Jean was brought into St Vincents hospital almost in a coma. She was at a party, and some idiot had given her some kind of drug. She was okay now, all she needed to do was sleep it off. The pretty, petite collage girl was wheeled into a room on the third floor. It was the psyche ward, and she would share the room with another girl. This girl was quite different: black hair, taller, mean. She was a violent offender, and had hurt an arresting police officer. She was so severe that she was scheduled for electro shock therapy. At the moment she was in the other bed, in a straigh-jacket, ankles strapped to the bed, a huge, uncomfortable looking gag in her mouth. She was also forced to wear a neck-brace, to keep her head still.
Jean was still asleep when the doors closed, and the bound girl next to her started to effect her escape. She somehow freed her own hands, and then worked on everything else. last to go were the ankle cuffs. Now for the rest of her plan...
She lifted Jean up and lay her on the other bed. She strapped Jeans ankles tight, gagged her, replaced the gag, put on the straight jacket. Then she simply got into Jeans bed, and went to sleep. A few hours later, with Jean still asleep, the crazy girl was released, free.

Hours passed.

An orderly came into the room and turned on the lights. There was the patient, just as she was described: tied to the bed, in a straigh jacket and gagged. The girls eyes were wild, wild, drool streamed from the gag. Her face was red, she was crying. She pulled frantically at the bonds, and even more frantically when it was obvious that the orderly was paying her no attention. "Just get in the chair and make it easy on both of us," he said, and scoop her up and strapped her tightly into a wheelchair! Jean screamed and kicked her small feet and tried to touch him with her fingers, anything to get his to ungag her because she was NOT who they thought she was!!!
The orderly wheeled her out. She made frantic eye contact with other patients and visitors, "mmmphed" at the security guards, and tried to get free. It was no use. She was trapped in the chair, and helpless!

They eneterd an office.
"Thanks, Joe," said the Doctor. Joe lleft, and the octor looked at her. "Michelle, you are about to have electro shock therapy. Youve been briefed on all the deatils," he ignored her look of suprise, her tears, and near-hysterical efforts to get free, her muffled screams.
"What you dont know is that you will have no memory of the last few hours of your life after the shock. The electricity erases the neuron path, you see. That means that I can tickle torture you." The man smiled.
"Mmm ummpher?" Jean asked.
"Yes, tickle torture. Im going to give you some laughing gas, remove your shoes, and tickle you. "THe girls eyes went wide. "As a matter of fact, Im going to tickle you until you pee yourself and get me off. THEN its time for your shock. Are you ready?"
He had a gas mask in his hands!!!
"MMMMMMMMMPH!" Jean screamed, and tried to turn her head from the mask but the neckbrace prevented it! The mask was clamped to her face! She smelled rubber, then held her breath as she heard the hissssss of gas, held it, held it...and had to breath in, and out and in again!
The gas!
It went on, until she started to giggle, then giggle more, the laugh! Hard! The mask was removed and the room was filled with her hearty, loud "har har har har hars!" The girls face was a mask of panic, her smile horrible as it was forced, but her laugher went on.
"I think this is a good mix," the doctor said and the replaced the mask over her face, this time with a headstrap! Then he sat at her feet. removed her shoes from her protesting feet, and ran his hands over her nyloned feet! Jean laughed, tried to shale the mask free, and laughed as her feet were tickled. Up and dopwn, nails and fingers, hard anmd soft, toes and soles, she was tickled. She lost control of herself and laughed hysterically as her pee ran down her leg. She laughed more when the doctor placed his penis between her feet, and even louder as her feet were tickled as she was forced to masterbate him with her feet.
She tried to scream, but could not make a sound. her lungs hurt, her sides ached, and still she laughed. The man was taking forvere to come, and her toes her from where they curled to grip gis stiff member. She lost her grip when tickeld,,,
It went on until he came, afterwhich he simply cleaned himself up, and her. He replaced her gag before she could regain stranegth to scream and called the orderly in.
The poor girl was wheeled off to the operating theater, the smiling doctor in tow.