The L.E.O.I.-nes
Episode 4: And A Happy New Year

"Are you sure we can do this?" whispered Stacy. Leilani wasn't really
altogether certain, but she didn't see where she or her friend had any choice.
So, Leilani used her pass key, which operated almost like a skeleton key for the
entire building, and led her friend through the maze of cubicles and into her
office. She closed the door very quietly, and quickly drew the blinds closed.
Leilani knew that the sound proofing of her office would give the two as much
privacy as could be afforded in the building. Leilani locked the door, and then
breathed a sigh of relief.

"My status here is such that I can pretty much do anything," said Leilani. "As
long as I don't sell off company secrets." Leilani giggled a little to try and
"laugh off" the fact that she had already given away a few minor secrets. She
was only off the hook by the fact that Skyes Engineering had released a press
statement regarding their plans in Jamacia. It was actually Leilani's
suggestion, but her reasoning was sound. Sykes stock had a sharp increase
before the market closed for the holidays based on how Sykes would build up
Jamacia's infrastructure.

Jamacia wasn't what brought the two new found and forced roommates into
Leilani's office two days before the New Year, and in the dark of night at that.
It was the fact that Sykes was also closed for the holidays, so Leilani was
pretty sure no one would be around. She also had been formulating a plan since
the two girls last encountered Dolores. A plan that she felt might actually,
hopefully, somehow defeat Dolores' dreaded implants...or at least the control
they held over the two gorgeous boardwomen.

"I'm more sorry about your job," said Leilani. By now, Dolores had finished all
the clandestine details of Stacy's "not-so-abrupt" disappearing act to the East

"Don't be," Stacy replied. Then she giggled and continued, "Besides, I couldn't
find anyone in Cali that had the guts to tickle me. Everyone out there is too
ready to sue each other. Not a real fun place in the sun, if you ask me."

Leilani knew that Stacy was probably just putting positive spin on the
situation, trying to alleviate some of Leilani's sorrow for allowing Dolores to
somehow steal her personal phonebook. All too late now, as both Stacy and
Leilani had been turned into Dolores' personal laugh and tickle least
until tonight. Leilani was resolved that tonight would be the absolute end of
Dolores' control over her and now her friend. Leilani was about to open her
gym bag of equipment when Stacy stopped her.

"What are we going to use to laugh with?" said Stacy. Her normally perky
personality was somewhat subdued by her friend's plan. It seemed a little
weird, but in their situation, there wasn't much she could do about it. All
Stacy wanted was the ability to tell a joke again without it causing more
stress than it was supposed to relieve. The two girls had explicitly avoided
anything that might make them laugh over the past week, and it was driving
Stacy crazy. No sitcoms. No joke-telling. Worse yet, they slept in sleeping
bags on the floor, so the satin sheets wouldn't set them off. Stacy wasn't
even allowed to fantasize about her favorite pass time, which was excruciating.

"I think one of the items I brought with me has either the Laughing Liquid or
the Laughing Dust in it," Leilani replied. Leilani knew that, if this plan
didn't had to work! All those tingles in both of their heads couldn't
have been wrong. Nevertheless, the Sykes building was the only place where
the girls knew that Dolores didn't have any bugging devices, and they couldn't
let her know of the plan before it was too late.

Leilani carefully unloaded the items onto her desk. Several items of food and
drink, along with two metallic vibrators. Stacy looked at each item, a little
nervous. She recognized the cost of Leilani's failure, even if Leilani refused
to see it...the two girls would be thoroughly aroused for an unknown length of
time. Nervously, the two girls looked at each other, then at the food items.

"Well, here we go," said Leilani, with slight resignation. The two girls slowly
began to eat and drink the items that Leilani had brought with her. The layout
would have been sufficient for a nice lunch or dinner gathering if the stakes
weren't so high...regaining control of their sexuality.

Stacy bit into a piece of fried chicken, swallowed it, and immediately
recognized the tickle in her tummy. She giggled, then said "Try the chicken."
Stacy then giggled a little longer as her latina friend took a leg from the
basket and bit into it. Stacy's forced smile widened and her chuckles and
giggles became more consistent as Leilani found she that the chicken had indeed
been dusted.

Leilani sat back in her executive chair and tried to relax, knowing that she
would soon be overtaken with laughter and arousal exactly as planned. Leilani
had worked her way into a continuous stream of giggling as Stacy turned to a
more hearty form of laughter. Leilani found Stacy's laughter to be quite
amusing, and stared at her sillified friend, causing Leilani to quickly jump a
few notches from giggling to laughing right along with her.

Now was time for phase two of the plan. Since the two girls were laughing, and
becoming less aware as time went on, Leilani had to act fast. She rose out of
her chair, and pointed at the couch.

"Over there," Leilani said in a high pitched voice that broke apart with more
laughter. Stacy slid out of her chair, trying to walk over to the couch, which
wasn't more than three feet away. Her laughter overcame her, and Stacy slowly
fell to her knees, then onto all fours, possessed by her implant. She slowly
crawled over to the couch, and slowly pulled herself into it. Leilani stumbled
over to the couch to assist her friend, and raised her skirt up. The thought
of Stacy's pink thong being pushed aside was also amusing to Leilani, and her
laughter increased for a moment. Leilani tried her best to keep as much control
as possible, knowing that her laughter would overtake her in a moment.

Leilani took one of the vibrators and clicked it on. The vibration tickled in
her hand a little, which, as far as Leilani was concerned, was near tickle
torture. Nevertheless, Leilani had to make this work. She laughed as she
slowly pushed Stacy's thong aside and slipped the vibrator inside Stacy's
already soaking pussy. Stacy was cackling like crazy, and cooed with the
vibrator's entry. Leilani slowly pressed it deeply into Stacy, and out,
laughing the entire time.

"Faster, please, Lei!" Stacy laughed, with a hint of frustration in her voice.
Leilani tried to go faster, but her arms were starting to become unresponsive.
Leilani felt her mind succumbing to the effects of the dust she had eaten. She
felt her laughter starting to go out of control, and she couldn't stand up as
well. She leaned down onto one knee, laughing harder as she tried to increase
the speed with which she pushed the vibrator into Stacy. The result of
Leilani's efforts was that she was capable of using the vibrator on Stacy at a
medium pace, causing Leilani to laugh harder in her frustrated efforts.

"I can't," Leilani laughed loudly. Stacy howled with laughter from her friend's
comments, and began to try rocking back onto the vibrator. She slapped her hand
onto couch with frustration, as she wasn't able to move with any speed at all.

"You've gotta," Stacy squealed. Leilani could no longer stand on her heels at
all, and brought her other knee under her. She stared directly at Stacy's
pussy, unable to use the vibrator any faster than she already was. Leilani's
reasoning had completely left her, and as she pressed the vibrator into her
friend, she thought it would be funny to really frustrate Stacy. Leilani
chuckled to herself as she slowly began to remove Stacy's heels.

"No, wait," Stacy laughed out. Leilani knew she didn't mean it...she thought
anyway. Didn't matter to Leilani. She easily removed Stacy's heels, and began
to lightly tickle Stacy's feet through her nylons. Stacy's squealed again, and
her laughter grew in earnest. Stacy couldn't hold her torso up anymore, and
her face came to rest on one of the couch's arms.

"It's WORKING!" Stacy screamed. "Please go faster!" Leilani wasn't really
certain exactly what Stacy was talking about, but her excitement about it was
hilarious to Leilani. She absent-mindedly slowed her thrusts, concentrating on
tickling Stacy's stockings, and amusing herself over how Stacy's toes curled
and her stockings wiggled from Leilani's long, manicured nails.

Stacy mustered all her strength from the ticklish torment her soles were
recieveing. She could feel it, a light tingle somewhere in her head that was
just like all the times when Dolores pressed the button, only smaller. If she
could just get the vibrator in her harder somehow. But her hysterics, and the
dust she had eaten slowed her pace down, and she couldn't move herself, even
with all her efforts. All she could do was laugh from the Laughing Dust and
allow her friend to increase her arousal to an excruciating level from the
foot tickling she was getting.

Stacy used what energy she had mustered, turned. and suddenly jumped at Leilani.
She found the other vibrator and turned it on, cackling hysterically. Leilani
laughed at how her friend was so easily able to knock her backwards onto the
floor, and the result was Leilani laying on her back, staring at the ceiling,
and laughing like a loon. Stacy spread Leilani's legs apart...the world seemed
like it was in slow motion for both girls...and took the second vibrator into
Leilani's pussy.

Leilani, having long accepted that she was a laughing slut, and temporarily
forgetting exactly why the girls had come to the office in the first place,
eagerly accepted the vibrator into her sex. Each of Stacy's slow thrusts caused
a slight moan of pleasure to break up Leilani's laughter, and the ripples from
the vibrator rattled her throbbing clit. Leilani became infatuated with how
her cleavage jiggled with her laughter, a funny sight to say the least.

Leilani's laughter increased briefly as Stacy began to tickle her inner thigh.
She loved the feeling of her thighs tickled, and took great unfulfilled pleasure
in Stacy's fingers as they slowly tickled up her thighs, and near her shaved
pussy. Leilani laid back again, and stared at the ceiling, content to laugh her
normal, unsatisfied laughter when she felt it. A small tingle inside her head
just like when Dolores pressed the button! Immediately Leilani remembered why
she and Stacy were here.

"YES!" shouted Leilani. "Fuck me faster, Stacy!" Leilani quickly became
overcome with her laughter again, but like Leilani moments before, Stacy found
that she couldn't move faster than a steady pace that would be far too slow
for any success. Both girls screamed with laughter when Stacy said she couldn't
go faster, and Stacy laid back on the floor, collapsing as she was overcome by
the food she had consumed.

* * *

Stacy finished closing the straps on her heels. Both girls were letting out
occassional chuckles from the effects of the food wearing off. They tried to
ignore each other, because Leilani suspected that the chuckling may become
contagious, as it always did in college, and cause them to descend into another
hour of silliness.

"Well, at least we had fun trying," said Stacy, breathing a hard sigh, and
forcing the last of her giddiness out. "Personally, I'm wondering why the
chicken had caused it. I thought it was homemade."

"It was," said Leilani, who was also breathing heavy to force out the last of
the giggles. "I personally can't figure out what all the foods have in common.
I've been laughing over a lot of my homemade food."

"Well," said Stacy. "If we can just find a way to get those vibrators
working for us."

The two girls repacked Leilani's bag and slowly walked towards the elevator,
deep in thought. The two were a little downtrodden, as they had come so close,
and yet were still controlled by Dolores and her buttons. The two girls watched
as the elevator numbers marked their descent. Leilani was struck with an idea
right as the number five was lit, and pulled the elevator stop.

Stacy looked at her friend inquisitively. "You have another idea?"

"What if we can make up for not being able to move quickly, somehow?" Leilani

"I'm open to any ideas," replied her friend. Leilani pressed the four button,
then released the elevator stop. Leilani swiped her ID card through the reader,
and the doors opened one floor down, and the girls entered the main engineering

"Let's look around here," said Leilani. "Maybe we can find something." Stacy
and Leilani split up and began to look through the various lab desks, closets,
and drawers. In one side closet, Stacy found several large tanks of laughing
gas, all of which were on dollies. She pulled two out, and went about finding
the accessories for the tanks. She equipped the tanks with the proper hoses, as
well as nose masks. She then wheeled them back over to the area the two girls
had entered.

Leilani found several devices with motors. Most of the devices, unfortunately,
couldn't sustain one of the vibrators attached to it. The ones that could
weren't designed to created the rhythmic motion that the girls would need in
order to orgasm. Slightly dejected, and slightly frustrated, she headed back to
the entrance to meet Stacy.

Leilani was surprised to see the tanks that Stacy had brought out. Stacy's
reasoning was the possibility that perhaps if they used "normal" laughing gas,
that they would be able to operate better, and possibly fast enough to achieve
the orgasm that both girls now desperately needed. Perhaps Leilani wouldn't
have agreed so quickly if she'd been in her right mind. The constant throbbing
of her sexual desire had made it's demands well known, and Leilani agreed.

The girls quickly strapped the nose masks over their faces, and Leilani handed
Stacy the other vibrator. They positioned themselves on a nearby lab table, and
then each girl turned on her tank. Within seconds, the girls were giggling
again. Stacy was correct in that the "normal" gas didn't sap their strength
as quickly as whatever Dolores had concocted in her labratories. The problem,
however, was that neither girl could remember exactly what they were doing.
Only that they had vibrators, were horny as all get out, and were a pair of
giggling little girls sitting on a table.

Eventually, Leilani moved the vibrator up her miniskirt, and past her thong.
Somehow, Leilani reminded herself what she was here for, and she began to
move the vibrator in and out of her soaked pussy as fast as she was able. She
tried as quickly as possible to move the vibrator in and out of her pussy, but
the tingle she was looking for didn't seem to be available.

Stacy found herself equally frustrated, unable to feel the tingle of the implant
as she had in Leilani's office.

* * *

"Yeah yeah! I know." Scott Jefferson reached back into his wallet and pulled
his ID card back out. He swiped it into the card reader while staring at the
retinal scanner, and the elevator jolted to life.

"Stupid, double redunant systems," mumbled Scott to himself. Of course, since
it was his idea to have double redundacy security, he didn't complain too hard.
It was his responsibility to keep everything, especially the labratory, safe and
secure. Scott fastened, and then zipped his lab coat up as the elevator pulled
to his stop on the fourth floor.

"I really need to stop working from home," he said to himself, as the elevator
slowed. "I always have to come back here for something stupid!"

Scott's brown brow raised in surprise as he stepped from the elevator and into
the main entry of the labratory. Instantly, his cock erected at the sights
before his eyes and the sound of musical, feminine laughter in his ears. He
recognized Leilani, as he tended to lust after latina women to begin with, and
Leilani's figure always reminded him of why. Scott didn't recognize the other
woman, and for a moment, figured this may be some type of security breach. He
stared at the laughing women, as they played with their obviously wet pussies
and inhaled from the nose masks that must have been filled with nitrous based
on how high the girls had opened the vavles.

The girls, in their aroused and laughter induced haze, failed to witness Scott's
entry. They continued to jiggle, giggle, and work the vibrators into their
bodies, contorting themselves, trying to find better angles.

Scott cleared his throat, and the girls jumped in surprise, but found their
caught predictament hilarious. "Perhaps I can help you two with something?"

Leilani recognized Scott easily. He was one of the few black males working in
the engineering department. She also knew how he lusted after her since the
moment he walked in the door.

Stacy had no idea who the fine specimen of masculinity was. Stacy only knew one
word at the moment...male! A real cock, which could be enticed into an erotic,
fast-paced frenzy.

"Come here, big boy," Stacy giggled. "Today's your VERY LUCKY day!" Stacy
didn't wait for Scott to respond. He was startled as Stacy jumped from the
table, tossing the vibrator aside. The mask flew off her face as the laughing
woman pushed the surprised engineer against the elevator door. Stacy's cackled
as her hands immediately went for Scott's slacks, which she could feel his
arousal through.

"I see somebody likes what they see," Stacy said. Both girls laughed hard at
the comment. Scott worked his away around, kissing Stacy deeply, and opening
both his slacks and lab coat.

Definately my lucky day, Scott thought silently. He reached over and turned
off Stacy's exposed tank, so no more of the gas entered the room. He also found
a way to turn off Leilani's tank while she stared stupefied at her friend's
abnormal agressiveness. Leilani was overcome by the humor of the situation, and
laughed loudly as Stacy climbed back onto the table on her hands and knees.

"Get it out and in me," Stacy demanded in her overcome hilarity. Scott didn't
question it for a moment, as he was looking forward to spending the New Year in
solitude with his experiments. He climbed onto the table and was inside Stacy
in no time. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting away, with Stacy's
cackling frame matching each and every stroke. Still, Stacy didn't feel the
tingle she was looking for. Stacy only knew that she was completely consumed
by the need to orgasm, and she couldn't. Since she knew after it was over, her
arousal would remain, she figured she would get a little play time in while she
had a chance.

"Tickle me!" Stacy ordered. Scott didn't miss a beat, and his fingers began to
tickle Stacy's hips, sides, and ass cheeks. Immediately, Stacy felt the implant
respond in her head as she squealed with renewed laughter. She continued to
goad Scott with demands to be tickled, and Scott flashed his fingers across her
entire back, sides, and tickled as much of her breasts as he could.

Stacy's laughter and moaning continued to increase, and she felt the tingle from
the implant grow inside her head. Finally, Stacy knew it was going to happen!
She was going to beat the implant. She felt the response as if Dolores were in
the room and the button had been pressed.

"I'm coming!" Stacy screamed and laughed. She howled as Scott's fingers tickled
her fetish driven body. Her body went completely out of control, and her speed
returned to meet each of Scott's thrusts with tickled enthusiasm. Again and
again she orgasmed, feeling Scott draining his manhood inside her pussy. When
he finally left her, Stacy immediately began to feel her body's satisfaction.
It was just like last week when Dolores, The Driver, and the Head Scientist were
at Leilani's apartment. Stacy knew she had overcome the inhibitor of the

All of this wasn't lost on Leilani, who found the entire incident funny. She
laughed even as Stacy screamed the words she had wanted her friend to shout.
Scott was getting ready to jump off the lab table, but Leilani grabbed his coat
and flipped him on his back.

"Not yet, Scottie," she chuckled. Quickly Leilani enticed Scott's cock back to
another ready condition, and Scott felt a slight bit of pain. Nevertheless,
the chance to have Leilani was a fantasy come true for Scott, and he didn't stop
the laughing woman's demands. Hearing Leilani command Scott to tickle her was
another granted fantasy, and Scott didn't hold back on his thrusts or his
fingers and they tweaked Leilani's knees, stroked up her tummy, and tickled the
bottoms of her bountiful breasts. Scott was definately going to have a Happy
New Year.

* * *

Each girl kissed Scott passionately in the parking structure. Scott had been
introduced to Leilani's roommate and old college friend formally, and they all
parted ways. The entire drive home was how the girls felt they had new life
breathed into them by Scott's tickle fucking, and how they had accepted an
invitation to Scott's apartment for New Years' Eve.

"Did you see the look on his face when we made him promise to tickle us?" asked
Leilani. Stacy nodded knowingly.

"There's a reason for it," said Stacy. "I've seen that look before. In the
eyes of boys all through college. Your co-worker probably has a tickle fetish
as big as mine!"

"Well, then," said Leilani. "I guess we're going to be feeding his fetish for
years to come."