The L.E.O.I.-nes
Episode 3: A truly Merry Christmas

And now, Leilani was nearly in a state of denial about the state of her life.
She decided that she would try to go on, and find a way to ignore the constant
state of arousal she was in, enhanced by even the slightest chuckle, giggle, and
especially any tickling she received. The days had passed where she would empty
out her entire refrigerator because Dolores had spiked one or more of her food
items and sent Leilani into a laughing fit, squirming and jiggling her
curvaceous body across the kitchen floor in search of a vibrator that wasn't
going to do her any good anyway. Mainly because within a day or two, she'd
be doing it all over again, since Dolores obviously had a key to her home.

Multiple keys to her home, actually, because changing the locks did Leilani
little good but to insure that she'd either be sprayed with some trap upon
opening her apartment door, or walk into an apartment filled with gas that was
sometimes visibile, and sometimes not...the same apartment that supposedly had
a new lock on it.

Leilani just decided to surrender to whatever Dolores had planned for her. All
the time she spent fighting did nothing but make her even more aroused from the
gassings, the "poisonings", and the tickle torture that she'd endure at the
hands of the man Leilani called "The Driver", who would pick her up and take
her to Dolores' hideaway, or whatever scientist that had a fancy for the sexy
latina's hourglass frame. Oddly enough, Dolores hadn't really made any true
demands on Leilani, other than servicing her sexually starved workers, and the
information from Jamacia, which Dolores had apparently done nothing with.

Leilani was actually coming to like almost every aspect of the implant, except
for the fact that Dolores had the button which controlled whether Leilani would
have an orgasm or not. She began to feel especially at ease being in a
submissive role, and often went to sleep at nights fantasizing that the
imaginary man of her dreams was the one holding the button; that he was the one
tickling, poisoning, or gassing Leilani on a frequent basis. Her fantasies
never helped the arousal that Dolores had put her under, but at least Leilani
could pretend for a moment that the arousal was partially under her control.
Sometimes, Leilani's gyrations from her sleep time fantasies sent her into
uncontrollable hysterics, a result of being forced to sleep on the satin sheets
that Leilani simultaneously loved and hated. Those nights were always much
worse than normal, because of the reminder that Leilani was definately no longer
in control of her own sexuality. The implant was. Dolores was. Anyone Dolores
chose to appoint was. Everyone but Leilani, who's only purpose now was to laugh
and take it.

Leilani was actually quite surprised that she hadn't fallen into a laughing fit
over the new bottle of wine that she had just opened. As was Leilani's usual
routine, she would return from work and have a glass of wine to relax. The
last bottle Leilani had opened had been "poisoned", and each and every glass
would send Leilani into an hour of bouncing around her apartment, laughing like
a little girl, but horny as a whore that had been without in many years.
Leilani accepted that she was the whore now. The one Dolores accused her of
being, and the one Dolores had made her into.

Completely and totally against Leilani's will.

Leilani occassionally thought back on her trip to Jamacia a few months ago.
Inevitably, her thoughts always turned to the guy she had in her hotel room,
that had Leilani on her hands and knees, laughing like crazy while his
dreadlocks tickled her back and asscrack. She remember how she had felt a
little tingle in her head, exactly like the one she always felt when Dolores
mercifully pressed the button, allowing Leilani to orgasm, almost always from
using her own fingers on her clit. Only once was The Driver allowed to tickle
and fuck her while Dolores pressed the button. Unfortunately, after Leilani
had her orgasms, ten in all, The Driver continued to tickle her unmercifully,
and Leilani was once again aroused and enslaved to Dolores.

Halfway through her drink, Leilani's telephone rang. She half expected it to
be Dolores, telling her not to get used to the fact that her wine wasn't
charged with...what did Dolores call it...Laughing Liquid? Another one of
Dolores' phone calls to remind Leilani that Dolores completely and totally
controlled Leilani.

"Hey, Lei!" The perky, upbeat shout was at the other end of the phone in
response to Leilani's demure greeting. "Why so glum, chum? It's your best bud,
Stacy!" Leilani's smiled widely. Stacy and Leilani were almost inseperable in
college, having been members of the same secret sorority, as well as in the
same major. They had attended many of the same classes, and worked on almost
all their major projects together. Stacy, however, had taken a job in sunny,
Southern California...probably to fit her almost always sunny disposition.

"How's it going, Stacy?" Leilani's voice picked up a little, charged by the
power of a friendship renewed.

"I'm great," came the reply. "I'm back in the snow belt for the Christmas and
New Year, and was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime." There was a
pause, and Leilani wondered to herself about her answer. How would she explain
a laughing fit to her friend if she had one? "Assuming you don't have other
plans, of course." Stacy obviously noticed the pause.

Leilani reminded herself to give up worrying about the implant, and go on with
her life. "No, I don't have any plans. I'd love to have you come by."

"*YOU* have no plans?" Stacy seemed surprised. "As I recall, you usually had
some boy wrapped around your little finger around this time of year."

"Hey," Leilani responded, light-heartedly. "As I recall, your dance card was
pretty full for the season as well."

"Yes, well," Stacy's perkiness seemed to fall off a little. "Things change.
I make do with what I can."

The two chatted for a few more moments before Stacy hung up from her cell phone.
The two friends scheduled a meeting for the next night, which was the beginning
of a week off for Leilani. Leilani took a trip to the store, and picked up a
few items for the encounter, mostly alcohol mixers, as Stacy used to love mint
Julips in college.

* * *

The man strapped the mask back on her face as soon as Stacy hung up the phone,
and she was almost immediately returned to her hysterically laughing state. Her
long, blonde hair had been bound by a hair tie, but was still long enough to
descend to the middle of her back...had she been standing up. Instead, Stacy
had found that her elbows and knees had been bound to a table. Her ample
breasts had been cocooned inside of a lengthy feather boa, and her naked ass
and pussy were forced into the air. She had been taken doggy style repeatedly.
The man climbed back onto the table and entered her doggy style again, causing
the boa to tickle her breasts, and Stacy's arousal to shoot through the

Most women might have cared about being forced against their will repeatedly,
but somehow they found a way to turn Stacy into a true slut. A laughing slut.
The more she laughed, the more aroused she became, and these men, and some
hispanic woman had repeatedly found ways to make her laugh. One had found her
in a local, California bar, and Stacy thought it was just another encounter with
a cute guy that was trying to pick up on her. Stacy took the guy back to her
apartment. One thing led to another, and Stacy found herself pinned and
tickled, which Stacy had always loved in college. Had she known that the
encounter would lead to her continuously tickled, gassed, sprayed with some
weird liquid, and dusted with some weird powder, forcing her to laugh over and

Dolores looked at a monitor on her latest creation, and patted a little black
phonebook against the palm of one of her hands...Leilani's phonebook.

* * *

Leilani finished arranging various items in her apartment that needed no
arranging. In reality, she felt a little nervous about Stacy's visit. In
addition to the regular results not seeing a friend and rival in years, she had
the added worry that something, somehow, would make her laugh, including a joke
from her very comical friend, and then Leilani would have to try and explain
away an hour of hysterical laughing.

Her nervousness jumped when she heard her friend's voice out in the hallway
leading to Leilani's apartment. Stacy was laughing loudly, and she'd obviously
ran into a couple of guys that she was flirting with and bringing to the
gathering. Leilani remembered from college on a couple of holidays that the
two found themselves alone, one of the two friends would flirt, tease, and
easily seduce a couple boys back to the house. Leilani's stomach began to get
more nervous when she figured that Stacy must be telling some jokes to the boys,
and her laughter would pause, then exploded again as she got closer to the
apartment. Leilani sighed when the doorbell rang. She knew that she'd have to
explain, before the night was over, why she was laughing at a joke from thirty
minutes ago.

Leilani smiled, then opened the door. Stacy was laughing like crazy, wearing
a very short, black minidress. She was obviously wearing a bustier underneath,
because Leilani could definately see the straps from the garter coming from
beneath the dress and attaching to the thigh-high, black stockings, all of
which contrasted greatly against Stacy's supple, white skin. Black, strappy
stilettos rounded out Stacy's very seductive outfit. Leilani was a little
confused, but then was startled by Stacy quickly lifting a bottle of what
resembled perfume directly into Leilani's face. Leilani already knew what it
was, but wasn't fast enough to close the door before Stacy pressed on the pump.

Leilani coughed, trying to get the spray away from her face, but she already
knew it was too late. Leilani began to chuckle and Stacy, laughing
hysterically, gently pushed Leilani backwards into her apartment, spraying her
again, and then a third time. Leilani's choked back giggles began to flow
freely from her lips, and spiked a moment when she lost her balance and slipped
back onto her leather couch. Leilani crossed her legs tightly, trying to
prevent her clit from throbbing, but her nipples becoming erect against her
satin bra had equally much to say about Leilani's arousal as her satin thong

Stacy stepped just inside the apartment, and leaned her back against the wall.
She wrapped her arms around her stomach, laughing loudly, and slowly slid down
the wall, causing her minidress to rise up slightly and stop just below Stacy's
hips. By this time, she was almost in a fetal position, leaning against the
wall, laughing helplessly.

"Okay," she squealed, in a giggle-possessed voice. "I got her. Now fuck me!"

Dolores, The Driver, and The Head Scientist entered the apartment right behind
Stacy, all smiling widely. Giggling, Leilani looked at the trio, then at her
friend laughing helplessly on the floor and made a quick realization with her
quickly degenerating mind...they somehow got her best friend! Leilani erupted
into laughter based on this thought.

"Not quite yet," said Dolores. "My friends here want to have a little sex and
tickle party. One where the two of you will be the guests of honor." The two
girls looked at each other and laughed loudly. The Driver scooped Stacy into
his arms, and gently placed her on the couch next to her silly friend, tickling
her sides in transit, and causing Stacy to laugh and coo gratefully. She
thanked The Driver, but Leilani wasn't sure if it was for the tickle, or the
easy way he placed her on the couch. Leilani didn't really care, as the tingle
of her jiggling breasts reminded her that she would spend the night as a
laughing slave.

"First things, first," said Dolores. "Let's have you take off your dress Stacy,
and show off your nice, new bustier." Stacy cackled and slowly did as she was
told. The lingerie was, as one could guess, made of stain, and was a little
loose fitting around Stacy's full breasts, even for a D-cup. The reason was
obviously so that Stacy's nipples would rub against the satin interior, and
either tickle her, arouse her, or both. The outfit was completed by a black,
stain thong, similar to what Leilani was already wearing.

Dolores handed a gift box with a red ribbon carefully wrapped around it to
Leilani. "Merry Christmas, my laughing little slut," Dolores cooed wickedly as
she handed the box to Leilani. "Go to your bedroom and!" Leilani
tried to calm and steady herself, but the Laughing Liquid had her very loopy,
and she exploded in laughter just after she left the living room. She crawled
back into the living room after she changed, laughing and slapping her hand on
the floor, hoping for some kind of mercy from her already out-of-control
arousal. Leilani was wearing a red version of Stacy's outfit; only the black
stockings matched.

"What shall we do with them first?" Dolores smiled widely.

"Well," said The Driver. "Personally, I've always wanted to see how Leilani
would do in a tickle fight." With all eyes focused on the two gassed victims,
neither the Driver, nor the Head Scientist saw Dolores' eyes grow just ever so
slightly wider.

"Most certainly," Dolores said. "An excellent idea! The winner of the First
Annual Christmas Tickle Fight will be the first slut to orgasm." Leilani and
Stacy giggled at the idea, then, without a cue from Dolores, immediately began
tickling each other without any regard to protecting themselves. The two slaves
exploded into tickled laughter, rolled off the couch and onto the plush carpet.
Their fingers left no nook untickled, exploring each other's bodies fully.

"These two have obviously had quite a few tickle fights before," commented
Dolores. The two men payed no attention to her commentary. The Driver already
had his slacks open and was stroking his member furiously, while the Head
Scientist attempted to discretely fondle his hardened cock through his slacks.

"Don't be shy, now," said Dolores. "These girls are your toys. Do what you
will with them, boys."

The Driver was obviously ahead in undressing, but the Scientist was quickly out
of his slacks as well. The two girls ignored the boys as they were slowly
arranging the two girls into such a fashion as to be entered easily in the
doggy style position. The girls were locked in what seemed to be a wrestler's
grip, but each girl was tickling the underarm of her opponent. They only
stopped for a moment when they were simultaneously entered, the Driver into
Leilani, and the Scientist into Stacy. The tickling stopped while the girls
cooed, moaned and laughed at the thrusts of the men.

"Now girls," said Dolores. She reached inside her purse and produced two of the
buttons that Leilani had become familiar with. Obviously, each girl had her own
button, so Dolores could reward the proper girl with orgasm. "No one said the
tickle fight was over."

Stacy and Leilani resumed tickling each other as best they could. Their
balances were thrown off from each thrust of the man fucking her. Eventually,
they found they could balance themselves if they allowed their faces to lay on
the carpet, with one hand stretched out, and the other hand tickling the
opponent. Leilani relished in the idea of being a tickle slut as the Driver
continually thrust inside of her. She cackled from her friend's soft fingers
tickling under her arms.

Then, Leilani felt the signal in her head. Actually, it wasn't exactly the
signal, but it was something close to it. Her tear-streaked faced looked up
at Dolores' evil grin and saw that she wasn't pressing anything on the remotes.
Nevertheless, she could feel something in her head. Almost as if the button
was going to be pressed any second...

"Enough!" shouted Dolores. "Tickle fight over. No girl wins." The two girls
immediately stopped tickling each other and laughed like little school girls.
They hadn't noticed that The Driver and The Scientist had obviously gotten their
satisfaction, and left Leilani and Stacy on the ground in hysterics.

"What about us!" squealed Stacy. "Let us have some, mistress!" Leilani hadn't
considered referring to Dolores as a mistress before, but obviously this wasn't
a new term for Stacy. Her friend was on her hands and knees, laughing at
Dolores' spiked heels, and looking up at Dolores pleadingly. Leilani found this
to be funny, along with almost everything else, but decided to try it as well.

Leilani slowly crawled over towards Dolores, laughing in a near breathless
state. "Please, Mistress," she begged through her laughter. Dolores' eyebrow
raised at Leilani's new attitude. Dolores suddenly realize the complete and
total power she had over the two women, and laughed out loud.

"You two whores will have to pleasure yourselves," she finally said. She
snapped her fingers, and the Driver and the Scientist started to walk out of
Leilani's apartment. Right as Dolores got to the door, she pressed both
buttons. She then closed the door behind her.

* * *

"I'm so sorry, Leilani," Stacy said, as the two girls leaned against the couch
and the floor. Their bodies were still wet with sweat, and the two
occassionally chuckled as the laughter was wearing off. "They brought me here
from Cali and made me do all these things. I couldn't even resist a little.
You know how I am." Stacy had just finished relating the entire story of how
she came from California.

Leilani did know about Stacy's tickle fetish. It was so strong in college that
she would fuck any boy that tickled her. Stacy found herself in bed with a few
of the more unpopular frat boys, and almost was tossed out of the sorority.
Luckily, she was...made to confess...her fetish, and the sorority helped find
ways to...accomodate Stacy's desires.

"They told you about the implant?" Leilani asked. Stacy nodded in reply.

"They said we both had one now," Stacy said breathlessly. "It wouldn't matter
except I can't get off until they press that button." Leilani found she was
now completely at ease. She felt almost happy to know that someone else knew
how she felt, and how she had been all these many months.

"Did you feel anything weird?" Leilani asked. Stacy frowned slightly, not sure
of what Leilani asked. She began to think back on the encounter, then an idea
hit her.

"Yes, I did, as a matter of fact," Stacy said. "It was right before Dolores
stopped them. While you were tickling under my arms, and that lab coat guy was
in me."

Leilani was trying to analyze the encounter, but the ringing telephone stopped
her. Leilani knew who it was before she answered it.

"Put the speakerphone on," said Dolores. Leilani turned on the speakerphone,
and Dolores' voice blasted through the speakers.

"Stacy is going to be your new roommate, just like in college. Make
accomodations for her, while we see to it that her sudden move from California
was planned all the while." The phone made an audible click, and the speaker
turned off. The two girls looked at each other, still sweaty and exhausted.

"Well, I suppose it won't be all bad," said Stacy, trying to be upbeat as
always. "At least we can go guy hunting together again."

Leilani nodded. Stacy would help her try to find some normalcy in her life
again, and maybe even find a way to help her combat Dolores and her evil
implant. Leilani realized that an experiment would need to be run, based on
their encounter tonight.

Stacy had become the second LEO-Ine.