The Induction of Carol

The evening could not have got off to a more disastrous start. The very first punter and he had turned bad on Carol. Wanting a bit more than was on offer he had given her a fist in the face for her trouble and made off into the dark without paying her. Carol Baxter had the bad luck to have been here only too often. She was a street girl trying to make some sort of a living with her body but doing just enough to get by. Now as she stood in the side alley on her own the pain in her mouth was becoming extreme as she spat the sheared off remains of one of her teeth out with some blood. She knew she would have to get it seen to as she near screamed when probing the jagged stump with her tongue. The town's casualty department was a good half hours walk away and she knew she would wait hours to be seen, Dressed as she was in her “Work attire” she knew they would look down on her. Red rubber skirt and tight satin blouse to match just screamed prostitute. She decided the condescending looks from the staff being the least of her problems she would just have to take the walk. Carol walked from the alley and headed in the direction of the hospital. She had only been walking for less than two minutes when she noticed the lights still on at the dental surgery across the road. “Worth a try” she thought to herself and crossed over and tried the door. It was locked. About to turn away and continue the walk, she saw the inner door to the porch open and a man appear in the process of donning his coat.

Dr Paul Morgan was at his desk in the small office at the back of his practice trying to make a mountain of paperwork into something more of a hillock. Most of his evenings nowadays seemed to be form filling and cross checking to satisfy the never ending bureaucracy. He glanced at his watch. It was nearly 7pm. His receptionist and nurse having left for the comfort of their homes well over an hour ago. His wife Caroline had been his secretary until her early death 3 years previously from cancer. It was not only her secretarial skills he missed as she had been his one love since they had met at university many years before, they had both been dental students in the same year. Becoming soul mates they had found many common likes and dislikes. In their third year they had married and gone on to graduate together and then become junior partners in a large practice before eventually setting up their own. Caroline had been a good wife and had understood his preference for rubber in his love making, not only understanding she had actively participated in his fantasies. Breaking from his reverie he decided enough was enough for one day and locked up ready to go home to his empty house. Any later and he would have opted for the old flat upstairs and saved himself the drive to the home that was only filled with memories now. Just as he was putting his coat on and going into the reception area, he saw a female figure outlined outside by the streetlights. He opened the door cautiously as this was not the most upmarket street in town and he knew instinctively from her attire she was a prostitute. “Can I be of any help” he inquired through a narrow gap He could see she was holding a tissue to her face and there were bloodstains on it . She mumbled through the tissue asking for help and she could pay, just please help as she was in so much pain. He was about to give her directions to the hospital when 2 things changed his mind. In the light from the porch he could see she had an uncanny resemblance to his dear Caroline and also he caught the unmistakable shimmer of her rubber skirt. “Come on through and let's have a look at you in the light” he said ushering her through to the back surgery after locking the door behind them.

Carols mood picked up immediately. The pain was now near to unbearable. She let herself be shown into the surgery and was intrigued at how familiar it all seemed as she had not been to a dentist since the school clinic years before. The smell of anti-septic and another fainter chemical like whiff she could not quite place. In the centre of the room was the big dental chair, not a modern type, but just like the one she remembered from the old school clinic. Black PVC upholstery and lots of cream and chrome metal. She was seated by the dentist and he reassured her he would be as gentle as he could with her. He turned away from her and busied himself getting an instrument tray together. It was then she noticed in the corner behind the door an old fashioned looking contraption she only too vividly remembered from her school days. A gas machine, A McKesson apparatus. She did not know its name of course. Its black rubber bag hanging limp with black rubber hose and mask curled on top like some bizarre sleeping snake and then the 2 vivid blue cylinders hanging from the frame matched by the identical black and white ones on the reverse side. She could recall being a little girl and having to be put to sleep with gas, the black rubber mask stinking of rubbery gas. It was then that she placed the chemical odour that hung in the air. The dentist turned back to her and placed a chrome kidney dish with some instruments in it beside the chair. He introduced himself as Dr Paul Morgan, but most patients just settle for Dr Paul. Then he asked a few pertinent questions about the damage to her mouth before asking her to open wide. One look is all it took for him to decide what was needed. “That will have to come out tonight Carol.”. She had expected this but her heart skipped a beat when he asked “Ever had gas before”. She had a dislike of needles and the offered alternative was painless as she recalled from her childhood.

Now she was in the bright light of the surgery, Paul could see how alike she was to Caroline. Having got her seated in the chair he gathered the few instruments he thought he might need. He kept glancing at her through the corner of his eyes. It was the first female he had seen wearing rubber this close in the 3 years since Caroline's death and he found he was swelling in his crotch. He also noticed she seemed to be transfixed on the gas machine. A lot of patients were. Most through fear but some through a darker desire. He wondered to himself if she was one of those. He turned back to face her and introduced himself. “My names Carol” she replied. His heart seemed to miss a beat. The close looks and the close name. A quick glance in her mouth just confirmed what he already suspected. The jagged stump would need extracting. Just at that moment he took a leap and decided to break just about every rule in the book. Without a nurse or anaesthetist present he would try to get her to agree to be gassed. “Ever had gas before” he heard himself say. She seemed to look slightly shocked and then calmly replied that she had and would prefer gas as she hated injections. The barrier was now crossed, he turned and took a folded red rubber treatment apron from a drawer and shook it open before her and then gently placed it over her and tied the cotton tapes behind her neck. The apron came to below her waist and covered her hands which were on the armrests.” There you are, all ready for some gas. Head to knee in red rubber. I see rubber does not bother you” He tried to sound nonchalant but was shaking slightly in a mix of nerves and excitement. He turned to the McKesson and pulled it over to the chair side, it's well oiled wheels soundless as it glided to a stop. A quick check of the gauges and valve settings just to confirm it was as he had left it from the last patient a few days beforehand. He set it to demand and took a test breath as always to ensure all was working properly. Satisfied he turned his attention back to the rubber covered Carol.

The rubber seemed cold at first but quickly warmed as she leant slightly forward to let him tie the tapes. The smell was much stronger than from her skirt. He turned from her and went to the corner. He returned pushing the gas machine and parked it beside the chair. Just a few inches from her hand under the apron. He set the controls and took a deep sniff from the black rubber nasal mask. She could see his crotch was bulging inside his trousers. A thought crossed her mind that she may about to get an insertion as well as an extraction under the gas. He took the mask away. “All set for some gas now, Just nice and steady breaths through your nose and we will soon have you nicely under” With this he gently placed the nasal mask over her nose. “Here go's” she thought “This tooth hurts too much to stop, and what about his comment about her rubber skirt”. A slight pause as she saw the black rubber bag swelling and then a deep sniff. The smell brought back more memories from all those years before. A rubbery chemical smell that was almost pungent but familiar. She watched the black rubber bag deflate as she took another deep breath in. The dentist stood beside the gas machine with one hand on the mask and the other seemed to be smoothing the rubber apron over her shoulder, almost lovingly. She noticed a buzzing start in her head and slowly but surely her perceptions seemed to change. Feeling the room become remote and tingling in her toes and fingers. She heard the hissing gas clearly and louder still the squeak of rubber as he stroked her shoulder. Seeing his bulging crotch again she put her hand out from under the apron and made to grab it. Like a drunk she fumbled her hand over it. “Do you like rubber Dr” she heard, her voice seem to shout. . The room was starting to float and recede around her as a voice boomed in her ear. “Yes Carol. I do like rubber”. Her hand fell away as 2 black spots seemed to come at her and inflate into big soft black balloons until they swamped her vision. A passing thought of being raped in the chair as she slept and then suddenly her world was falling into a black soft rubbery smelling pit. The thought passed away harmlessly in her gas addled state. Deeply she fell and then she was spiralling down in a bizarre dream world. A warm darkness that seemed so familiar and comforting as coherent thought was lost to the rubbery gas.

Paul stood beside her watching her breathe in the gas. He began to fondle the rubber apron, the feel of it over a woman's skin again, suddenly her hand was on his crotch. “Do you like rubber Dr”. He nearly came just then but held himself “Yes Carol, I do like rubber” She seemed to stare into space a thousand miles beyond the surgery wall and then her eyes rolled back in her sockets and her hand fell limp as she went under the gas. Paul took a black rubber harness from a drawer and very quickly and expertly strapped the mask in place and then removed the stump from her jaw. Placing his bloodied instruments in the chrome dish before packing the bleeding socket with a wad of cotton wool. Satisfied she was still safely breathing normally and had good colour to her face, he stood back and looked at the sleeping red rubber enveloped form in the chair. He knew he had crossed an ethical boundary and if discovered now his career would be over, how beautiful she looked in her little gas dream world. The sight of the red rubber combined with the sleeping Carol was too much. He loosened his trousers and stood with legs astride her over her lap. Taking a handful of the red rubber apron he placed his stiff cock into it and wanked himself there and then. A few frantic strokes are all it took before he tensed and then white semen was spurting over her rubber covered breasts. Oblivious in her gas dreams as she lay there with cotton wool protruding from her mouth and rubber nasal mask delivering the continuing gas as his sperm splashed up her frontage Spent on the rubber he composed himself and cleaned up with some wipes and towels before removing the rubber apron and mask. Within a minute or two she began to stir in the chair. He began to form an idea as he waited for her recovery. He was already out on a limb and knew it would not make any difference now. She could report him and bring down an investigation that would be hard to talk his way out of. He so wanted to relive his sessions with Caroline he decided to make her an offer he hoped she would accept. Her eyes were opening and he saw her beginning to heave. He had expected this reaction and held her forward over the chair side basin.

Carol seemed to be floating on a soft shiny black sea. With big roller coaster black waves bouncing her around. She found herself holding a big soft pink life buoy and then the waves were turning white, ever whiter until she seemed to land on a beach and open her eyes to bright light and a wave of nausea. “That's it. Lean over the bowl and get it up” Her senses were coming back to her as she retched again into the porcelain swill bowl beside the chair and she remembered the pain the gas the rubber. She probed the now empty and numb socket with her tongue. A bloody taste from the soft hole in her jaw seeming strange where the sharp jagged remains of a tooth had been minutes before. She focused on Dr Paul as he wanted her to call him. She remembered the gassing and what she had said. Feeling herself blush he smiled down at her. “Yes Carol, I do like rubber. Now what about you?” She had not dreamed it. She could feel that she had not been penetrated as she was under and blushed to herself for the thought. Before she could reply he said. “I think I am correct in thinking you are one of the ladies who shall we say works the street out side at night Carol?” . She nodded and he went on further. “ I have a business proposition which you may like to consider. I would like you to come here again for me, not as a patient but I will pay you well just to wear some rubber clothes that I will provide and sit in that chair and let yourself be gassed as you just have. No teeth will be removed or any harm done, but I think you can guess the purpose” She seemed to take a few moments to take it in. Good money in a warm place with a guy who she knew would make a good regular. This was the kinkiest she had ever been asked for, but she thought why not. Just breathe the gas and let him do his business. She had bad memories of dentists in general and was a little nervous. She knew one of the ladies with a studio did medical scenarios but nothing quite this heavy but the offer seemed a good one nonetheless. With some trepidation she agreed and as she recovered in the chair they discussed her next appointment. Having settled a time and date she was more than pleased with his offered price.. It was nearly 10 times what she would get down the alleys for a quick knee trembler. Eventually he helped her to her feet and showed her the door. He even wrote off the fee for the nights treatment (She was blissfully unaware of his activities as she slept)

The following Tuesday seemed to drag on for Paul as he had the usual never ending line of patients. He could not wait for the clock to get to 5.30 and see his last appointment out the door. Once his nurse and receptionist had done their few end of day chores he let them out the front feigning exasperation at another evening with the paperwork. Once he had locked the door he went upstairs to the old flat, and took a suitcase he had brought in early that morning from a cupboard and placed it on the bed. He opened it and laid the items it contained out flat in a neat row. Satisfied it was all ready. He remembered the last time it had been worn. Dear Caroline had been in it when he had been in the chair downstairs. He had been the one getting gassed under the rubber apron. Caroline had made a good rubber nurse and he had been sent to gassy oblivion many times under her skilled hands. Dressed him self in a set of green rubber surgical scrubs with cap that now lay ready to be worn again. He picked them up and took them downstairs to the surgery and prepped for Carol's arrival. He was not sure whether she would turn up. When he was ready he looked at the clock, nearly 6.30. Anytime now he thought to himself. Then he heard a faint knock at the rear door as arranged. He quickly let her in and showed her the stairs to the flat and led her up. Showing her the rubberwear on the bed he told her to dress and he would see her in the surgery when she was ready. He said he had worried that she might back out but stressed she could do so at any time. He left her to prepare alone and went downstairs to dress himself in readiness.

Paul had been right to worry. Carol had had a week to think about the offer and was a little nervous. She had been on the verge of calling it all off when the weather had turned and now it was a very wet night. Not a night to work outside and trade would be very slow anyhow. In the end the warm dry surgery and money was enough to sway her. Now she stood looking at the clothes on the bed. A dark blue rubber dress with long sleeves and hem was laid out next to a white rubber apron. The dress had white rubber cuffs and collar and beside it was an old style rubber nurse's cap. The style looked to be like the nurses outfits from 50 years ago. It was the sort where the dress went on like a knee length coat that was then buttoned all the way up to the high collar before the apron was buttoned just either side of each breast and at the back with an attached belt. The cuffs were buttoned also. There was also a pair of transparent crotch less rubber bloomers. He had also left a bottle of talcum powder on the bed to help her. She often wore her rubber skirt or a rubber top as she knew it attracted the punters and she liked the feel and smell of it herself. Using the lemon fragranced talc she quickly dressed. The cold rubber soon warming once she was wearing it. A quick look in the mirror showed the dress to be a little baggy, maybe 2 sizes too large. She went downstairs to the surgery door and gave a light tap on the wood and heard Paul reply “Come in”. She had not expected to see him dressed like a rubber surgeon but took it in her stride. He had on surgical green scrub trousers and blouse top with a cap to match and white theatre boots. She saw he had everything ready. The gas machine was besides the chair waiting and she saw an instrument trolley on the other side with some rubber straps and a box of wipes. He ushered her straight to the PVC covered chair. Before she let herself be seated she turned to him and opened her hand to show a sealed condom packet. “I always make sure for myself” she said and pulled the rubber scrub trousers down to his thighs. He was already rock hard and she saw he already had a condom on. She decided to double up anyway and took the rubber sheath from the packet and slid it down his solid shaft giving it one or two extra strokes before pulling his trousers back up. A huge bulge showing through the rubber. She let herself be guided into the chair by him, some of the trapped air in her rubber dress inflating as she made herself comfortable. Without a word he had placed a canvas belt over her waist and she heard a click as he secured it behind the chair. With a tug she felt it tighten around her. “Just to stop you slipping down while you are asleep” The exact same words the school dentist had used she thought. “Now let's get you covered in the gas apron for your gas nurse”. It was his fantasy and he was paying premium rates she thought to herself as she saw him once again shake open a big red rubber apron before her and then cover her. She leant forward and the tapes were tied. Once more she was in the chair about to have gas under rubber. Her nervousness had gone and she was now finding the whole thing more kinky than scary. She also for the first time saw, although he was in his 40's he was not bad looking. Once more he turned to the McKesson machine and set the controls. He asked her if she was ready to be a good rubber nurse and be gassed. She nodded in reply and he smiled as his hand turned a knob on the machine and then picked up the black rubber mask. “This was it” she thought “This time he is definitely going to fuck me under the gas”. The black rubber bag fluttered as she heard the hissing begin and then it softly inflated. Her heart raced a little. She knew she was seconds away from the nasal mask being placed on her nose again. She could see his cock outlined under the rubber scrubs, straining against the elastic material. She now decided she wanted it in her as she went under, she wanted to be fucked as he gassed her. She knew what she had agreed to beforehand but now felt the urge she wanted to have an orgasm and not just sit there in the rubber nurse's dress and rubber apron and breathe the rubber smelling gas. But she was strapped in the chair and the mask was approaching now. Under the apron her hand pulled up the rubber skirt of the dress and she found the hem. The mask was gently lowered over her nose. Her hand quickly slipped between her legs as she took a deep sniff from the mask. The same rubbery chemical smell as before but much weaker, She knew he was going to make this last. Her fingers found her clitoris and she began massaging it between thumb and fore finger. She knew she would still have to work fast if she wanted to cum before the gas had her in its black rubbery prison. She began to work her vagina rapidly as she continued to breathe in the gas and its assured victory.

Paul had not expected this. He thought she would have just sat in the chair and gone to sleep for the money, but here she was evidently enjoying being gassed in the rubber dress. Watching her masturbate under the rubber apron made his cock even stiffer in his rubber trousers He could see the rubber in her lap bobbing up and down under the apron and she softly moaned through the mask. He leaned over to strap the mask in place and her other hand came from under the apron and grabbed his rubber covered cock. Straight away she gripped and began pumping it in the rubber pants. She was looking straight at him over the rim of the mask. A look of delight in her eyes. The hose going over her forehead to the gas machine beside the chair giving her an even more bizarre appearance, “ Fuck Me. , Fuck Me” she mouthed as she continued to breathe more and more gas. Her hand still wanking his cock but becoming more erratic. Paul knew the gas was working despite the low setting. “I will fuck you nurse, in the rubber under the gas, just like we agreed” He increased the gas mix and opened the vaporiser a bit more.

Her head was swimming and buzzing, she was feeling a deep pent up excitement in her crotch as she smelled the stronger chemical odour. She wanted a good hard fucking from a client for the first time in years and here he was sending her under for his bizarre gas fantasy. She wanted so much to feel him spurting deep into her in her rubber dress as the gas did its anaesthetic magic. It just wasn't fair she thought as she fingered as fast as she could and sensed the detached feeling begin. It would be seconds she knew. Already the pin prick black spots were growing and then with her next breath her vagina shook like a thousand volts had hit it. Her hand squeezed Paul's rubber covered cock tightly as she tensed and shook in the chair and then again as a second wave managed to hit just as the world fell from under her. “Here I go, the gas is going to take me and I will wake up having been fucked by him” Her senses seemed to numb as the black void swallowed her up, falling away she felt the shuddering in her crotch again imagining the cock ramming into her. Then she was in the dream world once more.

Paul watched as she jerked under the apron, and then again as her eyes began to roll back. She squeezed his cock so hard it hurt. Just as she seemed to be going under

a slight final shudder then nothing but soft breathing through the mask. She lay there breathing softly through her nose, the black rubber re-breather keeping the next lungful always ready with the soft hiss of the gas. Then another sound, a dripping noise. He knew she was leaking as she slept. The orgasm had relaxed her bladder and now piss was dripping down the inside of the dress and onto the vinyl floor. Caroline had done just this on the many occasions it had been her turn in the chair. Not deterred, he lowered his rubber trousers to his thighs and lifted the red rubber apron and blue rubber dress. He could see the narrow split in the rubber knickers where her vagina was. A small trickle of urine was still coming from the split in the rubber as he positioned himself over the sleeping rubber nurse. Reclining the chair he slid smoothly into her taking her torso in his arms as he hugged her in a rubbery embrace and began thrusting as deep and as fast as he could. Her head with the strapped on mask hanging loose and bobbing as he did so.

Her rubber sleeved arms falling loosely down either side of the chair. He felt himself tighten and in a frenzy of rubber, gas and piss he was spurting into the condom inside her. Moaning with deep animal pleasure he thrust as hard as he could and shuddered several times, feeling the tip of the condom inflate with his semen. He shook with a wave of pleasure as he had not done in 3 years. Then it passed and he just continued hugging the rubber gassed nurse for several minutes. Running his hands over her rubber dress and apron. Going soft inside her as he did so. Trying to make the moment last, enjoying the feel of embracing the rubber covered sleeping body. Gently sucking on the white rubber apron over her nipple in an almost childlike desire. She was so deeply under the gas; it failed to harden as he softly rolled it in his teeth. Eventually he withdrew himself and turned off the gas. Removing the mask and pulling his rubber scrub trousers back up. It had been all he had hoped for. He sat behind the chair on the stool and watched as after a minute or two she began the stirrings that indicated she was climbing the ladder from the gas pit.

He fondled her rubber covered left breast gently, savouring the soft feel of rubber on flesh. She moaned softly and then opened her eyes.

Carol was being told off. A stern looking woman was standing in front of her in rubber clothes telling her she was a disgusting child for wetting herself and she would need to go back into rubber nappies for this, all the while she was bobbing up on down on a pole. Getting excited about something. She seemed to want it to go on and on and on but the rubber dressed woman was telling her to go and say sorry. She sensed herself running away but felt as if she was waist deep in warm water then she felt herself being fondled and somehow knew this was a real feeling as the light appeared. Her eyes were open but it took a second or two to recall where she was. All came back as she felt her left nipple being teased and she caught the taste in her throat from the gas. But above all she felt wet. She knew she had pissed herself and the dream came back and she felt shame as the rubber capped head of Dr Paul stared down at her from behind. She was still in the red rubber apron and still strapped into the chair at the waist so could not get up. “Did I mess it up for you Dr” she asked, thinking the piss would have made him stop. “Not at all Carol, in fact in made it all the better. I was afraid to ask you about that but you seemed to have been a good little gas nurse anyway” She felt the waist strap loosen and the red rubber apron was removed. “You can go and clean yourself up in the bathroom upstairs now” he said but on a whim she leaned to the gas machine and picked up the mask and held it over her face. “Are you sure about that Dr” is all she said.

He did not know what to say! Just sat there in the chair in the blue rubber dress she looked wonderful. Now with the mask in her hand and the inviting expression on her face he could feel his penis begin to stiffen again. He would not have believed he could have felt ready again so soon. He knelt on the floor before her and released the footrest so it dropped vertical. He could now lift the blue rubber dress and be presented with the sight of her soaked transparent rubber knickers and open crotch. Without needing to be asked, her legs widened and her left hand wrapped around the back of the green rubber scrub cap and pulled his face into her crotch. His tongue came out and began to explore the crevice, the salty taste of her urine and vagina mixed with the bitter rubber. He heard her gasp and her hand pulled him tighter, his hands pulling her knickers wider so he could take a full mouthful of her sex. Her legs came over his back and tightened around him. It went dark as she threw the hem of the blue rubber dress over him and continued to pull him tight in with her hand.

Carol had placed the mask back on the McKesson as he had kneeled before her. As soon as she felt the footrest drop she knew what to expect. Leaning forward slightly, she took his rubber covered head and pulled it into herself, satisfied to feel the expected tongue begin to probe her clitoris. She knew she had been very recently fucked by him but the gassing had left her unsatisfied from it. She lifted her legs around him and used them to hold him in place as she covered him with the rubber dress skirts. She now gripped the arm rests and squeezed him as close as she could with her legs, determined to get a full orgasm this time. He was taking whole mouthfuls of her as she felt herself building up to another cum in the piss soaked rubber pants. Her hands came off the arm rests and she began to fondle herself all over, feeling the smoothness and elasticity of the rubber. This went on for several minutes as she built up to the inevitable ecstatic moment. Squeezing each breast she stiffened and arched her back as his tongue made her clitoris seem to explode. She tensed again and again for what seemed an age as wave after wave of a multiple orgasm made her moan in pleasure in the chair. Eventually she was on the other side and coming down from the plain of pleasure as his head was released and came out from under the dress. She took a few minutes to come all the way back down and he positioned himself on the stool beside her. She could see he was bulging in his green rubber trousers and reached over to pull the waistband down. He was still wearing the condoms from her gas fucking and now she could see the white bulb of trapped sperm at the tip. Taking some of the anti septic wipes from the instrument tray she got up from the chair, her legs feeling like jelly. “Let nurse take care of you now” she said as she pulled the sheaths off and wiped his stiff cock clean with the wipes. “Now pop yourself into the chair and we will get that swelling sorted eh?” She pulled up his waistband again and helped him into the dental chair. “Now take a hold of your cock through the rubber and do as nurse tells you” His hand gripped his shaft through the green rubber as she picked up the black rubber nasal mask. “Talk dirty to me nurse” he said as she brought it close to his face.

He had not expected the evening to go this far. She was now an eager participant in his fantasies. As he lay there in the chair with the mask hovering close he told her which knob to turn and just leave al the other controls as he had left them. As she opened the flow valve to continuous he saw the black rubber re-breather swell. “Now Dr, in order to cure that swollen dick you are going to have to wank yourself in the rubber trousers while the rubber nurse gasses you. You only have yourself to blame so let me see some nice strong wanking” She lowered the mask as she said this and her other hand covered his on his cock. She led the way; making him use long firm pulls on the green rubber. He took bagfuls of the gas as she continued her dirty talking. “Come on Dr, Keep going and we are going to feel you spurting into your rubber trousers before the gas can stop you. Is that what you would like, a nice gas cum in your rubber pants” As she said this she leant over the chair and lowered her white rubber covered breast to his mouth, the nasal mask making it possible for him to take a suck on the rubber covered nipple. This time with her conscious it stiffened for him. She increased the pace of her hand over his and kept talking as she continued the gassing. “Is that nice for you Dr, a nice suck on the rubber tit as you have nurse wank you to sleep. Come on now. Make a nice creamy mess in the green rubber pants” He felt very woozy from the gas now and knew it was only a matter of time. A mouthful of her rubber breast and her wanking him had him close. He could still hear her talking away as he had asked her to.” Are you going to dream of fucking me again once you are under? Come on and let me feel your spunk going into your pants. Nurse has definitely decided she is going to let you do this again” His head was swimming as he could feel he was about to begin the drop into unconsciousness. “Yes nurse is going to be back for you to fuck her in the gas and rubber. Now one final effort for herrrrrrr……….” He felt himself squirting into his pants as her voice seemed to disappear down a long corridor and his vision was just a multitude of colours then popping noises.

She felt his dick jerk slightly and his sucking on her rubbery nipple stopped as his whole body seemed to relax in the dental chair. She looked him in the face and saw his eyes roll back until all she could see was white. Not knowing much about the gas, she removed the mask immediately and turned the selector knob to off. His hand was still clutching his dick through the green rubber so she took it and placed it on the arm rest. She then pulled the green rubber trousers down as best she could and with more wipes cleaned up his cock and the inside of the rubber as best she could. She was just pulling the trousers up again when he began to stir. Slowly at first, but then his eyes opened. He looked confused for a few seconds and then she saw the look of comprehension and knew he was remembering it all. A big smile crossed his face as she gently leaned over him and gave him a light peck on the cheek. “Now I think I will take that shower”.