
laughter. Phillip scooped Gina off the floor and put her in his lap
while sitting on the couch. Gina's bust shook freely under the
bikini top. Phillip added to her laughter with his fingers attacking
under Gina's arms. She jumped slightly, but was took weak from the
gas to do anything more than wiggle her thong against Phillip's
crotch. When Phillip started to tickle Gina's inner thigh, he
noticed the wetness of her crotch. One hand immediately went to her
pussy. Phillip began fingering her with his index finger while his
thumb played with her clit.

Gina layed limply in Phillip's lap, laughing and staring blankly at
the ceiling. He stopped tickling her and just allowed the gas to
cause Gina's laughter, which was still strongly affecting her.
Phillip played with Gina's nipples through the bikini top and almost
immediately felt Gina's pussy pulsing and grabbing at the finger he
stroked her with.

"I'm totally helpless," said Gina, laughing between her words. "I
can't stop it. I can't stop laughing!" Now Phillip's crotch
could no longer bear the pressure. He undid his swim trunks and
dropped them to the floor. He pushed aside Gina's thong and slipped
inside of her laughing frame. Her breast shook tremendously as she
limply wrapped her arms around him. He started kissing her neck and
Gina's quivered a bit with a squeal.

"Your beard tickles!" she shouted, then limply fell back laughing
some more. Phillip found himself almost ramming the limp Gina off
the sofa's arm from her laughing comments. Within minutes, they had
both climaxed. Gina was still laughing like crazy when Phillip
pulled out of her and rolled onto the floor. Phillip relished in
the fantasy come true and waited for Gina's laughter to start to

"You should stay here for the evening," said Phillip. "I don't want
you to get arrested for DUI."

"Yes, doctor," Gina giggled.

"My name is Phillip, by the way."

"Yes, Phillip," said Gina. "But doctor is so much sexier." Phillip

"Welcome aborad, Giggly."