Episode 4: The Party Favor

Phillip awoke from the ringing of his 7am alarm. Sunday, for him, was like
other days because he always made certain to awake at the same time
everyday. It helped him to keep his work days on track, and gave him more
time to enjoy his weekends. A mid-January, Sunday meant there would be
warm coffee, some donuts, and a trip through the paper, all in anticipation
for the NFL playoff games he'd watch in the afternoon on the TV.

His mind turned from thoughts of tickling Gina, then Dianna, as he looked to
the empty spot in his king-sized bed. Phillip slowly rose and headed to the
shower. As the warm water sprayed him, his thoughts turned to Gina,
crawling on her hands and knees, in a string bikini, after she had been
gassed in The Closet. He also knew how how Gina and Dianna would look
after spending a night with him, rising to take a morning shower, and
finding how amusing an experience that could be. He saw each girl, crawling
from the bathroom, water splashed acrossed their curvaceous bodies, and
barely able to move while laughing hysterically from the gassing they would
get. He tried to figure out which would be sexier: Gina; the hottie with
the body, or Dianna; an accomplished and attractive seductress willing and
wanting to fall over helpless with a gas and tickle treatment.

He quickly dried himself and finished dressing. Phillip grabbed his wallet
from the dresser and checked to make certain he had enough cash for the
donut box. He threw the Sunday paper inside the door of his townhouse as
he exited, and began walking towards his carport. On his way, he crossed
through the visitor parking lot, and saw Gina standing beside one of the
newer model VW Beetles.

Gina, as always, was dressed to impress. In the middle of winter, and an
early morning besides, Gina was wearing a low-cut halter top, that exposed
her midrift and tiny belly button. Phillip had a quick fantasy of him
tickling her belly button with his tongue as he approached Gina, who was
wiggling a finger towards him, begging his approach. She completed her
outfit with a matching tennis skirt, beneath of which was a pair of
spandex pants.

"Good morning, doctor," said Gina when Phillip was standing near her.
Phillip was always enticed at Gina's pronounciation of the word "doctor",
and this time was no exception. Phillip figured, correctly, that his plans
for the day were about to be changed. He returned his assistant's greeting.

"I hope you don't mind my visit on a Sunday, doctor," said Gina, again
with her usual, sexy emphasis.

"Not at all," said Phillip. "I will just have to tickle torture you for it
later." Gina smiled widely, and wrapped her arms around her tummy for a

"Well," she said. "I'm happy to know you're in that type of mood, because
I'd like to ask you for a little favor, for which I am willing to pay
you with your personal wish."

Phillip was beginning to wonder when he married an 18 year old girl. "What
type of favor? I usually leave Sundays for personal relaxation."

"Oh, I think you won't mind this one at all," said Gina.

"Tell me what it is, and I'll tell you if I mind," Phillip responded.

"I don't want to spoil it for you, doctor," replied Gina. "It has to do
with a little issue at my sorority house, and we need it fixed for a party
next week."

"What makes you think I want to fix something today?" asked Phillip, growing
a little impatient. "As I said, today is Sunday, and I like to rest."

"Come with me doctor, and find out." Gina was half-begging, and
all-teasing. Phillip reluctantly agreed, but said that he would follow
Gina in his car. He thought that he didn't want to get stuck there if the
task was too long. Gina agreed, and soon the two were pulling out of the
driveway with Phillip following the little, red bug.

* * *

The house greeted Phillip with the sound of uncontrollable female laughter,
which immediately aroused his interest in direct proportion to the
discomfort of having his swelling cock constricted by his jeans. Gina led
the doctor up to the Laughing Room, where he saw the other six sorority
girls strewn across the room. They were on the floor, on the bed, and
on top of each other, and all six were laughing hysterically.

"Oh, good," said Gina. Phillip hadn't noticed her leave. "They managed to
turn it off." Phillip's eyes were barely able to move away from the
lingerie and bikini clad girls he had been transfixed on to glance around
the room.

His eyes finally landed on a large square box, made of clear plastic,
probably epoxy. There was a similar epoxy door. Attached to the walls of
the small, handmade room were four very large tanks which Phillip knew to
be laughing gas. The room, as built, could have probably fit in two girls,
but Phillip was beginning to see why the room being turned off was
important, even as Gina explained the dilema.

"You see, we kinda have a problem with the seal," said Gina. "The only
two that should be laughing at the moment are Jenna and Deanna." Phillip
blinked for a moment. He had to force himself to look at Deanna, to not
get confused with his new anesthesiologist, Dianna. "Unfortunately, the gas
leaked into the room, and now, as you can see, the girls are rather amused
at the results."

Phillip glanced back at the hysterically laughing women. He paid close
attention to their jiggling bustlines, and his cock was rock solid in a
matter of moments as he imagined himself buried under their helpless,
relaxed bodies, laughing loudly while his tongue washed their breasts and
drew out coos of pleasure from his sucking. He slowly made a comment,
still transfixed on the girls, about how the box needed some rubber seals
at all the creases, so none of the gas would escape.

"Would you be able to help us out, and fix the problem?" Gina asked, again
begging and teasing at the same time. She had sauntered up to the
transfixed dentist, although he didn't notice until he felt her rubbing her
smooth leg against his hand by his side. He agreed to help.

* * *

Gina hopped into the back seat of Phillip's car as she was told, as the two
of them left the local hardware store. Phillip had finished purchasing
several yards of the rubber seal he would need, along with some epoxy to
stick the seal to the plastic box back at the dormitory.

"Put your feet between the seats up here," Phillip ordered. Gina
immediately obeyed, pushing her spiked heels through the space between the
driver and passenger seats. Phillip released the parking brake, and quickly
removed one of Gina's heels, tossing it to the floor of the passenger seat.
He removed the other heel, exposing both of Gina's bare feet, as he turned
the engine and put the car in reverse.

"If you pull away for one second," ordered Phillip, "I'm going home and you
will have to figure out how to finish your own gas chamber." Gina smiled
widely, and cringed in her seat with the expectation. Slowly, Phillip
traced his forefinger across Gina's smooth size 5's, immediately illiciting
squeals, followed by Gina's giggling. She jumped in the back seat, and
tried to bring her hands forward to protect herself. However, he small
height would have forced her to draw her feet into the back seat, and the
sorority needed the new gas chamber.

Gina slid back in her seat, trying to keep her sexy legs perfectly still as
Phillip's delicate, masterful fingers tickled under toes, then along the
arch of the other foot. The most maddening part for Gina was not being
exactly certain which leg to hold steady as Phillip seemed to tickle her
feet randomly. All Gina could do was push her feet forward into the front
area more, to insure that she wouldn't really be able to draw them back from
Phillip's ticklish strokes.

Phillip stole glances at Gina's laughter contorted face as he drove back to
the dorm. His unsatisfied arousal from watching the girls sprawled out
earlier returned with no effort at all, thanks to Gina's pounding on the
leather seats in the back, trying to muster the will to allow him to
continue tickling her feet. Gina covered her eyes, trying not to watch,
then stared at Phillip's tickling fingers. Then she would look out the
window, only to return her glance toward her feet, which were voluntarily
helpless under the doctor's control. Phillip could see Gina's nipples as
they erected under her spandex halter top, as well as the spandex under her
skirt begin to moisten.

All too soon, the pair had arrived out in front of the sorority house, but
Gina dared not remove her feet until Phillip had stopped tickling her. She
was surprised that he managed to continue to tickle her feet while he shut
the car off and reapplied the parking brake. He did stop after an extra
few moments, and handed Gina her heels back. Gina was still her giggly
self as she put the shoes back on her feet, which she made certain not to
rub away the tickled tingles that still remained. She was still giggling
as Phillip opened the door to the rear of the car, and took her hand to
help her out. Once the door was closed, she made a sudden move that flipped
Phillip's back onto his car. She grabbed a handful of his polo shirt and
pulled him in for a kiss, while at the same time, guiding his hand under
her skirt, to the line made by the spandex and her thighs. The kiss was
long and passionate, with Gina giggling into his mouth when he tickled her

* * *

It took Phillip most of the morning to apply the rubber sealing properly to
their laughing gas chamber. He would be plesantly interrupted by a "not so
random" tickle fights that would occur between two or more of the girls on
the bed behind him. It was easy to be distracted by seven sexy, lingerie-
clad sorority sisters that were into laughing gas and tickling. Phillip
hadn't noticed when, but eventually, Gina had changed into a similar
bustier outfit, to match the other girls in the house. He knew all the
cleavage Gina would show to him wasn't accidental, either.

Phillip eventually announced that he had finished his work. He found Gina,
kissed her on the cheek, and was preparing to leave.

"Well, you can't leave yet," said Deanna. "After all, you've done all this
work for us. It wouldn't be fair to let you leave without some kind of
payment." Gina readily agreed and pushed Phillip gently back onto the bed.

"As your payment," said Deanna. "We offer you any one of us that you would
choose. The only exception..." Deanna turned to Jenna and pointed to the
clear box. "...the newbie is automatically in the room. But you can force
any one of the others into the laughing gas chamber."

The remaining girls lined up on either side of Deanna as Jenna closed the
door behind her and sat on one of the clear chairs in the chamber. The
other six stood, similar to a chorus line, with one knee bent, and leaning
forward to show off their beautiful cleavage. There was something in Gina's
eye, though...almost a pleading look to her, like she wanted to hear her
name. Where the other girls wore smiles of admiration, appreciation, and
possibly sexual desire, Gina's look was all that with just a little more.
He naturally chose her.

The other girls closed Gina into the chamber with Jenna. One produced a
remote control and handed it to him, saying, "At your will, doctor." He
pressed a small red button and immediately heard the gas rushing into the
chamber. The other girls stood nearby, which Phillip assumed would be a way
to warn him if the chamber was leaking, but he knew it wouldn't.

Gina and Jenna both simultaneously slumped back in their chairs, leaning
against the chamber walls. Gina was already giggling furiously, while Jenna
desperately tried to keep her giggling to herself. Soon, both girls were
sliding to the floor of the laughing gas chamber, with Gina laughing as she
did when Phillip tickled her feet, and Jenna giggling and chuckling with a
high pitched voice that seemed like she was probably a freshman, just out of
high school.

The positions the girls ended up in on the floor of the chamber were worthy
of glamour shots in a Fredrick's catalog. The girls laughed loudly and
hysterically. Phillip noticed the sound of the gas entering the chamber had
become quieter, and he pressed the reverse button, causing the gas to slowly
seep back into the containers. Phillip smiled at the work the girls had
done with the electronics...someone here must be in a technical major. He
wasn't as concerned with that as the arousal in his jeans that had returned.

"We're going to leave you three alone," said Deanna. "We'll prepare the
living room for you. I'm sure you'd want to watch a game or two on our
TV." Phillip was awe-struck as the five remaining bustiers struted out of
the room, leaving him alone with the two busty victims.

Phillip waited till he was certain the gas had to have been out of the
chamber, then walked over and opened the door. The girls spilled onto the
carpet, laughing and unable to move. He pulled their limp bodies from the
chamber, and closed the door. He then scooped each girl up and placed
their helpless bodies onto the king-sized bed. Quickly he looked for and
found the velvet ropes the girls used on each other, smiled at the fact
that velvet ropes actually existed, and then bound the giggling girls wrists
and ankles to the bedposts.

Once undressed, he layed on the bed between the two girls, who had enough
slack in their ropes to be able to slowly roll onto their sides. He
positioned his eye level so that he would be staring at the two girls
cleavage as he turned to look from one girl to the other. He then placed
his arms under the girls' sides, and began tickling the two mercilessly.
Each girl's laughter jumped another octave, as the girls jumped and jiggled
from the tickling fingers along their waists and hips. He would snake his
tongue under the lace garmet covering each girl's breasts, licking and
flicking at her nipples. It took very few moments before the girls laughter
was mixed with quiet moans, begging for more.

He gave the laughing victims more, as well. He slipped one forefinger in
each victim's pussy, while the other four tickled the girls' thighs. Their
moist boxes easily consumed Phillip's forefingers, and their slow squirms
combined with their laughter splashed moans to give Phillip an erotic
tit show the likes of which he had never seen.

He finally decided that, since he could have Gina at any time, he would do
Jenna this time. Jenna's pussy was very tight as Phillip entered her, but
she didn't seem to be in any pain, possibly from the laughing gas, possibly
from experience that wasn't evident. Jenna's only response was a loud
"OH YES!" that she shouted, right before exploding into helpless laughter

Gina was only slightly aware of her surroundings, through the haze of the
laughing gas. She did know one thing: she wasn't the one screaming in
pleasure from Phillip's cock. At the moment, it was funny as anything to
hear Jenna shout and laugh "Yes" repeatedly, but it wouldn't be later on.

* * *

The game was already on the television when Phillip came down the stairs.
Each girl was leaning on an arm, and Phillip was almost carrying the two
giggling deadweights down the stairs towards the couch. Deanna invited
Phillip to make himself comfortable for the afternoon and evening, and the
girls would bring him anything he needed. The others were still in their
bustiers as they scattered about the house.

As the day went on, Jenna and Gina were finally able to return to whatever
they had planned. Phillip noticed that, whenever a girl was bringing him
something, or asking if he needed anything, she was always in some state of
giggling or laughing.

Obviously playing with their new toy, though Phillip.

He took advantage on several occassions, especially when it was Gina, to
pull the girl onto his lap, with her ass in the air, and start tickling the
girl's sides, ass, or legs. When he did this to Gina, he felt her hand
playing with his cock through his pants. She kept tickling her to see how
long that would go on, and the two didn't stop until his jeans had started
to stain with his juices. Phillip decided at that point that he needed to
head home.

Gina was still giggling as she escorted him to his car, forgetting about the
bustier she was wearing onto the poorly lit street. She kissed him, then
ran back into the house, cackling the entire way.

* * *

Phillip was certain that he'd change immediately when he returned home, but
as he approached the door to the townhouse, he saw Dianna standing at the
door, under the porch light, with her back to him. She rang the doorbell
as he approached.

"Who is it?" said Phillip, already knowing the answer. Dianna turned in
surprise, and saw Phillip behind her. Dianna was wearing the same minidress
that she had worn to the interview some time ago, and she was carrying a
Frederick's bag with her.

"I was hoping to find you," she said. "I'd like your opinion on a few
things I've purchased recently. She held open the bag slightly, allowing
Phillip to peek inside. He saw a very sheer teddy on top of a few other
items. If Phillip did take a shower tonight, it wouldn't be alone.