The L.E.O.I.-nes
Episode 2: Terms of Service

Leilani Morales slowly sat down on the leather chair in her office. After
realizing that she was safe for the moment, she let out a small sigh of
relief. Even this sigh reminded her of the constant arousal that had been
with her since trying to sleep last night.

The office door opened, and Leilani's new assistant placed a cup of coffee
on Leilani's desk, along with an interoffice manilla envelope. She barely
listened to the girl, as her thoughts were completely distracted by her
current situation. Leilani crossed her legs tightly under her desks, hoping
the assistant wouldn't realize her current state. At one point, the assistant

"Still thinking about Jamaica?" she asked. Instantly, Leilani's tickled
torment returned to her. "Must have been on helluva trip."

"It was pure business," responded Leilani as best as she could without
sounding like a porno slut. The truth is, however, that is exactly what
Leilani was in Jamaica, all thanks to her implant, and her former, self-
righteous assistant, Delores. Her current assistant continued with her
schedule, and Leilani's thoughts were about to trail off back into her
current issues when her assistant read off an item on her calender.

"Lunch with Mr. Shears." The Tickler! Leilani's experience in Jamaica
showed her that more tickling on top of her current aroused state could
spell trouble.

"I'm not feeling so well," said Leilani. "See if you can cancel the lunch
appointment with Mr. Shears."

"Yes, Ms. Morales." The assistant disappeared out the office and the door
closed behind her. Mr. Shears has no idea how getting tickled right now
would affect Leilani. The truth of it was that Leilani didn't mind the effects
of the implant. What Leilani minded was not being able to control when
she was allowed to orgasm. Delores had the only remote capable of
giving Leilani any release from her aroused state, and Delores required
quite a bit of information in order for her to press that button.

When Leilani had first returned from Jamaica, the same limo driver held
a sign with her name on it at the airport. Mr. Shears and a few of the other
executives comments on how "high-society" Leilani was living. Leilani
smiled weakly and brushed the comments off. She was already aroused
from all the tickling Mr. Shears and others had put her through on the island,
and now she would have to tell Delores about the entire trip in detail in
order to have the sexual tension that has built inside her over the past five
days released.

Once again, the driver closed the window between the compartments, and
Leilani knew that she was in for an even higher state of arousal. As she
heard the gas entering the compartment, Leilani wondered how higher
states of arousal were possible, but she knew that every time she started
laughing, she became more aroused. She didn't bother trying to hold her
breath, or fight the gas in anyway. She was actually enjoying the torment,
and only the resulting lack of fulfillment was the problem.

Leilani was quickly giggling again as the gas in the back of the limo began
to take effect. This time, the driver found a small, secluded road to pull the
limo over, so he could watch every second of Leilani's tantilizing body
gyrate and quiver as her giggles turned to chuckling.

"Are you enjoying the show?" Leilani said through her soft chuckles.
Leilani figured he was watching her through the rearview mirror, and was
surprised when she heard an intercom response from the driver.

"Most definately," he said. "I have a full view of the entire back seats."
Leilani laughed hard and loud upon hearing this information, although
mostly from the affects of the laughing gas. The combination of laughter
and arousal was something Leilani was familiar with from her entire
trip, and she gave the driver a great tits and ass show, laughing like a
crazed woman. She couldn't tell if he was pleasuring himself, and she
didn't care. Leilani was more concerned with when she was going to get
herself off.

The questioning Delores put Leilani through was grueling. She was tied
to the gurney again, although she wouldn't have fought the idea of men
with their hands groping and teasing her hardened nipples and almost
eternally soaked clit. The hands roamed freely across her curves, tickling
her and arousing her both with laughter and with the desire to have any
man's hands on her body. Once Delores was finally satisfied with the
answers Delores had given, she pressed the button and allowed Leilani
climax after climax, the result of five days of penned in sexual frustration.

* * *

"I understand Mr. Shears," Leilani stated into the telephone. "Next time I
feel ill, I will remember to work from home." She paused and listened to
his words and responded. "Yes, Mr. Shears. I look forward to our lunch
meetings as well, but I wouldn't want you to catch this from me." Another
pause. "Well, there were some items I needed from the office, anyway. I'll
probably leave at lunch." She paused, then gave her goodbyes and hung

Just the thought of having Mr. Shears tickling her under the table both
excited Leilani, and filled her with dread. Jamaica had shown her exactly
how ticklish she had become. Very little effort could be made and Leilani
would descend into boisterous, uncontrolled laughter. At one point, Leilani
thought that having an orgasm would be as simple as getting something
long and hard inside her. Using every "old wives tale" she ever heard
regarding male endowment, she had been with many different men on the
island. All of their light touches would make Leilani end up in gales of
tickled laughter.

Most of the men she had been with would take advantage, and start tickling
her outright. This was enhanced by the fact that anytime someone asked
her why she was laughing, or what was funny, Leilani found that she
couldn't even lie about it. She always responded by saying something to
the effect of "I'm very ticklish", which would end up having hands, fingers
scarves, feathers...anything soft and gentle...tickling Leilani into higher and
higher levels of arousal.

In the end, she hooked up with a tall, local man, with long dreadlocks.
It took little effort for Leilani, an expert at teasing based on how she worked
with her peers, to seduce the man and get him back into her hotel room.
They ended up in a doggy-style position, and during the course of the
encounter, the dreadlocks began to lightly brush along Leilani's back.
She screamed with laughter and admitted, unwittingly, to being extremely
ticklish when questioned. She begged him to continue and he did for

As he continued, his dreadlocks tickling the Leilani's lower back and
rounded ass, Leilani felt something in her head. It was only after the man
gave up in the frustration of Leilani's laughter, as all the other men had
done before him, that Leilani reflected on the sensation. It was similar to
when Delores had pressed the button during her "test" of the implant.
Close, but not close enough as Leilani layed back on her bed, laughing
helplessly. The only thing her male encounters taught her is that size
really doesn't matter. The only thing that mattered was Leilani's newfound
uncontrolable ticklishness, and the arousal that her own laughter caused.

* * *

Even Leilani's home wasn't safe. After her questioning from Delores, when
she finally returned home to get some sleep, she rolled back the satin
sheets on her bed, while wearing a satin teddy, and retired in order to
work the next morning. All the satin felt a little funny, but Leilani couldn't
quite put her finger on it until she awoke in the middle of the night, laughing

Leilani had become so ticklish that the softness of the satin against the
back of her exposed thighs had started tickling her in her sleep. When she
awoke, she found her laughter had caused her, as always, to be nearly
immobile. The vibration caused by her own laughter apparently rubbed her
body...nipples, legs, ass, against some type of satin, which tickled like
crazy. In essence, Leilani was tickling herself with her own laughter!

It took her about an hour to slowly wiggle her tickled body out of the bed
and onto the floor, and another hour before she found a way to wiggle out
of her satin teddy. As always, the laughter remained for an hour on top
of that before Leilani was finally able to weakly stand up and start looking
for something else to wear as well as new sheets. Already, she was
aroused based on her self-tickling experience, and she was exhausted
from her three hours of tickle torture.

Unfortunately, Leilani's love for the feel of satin was now working against
her, since all of her lingerie and sleepwear was made of the material. She
did keep spare sheets, though, so she could probably sleep in the nude on
some regular cotton sheets when she found them. Normally, she kept them
for her guests, but tonight was an exception.

The closet that she normally kept the cotton sheets in were empty, except
for one set of satin sheets, and an audio tape. Leilani's eyes grew wide,
when she saw the satin sheets. She grabbed the tape and found her old
cassette player. Delores' voice was on the cassette.

"I do hope you like the new set of sheets I bought for you," the recording
said. "I also decided to help you out and get rid of all your old, cotton
sheets, as I know they won't give you as satin will."
Leilani's mouth started to gape open with her nipples and clit tingling at
the thought of her tickling herself on a nightly basis. After a short pause
on the tape, Delores continued.

"Don't bother trying to replace the sheets to something less...pleasant. We
will just put them back to the satin you are using tonight." The tape ended
with a click.

Resigned, Leilani went to sleep on her leather couch in the nude. She
would only have two more hours of sleep left before she would have to
wake for work.

* * *

Johann finished placing the mail into the cart for distribution when another
man came running up to him. Johann didn't recognize him, but since he
was wearing the proper uniform, Johann figured he was a new guy. He was
carrying a small box and waving with his empty hand as he approached

"Hold on a sec," he said. He finally stopped in front of the cart and handed
the small box to Johann. "This is supposed to go to Leilani Morales."

"What is it?" asked Johann, as he looked at the unmarked, brown box.

"I think it's some new perfume or something that they are working on. She's
supposed to try it out."

Johann shook his head slightly. The number of new items that Sykes
was working on boggled his mind, but he didn't question it as long as he
got paid on time and well. Since both of those were true, he took the box
and placed it with other things to be delivered to the same floor.

"Have you heard about this perfume before?" Johann asked.

"Oh yeah," said the guy. "Apparently, Sykes bought the rights to an older
type of deodorant, and they are making a whole line based on it."

"What was the old deodorant called?"

The man smiled widely at this question. "It was called 'Tickle'. Just make
sure Ms. Morales tests this before you leave."

"What is she doesn't?" asked Johann.

"Then just spray it on her yourself." Johann shook his head and put his
hands in the air.

"I don't think so, man," he said. "I like my job here. I don't want to lose it
for anything."

"Don't worry," said the new guy. "Engineering needs to know if the stuff
is working as it should, and they need an immediate response."

* * *

Johann entered Leilani's office, letting the door closed behind him. Leilani
smiled as she looked up from her chair, although Johann could tell she
seemed a little nervous. Johann handed her the papers she was required
to return, then he opened the little box and brought out the perfume. Johann
explained that engineering needed an immediate response on what Leilani
thought of the perfume.

Leilani would have normally tested it immediately. However, life with her
implant made anything a risk. She asked Johann to place it on the desk,
and she would test it later.

Johann was about to comply. He looked at how gorgeous Leilani looked,
dressed, as usual, in a very enticing blouse and miniskirt. Johann used
any excuse to try and speak with Leilani that he could, and he had one
built in now. He explained again that engineering wanted an immediate
response, and he was to take it to them after she wrote it up.

Leilani again said that she would be happy to do it a little later, that she
wasn't feeling well, and she was about to head for home. She started to
back away a little as Johann moved in her direction. This caused Johann
to move faster, and he eventually had Leilani cornered in her own, secluded
and very private office. He kept pointing the spray towards her while
Leilani was almost begging him to leave. Her aroused tone of voice wasn't
convincing Johann.

Leilani tried to grab the bottle from Johann, and they ended up juggling
it. In his effort to catch the bottle, he accidently sprayed Leilani's
cleavage. The effect was almost immediate as Leilani's fear was realized.
Leilani first started giggling, and Johann, a bit confused, chuckled a little
bit, then left the office...nervous that the encounter could get him in some
kind of trouble.

Leilani knew she only had a few minutes of being able to move remaining.
Her giggles increased as she moved to the door, closed, and locked it.
She was barely able to make it back to her chair before she lost all her
strength to her laughter. She immediately reached under her skirt, in vain,
and began rubbing her clit and laughing like crazy. Her fingers weren't
capable of moving very quickly, unfortunately, and she spent the majority
of the time staring helplessly at the ceiling as the perfume's effects washed
over her body. Her skirt slid up and abover her hips as she slowly slipped
out of her chair and underneath her desk.

Leilani forced herself to slowly crawl back into her chair when her phone
started ringing. She had an idea that it was Delores, since she must have
been responsible for the perfume delivery somehow. The phone didn't
stop ringing to go into her voicemail as it normally did after four rings.
Instead, the phone continued alerting Leilani to her helplessness when
affected by one of Delores' special formulas.

Leilani reached her chair finally and surprised herself by being able to
hold in her laughing for a fraction of a moment while she looked at the
LCD display to see who was calling. She exploded into laughter when the
display read "Outside Line". As the phone had rang some thirty times
without going to voicemail, Leilani decided she'd better answer it as best
she could through her laughter.

She managed to again hold her laughter for a moment, saying "Hello" into
the receiver in a high-pitched, voice that was suppressing the laughter.
When Delores responded on the other end, Leilani exploded, laughing the
loudest she had laughed while affected in this way.

"Ah," said Delores through the phone. "I see you got the bottle of perfume
I sent over to you. I just thought you might like to know that I took the
liberty of switching a few of your household hygenic products for you. I
think you'll be...happily...surprised, don't you agree?"

"Wha...wha..." Leilani crumbled into laughter again, then tried to speak
through it. It took her five minutes of trying, with Delores goading her the
entire time, before Leilani was able to laugh out "What do you want?"

"Oh, nothing at the moment," Delores replied. "I'm just testing some of
our new hygenic products, and thought you'd be the perfect candidate to
volunteer. You're welcome to discard what you don't like, once you figure
out exactly which ones were changed. Just keep in mind that we reserve
the right to make a switch at any time, and without warning."

Leilani hung up the phone and again tried to weakly pleasure herself, again
without success. She only reminded herself of the helplessness of her
situation, and how she had become Delores' laughing slave, to be toyed
with at Delores' whim. As her laughter calmed, Leilani began to wonder
how other sex slaves managed to keep their sanity.

Leilani then wondered how long she would be able to maintain her own.