My name is Kristen, and I am a dental assistant. Not many people get to work in a line of work that gives me as much pleasure as my career gives me. The source of my pleasure in my line of work began when I was a young child. I had a dentist who did all work on his pediatric patients using "Happy Air". My first experience was when I was ten years old. I was having a couple of particularly stubborn baby teeth removed. I had already had a tooth pulled and a cavity filled already at another office, and did not like the dentist. This was my first trip to this dentist. I was sitting in the waiting room, and was dreading when I would be called. My mother was with me, and was reading a woman's magazine. Eventually, my name was called. I was greeted by an assistant. She was of medium height, medium build, with shoulder length light brown hair. I can't remember her name. However, she was a very bubbly person, and very chatty. She brought me into the back. I was placed in the chair, and she tilted the chair back. She put a bib on me, and disappeared for a minute or two. When she returned, she came around to my left side, and said, "This is the is the Happy Mask! I am going to put this mask over your nose. You will breath normally through it. In a few minutes, you are going to feel like a princess and feel like you can fly. Your fingers and toes might get a little tingly." At first I was taken aback by this. My second thought was one of deep shame and embarrassment. I felt I did not need the Happy Mask. I told the assistant this. She was not phased by that. She told me that it will make the extraction easier. She convinced me to try it. If I did not like it, she said she would remove it, and they could do the extraction without it. So, she placed the mask on my nose, and asked me to breath deeply through my nose. I don't really remember the rest of that appointment but I did not tell them to remove the mask. I remember as I was getting out of the chair, she asked me, "So how did you like Happy Air?" I must have mumbled something incoherent, because she laughed and said "It must have worked well!"

From that point forward, I began to look forward to all of my dental appointments. At my next cleaning, the same assistant was with me (this was back when the dentist did all of the cleanings, with the help of an assistant). When she sat me down, she told me again in that cheerful voice, "Are you ready for the Happy Mask?" As she put the mask over my nose, she asked me how I liked it the last time. I told her that it was okay. She stated that there was going to be a deep scaling during the cleaning. As such, she said, "In order to make you as comfortable as possible for you, the Happy Air is going to be extra strong. Last time, we ran it at a medium-low strength. We are going to run it at a medium-high strength this time. I want to prepare you for what you will experience. You may start to laugh. Everything may seem funny. You might feel dizzy and you might get sleepy as well. Finally, you may dream that you are somewhere other than here. Everything will be fine. Just relax, and you should enjoy this experience." That sounded a little strange to me. Anyhow, before I could think about it much, she had placed the mask on my nose with the same instruction to breath deeply through my nose. I do remember this experience vividly. Within a couple of minutes, my head was spinning violently, and the music being played in the room was throbbing electrically in my ears. The assistant asked me if I was ready for the cleaning to start, and I opened my mouth to answer, and started laughing loudly out loud. She said, "I guess that is a yes." For a short period time to follow, I was laughing hysterically, and could not control it. The assistant rolled her chair next to me, and I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. She moved the tray next to me, and that was even funnier. Eventually, I stopped laughing out loud, although I was still cracking up on the inside. Soon, I felt like I was flying through the room, and my body felt like it never had before in my life. In short, this was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my life. For the next 30 minutes or so, I was in heaven. Eventually, I started coming to my senses. I felt extremely sad that this experience was over. Eventually, I reached a point where I was more lucid than not. The assistant asked me how I felt. I (still under the influence) said that it was great! I wanted to have the Happy Mask set like that from now on. She laughed at me, and made a notation in my chart. From that point on, all my experiences with that pediatric dentist were as great. When I reached adolescence, I ended up switching to an adult dentist who did not use gas. For the next several years, I ended up building a strong fear and resistance of going to the dentist.

During that time, I grew into a slim, svelte, beauty, I grew my auburn hair so that it reached my shoulder blades. I blossomed into a full C cup bra. Additionally, I am blessed with "thin" genes. I am a size 5, and reached 5' 5" tall. As a late teenager, I became interested in looking good. I started wearing short skirts, with tight shirts or sweaters. I changed my underwear from plain bras and white bikini panties to string bikini panties, thongs (when they became more common in the late 80's), or g-strings. I started wearing sexy, push up bras (not because I was not big enough, but because of the effect on my cleavage). When I wore a skirt, I would wear thigh high stockings sometimes with garter belts. My favorite comibination was a purple push up bra, with half cups that cranked up my cleavage, a purple stretch satin thong, and black sheer stockings.

When I was in college, I did not go to a dentist for my freshman or sophomore years. I was away from home, and did not find a dentist in my college town. However, I began to have pains in my teeth. I thought that I better go in. So, I talked to a couple of my friends, and they recommended me to a dentist. I went to him. I had an appointment on Friday afternoon, after my last class. The college I went to did not schedule any classes after 2:00 on Fridays. I was going out that night with some friends, so I was dressed in my favorite "under apparel", and had a knee length black skirt with a tight purple sweater. I looked pretty hot! After turning all the boy's heads in class, I left the campus to go to my appointment. As it was my first appointment at this new dentist, I had to fill out some paper work. My mother had already called ahead with my insurance information. So, I filled out the paper work. One of the questions on the paper work was: "Have you ever had previous dental work done with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)?". There were follow up questions. "If so, do you want to be treated with nitrous here?" "If you want nitrous treatments, do you want it for everything?" Of course, I marked "Yes" for all of them! I instantly stopped dreading what was about to happen, and started looking forward to it. Eventually, my name was called. I was met at the door by a woman not much older than myself! She couldn't have been more than 22! She was about 5' 7", short blond hair, blues eyes, and a perky attitude. She picked up my chart from the receptionist, and looked it over. She asked me if I went to the local college. She told me that she attended the college for 2 years, before dropping out. She ran out of money. She became a dental assistant to make ends meet. She brought me into the room, and asked about my pain. I explained it to her. She said, that since I had not been to a dentist in a while, they were going to do a cleaning, then the exam. If the dentist thought something was serious enough, he would treat it that day. Otherwise, he would treat it in subsequent appointments.

She prepped me for my cleaning. She put a bib on me, and started moving the instruments into range. I began to become nervous again. Where was the gas? Then she disappeared for a bit. Finally, she came back. The dentist came with her, and he introduced himself. The assistant said, "So you want nitrous for your appointment?" Whew! I said definitely. Something in my body language and/or the way I answered must have conveyed my sense of relief now and tension prior to that question. She said, "Don't worry! We will take care of you. You won't feel anything." The dentist gave the assistant some instructions, and left. She left the room again, and came back rolling a cart. That office used a portable unit. It had two tanks on it, the mask with tubing, and all the appropriate gauges. She wheeled the cart underneath the head of the chair I was sitting in. She grabbed the mask, and held it out. She asked me what kind of experiences I have had with nitrous in the past. I told her about my past experiences with my pediatric dentist. She said some offices use the gas on different settings. Luckily, unbeknowst to me, my mother had also sent ahead my dental records. It had both my pediatric and adult records there. She went through them, and saw the markings for my "Happy Air" usages with my pediatric dentist. She told me that that was a medium setting for this office. They could use that setting, or they could go lower, or higher, and left that decision to me. Of course, I immediately wanted to tell her I'll take it as high as you will go, but did not want to say that. So, I said "Higher is better". I think she understood what I meant, because she laughed at me, gave me a knowing little smile, and told me that the college students generally like it on a higher setting. She dialed up the setting, and put the mask on my nose. I instintively started breathing deeply. In a few seconds, I felt the normal elation. My hearing also started to throb electrically. In a minute or two, I was starting to feel like everything was funny. All of this was what I expected. A short time later, I was again laughing uncontrollably, if not hysterically. The assistant asked me if that was a good setting. I said yes, between laughter. She said that she currently had it on the setting from my pediatric dentist. She said she was going to increase it now to a higher setting. That made me laugh. However, I almost instantly felt the result. I immediately got even happier. However, I was also loosing more control of my body. Instead of laughing loudly and continuously, I was now giggling continously. However a new sensation started to fill me. I was getting turned on! That had never happened to me at the dentist before. I began to think about my outfit, and how hot I looked. And I giggled. And then, I thought about all the heads I was going to turn that night. And I giggled. And I thought about how sexy I looked in my lingerie. And I giggled. I must have been giggling in a deeper and breathier way, because the assistant asked me if I was okay. I said yes. I had never felt so good in my entire life! In fact, it felt like my body was electric! I was also completely aroused. I stopped giggling, and was floating through my air in my electrified body. In a couple of minutes, I started having orgasms! I wanted to scream in extasy, but I did not want to embarrass myself or have them turn it lower. So, I climaxed in silence. Then I climaxed again. I must have climaxed three or four times. I also must have squirmed a little bit, because the assistant asked me if I was okay after each subsequent climax after the first. Eventually, I felt that disappointing feeling of returning to earth.