Episode 2: Initiation

Phillip parked his car in front of the house that Gina pointed out. He
immediately noticed the four, cursive-style Greek letters on the wall,
identifying the house as belonging to Theta Lambda Gamma Gamma.

"So, you're a sorority girl, I see," he said.

Gina was still a little phased from the closet, and responded from a near
sleep-like state. "Yes, but aren't all the girls in short skirts in a sorority."
Phillip considered it for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders in

"That seems to be the way I recall college," he said. "Isn't your house a bit
far from the campus?"

"Well, that is because we're a secret sorority," commented Gina.

Phillip laughed at the way Gina stressed "secret". "What do the letters
stand for?"

Gina slowly sat up in her seat, re-crossing her toned legs as she settled
herself. "That, doctor, is a sorority secret." Gina continued to use the sexy
extra emphasis on the word "doctor" that she had been using all night.
"We only reveal the letters to sisters on their successful initiation."

Phillip smiled, "I suppose I will be required to tickle it out of you?" Gina's
eyes brightened at the idea.

"Yes," she said, with a wry smile. "You'll have to tickle torture me and
make me talk."

"I suppose I should use a trip to The Closet to loosen you up," Phillip

"Yes, you might need to do that," Gina said with a giggle. Phillip leaned in
and kissed Gina, first on the surface of her lips, then deeper as Gina moved
in. The kiss continued for some time, stopping only when Phillip slipped his
hand under her miniskirt and tickled her thighs. Gina jumped back in her
seat, giggling. After a few moments of listening to her tickled giggles,
Phillip stopped.

"So, when do you do initiations, so I know when you'll reveal the secret
next?" he asked.

"Well," Gina thought for a moment, then continued. "We usually hold them
near all holidays. Our house doesn't do the standard recruitment during
rush week."

"Why is that?" Phillip asked.

"We're very selective about who gets in," Gina said seductively.

Phillip thought for a moment. His hand had instinctively reached towards
Gina's thighs, to tickle her some more, but his thoughts stopped him.

"Does Halloween count as an initiation day?" he asked.

"Well," said Gina. "we don't initiate on the actual holiday..." Gina sat
straight up in her seat. "Oh my God! Halloween is on Tuesday! We have
an initiation tonight!" Gina rushed to gather and check her bag. She
politely refused Phillip's request to watch, stating that he would have
opportunities in the future. The two kissed briefly again, then Gina rushed
out the car door. She glanced over her shoulder as she pulled out her
house key to watch Phillip's car drive off into the night. She opened the
door and entered.

The four other house sisters were already dressed in their witch costumes.
All were black, with slits running up the length of the right leg, exposing
each girl's stockings, with a garterbelt clip barely visible. Each girl wore
four inch pumps and a conical, black hat that is traditionally associated
with witches.

"You're late," said one of the sisters. "Hurry and change. The initiate will
be here shortly."

"That must have been some interview," said a second sister as Gina
rushed up the stairs. Gina giggled at the comment.

"You have no idea," she said. "Wait till I tell you."

Within minutes, Gina had returned, and not a moment too soon. She
adjusted the underwire, exposing the maximum cleavage that she thought
she could get out of the generous costume as the doorbell rang. This was
followed quickly by a knock at the door, just as the instructions read on
the initiate's invitation. One of the sisters opened the door and invited the
new girl in.

She wore a costume similar to the sisters, but colored white instead.

"Welcome, Initiate Jenna," said one of the sisters. Jenna smiled as the
door was closed behind her.

"Thank you," she said. "I'm very happy to be here." As with all the other
women of the house, Jenna was considered by most men to be ridiculously
sexy. With ample curves in all the right places, she was physically a
match for the women in the house. The only questions on compatibility that
remained would be answered shortly.

"I'm still not certain exactly what I did to qualify for the invitation," said

"I can answer that one," said Gina. "It's actually part of the initiation here.
We can begin now if you feel you are ready." Jenna thought that she might
be getting in over her head for a bit. During Greek Rush, the only sororities
that interested Jenna weren't interested in her, and the ones that wanted
Jenna seemed a bit too superficial for Jenna's taste.

There was something intriguing about Theta Lambda Gamma Gamma.
For Jenna, the end result was that the intrigue of joining a secret sorority
that wasn't even listed in the college "Greek Guide" brought her here this

The sisters escorted Jenna to the middle of the common room and formed
a circle around her, closing their hands together to trap her inside. Gina

"Jenna Jeffers. You have been invited to join our secret sorority based on
a test that I administered to you shortly after Greek Rush. Sister Deanna
escorted you to a table in the library two weeks ago which we had secretly
arranged with a canister of laughing gas."

Jenna remembered being escorted to the table by Deanna, when she looked
at her. Jenna had asked Deanna if there were any larger tables that she
could spread out her texts, and Deanna had escorted her to a large round

"You were then observed, first giggling like a silly little school girl, which
slowly increased to gales of uncontrollable laughter that shook the very
rafters of the library. You were then escorted out of the library by security,
and were observed making many sexual advances on said security, all
the while laughing like a madwoman."

Jenna feigned a smile as that day was recalled to her in vivd detail. Her
nervousness was obvious to the sisters, since they had all gone through
the exact same thing when they were brought up through their initiations.

"You were further observed entering the ladies room in the Humanities
building where you were heard laughing and moaning as though being
sexually stimulated."

Jenna's face was shocked. She had been followed around campus by the
very women that sent her into laughing fits. She started to leave, but the
sisters kept her in the circle, one whispering "Wait" to her as they gently
nudged her back into the circle.

"For these acts, which are similar to everyone in the room, you have been
qualified to join House of Theta Lambda Gamma Gamma. Our sorority
members have found their way into many positions of power in boardrooms
and public office across the country, and today, you, Jenna Jeffers are
invited to join our path."

Gina finished and Jenna stood silent for a moment. Surprised that she'd
been tricked. Suprised that she had been overheard stimulating herself,
and surprised that everyone else in the room probably had been invited
to the sorority in the same fashion. She finally broke the silence.

"Just because I got horny off of some laughing gas?" she asked.

"Just as all of us do, Jenna," replied Gina. "That and getting tickled."

"How do you know if tickling turns me on?" Jenna asked. The circle
suddenly got tighter around Jenna.

"We don't," said one of the girls coyly. Jenna felt someone's fingers
against one of her sides, causing her to jump. Jenna turned to see who
had stroked her, smiling widely. As she did, another girl gave her underarm
a quick tickle. Jenna squealed and giggled, protecting her underarm, and
turned again. Now two girls gave her short tickles causing Jenna to jump
and giggle more. Jenna glanced up at the ceiling, giggling and smiling
widely as all the sisters tickled her simultaneously.

Jenna squealed and laughed, trying to protect herself from the tickling
fingers of the girls' probing hands. First she tried to cover her underarms,
and three hands tickled her tummy. She tried to lift her thigh to protect
her tummy, and two hands began tickling her through the stocking. At some
point, Jenna's conical white hat fell admist the girls, allowing her long
blonde hair to flow down to the middle of her back. It began to whip around,
although Jenna's hair stayed mostly in synchm rather than flairing out in
different directions. Jenna's hair at one point slipped into the cleavage
of one of her ticklers causing that girl to laugh out.

"Her hair just tickled my tits," she said. The girls stopped tickling Jenna.

"Uh oh," said Gina. "I do believe that is going to be time spent in the
Laughing room!" The other sisters grew excited with Jenna's fate, and
Jenna's nervous expression returned at the thought of this new fate. Still,
Jenna was enjoying the attention and she was starting to become aroused
from her ticklers' actions.

Someone produced a soft, thin velvet rope which was used to bind Jenna's
wrists together. The sisters escorted Jenna upstairs to one of the dorm
rooms, although this room had only one single bed. Jenna figured that it
was probably the master bedroom previously. She was brought into the
room and gently pushed back onto the large, four poster bed. Jenna figured
that she was really in for it now, but her arousal prevented her from being
too upset at her condition. Another velvet rope was produced, binding her
ankles together.

Jenna's arms were then raised over her head and bound to the headboard
in some fashion while her ankles were tied under the bottom end of the
bed somewhere.

"I don't think you need these," said one of the sisters, as she started to
unbuckle one of Jenna's heels. Another sister did the same with Jenna's
other shoe, and Jenna wiggled her toes in anticipation after her stockings
were exposed to the air.

"Okay," said Gina. "Seal the room and release the gas." Two girls rushed
off to execute the command, and in a matter of a few moments, Jenna heard
a loud hiss from the high vaulted ceiling. Jenna didn't have time to
comment that the girls were gassing themselves because shortly after the
gas was released, the three remaining girls began to tickle Jenna's
helpless body.

Jenna wiggled, but her hair wasn't whipping anymore based on her limited
movement. She twisted and turned as much as her taut binds would
allow, but she ended up doing more laughing than moving. Jenna's body
became more alive with each ticklish touch. She eventually stopped
twisting away from her ticklers. Jenna layed on the bed, laughing
helplessly, looking from one girl to the next.

Occassionally, she saw one of the girls let out a little giggle. Then two
were chuckling at Jenna's tickle torture. Soon, all the sisters were giggling
and probing Jenna's defenseless curves. Jenna soon detected the sweet
scent of the gas, and knew the others were probably already affected.
Jenna's thong immediately became soaked under her costume at the
thought of all six girls gassed and laughing helplessly. Jenna made sure
that she took deep breaths in the middle of her tickle torture.

Soon, Jenna began to feel the initial light-headed effects of the gas. Her
nipples begged to be released from the bustier that was part of the costume,
and the satin material only served to entice the initiate more. The tickling
began to subside as all the girls had taken positions on the king-sized bed,
laughing right along with their victim. The tickling soon ended and the
sisters began teasing Jenna's errogenous zones while the six girls
laughed resoundingly.

Jenna felt the sisters fingers across her body, lightly rubbing her in
critical locations. She laughed and moaned slightly with approval when
one girl or another began rubbing on her satin thong, right over her clit.
Two of the sisters layed on either side of Jenna, laughing right in Jenna's
ears as they reached under the outer costume and played with her nipples.
Gina and Deanna were taking turns playing with Jenna and then with each
other. As the other laughing girls witnessed Gina and Deanna's play, they
began to take turns with the bound initiate and then with each other.

The girls had become a confuse pile of laughing, jiggling witches, fondling
anything their fingers could get ahold of. Jenna felt as though she had
arrived in heaven, and let out a loud, laughing groan as her climax rushed
over her gas-weakened limbs. She laughed hysterically as the sisters
stopped playing with her and moved to tease and tickle each other. It was
a sex show that Jenna wouldn't soon forget, whether she was allowed to
join or not. She laughed helplessly as one sister after another laughed
and orgasmed.

* * *

Sunlight streamed through the window and onto Jenna's face when she
awoke the next morning. She was very content with her experience from
the night before. She was still bound to the bed, but she wasn't sore from
the experience of being bound overnight. Two of the sisters layed across
Jenna's body, and the other three were piled on top of each other on the
soft, shag carpeting neaby. She heard one of the sisters whispering.

"I guess we need to show Jenna where and how to replace the canisters."

"Does that mean I'm accepted?" said Jenna quietly. The girl sat up, along
with Gina from the floor. Gina nudged Deanna and the girl started to awake.

"Oh, you were accepted last night when you came from the gas," said Gina.
"That's the initiation: gassed and tickled until you climax. I think I've
only seen one girl fail since I've been here."

"But we are very few in number, and for good reason," said a girl on the
bed. "We select our sisters very carefully, and only girls that have been
known to orgasm while under the effects of laughing gas are ever invited."

Jenna smiled as she relaxed back onto the bed. She could feel the sisters
undoing her bonds. When she sat up, there was a dinner tray on a small
table with a coffee pot and a few squares of coffee cake. The six girls had
their Sunday breakfast in the Laughing Room, discussing a whole variety
of subjects. Gina related her gas and tickle encounters with her ruggedly
handsome boss, and the girls cooed in agreement and feigned jealousy.
The others suddenly felt like they needed a root canal drilled. One girl
commented that she needed some other hole filled, and the girls laughed
over the joke.

They finally all moved about to do their daily chores. Gina and Deanna
assisted Jenna in replacing the expended canisters of laughing gas from
the initiation party, and then Gina showed Jenna a bed that was available
if she wanted to move into the house with them.

"By the way," said Jenna as she was looking around the room. "What does
Theta Lambda Gamma Gamma stand for, anyway?"

Gina smiled widely. "It stands for 'The Laughing Gas Girls'."