Episode 5: Gina's Journal

Another day is done, and to a very satisfying end, if I do say so
myself, which I do so say. I sometimes wonder what my life would be
like if I didn't like being tickled so much, and if laughing gas didn't
make me feel the way it does. That idea is so hard to imagine, though.
Other times, I wonder if a woman has only a set amount of laughter
inside of them, and ask if I am using mine all up. One day, I wake up,
and I won't be able to laugh anymore. That is probably the only idea
that really scares me...not being ticklish anymore.

I've read once that people can become used to laughing gas, where it
doesn't affect them anymore. Doesn't seem to apply to that other girl
the doctor hired. Diana Risti, or something like that. Things were
going well with the doctor and I until she showed up. She always seems
to have a way to interrupt. And there has been more than one occassion
where I've heard her taking a few hits from the blue tanks in the
storage room. I know she's doing it on purpose, but if she thinks she
can get the doctor away from me now, she's got another think coming.
After all, I'm young, I'm hot...definately the best temptress in the
sorority. I certainly can seduce a man better than some 30-something
that obviously has a relationship with a plastic surgeon as well as
trying to have one with the doctor.

I shouldn't let negative thoughts cloud me, though. I know the doctor
will be all mine in the end. Today started just as any other, with
the morning tickle fight to see who gets into the showers first. Not
like there aren't enough showers, but it's an excuse. After I told the
sisters about the shower at the doctor's place, they decided they want
to change at least one shower into a similar gas chamber. I think that
would give us four gas chambers, including the one the doctor help

The morning tickle fight usually comes down to Deanna and myself, and
today wasn't any exception. Jenna is so ticklish, that I don't think
she even lasted one minute before she surrendered. Surrender means
all the remaining sisters got to pin her down and tickle her for two
minutes before she was released and the tickle fight resumed. I'd
guess Jenna is even more ticklish than I am, but I've loved getting
tickle tortured for so long, that I'm quite content to laugh and take
it. Since Jenna always has to go last for the shower, we always take
turns tickling her while we're waiting for our turns. The tickle fight
doesn't really end until we all leave for class, but Jenna definately
gets the worst of it after showers are decided.

I think somethings going on between Stephanie and Laura, personally.
They always seem to surrender back-to-back, and usually end up taking
their showers together. I've heard their laughter echoing out of the
bathroom...obviously tickling each other a little more personally.
I've heard other sounds from their joint showers as well; ones that
make me think about the doctor while my fingers are lightly stroking my
pussy from the arousal of a warm shower and a tickle fight that lasts
about two hours.

So, as always, it ended up being me and Deanna. She keeps finding a
way to get me into a position where we are each lying on the bed, with
our feet near each other's face. We each take one hand to steady the
other with, and then tickle each other's feet. Her manicure always
gives her an advantage with tickling...her nails are so perfect for
the job. Luckily for me, though, I enjoy getting tickled, and my feet
aren't an exception. We're both lying on the bed, lightly teasing each
others toes and arches, giggling and laughing from the effects. God,
I've got to get a manicure. Deanna's nails are just too perfect, and
I do want to be able to get into the shower first at least once before
she graduates in the spring. I don't want to win by default.

But, it's not the constant foot tickling that always beats me. Since
the other little rule is that an orgasm counts as surrendering, she
never really makes me surrender. Instead, she tickles my feet until
she senses that my arousal has built up to a high pitch. We are
usually in this position for about ten minutes. And it's not like I
try to get into this position, actually. Quite the opposite, because
I know she can make me orgasm from this pattern. I've tried everything
and she always finds a way to get me into this position for foot
tickling. Anyway, after she's been tickling my feet for sometime, her
fingers move up and start tickling the backs of my knees. Then, she
creeps up my thighs, and tickles them all over with her perfectly
shaped and filed fingernails. Finally, her fingers slip up and tickle
my bikini line, and I lose it. I get so engulfed in the laughter and
the tickling that she always gets me.

Classes were...well..classes. Mostly droll, long-winded professors
that lecture for a couple hours on basic stuff. I hate general ed
classes, but so be it. I was probably hit on a million times today,
including by Professor Todder. Of course, I'm certainly not doing
anything but egging them on, considering I was wearing my "little
white dress", which I normally allow to ride up my thighs and expose a
little of my garterbelt. Normally, I don't do this in a woman
professor's class, but I find the male professors, especially Prof.
Todder, appreciate it to the point of being a bit easy on my grading.
As long as it works, I'll keep doing it.

Now that I think of it, if any of these guys that hit on me so much
only knew that all they had to do was tickle me...I wonder how much
things would be different. Would I be so enchanted with a 30-something
dentist? Probably a little, since he's got those lovely, tall blue
tanks at his job. Work was light today. Before I came, the doctor was
a work-a-holic. He scheduled way too many appointments in one day.
For a one doctor dentistry office, he was certainly acting like there
were two or three. I've been stretching out his appointments, so he
doesn't burn himself out. Besides, he's got a drill, and one wouldn't
want an exhausted doctor with a drill near their mouths.

The sessions today ended at about 4pm. I sat outside the girl's
waiting room while she giggled away the last effects from her gassing,
trying not to get aroused, and silently telling her to hurry up so she
could leave and I could get my turn. Diana's outfit was similar to
mine. Actually, I think it was the exact same one. She probably saw
me wear it one day, and decided to try and fight fire with fire. If
I weren't around, I'm sure it would work, too. I'll admit she fills
the dress out quite nicely, but I'm sure her plastic surgeon gave her
some help with that.

I love how Diana gets so pissed when the doctor offers me a ride back
to the sorority house. Since it's so far away from anything, and I
always take the bus from school to work. He feels he's responsible to
make sure I get home safely. What a sweet, caring man. Too bad that
line of thinking isn't more prevalent at my campus.

Today, the doctor had brought a full-sized van with him. He usually
drives this to take a patient home that has some type of special
hardship. I'd never seen the back of the van, as there was only a
small hole cut out of the wall so the mirror could work, and I'm sure
the mirror's ability is severly limited. I never actually looked into
the back, but today I was going to get the chance.

We stopped at Dalinger's Hill, overlooking the lights of the city.
During the summer, this is where the little league plays, but it's not
exactly summer yet, is it? The Hill becomes nothing more than the
make-out spot for the college and the high schooler's, looking to score
in the back seat. And the doctor's back seat was filled with
surprises. He lead me to the back with my eyes closed and escorted me
inside. I could feel there was something soft around me, and I could
hear the sound of rubber. It was pitch black after the doctor closed
the van's door, so I couldn't see a thing. A few moments later, a
light clicked on and I could hear the doctor's sexy voice over some
type of speaker. That wasn't all, though. The vast majority of the
back of the van was filled with balloons! TONS of balloons!

The doctor had me turn around and see that the back of the van had a
keyhole. It was the only way out. I would have to take a pin, which I
found inside of a small first aid kit, and pop the balloons, one of
which had the key to open the door. I humored him by asking what was
in the balloons, even though I already knew they were filled with
laughing gas. It's like the doctor can read my mind. I used to have
a fantasy about laughing gas filled balloons that would pop all around
me, and all I could do was inhale them and laugh. Now, here it was,
coming true!

If a girl can become immune to laughing gas, it isn't gonna happen to
me anytime soon. I was giggling after only bursting a few of the
rainbow colored sex toys. These things were FULL, too. They were like
the large, round kind that are at the fair when it comes during
October-fest. And the toys were easily broken with a pin, since they
were more brittle than crystal. After about 15 were burst, and I
wasn't even half way done, I was already finding it difficult to move.
I was on the floor of the van, laughing hysterically, and slowly poking
the pin into the nearest balloon, where several lungs full of more
sexy laughing gas awaited to invade my body. I hope the doctor was
taping it. I'd love to see what he sees when my breasts are bouncing
that much. I still can't fully describe how turned on I get from
the gas.

Pop after pop, the gas escaped, filling the back of the van. Little
bits of cold rubber started to work their way into my cleavage. I was
so foggy at the time, that all I could do was continue to pop the
balloons. I didn't care about what I was looking for anymore. I
hoped I never found the key. I hoped there was no key. All I wanted
was to be in the back of the van, filled with laughing gas, and have
the doctor fucking my soaked, throbbing pussy.

My dress worked it's way almost over my ass. Certainly, depending on
which was I rolled, the doctor had view of my quivering tits, and the
satin thong I was wearing with the garterbelt. I pushed the pin into
more and more balloons, and still no key. I had to take a break after
each one, because it was such a concentrated effort to move under the
effects of laughing gas. The more I was gassed, the more I really
didn't want to find the key. I wanted to lay there and laugh, and feel
the doctor's cock inside of me, while his fingers stroked, tweaked,
and tickled my ribs and tummy.

One balloon after another, and still no key. Just more delicious gas.
The back door suddenly opened, and the doctor wisked me up into the
front of the van. I was laughing hysterically, and certainly I must
have attracted the attention of several other participants on The Hill.
The doctor helped me into the passenger seat, then entered behind me.
I was sprawled out on the seat, laughing uncontrollably. My nipples
have never been so hard, and I'm sure the stains won't come out of the
satin panties this time. His fingers were all over me the second he
closed the front door, and I certainly wasn't in a position, or in a
mood, to stop him. Anything the doctor wanted from me, he would get.

My panties were soon pushed aside, and his rock hard cock was inside
of me, just as I had wanted moments ago. He put my thighs over his
shoulders, and I could feel his fingers tickling my feet through the
stockings, as well as my hips and ribs. I tried to wiggle away from
the tickling...only to entice the doctor of course...but I couldn't.
The gas had taken complete control of any will I had, and the one
who administered it to me would reap the rewards. What a fantasy?!
And what an imagination from the doctor! I wonder if he had this
fantasy when he was in high school and college? He must have. He must
have stroked his cock ona nightly basis, thinking of all the ways he
could get a busty babe like me trapped, gassed, and tickled.

He did finally take me home, well after dark. I remember the doctor
talking to someone else on The Hill, and then handing over the balloons
I hadn't popped. I was really groggy, but I think the doctor said that
all the balloons had gas. He told him to tell the girl one of them
had a hundred bucks. I looked up wearily as I saw the doctor had the
pin Professor Todder! I'll file that for later use, if I
need to. After all, if a dentist is this good at fantasies with
laughing gas, I suspect an english professor would be just as good.
Then again, I think I have all that I need with the mind pulsing
inside the doctor's head.

Thank goodness for fantasies.