The L.E.O.I.-nes
Episode 5: Lucky Scottie!

Leilani's position granted her much with Sykes Engineering, and she was
able to use her abilities to almost her fullest extent again, knowing
that when her arousal was too much to bear, Scott Jefferson was only a
few floors below. She was able to return to wearing her more enticing
outfits, and this almost immediately followed with Mr. Shears resuming
his old, tickling ways. He never understood why Leilani had laughed
so hard long after he stopped, and Leilani figured she'd better work on
that story sooner or later. It didn't matter, because she would give
a phone call to Scott's extension, and tell him that today was his
lucky day. Sometimes she would do it in the middle of one of her
laughing fits, and sometimes she would wait until after she was done.
She could only imagine how difficult it must be for Scott to keep
working with his third leg bothering him all day.

Stacy took on the full time position of becoming Leilani's assistant.
Stacy knew that Leilani would have her back, in the end. Leilani had
promised to find some way to get her into a position on the board, and
Leilani would give Stacy stock tips regarding other stocks, so she
could build a portfolio and purchase her way into the board room, if
all else failed. Needless to say, Stacy also knew Scott's extension,
and whenever lunch was particularly agreeable with her, sending her
into hysterical laughing fits, she would also dial his extension and
tell him today was his lucky day. Both girls knew it must immediately
bring back memories of New Year's Eve for Scott, when he unknowningly
helped the two girls beat the effects of their implants.

All the successive sessions recomfirmed Leilani's original idea.
Somehow, the implants could be triggered to allow an orgasm if the
person with the implant were being tickled and fucked at the same time.
Time after time, it had worked it's way to being true, and Scott was
always willing to tickle and fuck the girls when they came over
shortly after dinner, laughing hysterically. All their laughing did
was make Scott's fingers twitch, and within seconds he was tickling
the blonde and the latina in every bound position he had ever
fantasized about.

Scottie would always smile at his co-workers when he walked out the
door for the evening with one or both of the girls on his arms. For
Scott, he hit the jackpot of not one, but two super sexy women that
wanted to be tied, teased, tickled, and taken on a frequent basis.
Maybe he wouldn't have to purchase tickling videos anymore. Then
again, no sense in losing "variety."

When Leilani and Stacy came into the main engineering department at
6pm, the reaction was always the same. One or more whispered comments
about "Scott's girls", an occassional "pass" by a guy that really had
no hope, and then Scott took each girl on an arm and walked back to
the elevator, smiling the entire time. Scott could barely remember
what brought him into the office on New Year's Eve. He remembered
succinctly what he found, and the workout his cock received from two
girls begging him to indulge in his fetish across their luscious

The trio emerged from the elevator into the parking garage, and walked
towards their parked cars. Leilani and Stacy got into the former's
car and met up with Scott's SUV at the garage's exit. The two cars
began the drive back to Scott's place, unaware of a third car tailing
them from a few cars back in the downtown traffic. The car was
thrawted in the end, when Scott entered the security gate at his
complex, which he allowed Leilani's car to follow in behind. The
tailer pulled in and parked nearby...and waited.

* * *

"How was your day?" asked Scott. He had brought three wine glasses
and a bottle of red wine from the kitchen. When he finally got a good
look at the two vixens, he realized they both had nervous looks on
their faces that they didn't have on them before.

"Is there a problem?" he asked. The girls looked at each other, then
back to Scott. Leilani finally nodded slowly a couple of times. Scott
began to get a deep worry that perhaps one, or even both of the women
were married. The other horrid thought passing through his mind was
that they were about to dump him.

"Is it something I can fix?" Scott asked, a worried tone starting to
seep into his voice. Again, Leilani nodded, as she took one of the
empty wine glasses from Scott. Almost on cue, Stacy slowly took the
other glass. Scott figured that a little wine might calm their
nerves enough to give him a clue. He filled each girl's glass to
nearly half full, then added some of the red liquid to his own glass.

Each girl then went down the front of their blouses, which would
normally give Scott a hint that it would soon be tickle time, but now
he stared in nervous anticipation as the two girls pulled out tiny
vials of red liquid.

"These are samples of wine from our apartment," said Leilani, as the
two girls opened the small vials and emptied them into their current
glasses. Each girl swirled their drink in their hands while Scott
looked on in anticipation. Stacy and Leilani looked at each other,
then gulped down as much of the drink as they could in one drink.

Almost as soon as the glasses left their lips, the girls simultaneously
began to giggle. Scott was still nervous, but he smiled weakly as the
vixens giggling slowly and steadily began to increase. Each girl
placed their glass on a nearby counter, chuckling during their walk.
They were already beginning to feel loopy, and their walk across the
room resembled a caricature of a catwalk model strut. Each found the
other girl's walk funny, and the giggling turned to laughter.

Scott forgot about the worry for a moment of exactly what the girls
had done to their drink. His arousal was an immediate result of seeing
Stacy, and especially Leilani, begin to dissolve into hysterical
laughter. Scott knew he hadn't done anything, and also knew full well
that the girls could hold their liquor. Any reasoning Scott was
trying, however, disappeared when his eyes landed on one girl's clevage
or the other's shapely ass. The two girls laughter was still
increasing, and Stacy leaned against the wall, sliding to the floor.
Leilani leaned on the counter, laughing crazily while drawing small
circles on the countertop with her forefinger.

Scott found his cock had become too hard to care about whatever the
girls had done to themselves. Leilani was beckoning Scott with one
finger as she propped herself on the counter, laughing like the
schoolgirl she was imitating. Subconciously, Scott's hand found his
belt, then his slacks, and he was out of both his shoes and slacks in
the five or six steps it took to reach the beautiful latina. She
wrapped her arms around him for support and seduction, insuring her
breasts were somewhere below his chin as she laughed in his ear. Scott
began to pull at Leilani's outfit, with the latina slowly assisting
as she could. Most of her actions were twisting and rubbing her
laughter controlled body against the engineer while he took her out
of her clothes. He looked at Stacy for an instant while stripping
Leilani, and found her to be in the exact same position she had started
in: on the floor with her arms wrapped around her tummy, laughing

Once Leilani was down to her thong and bra, Scott couldn't take
anymore of the "agony" involved with stripping a curvaceous, cackling
woman. He helped lay her down on the plush carpeting and pulled
aside the protections over Leilani's pussy.

"Now, Scottie," Leilani said through her laughter. Scott paused a
moment, while he waited for Leilani's next statement. She laughed and
"tapped out" on the carpet before continuing. "Don't forget to
tickle!" Scott needed no reminder of how ticklish Leilani was. Nor
did he need to be reminded to tickle her...his personal fetish for
such things would remind him to do that. His fingers rested on
Leilani's hips and began their teasing and stroking. Leilani responded
by jumping a slight bit, and a renewed burst of laughter. Scott
decided to allow himself to be "tortured" by Leilani a few moments
more, and placed his throbbing cock near her pussy, but he stayed out
and allowed himself to get the maximum reach for his tickling fingers.
He freely fondled Leilani's large bustline, tickling the sides and
beneath. His fingers stroked down her ribs, and then he used both
hands to tickle her tummy. He relished in the echoing laughter of the
two girls: the one he tickled, and the one to be tickled shortly.

Stacy watched Scott enter Leilani, which she considered to be a
hilarious event.

"Save me some," Stacy laughed out in general.

"Oh, don't worry," said Scott, as his fingers danced across Leilani's
ass. "I've got more than enough for you, too, little girl." Leilani's
laughter was more due to Scott's tickling now. Stacy found humor in
Scott's response, and laughed weakly on the floor. Her nipples rubbed
against the interior of the satin bra she wore, and her clit throbbed
against her panties as the Laughing Liquid did it's work on her body.
Stacy slowly rolled over onto her hands and knees, so her hardened
nipples would be stroked better by her laughter and the bra's reaction
to it.

Stacy barely noticed her heels being removed, but couldn't have cared
less now. Leilani had obviously gotten Scott off, and that meant
Stacy would have to endure more tickling to get the same result. It
had been the trade off for weeks now: the one that went second would
end up getting tickled longer. Stacy didn't mind all the tickling, she
just hoped her friend's plans were going to work.

Scott's fingers lightly slid across the nylon stocking Stacy wore, and
she found a new level of laughter exploded from her. She lunged
forward and collapsed on the floor, her body slowed by the Liquid while
it forced hysterics from her. Scott was immediately on top of her,
and she could feel his cock as it began to become erect again through
her miniskirt and on her asscheeks. Slowly she moved her hips from
side to side, while Scott's fingers worked their way under her skirt
and began tickling her thighs. Stacy caught a quick glimpse of a
smiling and satisfied Leilani, laying nearby on the floor, which
only increased the arousal the Liquid had already caused inside her.

With a concentrated effort, hampered all the more by Scott's flawless
mastery of tickling, Stacy mustered all her will to reach back and
flick her skirt up over her ass. Within moments, Scott was inside of
her, his fingers tickling her ass as he continually thrust forward into
Stacy's sex. The familiar tingle that emitted fromt he implant
started again, and instantly, Stacy exploded, with banshee wails of
laughter and orgasmic pleasure. Scott continued to press into her,
his fingers found their way under her arms, and around her breasts.
Stacy's encounters with Scott had re-affirmed her love for getting
tickled...along with her third orgasm of the encounter.

* * *

"So, let me get this straight," said Scott. "There is a device in your
head that makes you do all this?" The two girls nodded. "And that
stuff you put in your drinks makes you laugh and turns you on?" More
nods. "I'm waiting for the problem."

"Someone else is pulling the strings," Leilani said. "We need your
help to somehow bring that other person under control."

"I'd much rather be a tickle slave to you, than to the othe person,"
quipped Stacy, using her best temptress voice. It worked for the

"You do realize how hard all this is to believe," said Scott. "I'm no
medical doctor, but I suspect a brain implant is a high risk
operation. Combined with what would have to be nano, or even
pico-technology...very difficult."

"We can prove it," said Leilani. "Just take us and do an MRI or
whatever you guys do." Scott thought silently for a moment. If he
were somehow successful in removing the devices, his luck would most
certainly run out.

"Who's the person in control of these devices?" he finally asked.

"Delores Montoya," said Leilani. Scott raised his eyebrows. Delores,
he knew, used to be Leilani's assistant about a year ago. He also
had a little affair with her when Leilani wasn't as responsive as he
liked. And he found out a little something about Delores that, he
suspected, few knew.

"So, you're telling me she turned you both into copies of herself?"
Scott asked. Delores Montoya's secret was that she became a whore
when tickled.

* * *

"Our funding is drying up." The Head Scientist looked at Delores
sternly. "We can't keep doing these operations and not have any
funds incoming."

"I don't remember you complain on Christmas," said Delores. "You
remember? When you were tickling those girls into slavery."

"The original purpose was to use them as moles," the Scientist
responded. "That fruit needs to bear soon, or we'll all be looking
for unemployment checks, and won't get them since we quit Sykes."

Delores looked out the office window for a moment, then turned to
The Driver.

"Go pick them up," she said.

"Reports are that they aren't home at the moment. I have a tailer on
'em though. I'll know more in the morning." Delores frowned sharply.

"You mean our pets our out of their cages?" she snapped, almost
shouting. "You better know who, what, where, when, why, and how
before midnight!" The Driver nodded, headed to the door, and walked
out of the room.

"This is not part of the plan at all," Delores mumbled to herself.