The Green Tank - Part 1

  Since a very young age, Brook was always searching for the ultimate high.  She began by experimenting with marijuana and later ecstacy.  While she enjoyed the effects of each, she remained unsatisfied.  Brook wanted to feel something different, more intense.  She wanted a high she believed no existing drug could provide.  Yet, despite past disappointments, Brook remained undaunted in her quest and continued to seek the "holy grail" of chemical pleasure.   

  In her early twenties, Brook attended a rave held at an abandoned warehouse.  She knew that the rave would be attended by hundreds of young people, most of whom would be stoned on the latest chemically produced sensation.  It seemed like every week there was some new liquid or powder concoction that offered the ultimate high.  Brook would occasionally experiment, but not at the frequency she once had in the past.  Brook began to realize that a majority of the manufacturers were burnt out science geeks who couldn't tell the difference between THC and TLC.

  Brook too had attempted to develope new forms of ecstacy.  She spent countless hours in a makeshift lab in her parent's basement developing new formulas.  Brook was a briliant student.  Her teachers believed that she had a promising career in the field of science if she ever applied herself.  In spite of her efforts however, Brook's attempts always fell short of her 'high' expectations.

  The entrance to the rave was cluttered with water bottles deposited by the dehydrated party goers.  Brook arrived at the party with her two closest friends, Daphne and Rachel.  Together the three girls turned heads.  Brook was stunningly beautiful with thick, long blond hair and full red lips.  She always wore tight fitting clothing that accentuated her shapely body and tonight was no different.  Daphne was slightly shorter than Brook with long black wavy hair and a curvaceous frame.  She was the pot head of the group and loved getting baked.  Rachel was equally gorgeous.  Her body was firm and toned from workouts in the gym.  She had short blond hair with sky blue eyes.

  The three girls were momentarily blinded by the flashing lights when they entered the warehouse.  The pulsating beat of the music echoed all around them. 

  As was customary at raves, Daphne and Rachel soon left Brook in search of ecstacy.  Alone, Brook drifted to a corner of the room, some distance away from the hordes of dancers and their entranced voyeurs.

  As Brook watched on, feeling slightly uneasy, she couldn't help but notice a nearby open doorway.  An intense light shone out; crimson in colour.  The light was alluring and kept her attention for several minutes.  She wondered what was inside this room and began to walk slowly towards the mysterious light source.  Before reaching the doorway, a young woman stepped out.  Who was she?  Brook was immediately attracted to her.  Brook considered herself an equal opportunist and did not discriminate between the sexes when choosing her next partner. 

  The woman was just Brook's type.  She was beautiful and sexy.  She had long brunet hair that reached to the middle of her back and large full breasts.  Her skin was silky smooth.  She was wearing tight blue jeans with a red sweater.  But there was something different about her.  Brook immediately knew that this girl was under the influence of something.  She wasn't so much walking towards Brook as she was floating.  Her eye lids were heavy and the smile on her face left no doubt that she was in rapture.  As she walked towards Brook, she cupped her hands gently around her firm breasts.  She then began to play with her erect nipples with the tips of her slender fingers.  Brook and this woman were drawn together like two magnets. 

  "Hhhhhiiiiii, my name is Samantha."

  Brook had never seen anyone in such ecstacy.  Samantha grabbed Brooks hands and placed them on her breasts.  As she did, Samantha inhaled and exhaled slowly.  She began to moan, "Oooohhhh" - her lips forming a perfect "O".

  Samantha then moved Brook's hands from her breasts to between her legs.  Sam's moans became lower.  She squeezed Brook's hands as she moved them back and forth.  Brook couldn't believe how wet Samantha was.  Her warm, wet pussy was a total turn-on to Brook. 

  Brook asked, "What are you on?"

  Samantha replied, "Happy Gas baby.  I am sooooo stoned.  I feel sooooo fucking gooood.  Do you want to get high with me?  Do you like getting high baby?"  Samantha's words trailed off into a drugged induced giggle.

  Brook could not resist this opportunity.  Of course she wanted to get high, especially with this woman who seemed to walk straight out of one of her fantacies.  "Yeah, I wanna get high with you."

  Samantha smiled knowingly, "Gooooood.  Hhmmmmm.  Then come with me and I'll take you to a place you never dreamed existed."  Samantha then led Brook by the hand to the red room. 

  Once inside, Brook saw that the room was stark with the exception of a large gas tank situated next to a brown leather couch against the back wall.  A woman in her mid 20's was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed.  She was wearing a white smock that made her look like a nurse or doctor.  She wore dark rim glasses and her hair in a bun.  Despite her conservative, uptight appearance, Brook could tell that she was an attractive woman. 

  Samantha walked Brook over to the woman on the couch and said, "I brought you another.  Does that mean I get more?"  The woman stood up and rubbed Samantha's arm gently.  "Yes dear, you get more."

  The woman then turned from Samantha to Brook and smiled.  "My name is Doctor Feelgood.  It is a real pleasure to meet you."

  Brook's curiosity was as high as Samantha was.  "My name is Brook.  What is all this?"  What did you give her."

  By now, Samantha had sat down on the couch.  Brook watched as Sam moved her hands slowly down her pants.  She seemed completely oblivious to Brook and Doctor Feelgood's presence.  She was single minded in her efforts to pleasure herself. 

  "Ooooohhhhhh.  I feel so fucking goooood", Samantha said as her eyes rolled back. It was as though Samantha was getting higher the more she touched herself.  Brook could feel herself getting moist just watching her new friend reeling in ecstacy on the couch.

  "My dear, I only gave Samantha what she wanted.  She came to me seeking pleasure."  Dr. Feelgood then turned to the green tank standing next to the couch.  "Would you like to try my special gas.  I call it Happy Gas.  I'm quite sure you will enjoy its unique, shall we say, qualites."

  Brook glanced at Samatha, then back to Dr. Feelgood.  "Yeah, I'll give it a try."

  "Good."  Dr. Feelgood said in a pleasant voice.  She then picked up a clear mask sitting on the tank and held it to Brook's face.  "Now, I just want you to relax and breathe through your nose when I turn on the gas.  Are you ready?" 

  Brook nodded her head and pressed the mask firmly around her mouth and nose to create a seal.  Her nipples were hard with anticipation.   

  Dr. Feelgood turned on a tiny valve at the top of the tank.  Brook immediately heard a hissing sound signifying the flow air.  She took a deep breath of the sweet smelling gas.  The scent reminded Brook of a field of spring flowers.

  As Brook continued to breath in the gas, she began to feel light headed.  She started to giggle quietly under the mask.  An overwhelming sensation of relaxation and contentment took hold of Brook.  She felt numb and weightless.  She thought about sitting down for fear of floating away. 

  After another four or five deep breaths, the giddiness she had experienced turned to a rush of euphoria.  The high was so intense, better than anything she had ever felt before.  But euphoria just didn't fully describe what Brook was experiencing.  There was something more.  The gas was not only getting her completely stoned, but was also arousing her.  Brook's thoughts turned to sexual gratification.  She too began to touch and caress her breasts.  They felt like two balloons filling with the free flow of gas she was breathing in.  The more she touched herself, the more intense the high. 

  Doctor Feelgood could tell her patient was nearly gassed out and took the mask away from Brook's face.  "Why don't you sit down beside Samantha."  Dr. Feelgood then gently pushed Brook towards the couch causing her to fall like a feather next to Samantha. 

  "Do you like my gas Brook?"  Doctor Feelgood asked.

  "Ooohhhhh yessssss.  I love it."  Brook sighed. 

  Brook then turned to Samantha.  The two stared into each other's eyes as they fingered themselves.  Brook always had a thing for looking into someone's eyes when they were stoned.  Samantha's heavy eyelids and drugged out smile turned Brook on.  She began to kiss and suck Samantha's tits.  The gas seemed to reward Brook the more she let her inhabitions go.   

  A short time had passed before Samantha asked Brook, "Are you there yet?"  Brook continued to lick Sam's nipples and rub her wet clit.  "Where baby?" 

  "In Happy Land," replied Samantha.  "Do you see all the lovely colours?  Aren't they beautiful baby?"

  Brook moaned, "No, I just see the red light." 

  With that, Doctor Feelgood held the mask to Brook's face and gave her a blast of gas.  Suddenly the red light that had drawn her to the room turned to a kaleidoscope of colours.  Brook was so stoned.  She knew she had arrived in Happy Land and she never wanted to leave.  She pressed her lips against Samantha lips and blew what little gas was left in her mouth into Sam's open mouth.  Samantha breathed in the gas and began to shake.  Brook felt Samantha's pussy gush as she moaned loudly in esctacy. 

  Brook began to brace herself for her own orgasim she had felt coming on since she breathed in the magical gas.  But before she too could climax, Brook was abruptly pulled away from Samantha by a pair of hands.  She looked up and saw Daphne and Rachel pulling her towards the exit.  "It's the cops.  Come on.  What the hell is wrong with you?" 

  Brook looked back through the wonderful haze in her mind to see Doctor Feelgood rolling her tank towards a rear exit.  She also saw a naked Samantha still reeling on the couch.  She longed to be next to Samantha.   

  End of Part 1