The Joker scrabbled his fingers along Wonder Woman's bare feet for another
minute, until the hysterical superheroine gave her the last part of the signal
code for the Justice League satellite. He reached into her belt and pulled
her radio transmitter, tickling her stomach in the process.

He freed Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy from the plant, and with Wonder Woman's
magic lasoo tied their arms behind their backs and Wonder Woman's left and
Ivy's right ankles together, which he pulled up toward him and began to tickle
their soles simultaneously. They each shrieked and laughed wildly.

"Good. Now that we're all in a good mood, let's go traveling!" The Joker
punched the secret code into the transmitter, and within seconds a beam of
light teleported the three up into space.

Hawkgirl was on duty at the Justice League satellite. She and Zatanna were
the only ones on shift at the time. When the beam of light materialized in
the chamber, Hawkgirl saw Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy laughing hysterically.
She smiled and stepped out from the control panel and walked across the floor.
She saw that Wonder Woman had bagged a prize. "Good job, Wonder Woman. But
what's so funny?"

"I am!" said the Joker, popping out from behind them, spraying Hawkgirl with
some Joker gas. She stepped back and staggered and then smiled too, and then
giggled and then the laughter began. She dropped to the floor and then tried
to crawl back to the control panel. The Joker, who had already secured Wonder
Woman and Poison Ivy to a railing, leaped past the two bound beauties and
landed on top of Hawkgirl, sitting on her arms, pinning her to the floor.

"Not so fast, feather lady. You're not going anywhere. And you're not going
to signal anyone. Not until I decide that you should. Hmm, what lovely
underarms. Let's see just how ticklish you are!" And with that, the Joker
dug his fingers into her bare armpits, sending Hawkgirl into a fit of
hysterical frenzy.

"Not that, not there!!!

Hawkgirl was laughing wildly, her large wings fluttering uncontrollably,
creating a large windcurrent. Zatanna, who had heard the hysterical laughter,
ran into the chamber, and saw the Joker mercilessly tickling the hysterical
Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy tied helplessly in the corner.
Shocked, Zatanna the magician was about to unleash a powerful spell against
the Joker. "Joker, you're dead meat!" she yelled, and was about to utter a
spell, when a gust of wind from Hawkgirl's powerful wings caught Zatanna,
lifting her off the ground, right out of her high heeled shoes into the steel
ceiling, knocking her unconcious. She slid to the ground in a lifeless heap.

"Looks like you're dead meat, Zatanna," the Joker said. "And now, Hawkgirl,"
he said, digging his fingers into the howling woman's ribs and stomach, tell
me who else is aboard the satellite?"


The Joker had gone to the console . "How do I get an outside line?" After a
few phone calls, he beamed up a little man who was no stranger to feathers:
the Penguin. Within minutes, they had Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, and Hawkgirl
strapped to a large table, where the Penguin, armed with two feather dusters,
stroked the soles of the bare feet of each of the women, causing them to laugh
violently and hysterically.

"See what they know about how this flying saucer works, Penguin."

"But I don't know anythinggagagagagagagagaga!!!!" pleaded Ivy.

"Your problem, not mine, Ivy!" laughed the Joker.

The Joker carried a barely concious Zatanna into the conference room. He
found some space tape in the corner and wrapped her entire body and then
taped her tightly to the table. As she regained conciousness she recognized
the Joker and was about to utter a spell when he sprayed Joker juice in her

"Have a whiff of this, magic lady!"

She shook her head and reluctantly smiled. She tried to speak, but could
only giggle. She struggled helplessly against the tape. "This gas won't keep
me down for long, Joker."

"Maybe not, but maybe this will." He reached for her fishnet stockinged
feet. "Such soft feet, Zatanna. Maybe a little tickle will do the trick."

"No, Joker. Please, not that, anything but

The Joker savagely attacked Zatanna's beautiful soles, tickling and tickling
them. Zatanna, along with Wonder Woman, were the most ticklish women he had
ever seen. "Pleeee Joker, I can't

He tickled her for over two hours, stopping only so that he could clearly
hear her tell him the secrets of the Justice League satellite. He was going
to crash the satellite into the Pacific Ocean.

The Joker had set the controls for the satellite to take a dive, despite the
laughing and pleading Zatanna.

The satellite had reached the atmoshpere, when Superman and Green Lantern
arrived and pushed the satellite back into orbit. They went into the
satellite, where they found, amid a cloud of laughing gas, a hysterical Wonder
Woman, Zatanna, and Poison Ivy, with a gas masked Penguin savagely tickling
their bare feet with both fingers and the end of his umbrella. The Joker and
Hawkgirl were no where to be found.

The Joker had escaped. He had taken the legs of a chair and tied the legless
chair to Hawkgirl's butt. Her hands were tied behind her back, and her boots
were removed. The Joker was sitting on the chair, holding onto her barefoot,
running his fingers up and down her ticklish sole, using it like a ticklish
steering wheel, guiding the hysterical Hawkgirl down out of an escape pod, off
the satellite to Gotham City, where he would leave her, or not! She was
laughing and crying at the same time. The Joker had her and was using her
like a thoroughbred, making his getaway, laughing all the way.