The Hypno Tickler
By Erik

              There was a knock at the door; a simple three cadence rap. It was

enough to bring me back to reality. I looked at the clock and realized I had

been daydreaming for almost 15 minutes while I waited for Tony to arrive.

            The events of the afternoon played over and over in my head. The

classroom full of college students, the group of men assembled before me like

shills waiting for the con man to rob them blind. Had someone said to me a few

days earlier that an all men's college would call and ask me to assist them with

a "stop-smoking" program, I would have laughed in their face. But there I was.

Expressly invited by the dean of students in an effort to help the image of the


            "Cigarettes are the bane of our existence, and I want to insure

these men have long, healthy lives", the dean had chortled, right before

introducing me.

            "Mr. Jackson is a local hypnotist, and has been asked to come help

you. Treat him with the respect you'd give your senior professors, because if

ONE of you causes him trouble, the lot of you will regret it." The Dean looked

over his glasses, scanning the crowd, and then left the classroom, closing the

door behind him.

            The room was silent for a moment as I surveyed the landscape. There

were 20 of them. All shapes and sizes. Their dress varied from jeans to Dockers,

from tank tops to pressed starched shirts, from sandals and flip flips to Doc

Martins. But one thing they all had in common; they were handsome. A private

Men's college implied wealthy attendants. These men had been pampered with

trainers and tanning beds from their preschool days and it showed.

            And in the third row of the room was Tony. He had light brown hair,

and sky blue eyes. He had an easy smile that accented the dimpled cleft in his

chin. He had on Nike Flip Flops that showed his amazing meaty feet, and a muscle

shirt topped his worn blue jeans. "This one", I thought, "would be nice to


            Of course, I kept my observations to myself, and quickly took charge

of the situation.

            "Please bring your chairs down to the front floor, and form a


            The men complied without saying a word. They raised their athletic

bodies, slid chairs out and carried them down the slight incline of the lectern

area. They formed a circle, facing me, as I stood in the center; a wide circle

of hunks.

            "Remove your shoes, please."

            A low rumble passed across the men. Finally one spoke up, "um, what

if we have on slides?"

            "Then I want you bare footed. Remove your shoes and put them behind

your chairs. If you have on dress shoes, then I want you in your socks."

            Half of the men moaned, not comfortable with the vulnerability this

implied. But ultimately after a moment they all were bare foot or in socks. The

smell of worn leather and men's feet filled the room. I felt my cock stir, but

did my best to retain thoughts of cold showers.

            I then poured paper cups of a red colored liquid and passed this

around so that each man had a cup.

            "What I am passing out is called Hypno-genison. It’s a mild

sedative, far less powerful than over the counter sleep aids. Its going to help

us get you to a light state of hypnosis. When I raise my hand, I want you all to

drink your cups."

            A few of the men grimaced, others sniffed the red drink. What they

didn't know was this was simply water with red food coloring and a little lemon

juice. The suggestion of it being a sedative was enough to push them over the

edge when induction started. And it was about to.

            I turned on the strobe inducer. This was a small strobe light

mounted on what looked like a microphone stand. It was set to blink at a rate

that would send each of those men into a deep state of hypnosis. The flavored

water handled the mental components of a quick deep sleep, but this was the real

device. With the suggestion that the water was something more, and the blinking

of the strobe, these men would be deeply asleep within 5 minutes.

            "Please drink your cups of Hypno-genison, and put the cups behind

you, inside or by your shoes."

            Once again, the men complied without argument.

            And then I began the induction. I counted backwards from a hundred,

easing the men into deeper and deeper relaxation. One by one, they slumped in

their chairs, mouths open, soundly hypnotized. This is what I am good at. And

every session I command confirms my technique. Each and every one of them was

soundly asleep. One dark haired boy had spittle running in a thin line from his

loose mouth to his shirt. I see this often. After 15 minutes, they were all

completely under in a deeply suggestive state. During this time I had wandered

to the classroom door, locking it. No one was to disturb our session.

            And then I did my work. Cigarettes are an awful burden. Highly

addictive, I have cured scores of people. These 20 men were easy. And by the end

of the week, none of them would be touching a cigarette. This part of the

session took 20 more minutes. So I had 15 left to play, before the dean would


            "Gentleman, it seems the air conditioner has broken, and the room is

getting uncomfortably hot"

            The men shifted in their chairs….wiggling around….Tony even rubbed

his bare feet on the floor, sliding them back and forth.

            "It's really getting hot in here".

            Two of the men to my right, shucked off their shirts and another

four removed their socks.

            "Thankfully, there are no woman around, because you can't stand your

outer clothing anymore, damn its hot in here. Do you feel it?"

            With this the men really began to tear at their clothing…and in less

then three minutes, each of the men were down to just their underwear. Two of

the men sat there naked, obviously comfortable enough with their bodies to go

without underwear. They had nothing to be shy of, that was for sure.

            Tony sat in dark black boxer brief underwear. His chiseled chest

glistened with sweat as his body responded to the heat his mind instructed was

filling the room.

            "The room is becoming comfortable now, you may relax. GO deeper.

Feel yourself relaxing more and more…"

            The men slumped again.

            "The air is filling with an orange smell. Can you smell that ?"

            Some of the men nodded, others flared their nostrils, taking deep

breaths and smelling oranges       "This is laughing gas. And its getting

stronger. Can you smell it? Yep, there it is….oh man….its beginning to make you

laugh. Each breath makes it worse and worse. Oh man, its really strong now…"

            At first all you could hear were quiet chuckles….but finally a man

behind me started giggling. And then the whole room was finally going strong.

Music to my ears. Wave after wave of laughter pealed from the men. And Tony was

going strong. Laughing a deep, hearty laugh. I noticed the naked boys were now

sporting major wood, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as their laughing

grew in intensity.

            "The gas is going away, you are going back to sleep, in a deep,

relaxing sleep"

            The men quickly collapsed. I looked at the clock and realized I had

only a few more minutes.

            "You are all in the gym. Your showers are done, and you are getting

dressed. When I count to three, you will open your eyes, and stand and get

dressed. Once you are fully clothed, you will sit back down and go back in to a

very deep, relaxing sleep. One, two, three!"

            There was a blur of motion as the men redressed themselves. Pants,

shirts, socks, and shoes all were put on. They even looked in imaginary mirrors

and combed their hair. But one by one they sat back down and went back into a

deep, completely serene sleep.

            "I want to share something with you, men. I live at 43rd street and

Horn. Number 235. This is important, and you need to remember it, always. But

there is no effort in remember my address. No stress associated with it. You

won't even be cognizant of remembering it, but it will be there, just like your

multiplication tables, ready for your use if you ever need it. And you might. If

you ever hear me say the phrase MAGIC RING, and then state a time, you will feel

overwhelmingly compelled to come to my house at that time. It doesn't matter

what affairs you have going on, that time will be of utmost importance, and my

house will be your destination. I might call on the phone, I might whisper it to

you…doesn't matter how I deliver the message. You will be there. And once I open

my door, you will fall in an even deeper state of hypnosis than you now are."

            The men stirred. I could see the autosuggestion making its way into

the line of their subconscious. It was the same look that came with my

suggestion that each puff of a cigarette would taste more and more grotesque to

them. And that cigarette smoke coming from their cigarettes would begin to smell

of raw sewage. And then I closed with a memory wipe.

            "At the count of three, you will awaken, feeling refreshed, as

though you have slept 8 hours, and you will remember nothing of what has gone

on. You only know that you are sure this was beneficial, and you want to stop

smoking even more than ever, now those cigarettes taste so bad. One, Two,


            The men snapped awake. Some had puzzled looks on their faces. Others

didn't know how to respond.

            "Before you leave, please put your name, address, and phone number

on this list for my records. I will need to make sure the university pays my fee

for each and every one of you. Thanks for your time"

            And with that I handed a clip-board with a form for each to sign.

They handed it from one to the other, signing away. When it got to Tony, I

walked up and watched him sign it.

            "Hi there."

            "Dr. Jackson, thanks for everything."


            "Its Tony."

            "Ah. Tony. Great. Do me a favor, and help me get these chairs back

in their places, would you?"

            Tony nodded, and helped as the form went around to the others, and

each exited. Finally, it was just the two of us.


            "Yes, Dr. Jackson?"

            "Magic ring. 7 PM"

            He blinked, and then acted as if nothing had happened.

            "I appreciate your help, Tony."

            The stud turned and left the room.


            At 6:45 I had everything ready at my house for my visitor, and I sat

awaiting his arrival. And right at 7 o'clock on the dot, the three raps on my

front door. I got up and opened the door. Tony had put on a green polo shirt to

replace the muscle shirt he had worn that afternoon, and now he had white socks

and tennis shoes on.

            "Please come in."

            The moment Tony entered the doorway, his huge frame started to sway.

His eyes closed, and his body started to go limp. I quickly grabbed him and

swayed him forward…dragging him into the house. He was snoring soundly, as I

positioned him on the couch in a sitting position.

            "Its been a long day for you, Tony. You've exercised, and are sticky

with sweat. On the count of three, you will open your eyes and be in the locker

room, getting ready for your shower. One, two, three…"

            Tony popped open his eyes, slightly glazed and casually undressed.

He kicked off his shoes, and then his socks. As he took them off, he sniffed

them. I grinned to myself, wondering what that was about. Then he slid off his

jeans, his shirt, and the black boxer brief underwear. He even took a moment to

rub his crotch and play with himself. Ah, college boys are so excellent.

            As soon as it appeared Tony was heading to the shower, I sternly

shouted "SLEEP".

            Tony's knees buckled and he fell backward onto the couch, now

snoring twice as loudly as before.


            Hypnosis is an interesting thing. You can't really give orders, but

you can frame things that will trick the mind into playing along. Tony was

highly suggestible. Much of this was due to the fine work of the afternoon, with

the group. But everything has to do with the state of the mind. You can't tell a

guy under hypnosis to strip…unless this would be something natural for him to

do. You CAN frame a situation in which the subject would naturally strip and

they will follow blindly. My plans for Tony were slightly more involved than

hypnosis would allow, and we were about to move to something far more



            "In a moment, you will open your eyes, Tony. You will be in a

doctor's office for a very serious situation. It seems that all of your ticklish

spots need to be checked. You are a little uncomfortable about this, but

understand its necessary for your health. It’s important for your college

career, because without them being checked, someone could tickle you and lose

your concentration in classes. Right?"

            "Yeah. That would be bad."

            Tony was in the groove, no doubt about it. I went to my desk and put

my stethoscope around my neck.

            "Very bad. It would be very bad, Tony. Now let me have a look at

your eyes."

            He opened his Blue yes, and blink a few times.

            "Yes, well I can see that you need this check up. Where are you


            Tony thought about this for a second. "Well", he grinned and rubbed

his feet on the floor, just as he had done that afternoon. "My feet for sure."

            "I see."

            "And my stomach. I mean, everyone's stomach is ticklish, isn't it?"

            "I supposed so. Go on."

            "Ribs are fairly sensitive, and my underarms are very ticklish".

            "How about neck and ears?"

            Tony laughed. "A little bit. And the center of my back."

            I laughed back at him. "Okay, well come with me"

            I got up and walked to my basement door. Tony rose and followed me.

            "The lab is downstairs, be careful on those steps. Especially


            Tony gingerly maneuvered the carpeted steps as he descended into my

basement playroom.

            "Wow – Great setup!"

            "Hop up on the table for me, Tony"

            This 5'11" stud eased himself up on the padded table, like a little

kid. He held his palms over his groin, and slightly swung his meaty feet. I

rolled over a wooden set of stocks and asked him to raise his feet and place

them in the openings for his feet. I locked the restraining bar in place, and

then locked the wheel fixtures preventing the stocks from moving on the floor.

            "Looks like you're gonna torture me!", He said.

            "You will be fine", I said levelly.

            Then I put a hand on his shoulder and eased him down to the table.

            "Reach up and grab the pole, please. "

About 2 feet from the edge of the table, was a thick metal pole that ran from

the concrete foundation through the ceiling. It was used for support of the

house and was about as solid as they come. It was not going to bend or move an


            I fastened Velcro straps to Tony's wrists and then to the pole,

stretching his body to the maximum.

            "Uh, doc, that's kinda tight….is this necessary?"

            "Tony. SLEEP."

            His body went limp. Now I could have tickled him while under

hypnosis, but the fun was about to begin. "Tony, I am going to count the five,

and when I do, you will remember nothing of how you came to be here. You wont

recognize me, and you will be wide awake until you hear me say the phrase MAGIC

RING. Only then will you fall back in to a deep, relaxing sleep. One, you are

beginning to come around. Two, you are feeling more and more awake. Three, Four

– you are now fully awake. Five. "

            "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?"

            He pulled at the restraints, trying his best to get out of the

bondage, but he had very little mobility. He strained his legs and wiggles his

toes, and tried to get enough leverage to yank at his wrist straps, but he was

securely in place. "What's your deal man? "

            "My deal?"

            "What the fuck is going on. Let me the hell out of this."

            "Now Tony…"

            "How do you fuckin' know my name??? Let me the hell out of this


            I walked down to the stocks. "I think you had best relax, or I am

gonna make this bad on you". With that I stroked up the sole of his left foot.

He grimaced and tried to yank it out of the stocks, to no avail.

            "Heh….come on man…heh…quit that shit out, man"

            "Quit what shit out?" – I traced my index finger up and down his

left sole. A little spot just beneath his left big toe started his body

quivering. "That tickle, Tony?"

            "Yes, now STOP…hah….come on….."

This time, he sounded a little weaker – good he was beginning to tire already.

I leaned over and started licking his toes on his right foot, while tickling his

left with my hand. Tony held his breath for a second, trying to stifle the

laughter, but then broke loose with a warm hearted laugh.

"Lets hear it, Tony". This time I really tickled him in earnest. Up and down the

soles of his bound feet. His feet had a nice clean smell to them, and he really

lost it when I started licking between his toes. I carefully ran my wet tongue

from toe to toe on each foot, while using my fingers to tickle his soles. Tony

was reduced to complete hysteria.

"AHAHAHAH HAHAHA HAHAH HAAHAHAH…on no….come ohhhhhahahahahahahahaha"

I got out a wide bristle hair brush and really started in on his soles.

"PLEASE!!! Don't do that...please...You have to

stooooooohahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. hahahahahaha." He lost his train of

thought and dissolved into helpless laughter.

I walked my hands up his broad thighs. His stomach muscles tightened and

twitched as I neared the top of his hips. I continued up until I reached his

little outtie belly button. I gave it a light flick, and Tony seemed to go out

of his mind. His belly button was excruciatingly ticklish.

"Tony, you didn't tell me about your belly button!"

"What the hell are you talking about? I've never seen you before, man..."

I picked up a goose feather, and started flicking it over his belly button.

Every little stroke caused him to squeal and buck. And when I ran my fingers to

his armpits at the same time...he let go...he simply let go, and started

laughing full out. No resistance, completely broken, he simply laughed his

hearty, manly laugh while rocking his head back and forth. I kept this up for

the better part of an hour. He continued to lay there and laugh - completely

unable to stop, and helpless to prevent me from touching him and teasing him and

tickling him.

Tony stayed with me until very late in the evening. And once I had finished

playing with him, I simply put him back under hypnosis by saying the phrase, and

then had him return to my living room. And finally had him go home where he went

to sleep and awoke not knowing what had happened.

I'd like to say this was something special. And Tony WAS amazingly ticklish. But

he's just one of many. I am pretty sure I am going to call one of the guys who

got completely naked during the smoking cessation session in a few days, and see

how he likes having a doctor check him out for his ticklishness. I suspect he'll

be good for a couple of laughs.