The L.E.O.I.-nes

Part 1 of unknown: The implant

Leilani Morales had it all by the age of 25. A top graduate from her
business school, she had landed in the board room of Sykes Engineering
with her uncanny ability to predict the next endeavor the company
should undertake. Even though she had never been wrong with her
forecasts, Leilani wasn't beyond using her gorgeous hourglass figure
to get what she wanted. Several times, convincing a board member to
adopt one of her plans was a little more complicated than the simple
presentation. She had willfully worn provocative clothing, flirted,
teased, and occassionally allowed herself to be fondled to obtain some
action she desired.

Most boardwomen wouldn't be so agreeable, but Leilani wasn't always the
picture of beauty. Now that she finally had a great body, she was very
willing to use it to its fullest. She also never really minded the
extra attention. She felt she was making up for what she missed out on
in high school and part of her college years.

Part of Leilani's plan was not only to get the company moving in the
right direction by expanding Sykes Engineering into uncommon territory,
she was also interested in advancing some of the various causes of
workplace women as part of her agenda. While the company was making
extra revenue by advancing into material and chemical engineering, in
addition to the computer and electrical fields they already endeavored,
Leilani was looking to see women raised up the way she raised up the
company. Again, she was willing to trade her body for the other women
of the company. As a result, Sykes had raised the pay rates of many of
the women to equal men in similar positions. She was also able to get
a day care center placed in many of the offices around the country,
although that was a tough sell.

She remembered when she was fighting for daycare, and she needed one
more vote to get it. She had called in one of the board members to her
office so she could lobby him. They began talking casually, and she
mentioned that one of the things that she hadn't had in awhile was a
good, long tickle. As a kid, she was always involved in tickling her
friends or sisters, either giving or getting. As she moved up the
ladder, however, the tickling had stopped. She had used the tickle
talk as a seduction ploy, as it was widely known by the ladies in the
office that passing this particular board member could put one in a
ticklish situation.

"I guess everyone's too grown up now," Leilani said. As the two began
to turn their attention to her lobbying, the board man began to tickle
Leilani. In and of itself, that wouldn't have been a bad thing, except
that Leilani's personal assistant walked in on the meeting. She later
confronted the assistant, who condemned Leilani for being a traitor to
the women's movement. Leilani tried to reason with her assistant, but
to no avail. The day the day care was voted in, her assistant
resigned, along with half of the female engineers in the building.

Leilani sighed over the incident when she recalled it. The results
could not be denied, however. Not only were the remaining women using
the day care centers, but some of the men were doing so as well, to
relieve their wives' duties at home, or for other reasons. Day care
was a huge success at Sykes. It was unfortunate that Leilani's
assistant, Delores, didn't see it that way.

* * *

"The device is ready, Ms. Montoya." Delores took the tiny, almost
speck sized chip from the man's hand. It was stored in a clear,
electrostatic box which Delores eyed carefully. Delores turned to her
assistant after careful consideration.

"Pick her up," she said. "Her plane should be leaving in a day or so."

The scientist tried to interrupt. "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear

"You made yourself quite clear, doctor," Delores snorted in reply. "Do
you really think I care about that tiny possibility?"

"In science, fifteen percent chance of death during the operation isn't
a tiny possibility, Ms. Montoya." The scientist's voice trembled
slightly, as he stood up to a woman known for her short fuse.

"In the world of business, doctor," Delores replied. "an eighty-five
percent chance at getting a high end mole is far more valuable!" She
turned to her assistant. "What are you still doing here?! Go GET
HER!" The assistant scurried out of the room, thankful to still have
both of his heads in tact.

Delores looked out the window at the city skyline. "You sold out women
in the name of advancement, Ms. Morales. Now, you will sell out every
other thing you value." Delores turned to the doctor. "Start
assembling your operation team. You will only have an hour to perform
the operation. I want to make a thorough test of the device once it's
in place." The doctor shook his head, turned, and left the room.

"There is no reasoning with her," he said, when he was out of her

* * *

When Leilani reached the curb, she was surprised to see a limo driver
with her name written on a card.

"I just called for a taxi," she said. "How can I help you?"

"Complements of Mr. Shears," said the driver. "He said a lady with
your qualities shouldn't be riding in common cabs." Leilani chuckled
to herself, after recognizing the name of the board's resident tickler.
Leilani shrugged and allowed herself to be helped into the back seat.
Once inside, she made a phone call on her cell and cancelled the cab as
the limo pulled away from the curbside.

Leilani finished her call and placed her cellphone into her bag. She
then reached to fasten in her seatbelt. She heard two clicks when she
fastened it. Not only was the seatbelt so tight as to make Leilani
immobile, but somehow her hands had become entangled into some mesh
that she hadn't noticed before. She looked up to speak through the
window to the driver.

"Um...excuse me," she said. Leilani watched as the window to the
driver's area closed itself off. She thought she heard something odd,
like a seal when a jar is vaccuum sealed. Leilani wanted to reach up
and knock on the window, but she was reminded that she was bound tight
into the seat. She looked out the window and suddenly realized her
horrible plight.

"This isn't the way to the airport!" she shouted. "Pull over NOW!"
The only reply she heard was a loud hiss. Considering her situation,
she assumed it would be some type of knockout gas, but that didn't calm
her any, as Leilani was being kidnapped. In a few seconds, however,
Leilani was surprised to realize that she didn't care about being
kidnapped. she realized that the situation was a little funny in a
way, and giggled as she considered it. Leilani found that her giggling
began to be a little more continuous.

"Uh-oh," she said, with a silly grin on her face. "I think they're
using laughing gas." She paused to consider that thought, then
exploded with laughter.

>From the front seat, the driver watched Leilani bounce around in the
back seat like a silly cheerleader through a tiny monitor, while
listening to Leilani's laughing the whole time. The busty beauty's
short skirt was start to ride up her thighs, and the driver was finding
it hard to focus on his driving as he watched the sexy latina's
gyrations. Leilani soon slowed, however, as the laughing gas began to
affect her more. Her laughing trailed back to giggling, as her head
leaned against the window. Luckily for them both, Leilani fell to
sleep. Had she not been so affected, the driver may have had an

* * *

Leilani found herself laying on a gurney when she finally awoke. She
could barely make out the sound of a male voice alerting to the fact
that she was awake and to go get something. She still felt a little
light-headed, but tried to sit up anyway. She found that her arms were
still strapped down, now to the gurney. As her eyes began to focus,
Leilani realized she was in some type of large, plastic box, perhaps
for viewing or the like. The top of the box had a large, black hole
leading up to somewhere, but where was unknown as it was right over her

"Greetings, Ms. Morales," said a female voice. It sounded like it came
over an intercom of some type.

"Who are you people?" Leilani's voice was a little hoarse, and she was
still trying to clear to cobwebs from the remnants of the gas. "Let me
go immediately. People are going to look for me."

"No one's looking for you, Ms. Morales. I made certain a body double
took your flight. We will have you at your destination soon enough,

"What do you want with me?" Leilani's voice began to shudder.

"Simply put," the voice said. "You are to become our mole at Sykes
Engineering. You will tell us exactly what we need to know about their
next move before they make it."

"You're a fool if you think I will do any such thing!" Leilani shouted.
The voice continued as if Leilani had said nothing.

"Since you are the main brain at that outfit, you are the absolute best
choice to assist us." Leilani began to recognize the voice as that of

"Delores, you're an idiot for this!" Leilani shouted. "There is no way
come hell or high water that I will tell you anything."

"Come," Delores' voice said through the intercom. "Interseting choice
of word." As the sentence completed, the large, black tube began to
gust with a wind. Within seconds, Leilani was giggling again as the
effects of concentrated laughing gas was sprayed right in her face.

"This is a special type of gas, Ms. Morales," Delores said. "It's
designed to work well with the chip that is now implanted in your
brain. The chip is called a Laughter Enhancing Orgasmic Inhibitor. We
call it LEO-I for short." Just as Delores finished, and Leilani's
giggling began to turn to laughter, Leilani began to feel a strange,
new sensation. Her nipples began to tingle and started to become
harder. The reaction was unexpected, since it didn't happen on the
limo ride. Yet, there was no denying to Leilani that, even though she
was laughing uncontrollably, she was thoroughly enjoying the situation.
Within a few more moments, Leilani could feel her clit begin to tingle.
She tried to close her legs so she could use them to rub her clit, but
they were strapped into the gurney as well.

Once Leilani's laughing fit was in full swing, there was a sudden out
rush of the gas from the chamber. After the rushing had stopped for a
few minutes, a door to the chamber opened. Leilani struggled to look
up and could see four men enter the room. She layed back on the
gurney, laughing harder when she realized one of the men was the limo
driver. She really only cared that someone relieve the fire in her
crotch, as she wasn't really in the position to do so.

"Someone please," Leilani laughed. "Anything. Just do me! PLEASE!"
Leilani cackled at her actions, and stared up at the black void over
her head again.

"I guess you really are used to saying that," commented the intercom.
"Okay boys...TICKLE HER!" Leilani's eyes grew wide and the eight hands
began to freely roam across her body. She had never been this ticklish
before, but now she was tickled with every touch. Even the lightest of
strokes, enhanced by the laughing gas, caused her to scream, squeal,
and laugh like she never had before.

It felt like an eternity before they stopped, and still none of them
had responded to her pleas for sexual gratification. They simply left
the chamber and had it sealed closed again. Although Leilani's
laughter was finally calming, as the gas wore off, her arousal was not.
The combination of tickling and laughter had her turned on so high that
if she could get loose, regardless of her situation, she was ready to
get herself off immediately. Her prayers were answered when the bonds
on her arms and legs were released with an audible click.

Immediately, Leilani found herself shamelessly maturbating. She
giggled as she tweaked her nipples and furiously rubbed her clit. To
no avail. She soon realized that Orgasmic Inhibitor meant exactly

"Please!" Leilani shouted, with a little giggle. "I need to cum now!"
Leulani sat up on the gurney and could see Delores standing at the
sealed, clear door. In her hand was a small device with a button on
it. Delores reached over and pressed the button on the intercom.

"Allowing you to orgasm is as simple as pressing this button, Ms.
Morales," she said. "All you have to do is tell me what's happening in
Jamaica that requires your attention."

"It's a vacation," shouted Leilani, desperately. "Now press the

"I don't think so, Ms. Morales," said Delores. "I was still working
there when you took vacation, and that was less than three months ago.
Now talk or you'll be horny for a very long time, since we're flying
you to your destination."

"Okay!" Leilani said. She couldn't understand how easily she was
broken. Tortured with her own arousal. "We're preparing to open a
plant in Jamaica. We are going to be helping them with their
infrastructure." Delores smiled, then pressed the button. Leilani
felt a slight flush move across her body. Suddenly, the responses she
expected from her maturbation were occurring. Within seconds, she had
given herself three orgasms.

Leilani collapsed with exhaustion onto the gurney. "Take her to the
plane and fly her to Jamaica." Delores walked away as she said this.

Two of her four ticklers picked up the exhausted Leilani and carried
her away.

* * *

Leilani tried to relax on her captor's plane as it flew through the
night. She watched the television embedded into the executive chair
in front of her. A few minutes into the flight, a stewardess brought
her a cocktail. Leilani was about to refuse, but she realized that,
if, for some reason she started laughing, she may never get to orgasm.
Thoughts of the stewardess tickling her tingled in her mind, and she
decided to take the drink.

She began to relax a bit as she started to drink. This was just what
she needed to refocus herself.

And then she heard herself let out a short burst giggle. She tried to
choke back the next one, but it escaped anyway. Within seconds, she
was giggling and again her nipples were tingling. The monitor in
front of her suddenly switched to a different channel, and Leilani
could see Delores' face on the screen.

"As you are about to experience," Delores said. "We can make you laugh
from almost anything. However, at the moment, there is only one remote
and I have it." Leilani began to laugh harder as she felt her clit
tingle again. "The laughter won't last after you land, but the
arousal that you won't be able to get rid of will remain until I press
the button on my very short range remote."

Leilani layed back in her recliner, laughing hysterical.

"When you return, we will discuss the details of your trip, Ms.
Morales," said Delores. "Until then, happy trip."