Episode 3: Final Interviews

Gina arrived for her first day of work after her morning class. Phillip didn't
have any scheduled appointments for the day, since he had anticipated
interviewing most of the day. Although he had no intention of hiring on a
second assistant, he knew that he was obligated to at least see some of
the other interview appointments that he had made over the next two days.
Phillip figured after that time, he would cancel any remaining interviews,
and resume his practice.

Gina was dressed exactly as Phillip had She was actually
wearing the outfit from the video tape she had shown him during her
interview. A low-cut white blouse that seemed to be made of the material
usually suited to blazers. She wore the same tennis skirt that Phillip
remembered from the video as well. Seeing the outfit brought back the
memory of the evening, and he couldn't hide his arousal.

"Well," said Gina, with the seductive tone Phillip had come to love already.
"I can see that *someone* is happy to see me." Phillip lunged at Gina,
grabbing her in his powerful frame, and began tickling her sides. Gina
squealed, then began laughing loudly. She tried twisting in Phillip's arms,
but he held tightly to her, his fingers probing up and down her sides. He
stared longingly at her bouncing clevage, listening to her uncontrollable
laughter, and wished he could bury his face in her bosom, lightly licking
at her nipples while listening to her moans and laughter.

Phillip finally did stop, if only because he was nervous about who may walk
in the front of the office and hear Gina's cries of "That tickles!" Gina
began to catch her breath, sitting down in one of the chairs in Phillip's
office. Phillip prevented the urge to pin her down to the couch and tickle
her some more after watching her crossing her legs and panting heavily.
After a few moments, Gina finally had enough air to speak.

"I guess that's all you have, huh?" Gina teased.

"Not even close," replied Phillip. "But, we do have a business to run,
Giggly." Gina giggled at hearing her old, high school nickname. She almost
instinctively wrapped her arms around her tummy, which pressed her
already underwired bustline even higher.

Gina then took on a more serious tone and asked what she was expected to
do first. Phillip handed her some forms to fill out, and asked Gina to finish
quickly because Gina would have to run interference with the other girls
that were coming to interview, by handing them copies of the same sets of
forms to fill out. He gathered together a small pile of the forms as he
instructed his new hire. Gina was already filling in the paperwork, neatly
and meticulously, while responding to Phillip's comments and commands.
Gina asked how many of the girls he intended to interview personally.

"I'm not sure," he replied. "Since I already found the person I want to hire,
I don't really think I'll be interviewing any of them." Gina nodded slowly,
and there was an awkward silence as Phillip pondered the question some

"I guess I do have to interview a couple of them," he finally said. "Surprise
me with which ones I should interview. Have them wait in the secondary
office." Phillip pointed it our to Gina as he walked her back up to the
reception area with the application forms. No sooner than was Gina
settled in than did the first woman, a middle-aged lady, walk into the office
and asked for the application forms.

Gina quickly got up to speed in her new position, as it was exactly like the
one she was dismissed from previously. She was taking phone calls,
passing out applications, and filling in appointments for the doctor with no
effort at all.

Just before lunch, two girls entered the office. Both girls were about Gina's
age, height, and especially build. In addition, like Gina, these two girls
were dressed more for seduction, than for a job interview. Gina had noticed
some of the more professional applicants that had come through the office
seemed to actually look down on Gina, most likely because of all the
cleavage she was showing. The two girls that just walked in, however,
wouldn't be able to do that.

They both smiled wide when they saw Gina. Gina's guess was that they felt
they had a chance to get the position, since they were dressed and built
similar to Gina, not knowing that the position was already taken. Gina gave
each girl an application, and watched as they sat down to fill them out. They
both asked questions, trying to ascertain what the best method of "attack"
would be on Phillip...whether he was some old, perverted guy, or if he was
semi-decent looking.

"Oh, don't worry," Gina replied. "This guy's HOT!" The two girls looked at
each other, beaming as they turned in their applications.

Both were caucasian women. Amy had red hair, while Jessica was an
equally curvaceous blonde. Each girl was wearing a miniskirt, and showing
off quite a bit of their cleavage as well. The three girls discussed their
outfits as Gina led them back to the secondary office. Gina said she would
get the doctor and be back shortly.

Gina went into Phillip's office, where he was working with his accountant
on speakerphone, regarding how Gina was to be paid. Gina waited a short
time for Phillip to finish. She spoke the moment he said his goodbyes and
hung up the phone.

"I think you'll like the two interviews for today," said Gina, smiling widely.

"Really?" responded Phillip. "Why is that?"

"Oh, you'll see, doctor," Gina said, with her alway seductive stress on the
word. "I'm going to be waiting in the back room with them, so don't you
get any bright ideas." Gina playfully waved her forefinger at Phillip, smiling.
She then turned and walked back to the second office, closing the door on
all but a small crack.

Phillip glanced through the crack at the three voluptuous girls chatting and
joking around. He smiled to himself at Gina's selections, and then decided
that he would give Gina what she claimed she didn't want...Phillip getting

Phillip had already placed a few strategic holes around the room, that led
into other offices or storage closets in the building. Phillip made himself
busy attaching laughing gas tanks to each of the holes, making certain
that there was a decent seal, so all the gas would be forced into the tiny
office where the three sexy vixens were chatting. He popped into the office
to say that he would try to be with the girls shortly, and to wait in the room
until he came back. He then disappeared out and off to another location
for the gas.

"Oh, you were right," said Amy. "He is HOT!"

"Yeah," said Jessica. "I certainly could get used to coming to THIS office

"Oh, Phillip and I have a lot of fun here," said Gina, as though she'd been
working here for years and not hours. "He let's you call him by his first
name even, when there aren't any clients around.

The girls continued to chat, discussing what schools they were going to, and
classes they were taking. Only Gina recognized the light headed feeling
coming over her, which caused her body to respond. Sporadic giggles from
one girl or the other began to leak into the conversation, as talk began to
become more and more funny.

It was only a short matter of time before all three girls were seated around
the room, giggling continually. Gina assumed there would be some kind of
camera in the room, and found a chair to sit in. The last constructive
thought she had was to make sure her skirt aws riding up, then started
laughing loudly. The other girls joined in, sliding slowly out of their chairs
and onto the floor.

"Wait," said Amy, somehow managing to stop laughing for a bit. She
repeated the command, with a couple of tiny giggles, but the other two girls
were able to supress their gas-induced laughter for a moment. They sat
with silly expressions on their faces, staring at Amy. For a moment, Gina
wondered how this was playing out for the doctor.

"What's so funny, anyway?" asked the sexy redhead. Jessica started
sputtering, and slowly shrugged her shoulders, with her palms facing the
sky like some kind of cartoon. All three girls then exploded in laughter.

* * *

Phillip was indeed pleased with what he saw from his little monitor, hidden
away in one of the side closets where he had released one of the gas
containers on the three sexy ladies. The camera had a small control
attached to it, allowing him to focus, pan, and zoom in on whatever
particularly interested him at the moment. All of the video was being
recorded, for later viewing in his home, possibly by he and Gina, if he
invited her over again.

Phillip decided to get the ladies out of the room. He used an intercom, and
asked Gina to bring the two candidates to his office. He then left the minor
control room with the camera zoomed out, so he could record their efforts
to leave the gas trapped area.

* * *

The three girls attempted to stand up, but in their gassy haze, each girl
found herself only able to pull herself to her knees before doubling over
with her laughter. Gina was finally able to pull herself up and wobbled
slowly over to Amy and Jessica, who ended up piled on top of each other,
and laughing heartily. Gina helped pull the girls to their feet, and they
slowly stumbled into the main area, with the door to the waiting room closing
behind them.

Their laughter echoed down the hall as they slowly made their way towards
Phillip's office. When they had made it most of the way, the girls found
that laughter had once again overtaken their efforts, and reduced the three
to a hysterical pile of bouncing busts and raised skirts. Phillip entered the
hallway and assisted the girls into his office. He brought Gina in first, then
the other two, carrying one on each arm. Amy and Jessica chuckled in
Phillip's ear, nearly causing him to release in his slacks...the arousal from
all of this had brought him to a near fever pitch.

Once in the office, he sat the girls on the couch beside Gina, who was
still laughing heartily from the room she had just left. Phillip began to
conduct an interview, asking the two girls questions designed more to
make them laugh louder than to actually extract information for a position
that had already been filled. Phillip eventually turned the questions to
tickling, asking Amy and Jessica how ticklish they were and past
experiences with tickling. All the while, Phillip stole glances at Gina, who
was becoming very aroused at the line of questioning. He smiled on the
inside, declaring pleasant revenge for all the teasing the Gina was able to
do to him. Phillip then asked the two laughing girls if they had been in a tickle fight,
and Gina completely lost her control.

"They're going to get into one NOW!" Gina said. Mustering all her
strength, she lightly pounced on Jessica, and began tickling her underarms.
Jessica could do nothing but laugh, as the gas was still affecting her very
strongly, and she was having a hard time doing anything but laughing.
Slowly, Jessica tried to protect herself, but Gina's fingers wiggled and
squirmed under Jessica's arms quite expertly.

Amy decided that she should take advantage of having Gina's back to her.
Giggling the entire time, she slowly lifted Gina's feet from the floor and
placed them on the couch. Gina half assisted the laughing redhead,
knowing that she was going to have her feet tickled. Amy chuckled almost
drunkenly as she removed each of Gina's shoes slowly. She took one
last look at the two girls. Gina had slowly tickled her way down Jessica's
torso with one hand, and Jessica layed back laughing on the couch,
confused as to how to defend her underarm and tummy from Gina's ticklish

Amy slowly began to wiggle her fingers against Gina's stockings. Gina
would have jumped normally, but the gas had her slowed down as well.
She laughed louder in reaction, and decided to tease her employer with,
"Oh my god! She's TICLKING ME!" Not that Amy's foot tickling prevented
Gina from continuing her ticklish assaults on Jessica. All Amy did was make
Gina laugh louder.

Jessica finally realized to fight fire with fire. Through the mixture of gas
and Gina's fingers, she had managed to move her hand, slowly, from its
useless position of trying to protect her tickled tummy over to Gina's
stomach. Her fingers slowly traced and stroked across Gina's blouse, but
it was too thick for Gina to be affected. She finally slipped her hand between
the buttons and was rewarded as Gina jumped back slightly.

"NOW THEY'RE BOTH TICKLING ME!" Gina screamed through her laughter.
Again, Gina didn't stop her assault on Jessica, and the two girls stared at
the other's laughter contorted face. Jessica was finally able to slip her
other hand into Gina's underarm, making for complete payback. The two
tickled and laughed helplessly, while Gina freely took Amy's added tickle
torture on her feet.

Phillip decided to get a few strokes in on the girls, since they were in a
playful mood. He further thought that the redhead needed a little bit of what
she was handing out. Amy only giggled in acknowledgement as Phillip
began to unbuckle her heel. At one point she crossed her legs so Phillip
could remove the shoe easier. Once gone, Phillip lightly tickled Amy's
foot, and was rewarded with Amy's renewed laughter. Amy also cooed with
additional pleasure between her chuckles, causing Phillip extra strain in
his slacks.

"That's turning me on," Amy giggled. Amy didn't let up on Gina's feet, and
it didn't look like Gina or Jessica were going to surrender any time soon.
The three girls tickled and giggled their way through most of the afternoon.

* * *

Once the gas had worn off, the girls were allowed to put their shoes back on
and head out to their cars to return home. Amy made a pass at Phillip,
telling him to look up her number on the application and call for any reason.
Phillip smiled and said he might very well do that, and she'd have more
foot tickling to look forward to if he did contact her. Amy counted on that.

As the three stepped into the main waiting area, they found a woman sitting,
and reading a magazine. She was closer to Phillip's age of the early
thirties, and wore a nice suit. Phillip realized that she must have been
waiting to interview for the position. The woman smiled at the three girls
as they came out into the waiting area. Amy and Jessica left without a
second thought. Phillip apologized for the wait, and asked the woman what
her business was.

"I was here to apply for the assistant position," she replied. "Or to see if
there were any other jobs available." When asked, she told Phillip that
she had been waiting there for about two hours. Gina also apologized, and
asked Phillip if she should get the paperwork to have the woman fill out an

"Don't worry about it, Gina," Phillip replied. "I'll take the application
personally. You should head home."

Gina began to worry that the new girl might pose a slight bit of competition.
She was attractive, and closer to Phillip's age than Gina was. She looked
over her perceived rival closely. She had a longer torso than Gina, making
her hourglass figure a little less noticeable, but not much so, considering
the new girl was definately in the "D or greater" range for cup size. She
noticed, as well, that this new girl was looking at Gina in much the same a rival.

Phillip again told Gina to head for home, and she slowly left the office, with
one last glance at the woman sitting in the chair. She closed the door, and,
as an afterthought, decided to see if she could listen through the door. It
was much to thick, however, and all she heard were the muffled voices of
the doctor and the new woman. Gina gave up and walked towards the
parking lot, quietly praying the woman would be sent away quickly. Gina
waited in her car for another ten minutes, but the woman never came out.

"Maybe he's just having some gas and tickle fun with her, too," Gina said
to herself, trying to be reassuring. It failed, however, as she drove off to
her dorm room.

* * *

The woman had already introduced herself to Phillip as Dianna Resiti. He
questioned her regarding her background, and she told Phillip that she had
been laid off from her previous job as an anesthesiologist, and that she
was looking for any work at the moment. She also stated, quite seductively,
that she'd be willing to do anything to get it. Phillip questioned her intent.

"Well," she said. "I did hear quite a bit of laughter while I waited out here.
I'm not fully certain if it was just some laughing gas, some tickling, or some
combination. What I can assure you is that I will do the same things,
twice as long or more, in order to secure a position with you."

Phillip smiled at Dianna's comment. He then escorted her into the back
area waiting room and asked her to wait there while he went to look for
paperwork. As the door closed, Phillip smiled...knowing that he never
vented the room, and it was still quite filled with laughing gas.